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Actor Cory Monteith’s death has shocked his family, friends and fans. And naturally, it will have drastic consequences for Fox’s hit show Glee.

The final few Glee season 4 episodes were altered to remove Finn Hudson’s storyline, due to the actor checking into rehab.

However, Monteith, who died tragically this weekend, was meant to return to the show in season 5.

Glee was scheduled to commence filming at the end of July, but news outlets are now speculating that production may be halted as the cast and crew figure out how to deal with the unexpected loss of one of their lead stars.

Presumably, Glee showrunner Ryan Murphy and his team of writers will have to rework most of the scripts and storylines, and there is also the issue of giving the people working on the show time to deal with the personal loss of Monteith.

We presume and hope Fox will give the show’s team time to grieve and then consider how they can move forward.

E! Online has reports of several sources close to the show speaking about how this may affect its future, with one person stating, “It is too soon to tell.”

“Everyone is in shock,” adds another. “To say that Cory was much loved on the Glee set doesn’t even begin to do him justice.”

We expect a more concrete statement about the future of Glee will be released once the cast and crew have been allowed time to deal with the shock and grief of Cory Monteith’s death.

Glee season 4 ended with Finn enrolling at the local college, where he had begun studying to be a teacher.

Finn and on-and-off girlfriend Rachel (played by Lea Michele) were not together when the season ended, but all signs pointed to them reconciling in season 5.

Monteith’s girlfriend and co-star, Lea Michele, has asked for privacy while she deals with the loss.

Mark Salling (Puck) has shared a heartbreaking reaction to the news on Twitter, saying:

Salling, along with Heather Morris (Brittany), Amber Riley (Mercedes) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) will not be regular characters in Glee season 5.

While it’s still very early for any decisions, what do you think would be the best way for ‘Glee’ to deal with Cory Monteith’s passing?

  • A fan

    I think they should have the character of Finn dying unexpectedly, too. and show the best of respect to Cory through Finn. it’s only fair.

    • jozefd14

      Even though at the moment, it seems cruel to have the character die unexpectedly too, but I think later on when everyone has done their grieving, it would be an appropriate fairwell to not only Finn the character but also Cory the actor. It would be the most emotional episode Glee will have ever written/filmed that it would bring together the old cast and possibly some past guest stars.

      I think this because of Glee, there came Cory Monteith. If there was no Glee, I think Cory would not have had the same exposure/fame/fan base as he has right now even after his passing.

  • Marie

    I hope they deal with it appropriately, and that the character doesn’t just vanish without explanation. I’m torn on how I’d like them to end the character’s arc under these circumstances. I just what there to be something not depressing, and respectful of his passing. No cloying money-grab.

    • Tygridia

      I agree, think Finn should die with Corey. My main concern is Lea. I mean, this is a really hard moment for her, she shouldn’t be forced to relive it again, and specially not in front of an audience. It’s such a private thing that I have no idea of how they could handle it properly…

  • Tarah

    They need to cancel Glee. At this point- it’s the only thing that would be right. The show has been downhill but if they continued it? You can’t say Finn just moved or disappeared when he’s one of the rocks of the show’s foundations. They should absolutely not kill Finn off, either. You can’t make the cast go through whatever that would entail. It would be wrong. They really should just cancel before they do something seriously wrong.

    • Isak

      I don’t know. I think cancellation is an option but it would be a bit too abrupt. I think they should just postpone it. To november, midseason, whenever. And make it the last season. Frankly, I don’t know how they can drag the show.
      Regarding the character, I think they should kill him as well – to just make him vanish would be an insult. Make his death meaningful to the plot.

    • ElderPoptarts

      I don’t think they’d cancel the show. It’s not going to be the same without Cory but that would just be a bad idea. It would put the entire cast and crew out of a job. They just lost a dear friend, would it be fair to take away their jobs too? I know they’re famous and all but it still might be hard for some of them to get big roles again without people being like ‘yeah but all I can see them as [insert glee character] from glee.’ Glee may not be as good as it used to be but honestly, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. People are still invested.

    • Lyndsey Salisbury

      There is absolutely no way they’ll cancel Glee – even if it would for the best. At this point they’ve already have renewed it for two seasons and they aren’t just going to drop it. And besides the show is way to much of an ensemble show for them to justify canceling it. The show isn’t just about Finn, it’s about the club. While the show will never be the same without Cory I think them going on with the show will be the best tribute that they could ever give him. He loved Glee and it cast so much and he would never want them to not go on without him

  • Isak

    You know what? I’ve got the perfect idea.
    Let the show skip 5 years forward and instantly drop all the current storylines. Refocus the show around the core characters, now adults, as they are dealing with the grief and loss of Finn’s death, the trials and tribulations of adult life and the ups and downs of showbiz. I can see Rachel being torn apart after her true love’s death and her failed career.
    Then turn around this depressing scenario by making Rachel battle her inner demons and find the strength to finally achieve her dream. The other characters solve their problems and they find their ‘Glee’ back for one last, final hurrah – maybe by coach a new group of kids at McKinley, or even performing at some competition (maybe for the purpose of saving their high school, now in ruin, or in order to help Mr. Schuester? Something in that vein).
    To me this would be the most respectful way for the show to find back its true heart and soul.
    True, the scenario I described sounds pretty depressing, but hell, the show is named Glee. A true switch in atmosphere and tone – while still retaining a bit of comedy – will make the switch back to the show’s original positive message even more relevant and loud.

    • celtise

      If they were to continue, something along these lines would be appropriate. Though I can’t imagine Lea will be back working anytime soon.

    • Enelya

      If they did a 5 year time jump they’d have to recast the whole McKinley cast and I can’t see them doing that when they’ve just made several of them regulars.

  • slb

    While it’s understandable that people are worrying about what his colleagues are going through, people at work lose their work colleagues every day, and they have to go back to the office and face that empty desk, and it is just as heartbreaking and difficult for them as it will be for the cast of Glee – but the office doesn’t shut down as a result of it. A woman might meet the love of her life at her work, but if he dies she doesn’t give up her job in the majority of cases, nor do things grind to a halt. Sad, but true.
    Cast members of long running soaps die, but the soap opera doesn’t end because of it, it is simply built into the storyline.

  • sarahd15

    His character deserves a good death…and honestly, idk how this show could ever move forward. Finchel is the main couple of Glee, whether you agree or not, like or hate them, they always have been. Rachel is the star of Glee. They wouldn’t have done a New York storyline for just Kurt. She is the frontrunner, thus Finn was too because they were so connected. So, idk what this means for Glee, but I especially have no idea what they will do for Rachel. Idk how the cast will begin to heal and move forward, especially Lea.

    This show has been sinking for a long time, and now it may be impossible for it to come back. Maybe it shouldn’t?…

    I’m still so devastated at the loss of Cory Monteith. You were so loved Cory <3

  • Peg

    When John Ritter died unexpectedly during the second season of 8 Simple Rules, the show writers had his character, Paul Hennessy, also die unexpectedly. They put the show on a bit of a hiatus and then used the ensuing episode as a tribute to his character, giving the other characters a chance to mourn. They did this, in my opinion, with sensitivity and tact.

    I am hoping Glee goes this route as well. I think both Cory and the character of Finn deserve this kind of tribute. And, as a counselor, I think it may be helpful to the cast and crew to process their real grief on set, the place they likely most associate with Cory. To write a storyline in which Finn disappears in some other way than death may very well be more painful than acknowledging the sad reality.

    • Marie

      If we were talking about a show with consistently strong quality, I’d definitely agree. I’m slightly more hesitant since they can range from awesome to awful on different things. I definitely think there should be an episode done in honor of Cory, that’s handled well. My concern, really, is their typical way of moving on quickly from big things. Rachel, Kurt, and Schue in particular would be radically different after Finn’s death. I don’t think Glee could do it beyond an episode in the right way.

      • Isak

        Same here. I am not familiar with 8 simple rules but I do believe that a sitcom has to try and be always sort of light-hearted. Glee instead is a comedy that tackles and has tackled important issues. It would not make sense to time jump and be like “oh yeah everyone’s fine now, let’s sing Rihanna”. I am obviously exaggerating but… you get the idea. I think that the best solution involves actively factoring his death into the plot (see my comment on the article).

      • Isak

        And yes, I do agree with Marie that generally Glee moves on from things rather quickly. This time they can’t use that tactic, it would be only tacky to me.

    • Kit

      That’s what they did on Monk too. When Stanley Kamel died.

  • guest02

    The premiere episode should be dedicated to him. As much as people like having a tribute episode revolved around the death of his character, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I would prefer if they wrote off his character in a different way without him dying. But I think glee will do the obvious route and have his character pass away in the show.

  • Sasha A. Khan

    In interviews, Cory was always so proud of the show’s messages. One of them was that bad things affect good people. Glee hasn’t had a conversation (at least a serious one) about drug usage yet. Here’s their chance to do it.

    • Kelsea

      His life shouldn’t be passed off as a Very Special Episode.

      • alexacadia

        unless his family wants to use it as an opportunity for education – if that was his actual cause of death, they *might* want to construct something positive from it and present a way to help other people struggling with the same problem. it should be up to them to say; not simply agree with the decision, but make the suggestion themselves.

  • dillonmays

    I think it’d be good for the show to wait a bit before continuing. Jump ahead two weeks and start off after a funeral or something. Have everyone try to be happy and make something special of it. Let it make people make decisions and to move on.

  • ElderPoptarts

    I dunno if I could handle the idea of a core character on Glee dying even though the actor is gone. I mean if it’s done well, so be it. I dunno. I feel like they could write him out in a way that says Finn went to college and started to really make something of himself. Then they can mention him in passing like “Oh I talked to Finn on the phone today and blah blah blah.” A part of me hopes that they don’t kill Finn off but… I dunno. If they do, please do it right.

  • Michael Sass

    I think the best way to honor Cory is to continue the show and have Finn pass away as well. It would dishonor Cory’s memory to just send Finn to an out of state school or something and never mention him again. Cory was Finn and Finn was Cory and as far as I’m concerned, when Cory died, Finn died as well. As for the idea that some here have of just canceling the show altogether, consider how many people (cast, crew, etc.) would suddenly and unexpectedly be unemployed. These are people Cory cared about so I highly doubt he’d want to see their lives upended even more than they’ve already been. It won’t be easy to see Glee without Cory/Finn, but I think it’s the best way to honor his legacy.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    I don’t know. It kinda feels out of place to even have this conversation at this time. Cory is dead. The show and whatever happens to Finn’s character is completely secondary at the moment. Too soon for me, anyways.

  • Camila Arellano Bütikofer

    It is a hard decision, as a fan i think the serie without Finnchel is pointless, they are the heart of the show. It would be unfair to change the actor, it would be awful to kill that character just because, it would be horrible for Lea to play Rachel if Finn is dead or they change actors… I don’t know what to think, i think canceling the show would be healthy for those who are grieving but I truly believe Cory would have like the show to go on… but then again Lea… God, I can’t begin to imagine her pain, I just hope and pray that they make the best decision for everyone and not just for those who get the money

  • Kathleen

    I still can’t believe he’s gone, I can only imagine what the his family, friends, the cast and crew must be feeling.

    I agree that the character of Finn should pass away, anything else would seem phony to me. Do you think there’s a possibility that Glee tries to bring back the Rachel being pregnant plot-line after all and the baby is Finn’s? I have mixed feelings about it, but I sort of think it could be an interesting way to remember/pay tribute to him.

    As well, I just listened to Glee Chat’s discussion about Rachel’s audition for Funny Girl and now am thinking what if she gets the role, but her pregnancy prevents her from being able to accept the part?

    • shazza45

      This idea is awful. I don’t think Lea will be back to be honest. How do you relive the death of a loved one in front of a camera.

  • Julie McLaney

    They are going to have to have Finn die in the show. There’s no good way to do this, but it would be so wrong to just have him wander off into the sunset. Dallas handled the passing of Larry Hagman beautifully, 8 Simple Rules handled John Ritter’s passing so well, etc.

    It has been done before, and if done right, this could be a beautiful, touching episode of Glee.

    However… the caveat to that is, poor Leah Michele. She is going through it in real-life, and would then have to relive all of it on the show again. That is so devastating I can’t even imagine it. :(

  • mae

    It is simple. There is no more Glee. The moment Finn Hudson picked up Rachael Berry to take her to their wedding (even though he was really bringing her to the train station) in the third season the show was over. Everything had worked out. All the characters lives were on the right track.

    Of course it didnt end right there and they just had to ruin the happy ending. I personally didnt try to keep up with the fourth season after more than a couple episodes because frankly, its not glee anymore.

    The perfect way to honor Cory Montieth and his role on Glee is to do one final episode. I do think they should have his charactor Finn Hudson pass away too. Bring together all the original Glee members one last time too honor his death. One final tribute. I think it will bring closure to glee fans.

    Lastly, the best way to honor his life is to end the show there. Yes, we would all miss Glee and all of our favorite charactors, but with so many of the original members graduating in season three the show is no longer the same.

    None of us fans are quite ready to let go of Finn Hudson, and at least me personally was stil hoping for Finchel to get back together so maybe an even more perfect ending would be using old footage that didnt make the cut to finally bring the two back together for the perfect ending to one of (or at least my) favorite series.

  • Mike

    Production/Filming wise, I do hope that the the show, and it’s cast and crew, are given as much time to heal as they need. If it means giving Season 5 a winter start, I’m fine with that. We shouldn’t rush their grieving process because we want a show. If the writers feel the best course is the end the show with a tribute episode to Cory, then so be it.

    But for now, I am against speculation for the show. It’s too soon.

  • Visioncapture

    It would be impossible to dissociate Cory’s passing from how Glee can proceed. My suggestion would be to incorporate Finn’s “sudden demise” in the story arc (an accident, for example….

  • Visioncapture

    ….not only to properly wrap up Finns chapter for closure, but also to give a profound tribute to one of its foremost characters who made it a well-loved series….

  • Visioncapture

    ….without that, i think it would be too painful to just go watching Glee without addressing that obvious pain and loss for Finn’s fans. Thanks for the attention.

  • maggie

    I’m still coping with his actually death. I haven’t even thought about what they ere going to do with him on the show…

  • Desirae

    If they can do something other then say he died in an episode, it would be less painful for cast members, family, friends and fans as well. But even with an okay way of Cory leaving the show, glee will never be the same. He was such a big role model to fans and others and now when people go back and watch old episodes from seasons before, it will be very different. Rest in Peace Cory <3

  • JWR

    I believe this sets up a nice Romeo Juliet scenario star crossed lovers that will never be….Not with both dying of course. Their love will live on, and I imagine Rachel will struggle for some time cursing herself, second guessing her choice….”What if I had done (Fill In the Blank) differently he might still be here”. I would assume they will play some humor into it. Brittany will say something profoundly offensive in an attempt at a complement to his character…Mr Schue will wish they had spent more time repairing their friendship…..ect…ect…they will all sing songs of loss, or songs by artists that passed too soon, and died tragically…..they really do have good writers….Regardless Finn was one of those characters that you wanted to know. The kind of guy you would have called a friend gladly, and counted yourself lucky. It sounds like from the casts reactions this isn’t far from the truth. I don’t usually get caught up with the lives of actors and actresses, they do crazy things, say even crazier things and irritate me more often than not with their eccentric BS!….Cory Monteith is different, his passing actually affected my day…I never met the man…but through his acting and the character he played I felt like perhap I almost did. Fair Winds and Following Sea’s Cory.

    Respectfully Submitted

  • Olivia

    i think they should have finn just disapear for months and months, and finally they hear the news of his death at school, devastated, and perform a song for him. the best performance they’ve ever done!

  • kate

    Does this matter right now? I think this article is a little rude. HIs life was more then just this TV show.

  • Dra

    The biggest issue with his death in regard to the show is that it has happened between a season. If this was in the middle of the season it’s easier to write in. The problem becomes that you’re starting a season and how do you do that with his death as part of the first episode? If you leave it for an episode or two, it’s just distracting for the audience. Likewise, there’s so many things they need to pick up on from the last season, how do they do that with Finn’s death hanging over? And how do they move on from his death during the rest of the season?
    I really don’t believe that the writers have it in them to deal with this. They have shown a complete lack of ability to deal with consistency in the past. It will be hard for them to do so with this.
    Finally, for the actors this must be a terrible thing to go through and to have to act it all out in front of cameras will be traumatic to say the least. With such a close cast it seems difficult to see how they’ll move on.

  • Hailey

    I still am having trouble believing this news. I am just so sad, for Cory, for his family, his loved ones, poor Lea Michele….everything about this situation is heartbreaking. And in my opinion Finn Hudson was the heart of glee. Finn was the heart, Rachel was the soul, and the rest of the cast put together the body that made it work. For awhile now they’ve been messing with that body, changing things that didn’t need to be changed and adding parts that didn’t quite fit, but this….I honestly have no idea how the show will move on without its heart. It really will never be the same. But, I know that Cory loved this show so much, and everything it represented, so cancelling it after his passing would be a huge dishonor to him, I don’t think he ever would have wanted that. Hopefully, they write his death into the show in a way that is tactful, sensitive, and MEANINGFUL, while still allowing the cast to heal the way that they need to.
    Rest in peace Cory, you will be missed so, so much.

  • Vanj203

    Cory has been terrific as Finn on Glee but RIP don’t actually have to eliminate the character Finn from the show entirely. Although unlikely, Glee could recast the role of Finn quickly if his planned plotline really was going to be instrumental to the show going forward in season 5. Alternately, they could just not have Finn in the show for this season (since it’s not meant to cover an entire school year anyway) and then recast Finn for season 6.

  • itsmedcp

    I think that they should have a first couple of episodes of season 5 without corys death and what they can do is have rachel blow that show for fanny or whatever it’s called and he is busy at home. he wants to come to give her support before the first show but she tells him that he needs to be with his family for some reason and she tells him he shouldn’t come. anyway what will happen is that she will be devestated after blowing the show and she is on the phone leaving finn a voicemail. the voicemail can go like “i know i told you not to come, but can you please come…” and she will be crying. then she’d get a call from puck telling her the news that finn was on the way to ny when the plane crashed. then the whole cast would be torn apart and deal with this tragedy for the rest of the season. rachel would deal with it like she is sad but also show anger because she told him not to come and if he had listened then everything would be okay.

  • thegarbar13

    Well I would have no complaints if Glee was canceled…

  • yolo miranda

    They need to cancel glee it wont be the same without him and im pretty sure Lea Michele wont be able to go on without him and it will only bring back memories then everything she sees will probably bring her tears

  • MuggleGlek

    As sad as it is maybe kill Finn and only announce it 10 episodes in

  • rih

    i definitely think that glee should have fin pass away unexpectedly and dedicate the whole episode to him and celebrate his life i think to just pretend he is still alive and off doing something else in the show or to just write him out completely with no explanation would be wrong and unfair to the cast and fans of glee and Cory deserves more then that

  • Zoey

    I think the best way to deal with it would be to kill Finn and have a tribute episode with a funeral and focussing mainly on the Hudmels, Rachel, and Schue, as they were closest to Finn. Such a tragedy I can’t believe it. It was way before his time. RIP Cory, I will always love you!

  • Pam

    I can’t believe I’m even thinking along these lines but they have a perfect way of closing Finns story line by explaining why he wasn’t in the last two episodes of season 4.

  • Bethan Chandler

    Make an episode that tells everybody that Finn Hudson has died and that could be the start of season 5. And lift off from there.
    We will all dearly miss Cory and will say our prayers that we can keep his spirit with us for the rest of our days.
    (Does Rachel get the part for Fanny Brice in the end because I didn’t see that 1)
    I hope we can stop this from happening in the future. Stop people diying at a young age.
    I know your probably thinking why did God do this to Cory but the fact is things like this happen. Even if he did die got will look after him in heaven. Heaven is the place where Cory Montieth can be safe from halm, no one can hurt him there.
    Don’t grieve. I’m sure Cory wouldn’t want us o grieve. He would want us to celebrate his life and how great of a star he was. He inspired me to start drama class.
    I hope we all remember him for who he was not his death.
    He will be looking down on us now and thinking “man, I had a great life”
    See ya guys I hope we all remember him until the day we die.

  • Brad Voorhees

    The only way to handle this in a way that will make Finchel fans happy is if Finn died. Because why else wouldn’t Rachel and Finn end up together? An alternate route would be to hire a new actor to play Finn, but that’s kind of the “soap-opera” thing to do, and not many of them are around anymore. No the only way to please Finchel fans would be if Finn passes away. Nothing else will do. My condolences to Cory!

  • Trev-M-Schneider

    Write in that he got called back to the army and then died heroically trying to save someone else

  • Yui

    Cancel it the show sucks anyway, with or without.

  • Shazza45

    I can’t see Lea coming back sadly. I love this show but don’t know how they will continue not only without Cory’s character but Lea’s as well. The whole thing is heartbreaking.

  • elena

    I believe if they can be sensitive about the topic, they should just try to ease Finn out of the scene gently so it makes sense but isnt harsh, since the cast will still be healing from this tragic loss.
    And in my personal opinon at the end of that episode place maybe some good old funny bloopers of the set of Cory to show a side of the real him being himself besides Finn which is in front of the camera and dedicate the episode to him in his memory

    Rest in paradise Cory♡

  • Lesley

    They should just kill him off bc cory was finn and finn was cory so i one passes the other should too i understand that the characters and costars wouldnt react well to it but i think it would be very respectfull to cory to have a tribute all to him for how many years he spent of glee and all the people he touched

  • SJ


  • Jinx

    People should just let everyone heal before talking about the show. It’s too soon to talk about that. I see people talking about killing Finn without thinking if the cast wants to revisit this. I’m sure something will be done, but time will tell, and how they handle this should be left to those who were closer to him.

  • Alethia Lewis

    I think that they should have one episode dedicated to not only Finn but Cory Monteith. Each one of the cast members should talk about it. That way there can be closure for his cast-mates and his fans. He meant a lot to us too. It is such a tragedy he died.I think that he deserves an episode of gratitude for all of his hard work. I am wondering how season 5 is going to do without him

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