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Stiles Stilinski, perhaps the most loved character on Teen Wolf – who just may happen to be bisexual. An unusual set of elements that offers a rare opportunity.

It’s Teen Wolf Takeover month on Hypable.com, and today’s article examines Stiles and his sexuality. Read all of our TWT articles here and submit your own!

Jeff Davis has made it a point to highlight that within the Teen Wolf world homophobia is virtually nonexistent and sexual orientation is irrelevant. He’s spoken on the topic more than once and has shared his belief of creating worlds we would one day like to see.

So before we begin this discussion, we have to remember that standards of our culture don’t apply to the characters on Teen Wolf. Within the show people aren’t presumed straight until proven otherwise. The program acts as an example for our world by showing just how much of a non-issue sexual orientation should be.

It’s a fantastic and brilliant way to deal with prejudice on a larger scale – one we commend Davis for and encourage others to support.

Bisexual Stiles


Since season 1 we’ve had a wide range of reasons for thinking that Stiles Stilinski may in fact be bisexual.

  • Stiles mentions having been in love with Lydia Martin since the third grade.
  • “Am I attractive to gay guys?!” Is asked on more than one occasion.
  • Flailing when an unconscious Lydia falls into his lap.
  • “No seriously. Do you wanna just try makin’ out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?” Randomly asking to make out with his best friend.
  • ‘Casual’ nods to both male and female peers in episode 1×03.
  • Trying to keep his eye’s on Erica’s face to avoid sexually objectifying her.
  • Being jealous of Scott getting hit on in a gay bar.
  • “I could be gay!” “Not in that outfit.” Defending his gay potential to his father.
  • Kissing Heather and agreeing to be each others firsts.
  • Danny jokingly making a pass, and Stiles thanking him for the offer and asking him if he was serious.

Now, some of these examples you can brush off if you so desire. You can take them as jokes or just an overt craving to be liked. Several are ambiguous enough for viewers to come to their own conclusions.

But Jeff himself has admitted to hinting at this bisexual orientation. And considering that he has purposefully designed a world where we’re asked to judge people with no underlying assumptions; it’s completely logical to gather that Stiles is indeed bisexual.

Where We Go From Here

Where from here

The key for any progressive storytelling is to give people reasons to care about a character apart from their sexual orientation. And because so many people love Stiles apart from whom he’s attracted to; there’s a strong desire to act on this rare opportunity.

Now, let’s be clear. In a world where sexual preference doesn’t matter, there’s no need for Stiles to have a big coming out moment. But unfortunately, the demographic that watches this show doesn’t live in that world.

We as an audience are tied to a much more rigid social structure. So while it’s nice to see someone not having to reveal themselves as being bisexual, it doesn’t do the audience much good if they never have definitive proof they’re being represented.

Which is why having a character act on his spectrum of attractions without it being a big deal could send a powerful message to our own reality.

We don’t need to see sweeping gestures or wildly romantic settings. This is Stiles Stilinski we’re talking about. The whole point is to keep him in character. It would just be very rewarding to make the natural arc we’ve been witnessing for three seasons now come to fruition.

Closing Thoughts


Make no mistake – we are not looking to back Jeff Davis into a corner. No one wants to take his creative control away from him and ultimately all of us want Davis, Dylan O’Brien, and Stiles to be as independent and comfortable as possible.

Teen Wolf is about so much more than a specific character’s sexual orientation. That’s why we love it so much. Because these elements are secondary.

Jeff shouldn’t feel pressured to make Stiles ‘reveal’ himself, but he also shouldn’t be confined to a certain set of standards many networks like to uphold if the story presents itself. What we do want to stress though, is that if Jeff chooses to go in this direction, you can rest assured he will have a lot of enthusiastic support.

Take note MTV because your demographic is changing.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    I’m in love with the ‘no one is presumed straight until proven otherwise’ thing in Teen Wolf. Its really how the world should be. If Stiles isn’t bisexual, he’s definitely bi-curious. Some of those instances can be taken as jokes, but you’ve go to look at the fact that Stiles seems to be one of those people that can take something they mean seriously and make it sound like a joke just in case he doesn’t get the reaction that he wants.

    Personally, I want him to turn out to be bi, but only if Dylan and Jeff agree on it and Dylan is comfortable with it. Mostly because Stiles is my favourite character and I’m kinda bi so I could relate to him more. Actually, I wouldn’t care if either Stiles, Scott or Isaac turned out to be bi because I related to the three of them the most. People think Stiles is weird, people thought I was weird. Scott’s parents are split up, my parents are split up. Isaac’s dad was abusive, so was mine, but mine never locked me in a freezer, he just got drunk and hit me.. Anyway, yeah.

    • Adderall Addict

      Sorry to hear about your situation – I hope you have/had someone to talk to about that.

      I can buy Stiles as bi-curious, especially because I think guys of his age (and in their 20s) nowadays are far more open and much less rigid about the possibilities of whom and what they might be attracted to. I think in Stiles case, he would definitely be more attracted to a person, that necessarily just to gender, because no one carries on a torch like he has for Lydia for as long as he has without it being really keyed to very specific aspects of who or what she is/means to Stiles.

      Especially given the world Jeff David has created in Beach Hill, I think we have to say that it’s a given that many of the teenagers would consider themselves as open-minded and thus prospectively bi-curious. Stiles would definitely fall in there with them.

    • Nixie

      Sorry about your dad…what a dick…

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    Torchwood (with Ianto) did a beautiful job in a similar situation.

    • NatalieFisher

      Ianto is one of my top five fictional characters of all time ever. RIP, baby.

      • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

        I’ll never forgive them for killing him off. NEVER!

        • Asphodels

          aww man I just started watching Torchwood… spoilers people!!!

          • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

            Sorry lol

            Keep watching though. The journey is insane and awesome!

  • TitoCannon

    So I think I may be one of the few fans who doesn’t necessarily want stiles to be bisexual. Now, let me digress for a minute before I get into my point. I am constantly in awe of how sexuality is handled in the Teen Wolf universe and it may be one of my favorite aspects of the show. Having said that, however, I always saw Stiles as a straight guy who was just very comfortable with his sexuality. Comfortable enough to make these remarks to people and not care how other perceive him. I think it was a way of breaking down barriers between the gay and straight communities.
    I’m sure my Stydia feelings may be clouding my judgement as well and a bisexual Stiles means he has a whole new pool of fish to choose from hahaa!

    Having said that, however, if his bisexuality were to become canon it would be a huge step forward for everyone.

    • Adderall Addict

      I agree with you that Stiles is definitely comfortable in his own sexuality (notwithstanding whatever insecurities and lack of confidence he may feel as either a Scarlet Nerded high school kid or one who has been portrayed as somewhat socially inexperienced).

      But then again, a lot of the cast is portrayed as sexually comfortable. Scott, as one example: he danced with Danny in one instance and, in another, smiled at him and told him his Armani smelled nice while lying on top of him in front of an entire audience of sports-playing classmates. Likewise, in his conference with Coach Finstock, unlike the way it sometimes is portrayed for comic effect, when Finstock asked Scott if he was having guy problems, there was no huge protestation of heterosexuality – I mean, Scott didn’t feel he had to go there. I think we can say the same generally for most of the rest of Beacon Hill High, even if it has not been directly portrayed.

      So I’m not sure that this fact, in and of itself, proves that Stiles is NOT bisexual. But I’m also not sure they reveal that he is. Just that it’s possibility.

      As an aside, as much as like the idea of a bisexual Stiles, I would really like to see some portrayal of the females of Beacon Hill High (of the whole town) be comfortable in their sexuality and see a female bisexual character – (SPOILER) I’ve not seen past episode 2 of Season 3 so far so I know it comes and goes but I’d like to see it a bit more than a passing reference. Of course, I would want it done to fit the show, to work with the world being created and presented, and for no other reason.

  • J

    I definitely think that Stiles is bisexual. I don’t see why Jeff would write in so many different situations involving Stiles and his curiosity about being attractive to gay guys, asking to make out with a guy, defending himself about the possibility of being gay, etc. I know Jeff has created the world of sexual orientation not being a big ordeal and one could make the argument that Stiles is just confident in his sexuality, which could be presumed to be straight, but it’s also worthy to note that no other male character, except for Danny, gets adequate attention and multiple scenes that deal with the suggestion of them possibly being into the same gender as Stiles. I would argue that Jeff showing a male confident in his sexuality would definitely land on Scott.

    I’m just waiting for the day that Stiles gets a crush on a guy. I think if they handled it in such a way where he just starts crushin’ on a guy and it wasn’t an overly big deal then it would be so progressive. It would be awesome to see no one bat an eyelash at him crushing on a guy even though he never explicitly said he was bisexual. No one cares about the fact that it’s a guy because they live in a world where sexual orientation isn’t relevant.

  • Adderall Addict

    Brook, not to be a grammar police (esp since I can type quickly and often make my own mistakes), but did you mean that to read:

    “You can take them as jokes or just an [OVERt] craving to be liked.”

    Also, FWIW, MTV actually has has progressive stuff; while some of The Real World was definitely done to create fake reality drama, they also had the show UNDRESSED in the 90s which often had gay characterizations, possibly even some bi ones for all I know. I just remember a few of the episodes and you used to be able to find them on You Tube.

    • Brook Wentz

      Oh no problem! Sometimes things slip by, so it’s good to know so I can correct. Thanks, it’s fixed now :)

      • Adderall Addict

        No worries, I just fixed a typo above where I wrote ‘has has’ when I meant ‘has HAD.’ Ha!

  • Anthony Ashcraft

    I’m sorry, but some of your so-called reasons are absolutely BS and based around homophobic stereotypes.

    – “Am I attractive to gay guys?!” Is asked on more than one occasion. –

    That is actually something a lot of heterosexual men ask their gay friends. It’s an ego thing and in no way an indicator of one’s sexuality.

    – “No seriously. Do you wanna just try makin’ out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?” Randomly asking to make out with his best friend. –

    Literally a joke with his best friend.

    – “Trying to keep his eye’s on Erica’s face to avoid sexually objectifying her.” –

    How does this in anyway imply he could be bisexual?

    – Being jealous of Scott getting hit on in a gay bar. –

    “I could be gay!” “Not in that outfit.” Defending his gay potential to his father.

    – Kissing Heather and agreeing to be each others firsts. –

    Again, how does this in anyway imply bisexuality?

    – Danny jokingly making a pass, and Stiles thanking him for the offer and asking him if he was serious. –

    Because he genuinely thought he was going to die. He would’ve had sex with anyone if that meant staying alive.

    • nargles

      Kissing Heather could imply bisexuality because it shows he is attracted to a woman, since bisexuals are attracted to both men and women. We know Stiles is attracted to women so that means he could be straight or he could be bi, or any other label that includes opposite sex attraction (like pansexual). It’s really not good to assume people are straight just because they’re attracted to the opposite sex. That’s a form of bisexual erasure and it’s a huge problem.

      • Adderall Addict

        Anthony, I also think you were confusing the feature – it wasn’t that one incident was proof, it was that TAKEN TOGETHER they indicated a fluid pattern.

        Finally, let’s remember what it’s like (or if you ARE currently a teenager – what IT IS) and how much your hormones can be raging. I’ve a friend who has identified as 100 gay since he first thought of himself as sexual. One of his best friends when he was a freshman in college was a very attractive lesbian. She once kissed him after a dorm party, saying they would have very pretty babies. The next day, he admitted to me that he felt turned on (meaning, to be crass, he has a physical reaction to the kiss) – however, that was many years ago and he never acted on it then or felt the urge to do so, it was just a biological reaction to the moment, and likely to the hormones.

        Does it make him bi or straight? Heck no!

  • Asphodels

    So… I feel really unprepared for this discussion but I’ve been having some feelings develop surrounding Bi!Stiles and Sterek and non-hetero characters in Teen Wolf and I haven’t really seen what I’ve been thinking brought up in the discussion. But basically, I feel like this is really getting philosophical because I’ve always imagine that in a non-heteronormative world, everyone would be bisexual by our standards. I don’t know, I’ve always taken the spectrum sexuality theory to represent my understanding of sexuality, where gay is on one end and straight on another and people just place themselves all over. And the labels of gay, bi, straight are just there for communication purposes, so ppl know that you’re uncomfortable going out with the same or opposite sex, which I think is largely for cultural reasons. So when confronted with this new world of Teen Wolf, in which heteronormativity doesn’t exist, I’ve wondered about these labels of gay and straight and whether they would exist or have the same meaning. I mean it wouldn’t be necessary because everyone would be open to different relationships, right?

    But then Jeff has used terms such as gay or straight within the show, although I feel like they were spare and much of our perception of gay/bi/straight characters are implicit and through actions rather than labels. Still, I feel like the issue of sterek and bi!stiles is this intersection where one would decide between implicit actions (what we’ve been getting all this time) to explicit labels (what we’re use too) and I wonder if that’s a threat to the dream world Jeff has created. I understand the importance of having people represented but I wonder if that will be at a cost to creativity in some ways and also, to the message Jeff is trying to present. In a way, having to explicitly represent the sexuality of each character may be counterproductive to Jeff’s ideals. But still, the issue raised is important, and I wonder how to weigh the costs of each decision in order to make one….

    I hope that all made sense….

  • Sara

    I, for one, would love to have Stiles turn out to be bi. I feel as though bisexuality isn’t represented enough in the media. The way the show is set up that homophobia doesn’t really exist is a really great example for our own society. Having a bisexual character, and eventually getting to all the letters in the alphabet soup, would take it even further.

  • kate

    but like

  • Chris Horsefield

    it’s natural, for it to happen in the Young Adult series Jason Steed by Mark A. Cooper, Jason’s best friend Scott gets closer and closer to Jason and has a crush on his best friend, it’s innocent in the first three novels because of there age, but Scott is getting closer with each novel. I happens in real-life it’s happening in the Jason Steed series so why not on Teen Wolf?

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