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The Wolverine after-credits scene is getting some massive buzz this week, as the film starring Hugh Jackman officially hits theaters today. The film’s director, James Mangold, reveals some details about the after-credits scene, while attempting to not give away the entire sequence.

the wolverine after credits scene xavierJames Mangold sat down this week to discuss Hugh Jackman’s latest film, The Wolverine, which hit theaters today.

While he discussed the film at the length, what fans may be most interested in hearing about is the after-credits scene which links The Wolverine to X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Mangold says, “I had finished the movie and Future Past had started shooting, a couple months ago, and we had been talking about what to do, if anything, in the tail credits of this movie.”

He then said that it was something he and the film’s producer, Simon Kinberg, had been discussing with X-Men: Days of Future Past’s director, Bryan Singer.

The director felt that The Wolverine’s after-credits scene shouldn’t be “tongue-in-cheek,” and that he felt like a lot of the bonus scenes we’ve been greeted by in recent films “make the film into a joke, and that wasn’t interesting to me.”

He continued, saying, “I thought it would be more interesting to say something and give people a piece of a story.” Which is that Logan will be meeting up with his fellow mutants Professor Xavier and Magneto.

If you’d like to enjoy The Wolverine’s after-credits scene in the theater this weekend in its entirety, feel free to stop reading now or check out Hypable’s review of The Wolverine.

the wolverine after credits scene jean

James Mangold says that the after-credits sequence was “built around the shot where we’d unveil Patrick (Professor Xavier).” Then Mangold said he created the shot so that Xavier is weaving through all of these “frozen airport patrons” and that Patrick Stewart with a joystick and electric wheelchair was great.

He continues, explaining that it’s not easy to film a shot like that, as Xavier is having to do “a kind of Olympic slalom through all these extras and uh, he’s a badass on that thing.”

When Digital Spy asked Mangold if he was glad it was up to X-Men Days of Future Past director, Bryan Singer, to explain how Charles Xavier was alive after his death in The Last Stand, Mangold revealed, “Yes, it is his job and I know they have one, so I’ll leave it to them to unveil.”

While we’re getting quite used to comic book films using after-credits scenes as a way of linking to future films, The Wolverine after-credits scene is definitely an interesting new twist and a great way to link Hugh Jackman’s character to Bryan Singer’s X-Men Days of Future Past.

If you plan on seeing The Wolverine this weekend, make sure to stay for the after-credits scene (technically mid-credits). It’s definitely worth the wait, and be sure to yell at as many people as you can so they stick around for the additional sequence.

  • Anthony

    I also like how they teased Peter Dinklage’s upcoming Trask character with the Trask Industries advertisement in the background! :D

    • ethomson92

      Thank you. I was wondering what the Trask thing was about

      • Elaena

        I thought “Trask” was an anagram-type shoutout to Tony Stark, since the Avengers are also part of the Marvel universe. I’m glad someone knew what it was really about!

      • hijacker

        Trask is the creator of the sentinels, those which will appear on the next movie.

  • Amir

    I saw it last night at a 10 pm screening and let me just say that this has to be the most amazing and perfect after credits scene since the thanos scene at the end of the avengers movie :D I mean I would pay JUST to see that after credit’s scene!!!! :D the movie was awesome it delivered just what I wanted it to!!! People say it needs more action but it succeded in doing just what it wanted to, it succeded in going deep in the wolverine character and showed his weak side and I LOVED it :D

  • Liderc

    Mhmm end credit scenes Wolverine Sloth approves: http://i.imgur.com/6gdmcND.gif

    • Rico

      This is freaky!

  • lorepottter

    It was freaking awesome! i loved it, everyone in the theather screamed, i cant wait for X-Men

  • Spotted Feather

    Did they really have to mess up Days Of Future Past by having Professor X in it ? He’s not in the story.

    • Liderc

      It’s a movie about time travel lol, I imagine they can rationalize him being in it. Professor X is in the story anyways, in case you’re not familiar. He’ll be played by James McAvoy as a young version (as he was First Class), then Patrick Stewart when they time travel. So it makes sense 100% considering they time travel all over the place, that’s why Hugh Jackman shows up too.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/InnerRise/feed?filter=1 InnerRise

        Correction. Professor X will be played by Patrick Stewart in the present and James McAvoy when they time travel.

  • The Great One
  • Alexander

    Ending credits scene was the best part, though I liked the movie overall. Mostly disappointed that Wolverine never actually fought with a katana :P

  • Nicki

    One of, if not the best credit sequence of any Marvel movie yet. People were audibly in awe and excited in my theatre! Worth seeing for that sequence alone :)

  • wth?

    Why was Xavier in a wheelchair? he moved to a new body, did he have that one shot in the back too?

    • Liderc

      lol, nicely played.

  • AriesCZ

    I thought everybody knew how Xavier survived The Last Stand.If I recall correctly, the after credits scene of the film show the “forever comatose” patient waking up with Xavier’s consciousness inside him.

    • Nachi-Wan

      yup. a lot of people missed that. its actually the first postcredits scene of a comic book movie i ever saw.

  • fas

    who cares losers

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