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The long-awaited premiere date for The Legend of Korra season 2 has finally been revealed today at San Diego Comic-Con!

News broke today that The Legend of Korra season 2 will have its long-awaited debut in September 2013. It is assumed that the show will air in the 11 am time slot on Nickelodeon, as it did last year.

The exciting news about The Legend of Korra season 2 comes from the Korra panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The show’s creators, Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino, revealed the Legend of Korra season 2 release date to a cheering crowd which filled Ballroom 20. Some fans had slept out over night on the line in order to secure a place in the panel.

The Legend of Korra season 2 poster

The Legend of Korra season 2 – to be titled “Book 2: Spirits” – will focus on the young, determined, and headstrong Avatar Korra as she learns to master the spiritual elements of being the Avatar.

As demonstrated in the show’s first season, Korra has difficulty connecting to her spiritual side and has a tendency to misuse her spiritual powers in physical pursuits.

But in The Legend of Korra season 2, unhappy and angry spirits begin to surface in the physical world.

As the link between the two realms, Korra must not only keep the physical world safe from unearthly interlopers, but she must also learn what has provoked the spirits and restore balance between the spirit world and the physical world.
More news about The Legend of Korra season 2 continues to roll in from the panel at San Diego Comic-Con, so be sure to check out our live blog of the event! Stay tuned to Hypable for any and all of the exciting updates in your fandom coming in from the biggest convention of the year!

What are you most excited to see in
‘The Legend of Korra’ season 2?

  • Kira Bonnice


  • WWE Fan

    Thank God.!!

  • Gbunny1

    I want to see that the sub-element of air bending will be!

    • joseph zeleke

      SOUND BENDING!!!!! i hope…….. :)

      • sephraq

        Most likely suffocation bending or collapsing a lung…

        • round1fight

          space bending, teleportation

          • Kiki

            Sound bending would be like changing your voice to sound like someone elses. or silencing noises. Or creating noises from nothing.

    • WettyHamm

      We have, Meelo fartbending

    • BEN

      I really hope it would be something like life bending. Seeing as the air benders are known for their being pacifists, as well as viewing all life as sacred, life bending would be a great “sub-bend” to arguably the weakest of the four elements. Not only does it contrast air benders’ primary beliefs, making it so they only use it in the most extreme circumstances, but would also open the pathway for an antagonist that isn’t a fire, earth, or water bender.

    • denicajo

      its sound! heres a picture that has them all laid out:

      • asdf

        Does this mean that Aang was not spiritbending rather than energybending?a

        • asdf

          *was spiritbending rather than energybending?

  • David Sanders-Zakre

    I wish they had said when in September of this year it would premier all we have so far is a month and year

    • Derrick Johnson

      Well that’s 335 days we don’t have to be in anticipation for at least. Don’t get too greedy

  • rydtt

    i have been waiting!!!
    and i just rewatched all the episodes TODAY! what a coincidence that they have announced book 2 release date on the day i have been rewatching!!!!!

  • JJ

    Its great that they are premiering the new season 2 of Legend of Korra, but it would be nice to be able to see the characters from Avatar The Last Airbender as adults and the different things that they had to go through I like korra but it sucks that we couldn’t see all the other people from Avatar The Last Airbender

    • JOJO

      That’s impossible since everyone else died.

      • jon2d2

        I think JJ meant while those characters were still alive. For example what Zuko did about finding his Mother is something I still want to know.

        • Comic

          There’s a comic book series that tackles on that story. It’s called “Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search”. Look it up.

          • sherlock holmes

            it would be cool to see more of the history and everything, see how they developed and how republic city was made and just the relations between them all as they got older

          • OogaHooga

            Thats what the comics are for, their slowly giving us all that sort of info

  • FireInMalaysia

    Just watched the trailer, at 1:34 i saw Jinora in Wan Shi Tong’s library just like her Grandfather. Oh God i hope he doesn’t hold a grudge against Aang still and takes it out on her… wait Jinora get out of there!

    • asdf

      Well thinking about, it: Jinora has a few bad things going for her…

      1) Wan Shi Tong was mad at all mortals when Aang came through. The only reason why Wan Shi Tong allowed Aang’s group to go was because Aang was the Avatar. No avatar, no entry. But wait, Aang burned the bridges between the Avatar and Wan Shi Tong. Now Wan Shi Tong hates all mortals, (probably) especially the Avatar any one associated with (such as the friend of) the Avatar

      2)Plus the fact that Jinora is the grandchild of Aang probably doesn’t help her case either. So hopefully Wan Shi Tong doesn’t realize that about her.

      Then again, maybe he has a forgiving side that we never saw… unlikely, but possible.

  • Roxanne

    You can watch the trailer here! http://youtu.be/oC56NSF4gpA

  • Erin Hopkins

    It’s back!!!!! :D

  • The girl you wish you knew

    I hope that Zuko’s grandson, Iiro, goes after Korra ;D I became a hopeless girl in love when I heard that he had Zuko’s voice xD Seriously though, I hope they make him give Mako some competetion.

    • Guest

      I thought the exact same thing as soon as I saw the scene where Korra saves him 8I
      I want them to be together so bad l’D <3

      • me321

        are you serious!? IROH IS LIKE FORTY

        • Mama Bear

          You didn’t watch The Legend of Korra Book one…did you? They aren’t talking about Iroh from The Last Air Bender….they are talking about Zuko’s son, Iroh.

          • Mama Bear

            Also, Iroh from The Last Air Bender was in his late 60′s.

          • LOKS2

            Zuko’s son “Iroh,” Would be about the same age as Tenzin. So that would be very wrong. :L

          • sehn

            Actually no, Iroh states his ‘grandfather’ would have listened to the avatar– His grandfather being Zuko, and so Iroh would be younger than Tenzin (Who is Aang’s son) I just finished re watching LOK.

          • Justin D.

            I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the Iroh for “Legend of Korra.” That Iroh is clearly much older than Korra, so unless he’s a 30-something-year-old creeper who’s into teenagers I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen. Geez…

          • Yo Pelao

            He’s like 20-something… -.-

          • Justin D.

            His age isn’t stated, but considering his father died from old age I doubt he’d be in his 20s (unless Zuko had him really late in life). He’s most likely in his early to mid 30s.

          • Yo Pelao

            He’s Zuko’s grandson, not son. He says once ”My grandpa (Who lived in the same period as Aang) would have listened to the Avatar.” So he might actually be younger than that.

          • xyzkeyblade89

            Iroh isn’t Zuko’s son. He’s Zuko’s Grandson.

        • ale rubio

          and BTW Iroh is like 70

          • Anonnyna

            You people lost me.

          • kiki

            Iroh from Last Airbender is 60 or 70. Zuko grandson (in Legend of Korra) is also named Iroh, and is probably 30, meanwhile Korra is 16. Not likely folks.

          • anonym

            you people disgust me

          • lolo

            korra is 17

      • Valery Wolfheart

        I almost had a heartattack when i saw her saving him <3! I really want Iroh to go after her, since I think Mako it's kinda douche…I mean, having feelings for Asami and Korra? WTF.

    • Chelsea


    • cherryblossom

      can i just point out there is a difference between ATLA & LOK
      ok so there is in ATLA general iron who was ozai’s older brother and zuko’s uncle and in LOK u have general iroh of the united nations who was named after uncle iron from ATLA and he is also zukos’s grandson

    • Disque

      The confusion between the names and grandson/son/uncle is making these comments really funny to read!

    • The girl you wish you knew

      Oh boy people. I posted this a while ago, and now when I look at this it seems like all hell broke loose. Let’s clear some things up shall we? I was talking about Iroh, Zuko’s GRANDSON. Not his Uncle. His GRANDSON. Got it? Good. So, now that that’s all cleared up, let’s stop arguing and all dream of Korra, Mako, and Iroh (the GRANDSON) in a love triangle *fans herself*

      • Valery Wolfheart

        and here I thought i was the only one who wanted that to happen! *nosebleeds*

    • Guest

      LOLS no way, leave it as is. I feel abd for Asami though. I hope she doesn’t end up with Iroh (grandson of Zuko).

      Don’t like Iroh.. He comes with a HUGE navy, acts all cool, then gets obliterated..

  • kamrynnnnn

    finally I am sooo excited

  • Duane Moody

    Bolin being anything other than comedy relief and genuine character development for KorOH GOD WHERE DID IT ALL GO SO WRONG

  • Derrik

    Woah! I can’t wait! I just got done watching the whole first season! I want to see more Toph and who IS LIN’S FATHER!!!!!!?????

    • Ari

      thats what I had been thinking throughout the whole series!?!?! they better explain it in the next book!!

      • jordano

        Yo Mike and Brian just confirmed that although Lin isnt in book 2 that much she will be a MAJOR character in books 3 & 4 and they will reveal who her father is in the upcomming books sometime

    • dazime


      • sarah

        sokka not saka

        • sherlock holmes

          sokka ended up with suki

      • cayden

        i drink sakai

    • sarah

      it doesnt say who her father is because no one cares

  • Guest

  • KorraFanboy


  • korra fan

    FINALLY!!! been waiting forever

  • potato

    Look closely. Does anyone else think her face looks like Frodo Baggins’ ?

    • Anoniina

      It does :/ Woah, creepy……

  • Troy Vanderpool

    I know it’s a nice line to include in a story, so I am just wondering where exactly did they “camp out”? The Convention Center is emptied completely of all attendees prior to vendors & staff, then locked up tight. Sleeping on the steps of the Convention Center is also discouraged by the SDPD and a 24-hour security team.

    • Michal

      There are designated lines for (very, very) early wait-ers. It gets crazy here!

  • Andrew

    You ppl do know there is avatar last airbender comic the first is the promise trilogy then the search. Search up avatar the promise part 1, part 2, part 3, then search part 1, 2 the promise is about the building of Yuo Dao aka republic city then search is about finding Zuko”s mom and Azula joins the team avatar

    • Ari

      spoiler alert would of been nice on that -.-

  • jake

    I think I’ve waited too long… dont’ know if I wanna continue seing the series…More than a year just to create 12 half hour episodes…It seems the creators are abusing our love for the series…

    • itsdark4u

      Its alot of hard work, if you want something good anyway. Im surprised they got it done this fast. Or did you want some M. Night garbage?

    • Derrick Johnson

      Maybe they didn’t think the series would take off as well as it did. I know I was extremely skeptical at first and wasn’t sure I even wanted to watch the new series. I agree, they did wait way too long for the new season. But maybe the 3rd season won’t take as long because they know we really enjoyed it.

    • jordano

      They didnt think that Nickelodeon was going to order more episodes because korra was only going to be one season. NICKELODEON had ordered more episodes like right after the first season ended and the creators had jumped on board to do I. It takes about 14,000 drawings for 1 episode and it takes a year to make 1 episode as well so Mike and Brian are working on all the episodes at once. Thats a lot of hard work. They barely made it to comic con this year because they are working on book 3 & 4 now as well and anyway September is in less than two months so its better than nothing!

    • Elysium

      They’re already animating season 3 as it is, so maybe the later release date will be compensated by an early season 3

  • kelsey0403

    Am I the only one not seeing a release DATE? I see a MONTH in which it will be released…

    • Derrick Johnson

      Well that’s 335 days we don’t have to be in anticipation for at least. Don’t get too greedy

    • swanson

      Noi agree with you kelsey. I want date so I can circle my calender and make obnoxious plans over it haha

    • nicola

      i know

  • sarahd15

    Just bought the first season of LoK on DVD, and I enjoyed it even more watching it for a second time. I’m so excited for this new season!!

  • dash372

    I want to see more korra and Moko action.OTP!!

  • Gary65

    Even with all the SDCC news of the last 2 days, this simple announcement of the release date is still the top trending article on Hypable. Hopefully, this will convince the writers here to cover it more closely. I know it has had a long off-season but we got more NBY coverage of this amazing show than we did actual coverage. What’s up, Hypable?

  • mahdia

    the action and the setting of the place heard its pretty

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson

    WELP, the trailer got me interested again.

  • Cast Bender Podcast

    This is super exciting, can’t wait!

  • big tony

    bolin looks like me so i was mad at season 1! my boy better get some this season

  • Ryan Henry

    I don’t know about you but I want to know what happened to Zuko’s mother. I hated the part in season 1 when one of Tenzin’s daughters butted in on Katara’s and another daughter of Tenzin’s conversation

    • Collin

      Read “The Search” comics written by Gene Yang & Byrke to find out what happened to Zuko’s mother; Part 2 was just released today on Amazon. I’d also recommend reading “The Promise” comics, as they fill in details that connect the two Avatar series, ATLA &TLOK, together. :)

  • Ashley Daniels


  • mrsalbedo

    Iroh is probably 19 or 20 because he’s Zuko’s GRANDSON

  • nate

    I think season two should be korra trying to get earth water and fire bending back followed by season 2 3 and 4. even though she did get her bending back that’s wasn’t the greatest way to end season one

    • Keyan

      Remember book one was supposed to be a standalone start to finish story. I think after the movie disaster Nick was running scared and thought it reflected overall interest in the Avatar universe. They are wrong, it was just a horrible movie. The community is alive and well and now they know it. Hopefully they stay committed to the show.

    • asdf

      @4ee66fc9ebd7029cdaa895065a08b9c6:disqus deus ex machina… one of the oldest tricks in the books

  • Lloyd

    More of the humor that Uncle Iroh had in The Last Airbender. Felt like that’s been missing in LOK.

  • WolfBV

    Not sure how Asumi will react when she learns about Korra and Mako.

    • Keyan

      Uh, she knows, Mako let her down gently before running off with Korra.

  • fuck you

    wow, fucking finally, those ass hole made me wait for more than 8 months. those bitches. i bet there niggers and gays.

    • blah

      ^ y america is going down the crapper…

  • Jacktheripper

    I know this is not a show about ang but I would really like to know how he died.I don’t know it could have been said in the show and I just don’t remember??

    • Keyan

      Old age, natural causes.

  • Narwhalperson101

    im excited to see korra and mako

  • Keyan

    Hmm, the trailer reminds me a bit of Oblivion…portals between the realms popping up, angry monsters coming out…

    Looks great, rich colors and I am betting Koh is going to make another appearance..and be much more frightening.

  • DarkSilver

    What are you most excited to see in

    ‘The Legend of Korra’ season 2?

    It finally being released!

  • zuko’s wife

    Finally i’ve been waiting like forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nanana

    It’s about fucking time

  • round1fight

    I want a flash back of Azula’s
    story. You know she couldn’t have stayed
    locked up for long. I think she would
    have got a group of fire bender together to try and take back the throne maybe
    killing Iroh in the process.

  • Erica

    korra and mako

  • Shruti Ray

    THANK GOD I hope Bolin gets a girl. Eska :)

  • A. Hitler

    God, why does it take so long??

  • Brennan McCabe

    I hate to be the guy that complains, but honestly……….This is a bit
    of a douche move by the Legend of Korra creators. We’ve been waiting
    for a year since Season 1, and there were numerous false hints that
    Season 2 would come out as early as May. But I’m not mad about that,
    because I know they’ve been working hard and animation takes a long
    time. What I’m mad about is that after all the waiting, they have the
    nerve to release the premiere to only the 1% of Legend of Korra fans who
    could go to Comic-Con, and leave the 99% of us, who don’t live in San
    Diego or have the time and money to fly to Comic-Con, completely in the
    dark until September. If they had released it to the public a day, or
    even a week after Comic-Con, I would have been fine with that. But
    making 99% of your fan base wait another month, theoretically two, to
    see the premiere when its completely ready and released? That’s just not

  • troy

    You know, it’s been so long I hardly care anymore.

  • Lover of all awsome anime

    FINALLY! !!!!!!!! Ive loved avatar the kast air bender my entire life and the legend of korra is one of my newest cartoon/anime tv shows! Season 2 I CANT WAIT! SEPTEMBER HURRY UP!

  • dooda

    Geez took them long enough!

  • andrew

    Zuko’s voice is Duante basco on top of that read avatar the search and the promise to find out what happen to zuko’s mom I repeat avatar the promise (the trilogy) then read the avatar the search (only to books came oit yet third comes out in october) the promise is about the creation of republic city and aang an zuko’s bond. The search is about zuko’s mom how they find her oh and spoiler ozai might not be zuko’s dad

  • Frodo

    She looks like frodo baggins

  • shadow king norman

    Yes I want the battles to be more epic and longer

  • A Guest

    Haha cant wait!
    I dont know what going on with that debate about Iroh but er here we go…
    Zuko has TWO people called Iroh in his family. One is his Uncle Iroh and the other is his grandson who appeared in the Legend of Korra.

    (Iroh in the Legend of Korra, mentioned that Zuko was his grandad… Well sort of… He said that “My grandfather would have trusted the avatar…” Ozai wouldnt have trusted the avatar So it must have been Zuko.)
    We dont know how old Zuko was when he had a child and we dont know when Zukos child grew up and had a child…
    Zukos grandson would probebly somewhere between early 20 and early 30 based on his appearence and that the Legend of Korra is set about 40 years after Avatar the Last Airbender… (according to the makers Mike and Brian in an interview)
    Um yep I think thats it and I hope The second series is fantastic X3

  • Hippy Kippy

    Man, I have been waiting for this information!! Heck Yeahhhh!!!

  • Duke

    still nothing on Zukos mother???

    • Jeff Miller

      it’s covered in the 3-part avatar comic “The Search”…part 3 comes out in October…

  • ShortLawrence

    I really want to see more bending brother fluff and get their backstory shown in flashbacks, that would be super cool. I wanna know how their past affects them, like why is Bolin so cheery? And why is Mako such a hard ass? Their time on the streets had to have had a part in that. Also if it’s angry spirits coming back maybe (A big hope here) it could have something to do with their parents. Mako and Bolin are my two favorite characters :D :D

  • Michael

    I am interested to see how Korra is going to fair in the spiritual world because as we all remember from Avatar the Last Airbender (I hope) there is no “bending” in the spirit world and that is all Korra has relied on in the first season

  • asdf

    Oh wow… does this—”[Korra] must [also] learn what has provoked the spirits and restore balance between the spirit world and the physical world.”—mean that Amon was telling the truth that the
    spirits taught him how to use his bloodbending to take people’s bending
    away ?

  • nicola

    i think The Duke is Lin’s dad

  • Oscar Backenson

    To be honest i think season 1 kinda just blew everything too fast, i didnt feel like i connected with the characters and their roles as in The Last Airbender. Maybe im just judging too fast and too soon since it only is the first season, but im excited to see what happens next.

  • Avemist

    What is Someone found the Blue Spirit mask in Lake Laogai? hmmm…

  • Funkky Exalter

    can’t wait for it…

  • Cunt McFuckerson

    we should really be wondering how the cabbage man forged an empire on selling stock which was constantly destroyed by the first gang.
    btw the first series is far better.

  • maksim

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • chris

    my dick

  • Jos Severijnse

    I’m exited to watch the second episode. Although it can will never reach the same level as the story about Aang did. Which is at the top of my list of favourite series ever, in my almost 40 year on this rock. And i’m not really a cartoon fan eighter.

  • Mr lady killer

    stupid idea, legend of Koran. The purpose of The last air-bender was learning the elements and finding a instructor. Korra had three elements as a child and now found her air-bending without real training. They screwed up and LOK is an embarrassment to the first series.

  • Okaeri Gin


  • Marcie Michelle Sanchez

    I like Korra with Maco. Yes I love that liro has zuko’s old voice I freak out. I wish it come out already.

  • fukc

    fuck this, i thought it would be more better. BITCHES

  • Faisal Nouri


  • Jon

    I’d like to see Lin’s father and mention to the old gang from the last avatar series like aang, katara and the others and how they founded Republic city, the gap from older age to modern leaves me with questions. Also I’d like to see which of the brothers gets more with Korra, she sure jumped for the older one but friendzoned the younger one.

  • Avatar4ever

    Flashbacks (of the old gaang) :D

  • athgg


  • Hai.

    OH MY GOSH. When my family first met Lin Befong and General Iroh, we immediately though about Spider-Lin and Irohman! They are so COOL.

  • Kyla

    YAY!! I LOVE LEGEND OF KORRA!! lol. I think…. Makorra <3 but i do think that Mako should have some competition with some other guy maybe Iroh, idk but ya..

  • THAT GUY!!!

    cant wait. CANT wait!! CANT WAIT!!!! spetember 13 bitches

  • kairi winds

    I think they should do a short film about amon when he ran off as a child until he met korra

  • Sara

    what time will it be aired in london england??

  • anabela

    when is season 2 episode 9

  • anabela

    when is sesona 2 episode 9 ??? plisss tell me

  • rad

    pls episode 3 come out now!!!!

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