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The Once Upon a Time fandom were treated to a panel with some very exciting news at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. With fun videos and the revelation of new characters coming in season 3, it was a fun panel for all.

Unfortunately, many people can only focus on certain things that came out during the panel and in subsequent interviews and tweets.

As written in the Hypable live blog of the Once Upon a Time panel, “Ed Kitsis says that they are writing Regina and Emma as strong female characters who both love Henry. There is no intentional Swan Queen action being written.”

This is fine by me as I don’t particularly ship anyone on the show, and I never saw Regina and Emma together.

Adam Horowitz then talked about and tweeted that they are not against having a gay character on the show, but they want it to fit into the show and not be forced. Again, fine by me, I think that’s the way that ships and relationships should be on the show.

After that was said, Jennifer Morrison said on the MTV live stream that, “all her ships were on the couch.” This is when everything fell apart.

As you may know, a very vocal part of the Once Upon a Time fandom is the Swan Queen shipping community. This is a portion of the fandom that ships Regina and Emma.

Once it was said that the pair would never be together romantically, the fandom blew up. I went online in order to talk to other people about what was revealed today and how the panel and the interviews went. However, what I found was people saying that they would never watch the show again, sending death threats to the writers and producers, and generalized anger about the Swan Queen fandom.

In my opinion, this is not the way to react to the news. The producers and the writers and even the actors that are a part of the show are not making a show responding to what the fans want, but rather they are making what they consider to be the best show.

If there was something unintentional happening – and that is what they said this was – then it was just that, unintentional. It is one thing to believe that the show would be better if Swan Queen became canon, but there is not a need for death threats or generalized angry tweets at the writers and the producers.

This is their show, they are creating what they want to create, and if they do not think that Swan Queen fits into their show then so be it.

I really enjoy being a part of the Once Upon a Time fandom, and really enjoy watching the show and discussing it with people afterwards. But, if people are going to react this way to news and react so aggressively towards people who are a part of this show, I do not think that they deserve to have their ship become canon. It is unfair to those who respect the writers and producers who are the ones creating the show.

(Fan-made image source)

This opinion piece expresses the views of the author, not Hypable.com.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • GeekGirl101

    THANK YOU!!!! I agree with the author.

  • Taylore Thompson

    I love this article! I agree with everything you’ve said. I’m not a SwanQueen supporter (in fact the only ship I do like in the series is Snowing) but I think sometimes as fans we focus to much on what we want to see rather than just enjoying the show or fandom that we fell in love with in the first place

  • Seriously though

    Wait…people honestly thought that Swan Queen was going to happen? Like actually be a thing on the show? Beyond just liking it in their heads and wishing it could happen, people actually honestly expected the writers to take that turn? I’m really sorry friends but that was never going to happen. Stop sending hate mail, write your fan fiction, and keep enjoying the show you already love.

    • charmed1131

      I didn’t think it was going to happen, because OUaT is nowhere near a brave enough show to have a lesbian star couple. But there were some people less cynical than me (many of them young and sensitive), that hoped. I don’t think crushing their hope, is funny or cool.
      So maybe you could have some compassion and stop belittling them.

      • Seriously though

        Wasn’t trying to belittle, just honestly shocked that anyone is shocked. But then I’ve crewed many a sunk ship.

    • quietscheentchen

      i think most us SwanQueeners know that is was not going to hope, however we remained to have hope. I also want to point out that a lot of us also love the idea of Emma and Regina together, not because they are two women, but because of their chemistry which they have for sure. A lot of people cant connect this chemistry to anything romantical and thats fine, bit I personally would have liked to see a kinda love/hate relationship turn into love or at least attraction. I do think that they already have this love/hate relationship, because well lets be honest before Emma came to Storybrooke Regina was just bored, she liked being challenged by someone again. Its no fun when nobody is ever really against you and I think as much as Regina was annoyed by Emmas presence, she was also thrilled to have an opponent again. No matte if you may agree or not, I have seen the potential in this ship, because even though they do hate each other to some degree they have this underlying care for each other…to safe each other. They have this never ending bond because of Henry and yeah I dont mean that just because they are both his mothers they must be together. I just think this connection will force these two woman to work together and to be at a civil level at some point, I do hope that Regina embracing the darkness again (how lana predicted at one of the comic con interviews) wont make her go back to her evil queen state. i think the evilnees inside her will always be a part of her character, but she can change for the better, for henry. she made an attempt about changing and i think emma can help her thotugh that so that they can learn to trust one another. Some might call that potenntial friendship or potential romance. I call it just having an ally, because it would take much more for them to trust each other completely and to reach this level, but i do think its possible.

      i am kinda upset about the reputation that swan queen has just earned, i understand people being upset and angry, because i am upset to. mostly because they now let emma dive into that love triangle and i havent even seen a romantic scene between emma and hook at all. I know adam said that he saw that line where hook said that he would come back for her as a romantic moment. and yeah that might be right, but ive seen the quotes from emma about regina “i know her. I know that look” where she was the only one believing in reginas innocence as something with a deep meaning. All that is really up to the person interpretating it. i think people are upset because adam and eddy keep thinking that its about fighting a war for swan queeners to have a queer couple, which i stated before is not the reason. i understand the reasons from eddy (regina destroyed emmas life as she took away her happy ending by making the curse) and still the way he phrased it was like a punch in the phase for us swan queeners. Jmos responses whenever SQ comes up doesnt help either. I do like her, but every time theres a question hinting at sq she makes a super digusted face or so it seems…again i know she supports gay rights, but sq isnt about being a gay couple for me.
      i kinda lost trackk what i wanted to say here. im sad that now a lot of people think of us SQers in a bad way. Like were some delusional and full of hatred and crazyness weird people. Fact is we did collect so many parallels of SQ being a possible ship that we do want to be recognized as that. As i am fine with people criticizing the writers about their behaviour i dont think its necessary to send all this hate towards them and also the actors. that is in no way okay. but that also doesnt represent the fandom itself. It makes me sad that other fandoms, the writers and the actors will now get the impressions that all SQ are like that, when in fact we are a civil folk and were fun and open minded.

      im sorry for kinda being all mixed up with my thoughts, but i have too many things in my head going around right now.

      • Swan Queen addicted

        I agree with ever word you said.
        It is not about Swan Queen being a gay couple, but about the chemistry between them. They have a lot in common.
        Both are stron and both love their son Henry.
        I strongly wish to see Emma and Regina as a canon-couple.

      • Linden

        I think you were very clear and correct. The writer of the above article is also right in repeating what we all know: ship wars rarely serve a show’s best interest. I also believe that KisWits is being disingenuous. The show is very pushy with it’s SWF needs SWM dynamic. Though I am on e of the latter I find this very annoying.

        I enjoyed Ann Bannon (who was recieving letters from male fans way back in the sixties) and Rita Mae Brown in my early twenties and so enjoy a good lesbian romance as much as the next guy/gal. Therefore it with some sadness that those of us who actively enjoy shipping (pun intended) the various layers of the sex/gender stream are kept to a very narrow lane by the “broadcast” media. I say broadcast because either Disney’s footprint on ABC is more conservative than on ABC Family or the aggressively hetero tone OUAT is entirely KisWtz’s fault.

        ON the other hand, I am sure that the showrunners would really like to avoid the attention given ABC Family’s “The Fosters” and “Pretty Little Liars” by conservative media watchpitbulls like One Million Moms. Both shows depict beautifully rendered lesbian relationships without excessive drama attached to sexual preference.

        In particular, once Paige came out to Emily and her own family on PLL, that part of the drama was over. As far back as The WB I found myself wondering why seems that television for the females 12- 34 (and the rest of the female 12-49markets) market have a better attitude toward gays than shows for more general markets.

    • gayveteran

      Emma and Regina sort of “touched a nerve” in many of us: there was “unwanted/unintentional” sexual tension between them that, for those we know, is always very threatening and even painful, even more if what comes out of it is rejection. But yeah, what can I say, lets “woman up”, the series is ABOUT fairytales, but we live in real life, don’t we? Just want to say that we should thank both Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison for giving us this very loveable portrait of what the first spark of a prohibited attraction is, specially to Jennifer, who seems to have issues with it because now that “the thing” is out of the picture she seems so relieved. It is her right, though and she deserves respect as she was good enough an actress to create that illusion. As for the writers, well, it is their story and we cannot blame them either for not being Allan Ball, can we?

    • gay veteran

      Quote from Lily Sparks published just after season 2 finale:

      “A couple things about this: A.) In all fairness they should have been holding hands, since they did open the portal in the hat in the season premiere only after they touched. B.) You don’t have to be a women’s studies major to see the subtextual lesbian implications on this one, something that much like Archie I approve of (let’s take them from sub to text though, Season 3!) C.) THAT’S ALL IT TOOK?! That’s really all it took. Three seconds of Emma and Regina teaming up. They saved Storybrooke in less time than it takes to microwave a burrito. Like damn. ”

      Please visit the link below, it is hilarious!!

  • Mar

    Death threats? Seriously? Check your facts first, I did not see one death threat. You have to realize that you’re dealing with 13-17 girls. Calling them delusional was not a good move…

    • Aurora

      Dude, look through Adam Horowitz’s mentions from yesterday, they were ridiculous. And yeah there were one or two death threats, but most of them was simple, cruel hate. Also most SQ shippers are over the age of 18.

      • Katherine Marquez P.

        Over the age of 18 and NOT sending death threats or hate. There are quite a a LOT of people who don’t want anything to do with the hating . Just like with any group of people everyone is different in the SQ community but unfortunately it’s the most radical comments that are remembered. And the rest of us are included in the generalization that comes with that.

    • Olive

      For real, where are all these death threats people keep talking about? Every time I ask someone for a link, it turns out they haven’t seen any death threats themselves but have just “heard of it”.

    • Ursula

      Turns out the “death threats” thing was actually a huge exaggeration, lol. No one has been able to find even one.

  • Lucy Brook

    I do love Swan Queen but I understand that it’ll never be canon. I didn’t expect it of the writers.

    Of course I would have died and squealed if it DID become true, but just because it won’t doesn’t mean I’m going to send death threats and stop watching the show etc.

    If fans loved Swan Queen so much, they must have loved the show, so how can they stop watching it??
    As long as fanfiction continues as it is, I’ll be satisfied enough :)

    • Olive

      Not me. I’m not satisfied with just fanfiction. I want queer representation in popular mainstream entertainment, not just the media in the margins. I’m tired of my experiences being side-lined.

  • Merina

    Wow. Calm down, shippers!

    • L.

      This article is misleading. The fiasco is about people getting fed up with heterosexism, poor queer representation, and the trivialization of justified anger. Basically, its a lot of straight people going, ‘Omigawd, why are you so angry? You lot should be used to this kind of thing’, while queer folks and allies facepalm and beat their heads against the wall in frustration.

      • Merina

        Those issues are all well and good, but OUAT is not a show that set out to ‘correct poor queer representation’ and ‘abolish heterosexism’ – it’s a show that set out to tell fairytale stories, and Swan Queen is unfortunately not one of them. It’s as simple as that.

        Secondly, why on earth do you assume that /only /gay people ship these characters? That simply isn’t true. I also must disagree with your generalisation that only the ‘straight people’ are being condescending. When Swan Queen shippers start sending death threats to the writers, I’m sure all non-shippers, gay AND straight, will roll their eyes!

        You say that the Swan Queen’s anger is justified; but once again, I must disagree. Sure, we’d all love to see our respective ships become canon – but this isn’t our show. These aren’t our characters. We don’t write the scripts. Hate mail, death threats, blaming the actors – I /don’t/ think that’s justified. No matter how much you love Swan Queen.

  • Benerse

    The fact of the matter is, on a show that is all about love and the potential of love, telling us to wait around for a gay character to show up eventually, and have them tell us it would be ‘forced’ if it happened any sooner…
    It’s not just about the ship. It’s about LGBTQ relationships consistently being marginalized and forced into second-class status by the media.
    It’s about being forced to smile and be happy when they eventually drop us a bone in the form of some minor character or cliched plotline that they throw in for sweeps week or to tick a demographic box.
    It’s about them co-opting queer terminology like #NoH8 when we dare to ask well developed, complicated, and interesting storyline that fits the narrative, like Swan Queen would.
    It’s about telling us that they ‘respect’ LGBTQ people, but don’t intend to tell any love story that isn’t a straight one.
    It’s about telling us that gay people don’t get a happily ever after.
    It’s about telling us that ‘true love can transcend realms’, but not transcend something as simple as gender.
    And that’s frankly ridiculous.

    • alazear2

      Actually its all about shipping. I’m all for LGBTQ equality but the simple fact of the matter is that for Emma and Regina to suddenly be in a relationship would go against everything that we have been told about them. Neither character has ever showed any interest in the same gender, or in each other (in fact Emma has been shown to be heterosexual, and at times has expressed hatred towards Regina). People simply like to believe that for some reason adversarial relationships will turn into romantic ones, which is just absurd.

      While I get where your coming from with the lack of LGBTQ characters on television, I still want to see good storytelling. If they don’t have a good story for an LGBTQ relationship, I don’t want them to force it. And that includes taking characters who have been identified as Heterosexual and turning them Homosexual.

      • Benerse

        Hey, guess what? Sexuality isn’t just ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’, and saying that completely erases the identity and experiences of anyone who is bisexual, pansexual, or has otherwise fallen in love with someone of the same gender after previous identifying as straight.

        The fact of the matter is, they have had some pretty crappy and terribly written straight pairings on the show, but they have had them. Lots of them. Tons of minor characters have had romances, even ones that were worked in fairly awkwardly.

        It doesn’t take some sort of magic super-writing skills to write queer people, and acting like it would be some sort of a hardship to include a gay plot line is kind of insulting.

        Saying that a queer relationship at this point in the show would be ‘forced’ is saying that straight relationships are ‘normal’ and the standard, and anything else would take a great effort in order to deviate from that.

        Which is completely ridiculous and heteronormative.

        The fact of the matter is, people can fall in love with people of the same gender just as easily as they can fall in love with people of the opposite gender, and it’s high time people started acknowledging something other than the standard, dull and done to death ‘boy meets girl and obvs romance yay!’ stuff.

        • guest

          You say sexuality can’t be reduced to straight or gay, but there’s ample proof out there that the majority of people in the world (90 percent or so) identify themselves as heterosexual, and the other 10 percent define themselves in a variance of other ways. Just because they’re the minority does that make them wrong? No. Does that make them right? No. It just is what it is. While people may have the capacity to swing one way or the other when it comes to sexuality, most people eventually decide they are one thing or another. Maybe that’s limiting, but no more so than saying you’re a liberal or a conservative politically, or that you call yourself a vegetarian.

          I somewhat understand your statement about a previously-defined straight character being able to fall in love with someone of the same sex. But would LGBT fans be cool with it if things were the other way around? If tomorrow Kurt Hummel suddenly decided he liked girls? If Willow from Buffy went back to liking guys? Look at all the grief Anne Heche got from the LGBT community when she decided, after years of a relationship with a woman, that she did indeed like men. She got called every name in the book, by LGBT people who know how hurtful it can be to be denigrated for loving who they love.

          There’s blame enough to go around on all sides, as far as the whole concept of “shipping” goes (and shipping is still somewhat baffling to me in general). There have been people who shipped straight fictional couples and freaked out when things didn’t go their way (the whole Harry/Ron/Hermione kerfuffle, which also involved death threats). And now we see the same thing play out with a couple that some people saw as potentially being a lesbian one.

          • Samantha

            Of course it’s ridiculous to put Regina and Emma together, because it’s clear neither of them are lesbian or bisexual. Regina’s only love in life has been a man, Emma has only been with men therefore she is likely not a lesbian or even bi-sexual.

            Why geeks insist on turning characters into lesbians and bisexuals still baffles me, it would be like me telling my gay friend Liam that he should go out with a my friend Bec because she’s gorgeous and he’d just love her. Of course I wouldn’t suggest that, BECAUSE HE’S GAY. At the end of the day he’s not attracted to women, so why would I try to push him to liking someone he’s not attracted to?

            Just as my friends would not suggest I hook up with a woman, simply because I’m not attracted to women and it doesn’t matter how perfect I would be with her – I can’t make myself a lesbian, just as a gay person can’t make themselves straight.

          • Aimee

            Excuse me? “Geeks”?? Wow. Okay.

            We don’t pair these two just for shits. We don’t pair these two because they’re both attractive ladies and it would just be OH SO NICE to have them kiss…we ship it because if it were to happen, it would be the most complex and interesting love story that show has ever featured. We ship it because IT MAKES SENSE.

            I would also like to say that you stating that it would be out of character for them to have feelings for eachother is terribly insulting, as if a queer character would have to act “obviously” queer since their introduction for it to be a viable storyline. I’m just so tired of this…

      • Really Guys

        Who identified them as heterosexual? As far as I know none of the characters have ever said, ‘I’m a heterosexual’ on the program. The truth of the matter is that because we live in a heterosexist society, we often (if not all the time) assume that the characters we watch on television and other media outlets are straight unless they are explicitly labeled as gay/lesbian or other strong (and oftentimes problematic) markers are present. This is the result of POOR REPRESENTATION. Any number of characters on OUAT can be bisexual, pansexual, queer, etc, and IT WOULD MAKE COMPLETE SENSE.

        • Samantha

          It’s clear Emma and Regina are heterosexuals.

          - Emma with Neill
          - Emma having an unplanned child with Neill

          - Regina’s love for Daniel
          - All relationships and romances have been with men

          No one needs to state ‘by the way I’m straight’ it’s friken obvious from their action and storylines

          There could be some characters who are bisexual or gay on OUAT, but it ain’t regina or emma

          • Really Guys

            You do realize that many bisexual, pansexual, and queer-identifying folks have had (and will have) relationships with men, right? You are aware that many bisexual and pansexual individuals have a strong preference for one gender but can still be attracted to the other? Contrary to what the popular media likes to promote, bisexual and pansexual people are not sex-starved for both sexes 24/7, so it would be perfectly credible for the characters to be bi. Literally nothing in the show says otherwise.

            What exactly do you think bisexual and pansexual people are?

          • Aimee

            You. I love you. Thank you. Staring at this wall of comments, I was feeling all hope for humanity slipping away. Thanks for restoring it. <3

          • Sahrish

            Thank you for saying this! Honestly, sexuality isn’t black and white.

          • MakeItGO

            Do you know Callie from Grey’s Anatomy? Before she was married to George, a man, and they divorced because he was cheating on her. Then she realized she had feelings for another woman, named Erica. She had never been with a woman before, but currently she is married to a woman named Arizona. At first, she was even SCARED of the fact that she could have feelings for women. People can find out feelings for people they’ve never expected to fall for; it happens quite often. Yes, it’s not really believable for Emma and Regina to get together NOW, but it could make a lot of sense later down the line if Regina truly wants to redeem herself and right now Emma seems to be so far the only one who believes that she has a chance. That may not indicate romance right now, but you can tell they both have an unspoken care for each other. I’m not fond of how they’re writing her character right now though, because it’s like one minute she’s doing evil things with her mother and the next she’s sacrificing her own life for the town to fix something she screwed up…… (This season has got to be one of the most inconsistent I’ve ever experienced in terms of quality.)
            I ship them, BUT I don’t want to see them jump right into a romance and watch them have sex. That’s not the point. The point is that it would really be something unique and totally original compared to a Twilight-style love triangle with Emma, a man who was too much of a wimp to face her after he knew where she was (yeah, she’s not gonna forgive you at first, what would you expect? What’s worse is that he chickened out on finding her AT ALL) and a pervert who only makes sexual jokes at her (Well he was capable of loving Milah, so who knows? Still better than Neal.) You can ship who you want on this show, it’s just that I don’t think it’s a good idea for Emma to end up with those guys, or at least not now. It would be great character development to see Regina learning to love again, and Emma trying to get Regina to learn that yes, she has done terrible things, but it’s not too late to apologize and try to make up for what she has done. There are SOOOOO many parallels with other canon couples on the show, with Daniel, and with the whole transcending realms and saving the town SO effortlessly can be explained pretty well because it would’ve meant the power of true love was involved.
            Or maybe it’s just me. I believe this would be an interesting storyline, and I believe anyone is capable of falling in love with ANYONE, despite only having been with the opposite gender before. You never know what’s gonna happen in the future. Not everyone believes that, and that’s okay. If the writers don’t see it, that’s fine, I’ll just stick to writing and reading fanfiction, fanart and other things.

        • Lady_Lestrange

          the writters….they said that the character they CREATED are straight….Just as Mulan loves Aurora, Regina and Emma are not lesbian…they said it…period.
          when u create a character u have the choice to writte it in some way or another, this is what they choose, so ok, keep shipping all u want, but there’s no need to argue…
          once a girl asked me why i was straight and i just told her: because i am…i was born this way, i like men that’s simple…and i never asked her why she liked girls, because i understand that this is what she choose for her, she was born this way…
          people here are having a hard time to accept that 2 characters were written as “straight women”

    • Veronica

      I think you might have misunderstood the ‘forced’ aspect of the statement. I think that they did not have in mind for them to be a couple from the start, and if they were to add it now it would feel forced upon them from the fans. The same would go for the rest of the existing characters. Their concepts for each character were put together a certain way at the start, and for the fans to be upset that their OTP is not going to come true like this is pretty ridiculous. Why can’t the writers be allowed to do the show the way they want, and build up a LGBTQ ship to add that they feel fits their story?

  • Esmee van Bavel

    Look I ship Swan Queen, pretty bad. And although I get where my fellow shippers are coming from I agree that we’re taking it a bit too far. I whish that the writers and Jen maybe would have said differently but if that’s what they think we have to respect that. And we definitely shouldn’t be sending them any hate. Like, they don’t deserve that. I feel pretty bad for them and maybe even a little bit ashamed of Swan Queen shippers. I’m not going to stop shipping it (simply because I don’t think I can after all the fanfiction I read) and even though I am really really sad that it’s never gonna happen and whish that maybe Adam (or Ed, don’t know who said it) would have said something like: “We know Swan Queen is big and we understand where you’re coming from, we’re just not going there that wasn’t our intention” I think things would have been better but people are totally overreacting. Seriously, I cried last night because of all this. I don’t want any of this and yet.. look at what we’ve brought upon us.

    • Benerse

      They’ve also told us ‘bekind2all’ and ‘stop sending us hate’, at the same time that they’ve been calling us ‘fascist’ for disagreeing. So is that really ‘bringing it upon ourselves’?

  • charmed1131

    People are hurt, angry and lashing out for extremely understandable reasons, It really is about a lot more than this ship. And your comment demonstrates this beautifully.

    “But, if people are going to react this way to news and react so aggressively towards people who are a part of this show, I do not think that they deserve to have their ship become canon”

    To have a main LGBTQ couple on a popular family oriented show, the fans have act in a way pleasing to you. Funny how no one is setting standards for hertosexual ships.

    What you’re essentially saying is for me to deserve to be represented on this show everyone on whole internet has to play nice.

    Thanks, I’ll get right on that :S

    • Antara Chowdhury

      You’re twisting the writer’s words. He or she never said this applies to only fans of an LGBTQ couple. It is NEVER okay to send death threats to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping an LGBTQ couple or a heterosexual couple, or any kind of couple; there are many people who overreact when it comes to the debunking of their ship. Sending angry messages to the writers and producers doesn’t solve or help anything; all it does is piss them off. It’s not like they’re going to do something just because the fans want it to happen.

      Incidences like this seem to be happening more often these days, because fans think that just because writers/producers/actors are accessible via social media, that they can just say whatever they want to them. I understand that people are hurt and angry, but when they lash out is when they take it too far. Blog about it on tumblr or write fan fic. If you really want the writers to hear your thoughts, send them a polite tweet about it. Upset fans can express their disappointment without sending angry threats.

      • charmed1131

        Threatening people is wrong, I don’t care if its the creator of the show watch, that celebrity you hate, or your mean algebra teacher. Violence is not the answer.

        But there’s nothing wrong with disagreeing vehemently with someone, It is ok to say “your words hurt and offended me” which is pretty much the reaction of most of the swan queen shippers.

        If someone is making death threats, that person should be dealt with, but collective punishment has no place in dealing with people on the internet. How can you hold every Swan Queen shipper responsible for somthing a random IP address said?

        Every fandom has a small amount of crazy people making threats, It is an unfortunate phenomenon that has been going on since the beginning of mass entertainment.

        What I find alarming here is the first time anyone suggests collective punishment it is aimed at a relatively weak minority.

  • Daniel Stuart

    As a gay person I would love to see an lgbt character on the show but I want it to be an actual character that makes sense in the story. I have my own lgbt ships and there are even ones that I believe should and could be made cannon. However, you have to realize that your ship becoming true dose not trump making a believable story. Swan Queen has never made since within the story and neither character has ever shown bisexual inclinations. I would be more angry if they forced it into the story unless it was done as a shout out to fans and in a way that fits like the characters were temporarily affected by some kind of love spell.

    • L.

      I disagree. Clearly if you do not see the chemistry, I can’t convince you of that but a significant amount of people have had the opposite experience. I think it would make perfect sense, considering that the way Emma and Regina interact is reminiscent of foe yay romantic tropes. The only difference is that they are both women. There is no doubt in my mind that if Regina had been made a male character, the pairing would have been legitimized by its writers. And frankly, I find your suggestion of “temporary” bisexuality extremely problematic.

      • Daniel Stuart

        Ha , no more problematic then two straight characters falling in love due to a spell. That is the point, if they ever got together it would be a nod from the writers but would eventually have to be discovered to be fake for it to fit in with the establish story lines and characters. I am not saying romantic undertones can’t be seen by someone who wants to see them but they are in no way intended. It is very different from a show like Rizzoli and Isles where lesbian subtext is written on purpose even though the characters date men.

        • L.

          Um, yes actually. It would be more problematic. Straight people are not derided, sexualized, objectified, and dismissed like bisexual folks are. Straight people experience none of these things in the same context as bisexuals. The idea that bisexuals are flighty and ultimately ‘revert’ to being straight after ‘they’ve had their fun’ has long been promoted by the media. Two opposite-sex (and cis identifying) people falling temporarily in love due to a spell does not carry the same potential for propagating harmful stereotypes and trivialization as two same-sex people in the same circumstance.

          Also, I don’t see how being queer changes any of the established story lines and characters. How would it? Canonically, any number of OUAT’s characters could be be bisexual, pansexual, or queer. As far as I know, no character has come out as straight.

          Lastly, queerbaiting is (unfortunately) a thing. Many popular modern shows incorporate queer dynamics into their narratives in order to attract certain pockets of viewers, but they do so in a way that they can later refute, backpeddle on, or play the ‘maybe yes, maybe no’ card (See Xena/Gabrielle during the show’s run) because ultimately they don’t want to risk rocking the heteronormative boat. So, a show’s narrative can deliberately sustain lesbian subtext that is later disowned by its writers.

          I personally believe that this is what happened in regard to Swan Queen and OUAT. You (and many others) didn’t see any romantic chemistry between the two leads, and that’s okay since everyone infers and interprets things differently. Ultimately what I (and the majority of the people upset) are angry about is the way OUAT writers handled the matter. I don’t believe the writers are consciously or purposely homophobic but their behavior has definitely been ignorant and hurtful.

          • Daniel Stuart

            Everything you said is to some degree true up until and except the part where the writers never wrote in intentional or implied homoerotic subtext between two specific characters and when asked they stated just that. To state the intended an obvious dynamic between two characters is in no way ignorant. And anything can be hurtful to someone but nothing said was purposefully so. What remains at the core of the controversy is the writes were asked if two characters were romantically inclined, they said no. The backlash has everything to do with one group of fans who reacted badly and nothing to do with the writers doing anything wrong.

          • Merina

            Well said, mate.

  • charmed1131

    I just wanted to remind everyone that there are a lot of young and impressionable fans out there, that might be questioning their sexually, that might not have the most supportive family and friends. To you this is just a show you like and some silly shiping war, to them this about seeing someone like them on tv, it’s about acknowledging that there’s nothing wrong with who they are or how they feel. And when you take that away, when you say “Swan Queen was never going to happen”, what they hear is that they are not good enough to be on tv, that someone like them could never be loved and happy and accepted. Even if the reason you didn’t see Swan Queen as a viable ship had nothing to do with the fact that they were both women, Even if you don’t mean to hurt them. What these kids are hearing from you is that something is wrong with them, and that message is hurting them, where you intended it to or not.

    • Sara

      Yes there are a lot of fans like that out there, but saying “Swan Queen was never going to happen” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with that relationship then being homosexual. If people shipped a heterosexual couple that the writers thought wouldn’t be right, they would probably say the same thing. I don’t understand what is wrong with saying that a “ship” is never going to happen. This honestly shouldn’t be that big of a deal in my opinion. And I completely support the LGBTQ community. Just my thoughts :)

    • Aimee

      Thank you, you blessed angel. <3

    • Merina

      I’m fully supportive of loving and accepting everyone, regardless of their sexuality – but just because some writers say that “sorry guys, these characters are straight and they’re going to stay straight” shouldn’t mean that the LGBT community feels rejected and put down. It just means that the characters are straight. Is that such a bad thing?

    • Dina

      I’m not sure it’s about having a representation in a LGBTQ couple in OUaT, because Adam and Eddie said they are interested in exploring this kind of a relationship in their show. It’s about this couple, Emma and Regina. These fans want Swan Queen. Period. They found out that they are not going to get it, so they threw a tantrum and decided to bully Adam and Eddie into making it real. And they pulled a LGBTQ and homophobia card to make it easier for them.

  • Ms. Swan-Mills

    I enjoyed the article I agree with about half of it considering the author failed to show the other side of it all. The Swan Queen shippers recieved a lot of hate as well, from every side of the fandom there was wrong. There were people calling the person who asked the question to the panel horrible names. She was treated unfairly. I love Swan Queen but I think that it should be left up to Hunneyfresh and I.heart.mean.girls on fanfic.
    I am saddened when people write that it would be difficult to write LGTBQ characters in a popular “family oriented” show. Are LGTBQ families not families? Or do we want to pretend they don’t exist?
    This whole fandom needs to stop and check themselves. It is NOT acceptable to write hate because your favorite ship isn’t going to be cannon, is also NOT acceptable to hate people for their beliefs, sexuality, race etc…
    I think too many wrongs came out of SDCC. Too much hate was spread and we really just need to sit back and enjoy the show and if you cant do that, change the channel.

    • Ursula

      The “death threats” thing is grossly exaggerated. Not one single death threat has been found. And the “hate” was a few “fuck yous”. There was waaaay more “stop the hate” and slandering of Swan Queeners going around than actual hate towards the writers/actors. Also people were calling stuff like “I’m angry and disappointed at how Swan Queeners have been treated” as “hate”.

    • Ursula

      The “death threats” thing is grossly exaggerated. Not one single death threat has been found. And the “hate” was a few “fuck yous”. There was waaaay more “stop the hate” and slandering of Swan Queeners going around than actual hate towards the writers/actors. Also people were calling stuff like “I’m angry and disappointed at how Swan Queeners have been treated” as “hate”.

  • Regina

    Not all the SwanQueen shippers are like this. Just so you know.

  • .

    It’s not about Swan Queen. I repeat, it’s NOT about Swan Queen. It’s about the love triangle. It’s about the rude tone Eddy used. It’s about how they called us delusional. It’s about how they decided to ignore us through most of the events. It’s about how Jennifer panicked when asked about a simple Regina question. It’s about how they disrespected us by filling us with hopes for two years. “Keep watching” they said. “We won’t give spoilers, anything can happen” they said. And now they’re shoving a love triangle on our faces. Something that they once mentioned that would never happen, at least not involving Hook. Don’t talk about something that you know nothing about. You have no right to talk about it if you’re not inside the fandom and haven’t been through what many have been.

  • V

    While I certainly can’t condone the margin of upset shippers who are taking it too far and lashing out with death threats, Adam Horowitz is not helping his case by engaging with these people on Twitter. He and Eddy should have kept their mouths shut from the start rather than admitting they’d been “unintentionally” queer-baiting a portion of their audience for two years; perhaps they need to sit down for lunch with Raimi and Tapert, who purposely played coy about Xena/Gabrielle during the series because those shippers were such an integral part of the fanbase. Horowitz then attempted to smooth things over with a misguided promise of an eventual gay character, which a) is tokenism and b) is missing the point. Regardless of whatever game plan they have for the show (and season 2 has made it clear that that game plan is subject to change at any time, and will change whenever they find a shiny new subplot to play with), telling a huge chunk of your fanbase that they’re “seeing things” that aren’t there is horrible PR. Just like having to explain crucial aspects of characters and plots via tweets and podcasts because you couldn’t get them across in the show is evidence of horrible writing.

    • guest

      Does anyone remember that episode of Glee where Kurt, who is suffering from feeling lonely and isolated because of his sexual orientation, decides to start pursuing Finn? And Finn is at first obvious of the whole thing, but once he begins to cotton-on to what’s happening, he keeps trying gently let Kurt down, let him know that Finn isn’t gay and isn’t a viable option for Kurt? And Kurt won’t give up, and keeps hounding Finn until Finn ends up going overboard and calling Kurt a horrible name? And of course Finn is vilified for the whole situation, and giving a dressing-down by Kurt’s dad. But a few episodes later, Kurt’s father admitted that, while he would defend his son to the death, Kurt had over-stepped some bounds and made some big assumptions, perhaps seeing things how he wanted to see them because he was feeling that lonely, that desperate for a connection with someone. And I still remember Kurt’s response to Finn trying to fend him off, stating, “Oh Finn, GROW UP!” As if not succumbing to the advances of someone you aren’t attracted to sexually was being childish. There’s evidence that people do such things, they see things where they don’t exist, or they exaggerate them where they do, and it happens with straight relationships as well. I previously mentioned the whole Harry/Ron/Hermione thing, where people had admittedly been bending and twisting certain words and events from the Harry Potter books around to make Harry and Hermione a couple, even when that was never Jo Rowling’s intention, and then they got angry with her when she stated this, saying that she was somehow “leading them on”, placing all the onus and responsibility on her instead of their own imaginations or wishes.

      • guest

        I meant to write “Finn is oblivious” above, not “Finn is obvious”.

      • V

        See, I shipped Harry/Hermione myself, but it *was* blatantly obvious that Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione were being set up all along (although H/G wasn’t executed nearly as well as R/H). But that interview came out, and the interviewer, who was an R/H shipper, was gleefully crowing about how H/Hrs were “delusional”, which JKR then had to backpedal and say, “look, no, I didn’t SAY that.” Then “Harmonywank” went into full effect, and let’s just say it was a really bad time to be a Harry/Hermione fan, because we were *all* regarded as delusional cuckoos, when there was only a sampling who were lashing out and acting up–which is what’s happening with Swan Queen right now. It’s quite a bit different where books are involved as opposed to TV shows, though. JKR was never hurting for readers; she never had to pander to any shipper base to keep her numbers up, because people were going to buy the books anyway. TV shows rely on ratings, and OUAT’s have been sliding because, frankly, the storytelling in this last season has been an increasingly incomprehensible mess. But some people keep watching because they’re very attached to the characters (like me, although since I’m watching mostly for a couple of tertiary characters, it’s not really worth it), and some keep watching because of ships. Now with this, Adam and Eddy have just shot themselves in the foot by saying too much. Instead of some generic answer like “hey, people enjoy lots of different ships and that’s great that there’s something for everyone,” it’s “lol no, we never meant for SQ to be a thing, even though we kinda teased you about it for two years. By the way, here, you can have Hook/Emma or Neal/Emma and that’s it.” Less is more, guys. Just stop running your mouths and let your writing speak for you rather than having to clarify everything via tweet or podcast, and allow more room for fan interpretation instead of “you have a choice between A or B”, because you need those fans more than you realize.

        • V

          Also, people need to leave Jennifer and Lana alone. They’re actors. They get paid to show up and read a script. They’re not responsible for what that script contains. I understand why people are mad at A&E, but they need to leave actors out of it.

    • Ursula

      There really weren’t any death threats. And the so-called “hate” was really like 6 “fuck yous”. Yeah, that’s what all the fuss was about.

  • Patty Carlie Presley

    Seriously? People really thought they would get together? I’ve been a fan of the show from day one and I NEVER thought those 2 would get together. And to react like that? Absurd. I don’t want to see them together.

  • Marie

    I so agree! I’m ashamed of these “fans”. It’s such a lack of respect to the creactors, the writers, the actors and the series! We can be don’t agree but it’s not a reason to react in so immature a way and disrespectfully… .

    You know, I ship Swan Queen because I see the alchimy between them and, honestly, we can’t ignore the link that there is between Emma and Regina.

    Just to clarify, a “ship” doesn’t inevitably mean a relation. It can be a FRIENDship, too. And from the moment there are scenes with Emma and Regina, this is the Swan Queen. Ditto with, I don’t know, Hook and Ruby, for example.

    Actually, I see the SQ more like a friendship even if that does not disturb me to see it as a couple. People are free to see the characters and their reactions together, like they want. But they need to understand that in ALL the series, their ship couldn’t be realized… because we’re not the creators or the writers.

    No matter what happens in the series, what we wanted can’t be make. Because we think differently. All os us. And I think the haters have to keep in mind that from the moment they are there, then their ship will live. (by fanfictions, fanarts, fanvid, etc…). In our head, everything can be possible.

    Also, I ship Hook/Regina because their past is similar and so, they would be perfect, together. (Yes, I ship SQ and them, too. I neither am lesbian, nor bisexual. I’m just a heterosexual open-minded. lol Hard to believe? And nevertheless, to ship characters does not make your orientation! ;) ) – But it’s not why I’m offensive with A&E or the actors because they want a relation between Emma and Hook (and Neal!). I just hope it will be coherent.

    So, yes. Their reaction is ridiculous. And every shipper (not just SQ) have to be respectful with each other.


    Sorry, it’s long but I think that everyone needs to understand well. It’s the first time that I see something like that with a fandom and it’s terrifying. I have the impression that it’s necessary to measure all its words with this series otherwise it is the World War III… .

    PS: sorry again, I’m French so my English isn’t perfect ;)

  • Your BFF Tville

    I completely agree 100%. I don’t know what show people have been watching to believe that there was actually something between Regina and Emma. I’ve been watching from the beginning, and I have never seen anything there. Honestly, the hate tweets are ridiculous; it’s a TV show! Do people know how stupid they’re making themselves look?! Stop hating, and enjoy the show, because it is fantastic just the way it is!!!

    • rosie1843

      I’ve certainly detected chemistry between Regina and Emma. I don’t think SwanQueen will happen, because I doubt that ABC has the guts to allow it to happen. But that has not stopped me from enjoying their scenes together, whether the two women are being antagonistic or friendly.

      [” Honestly, the hate tweets are ridiculous; it’s a TV show! Do people know how stupid they’re making themselves look?!”}

      Which hate tweets are you referring to? Those that support SwanQueen, those that have expressed against it . . . or both?

      • jayjarn

        SQ won’t happen because it’s a retarded idea dreamed up by morons who have far too much time on their hands.

        • rosie1843

          Oh dear . . . another narrow-minded homophobic.

          • jayjarn

            Homophobic? I didn’t mention homosexuality at all.

            Seems you are the homophobic one since you automatically assume that any retarded idea is retarded because of something related to homosexuality and not something else, such as it being completely retarded for those characters to have a relationship like that in general.

            Epic fail, homophobe!

          • Michelle

            You so freely using the “R” word lets everyone know the type of person you are. Crawl back under your rock now, the adults are talking.

          • FiachSidhe

            You don’t know what homophobia is. The idea is a stupid fantasy, cooked up by weirdo fangirls. The same people who shipped Harry and Snape, or any kind of “twincest”.

            You idiots have been doing this crap since the original Star Trek slashfic writers were publishing their wet dreams in fanmags back in the 60/70′s.

            and now these lunatics are sending death threats because a TV show won’t turn itself into their live action fanfiction? How out of touch with reality can people get?

  • Homophobia Is Alive & Well

    To Hades with this heterosexist and misguided slop.

  • fruttivendolo

    Would this news receive the same reaction if it were about a popular heterosexual ship? I don’t think so. It seems that some are interpreting this news as hate toward LGBTQ pairings in general, but the writers have said they want such a relationship in the show in the future. Just because they don’t want to pursue that road with two of their characters doesn’t mean they’re trying to dismiss the importance of showing strong LGBTQ relationships on television. They didn’t mock SQ or the people who ship it. Seems that they expressed their views as respectfully as possible.

    Bottom line: whether it’s a heterosexual or homosexual ship, it’s never okay to demand that writers fulfill all their viewers’ wishes and lash out at them when they don’t. It’s their show. I don’t ship SQ whatsoever, but the shippers sending these messages are making themselves and all other SQ shippers look bad.

    • just sayin…

      well…it seems like every heterosexual ship is or was at a time true…….

  • freya

    I really hope you understand that most of the Swan Queen fandom isn’t like this. It’s a couple of (obnoxiously) vocal individuals that are making the rest of us look bad. I ship Emma and Regina 100% but I have no intention of sending hate to the writers or actors. It’s their show. I’ll keep shipping these two because that’s the way I see them, I don’t care if they’re canon or not.

  • Oncer4all

    They’re all doing their jobs…man not gunna lie i would freakin’ hate my job if i got this much crap from it…

  • Caroline J.

    i’m not sure what the mantra of the Swan Queen shippers is, and i’m not ready to chastise them all over the bad behavior of a few (though this isn’t the first time things have flared up over the topic on Hypable), but i just have trouble understanding what this whole issue is about. is it about shipping or is it about LGBT representations on tv? i am a proponent of the latter, but if people are sending death threats simply because they sail a different ship, and under the guise of promoting quality LGBT representations on tv, i have a hard time getting on board with that.

    from some of the other comments on this post, it seems that these swan queen shippers are a minority… it’s a shame that they are tarnishing the reputations of others.

    • Aimee

      I think for me the biggest problem is that for two years, we’ve been asking…and for two years, we’ve been told to “just keep watching”, rather than just a straight up “no”, thus giving us hope that we’d finally see it happen and have a show be brave enough to give us such a thing…then, when the question is asked this time, we get told it was “unintentional”, as if everything we saw wasn’t real…which is painful enough, as a ship…but then, to get the shitty band-aid of “but don’t worry, we’re planning on writing in a gay character soon!!” was just a kick while we were already down. The idea that they think that to have any kind of queer storyline, it needs to be visibly queer from the begining to be believable is what hurts. That we need to wait for the “time to be right” to be represented, despite this show being 100% about true love and its power.

      They could have handled it very differently, honestly.

      Not that I would in any way justify death threats or hate of any kind, I just know this whole thing kind of broke my heart.

    • Ursula

      The “death threats” thing is pretty much anti-SQ propaganda. Not one death threat has turned up on the writers/actors’ twitters, but people ran with it because they could bash Swan Queeners under the guise of “Stop the Hate”.

  • rk

    Just because something isn’t going to happen doesn’t mean we have to be dismissed entirely by the writers and whatever ‘ship’ the actors in the show follow. And you know what happens to shows that don’t at least consider things the fans might like? They get cancelled.

  • xvnot15

    Disrespecting Fandoms- Not Cool

    Let’s not forget ‘fan’ is short for ‘fanatic’. And that by definition means
    intense emotion, dedication and degrees of obsession. If you’re creating a work
    of fiction, a TV series or a movie in this day in age, particularly if it is in
    the genres of Fantasy or Sci-fi you are in fact doing it TO GENERATE FANS!!! And if you don’t know that or accept
    that, you are indeed in need of a mental health professional because you are
    not on the right page kidlet.

    Now the
    thing about EVERY SINGLE FANDOM in the world is that it is made up of individuals,
    small groups of like-minded individuals and larger groups of like-minded
    individuals. For everyone who loves one character there will be those who
    dislike or even hate the character. For every one pairing that may be possible
    (Please note the use of possible not necessarily probable.) there will be
    people who run the line of ‘Yeah I can
    totally see it and love it’, through ‘Well
    I suppose so but it’s not very likely’, all the way to, ‘Ewwww no way, never not in a million years’.
    Now please refer back to the definition of fan and you will see why the
    individuals and groups of individuals concerned will then become passionate and
    vocal about their choices. THAT’S WHAT’S

    Now what
    often happens then, especially in the age of the internet, FB, twitter et al,
    is the differing opinioned fans will defend their vision to all comers
    especially those who watch the show and don’t seem to share the vision, it is
    the nature of the human beastie so to do. And sometimes it’s done stupidly and
    viciously and nastily, because bottom line some people are stupid, vicious and
    nasty, ergo so are some fans. However it is also done thoughtfully,
    open-mindedly and good-naturedly because, well see the previous description
    people are these things too.

    And so
    the fans come on the forums and Tumblr and, etc. and they duke it out. They go
    to Cons and fly the colours of their chosen fandom and their chosen pairings
    and views on the fandoms. And it is glorious and wonderful and every single
    producer, writer and creator should be incredibly grateful for that as they
    count their artistic and monetary returns from the phenomenon, because they
    would be nowhere without the fans.

    It would
    however appear that more and more of the up and coming creators aren’t willing
    to put in the effort to embrace all of their fans, even if network and backer
    considerations mean they can’t necessarily cater to all the diverse needs of
    their fanbase. Indeed they behave as if their fans are nothing but an
    encumbrance and a pain the ass. They need to wake up and realise there is still
    a respectful and professional way to handle this situation. They seem to be
    opting instead to descending into the open fray within the fandoms themselves
    and taking sides. NOT COOL guys!!! NOT COOL!

    And don’t
    be all “But Moooommm, they just wouldn’t
    leave it alone! They kept pushing and pushing and wouldn’t take a polite no for
    an answer, it’s all those stupid shippers and slashers fault!”
    Because honey that’s just lame, you want the fame you take the challenge of
    staying open and professional with all your fans.

    And if
    you decide to play the, well no one else would put up with this shit card, well
    where the flippin heck were you in the 90s??? Because this has all
    happened before you know.

    (I’ll put aside the seperate and
    valid issue that we ALL should ruddy well have moved on enough in two decades
    that a leading female paired romance shouldn’t even BE an issue by now because
    that little nut is a university dissertation piece.)

    So I just
    have to say; Oh for the glory days of Rob and Sam in the Xenaverse where the rule
    for the creators and writers and stars was, “Wow,
    you see that in the show? Terrific! Oh and you see something else completely?
    Wonderful! Isn’t it wonderful that there’s something for everyone?!”.

    never said at the time one way or another if X&G were a
    couple or X&A or G&V, or whatever; they allowed all the fans to ship
    who they liked, acknowledged the different preferences and fed them ALL with
    tips of the nib throughout the show. (The flame wars and fights were left among
    the fans)

    What they
    DID NOT do was smack down any group of fans for sharing what longings or
    wishes their show had invoked for them. They did not disrespect or dismiss
    anyone, no matter how loud, how pushy or how disruptive.

    They listened to fans, thanked them
    and respected the fans’ vision, but at the same time stayed true to the
    product they wanted and intended to make. I mean nobody was happy with Xena’s
    death but it was the way the CREATORS of the show chose to end it.

    So as a
    SwanQueen shipper, no I don’t expect my vision to suddenly become canon,
    but yes I do expect what I have seen and taken from the show to be, one,
    acknowledged and two, not dismissed and slapped down by the creators. That
    doesn’t mean I think everyone sees or appreciates the same things in the show,
    god what a boring world that would be. I’d just like these youngsters to take a
    leaf out of the Xena book and have a little class and patience with their fans.
    Even the ones who come on strong and are in your face, and are indeed FANATICS.


    All the

    (aka XenaVirgin)

  • kat

    Did any of the swan queeners ever think that maybe they wont make it canon because Regina intentionally tried to kill Emma on more then one occasion and Emma while slightly insecure doesn’t have that low self esteem.

    • Ahoy Matey

      And yet she is going to be canonically paired with Captain Hook, who has sexually harassed her mother in the past and is also villainous. No shade intended toward my Captain Swan peeps but the hypocrisy is really telling.

  • Ezra Madhatter

    it was pretty obvious it wasnt going to happen. but dont get me wrong, i ship swanqueen ever since i heard it including other various ships. its what edward and adam have chosen to do with there show. please dont hate adam, edward or even lana and jennifer. they all support homosexuals and biosexuals as i hav seen on twitter. the show wouldnt be the same if just anyone of them left. this show created true love, magic believers and heart warming fans. if people keep on sending hate to them, it will be in the back of the minds everytime they shoot and the will feel bad about themselves. which they shouldnt because they were speaking on wat they felt at the time. its really childish as people have ruined there favourite tv show because they took it all out of context, its their fault on their behalf. swanqueen was never goning to happen and pretty much you all knew that from the back of your minds because the show would be all muddled up….just think about it for a second. lana and jennifer are both great and beautiful and they can do watever the hell they want and say because its them thats saying it and not you. you can say all wat u want but its not going to happen. but u never know, one of the ships might happen like the one between hook and regina since she has no one in her life or even the one between hook and emma as well as he always flirts with her (even though he flirts with all the chicks including emma’s mother). so dont give up hope oncer fans and always watch once upon a time. dont hate the show that gave u love, magic and something to live for.
    Find me on twitter if you want me to answer my questions or anything else…no hate
    Ezra Madhatter

  • Kelsea

    This kind of behavior makes me embarrassed to be associated with a “fandom”. This behavior is immature, creepy, and hostile and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but death threats are taking it way too far.

  • quietscheentchen

    Im sorry but did you just generalize the whole sq fandom? “But, if people are going to react this way to news and react so
    aggressively towards people who are a part of this show, I do not think
    that they deserve to have their ship become canon.” As much as I disliked the hate spreading you must know tha this is just a small percentage of the fandom doing that, right? There have been as much if not even more Swan Queeners saying that this is wrong and they do not support this kind of behaviour. People who started to rant about it spread their messages on tumblr and twitter like wildfires, yes, but how many Swan Queeners remained silent because they didnt see a reason to rant. So the majority of our fandom actually was civil about it and youre saying we dont deserve our ship to become canon because we misbehaved? Ive seen other ship supporters spreading hate, but I have never put that to the whole shipping fandom.

  • Olive

    So much heterosexism and straight privilege in this article and in these comments.

  • Gayveteran

    Emma and Regina sort of “touched a nerve” in many of us: there was “unwanted/unintentional” sexual tension between them that, for those we know, is always very threatening and even painful, even more if what comes out of it is rejection. But yeah, what can I say, lets “woman up”, the series is ABOUT fairytales, but we live in real life, don’t we? Just want to say that we should thank both Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison for giving us this very loveable portrait of what the first spark of a prohibited attraction is, specially to Jennifer, who seems to have issues with it because now that “the thing” is out of the picture she seems so relieved. It is her right, though and she deserves respect as she was good enough an actress to create that illusion. As for the writers, well, it is their story and we cannot blame them either for not being Allan Ball, can we?

  • Steven Lear

    Regina tried to elope with her male lover in secret behind her mother’s back.

    Emma had a kid out of wetlock with her male lover, which happened to be the son of Rumplestiltskin.

    How did anyone think that Regina and Emma would suddenly just change orientation and become a lesbian couple. I mean, honestly, I know I’ve missed a couple episodes this pass season, but that’s a leap that anyone could see is just irrational.

    • Olive

      Bisexual, pansexual, and queer women exist.

      • Redder

        Yes and some people are just straight. Wouldn’t it be more logical to assume that the characters are their stated/evidenced sexuality rather than read into things no matter how minor (aka slap on gay-goggles)? Straight people are allowed their sexuality too. They exist. Statistically in great number.

  • Samuel Robinson

    Some people, like the one leveling the death threats, are just proving that both sides of the gay debate can be very threatening, and in fact I find it’s usually the pro-gay advocates. Bottom line, this is Adam, Eddy, and ABC’s show. We the fans support it by watching. If you don’t like, don’t watch, simple as that. If I was creating a show, I’d write what I felt was an honest show, not just constantly give into fan wants, because honestly there’s fanfiction for that!

  • Glaciusx

    Swan Queen was never going to happen and people need to get over it. Seriously, it was funny at first but now it’s just plain pathetic.

  • once upon a double standard

    “But, if people are going to react this way to news and react so
    aggressively towards people who are a part of this show, I do not think
    that they deserve to have their ship become canon.” …It is unfair, TOO, to those Swan Queen fans who respect the writers and producers who are the ones creating the show, you know? How diplomatic of you.

  • petrikah66

    I’m a lesbian, and I LOVE Swan Queen, but I want to just smack these rabid fans, and say “grow up!”. Who in their right mind would think the writers would take the show in that direction?? I hope that there will still be great fanfic writers who will continue to indulge this fantasy…but that’s what it is folks: A Fantasy.

    • :)

      THANK YOU!!! A portion of fans give everyone a bad name, and THANK YOU for being the person that informs people of that!!

  • Emily

    I wish people would realise, that it isn’t the whole of the Swan Queen nation that are spreading hate and ‘death threats’. It’s only a handful of people, and it’s giving the whole fandom a bad name. We don’t want to be known as the fandom that sends death threats to the cast and writers because we can’t get our own way. Us shippers see an incredible amount of logic behind this ship (as for Adam saying it’s forced, I couldn’t possibly agree with that) and a lot of us did have a sliver of hope that they would include some kind of storyline that involved this pairing. Yes these are fairytales, which is the whole reason we should include a same sex relationship – it shows that hetero relationships aren’t the only types of relationships even for storybook characters. I was gutted upon hearing that there was no chance Swan Queen would be canon, because as a young lesbian teenager it would have meant a lot to me to have these characters portrayed in such a relationship.

    • Lia

      Thank you for being a logical person who, while realizing that there are all types of happy endings, also realizes that ‘death threats’ definitely aren’t the way to go. WHOO-HOO you! :)

  • KayJayGee

    Hmmm this sounds sort of familiar. “Unintentional” ships? “DEFINITELY NOT canon” ship that is quite popular (almost more popular than the canon ship)? I think the Swan Queen shippers need to speak to some Zutara shippers (Avatar The Last Airbender fandom). ;)

  • Stephanie Evans

    SwanQueen definitely has chemistry. That being said… doesn’t mean it’s sexual. I can see how they may be attracted to each other in a kind of rivalish way. (“I hate you, but I can’t help but admire and respect you.”) But really? I’m sorry but if they made the ship cannon it would only be to please the fans. And You know what that would make the show?

    Glee. And I understand the cast and crew are going through a lot right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that Glee has done a lot to the show JUST to please the fans. And it’s incredibly annoying long-term.

  • Have2AdmitSwanQueenWouldBeHot!

    Okay, first let me start by saying that I love this show and I am soooo on the SwanQueen ship! I think that there are a lot of unintentional parallels between the two characters and all that jazz. It would have been sooooo awesome if they would have gotten together. That being said, no matter how many fanfiction stories that I read and youtube videos that I watch, I know that the real show is not going to get this couple together. GET OVER IT. No need to send hate mail and threats to anyone. pull yourselves together, become a director/writer and make your own lesbian fairytale series if you don’t like how this one turned out. lol. Of course, if I were a promoter of the show, I would not have denied or approved the accusations of this Ship that way I wouldn’t lose any fans and people could still hope..like a fairytale….BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS? DID YOU HAVE TO SEND THREATS OVER THIS? lol

  • Trish

    Wow am I glad i didn’t see this earlier. It is not accurate and pretty ignorant.

  • daz

    This is a terribly rude and disrespectful piece. ‘Not going to happen’ was never said by anybody at any time. You’re also instigating a whole new wave of hate against Swan Queen shippers in part by claiming that this group of people in turn sent hate to anyone. In fact the only hate that has been spread is against these shippers. This is quite similar to the shipping wars during the Xena years. In the early seasons, people like you insisted that viewers were making it all up. Subtext is important to the storyline. Audience feedback is also important.

  • ShipSwanQueen

    Oh that’s so sad..I love the show and i do love a swan queen but what other fans do is maybe too far.. i would be happy to see Regina and Ema together but you know it’s family show and maybe if i was parent and my son/daugter was fan of the show and watch it..i wouldn’t be so happy to see relationship between them…totally agree with the article that it’s little to much but…i still have a little faith that it could happen

  • Reginamills

    What exactly is swan queen and how did it start??

  • rosie1843

    The SwanQueen fans do not have to apologize for expressing their feelings about the show’s creators debunking the ship. They have every right to express their feelings. Why are you making such a big deal over the matter? Because of the so-called “taint” of lesbianism?

    • Lia

      What the heck?? “Taint of lesbianism”??? Those were YOUR words, not the writers OR the cast’s. Homosexuality is NOT a taint, and I know that you didn’t mean it that way, but if anyone related with the show HAD insinuated that, then I’m sure the uproar would be much worse (as it should be). However, this isn’t just about making two heterosexual women gay. Let me bring to your attention the genetics of the matter: Regina is Emma’s step-grandmother. Would you kiss your step-grandmother? And finally, yes, every fan does indeed have a right to express their opinions…in a respectful manner. And sending threats to the cast and crew is NOT a respectful manner….

  • Meena

    I totally ship swanqueen but I always kinda knew that it was very unlikely. However, I never give up hope lol. But even if it doesn’t happen, im sure the show will be completely awesome!!

  • Sunshine

    I understand that this articles was written before the beginning of Season 3, but I’m curious how you feel about Regina’s supposed “soulmate”. Seeing as how the original Robin Hood was a) a different actor and b) didn’t have a lion tattoo, it seems pretty clear to me that the creators and writers don’t have ANY idea what it is they want for this show. They are making things up as they go. The storylines of Greg and Tamara? The Blue Fairy’s, who for all intents in purposes is generally useless, blue Gatorade potion that restores Belle’s memory in like five seconds? Seriously??? –.–

    The first season was awesome! I think we all can agree. It’s OK if the Swan Queen in the first season was unintentional, but don’t change the way the show flows or move away from the dynamics between the main characters because it worked. The creators should have allowed the writers to stay on course and let it be.

    Season 3 has made significant improvements like making Regina the single focal point of an entire episode. She is the money maker. And Season 3 has moved back to more of what Season 1 had to offer. But there are still elements of the writing that are terrible like Rumpel falling apart over a doll. He’s the Dark One for crying out loud! He is in control of his emotions. Finishing Tinkerbell’s entire backstory in a single episode? It’s yet someone else who is written in solely as a bridge maker. The creators need to let the story progress by itself because I find it pretty clear that they aren’t up to the task.

  • iamadivergentshadowhunter

    im sorry but the thought of swan queen as a relationship makes me cringe (i have nothing against gay people or gay marriage just like to point that out first) because emma already has a complicated enough relationship with Neal and possibly hook adding regina in the mix wouldn’t make much sense. i think them possibly as friends would be cool but not like a romantic relationship. you also have to remember regina is a antagonist by no means is she a good guy. emma is the protagonist it wouldn’t work.

  • Mandie Lenar

    Would you really like them to put it in if it wasn’t meant to be? It would be like hiring a token African American actor just “because”. Don’t force diversity and representation where it doesn’t fit. They know what they’re doing because they made these characters you like. Wait it out, they obviously have better plans.

  • Amanthasay

    I LOVE OUAT. I’m also a queer woman. That being said, I am GLAD Swan Queen isn’t going to happen, I think it’s ridiculous. Their tension/conflict rooted in the fact that they both love Henry works well enough. No need for romance.

    • Lia

      Totally agree! I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with gay relationships (Cam and Mitch on Modern Family being one of my FAVORITE couples on TV), but I think that, in order to have a gay relationship, the character HAS TO BE GAY, and it was made incredibly clear from the first season that Emma and Regina were two heterosexual women who were very in touch with their sexuality and had no problem duking it out over men. To make the characters gay when they weren’t written that way to begin with would feel forced. And I appreciate the writers staying true to their original vision! :)

  • Anonymous!

    All I have to say to the writers is,” This is an amazing show! I really love the work that you guys are doing and the time that you are taking to make this show happen! I would love the fan fiction to happen between emma and regina, But I agree with Lhopko This is your show and it is an amazing show. Keep at it and I will keep watching whether the fanfic happens or not. I am obsessed with this show and always will be no matter what!”

  • Guess who

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon this article but it is terribly written. Horrible writing! Ugh.

  • just sayin…

    if one of them were a man they would’ve been together from the start..

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