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Scholastic has released Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’s new paperback cover, and it features Harry versus the Hungarian Horntail.

In the colorful scene, Harry is up in the air and holding the Hungarian Horntail’s golden egg. This moment takes place during the TriWizard Tournament and allows Harry to compete in the next round. You can see spectactors at the bottom of the photo cheering Harry on.

Readers may recall that in the storyline, Harry realizes the only way he can get the egg from the dragon is by summoning his broom, which lies all the way back at Hogwarts.

Click the image to see it full size!

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' new cover

The cover was designed by Kazu Kibuishi. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was originally published July 8, 2000. It was the first time a Harry Potter book was published in the United States and United Kingdom on the same day.

Mary GrandPre’s original cover for the United States version of the fourth Harry Potter book featured Harry in front of the Goblet of Fire.

Prisoner of Azkaban’s cover was released on Thursday and depicted Harry sending a Patronus at dementors on the Black Lake. Chamber of Secrets‘ shows Harry and Ron arriving at The Burrow. Sorcerer’s Stone’s depicts Harry and Hagrid arriving at Diagon Alley.

The new Harry Potter book covers will hit store shelves on August 27 in the United States. The hardback copies of the Harry Potter books will not receive the new designs.

Scholastic will be rolling out the remaining new Harry Potter covers over the next few weeks. We have three left to go, plus the artwork for the box set’s case.

  • jozefd14

    I LOVE THE DRAGON!!! The look of it is something that I don’t think Mary Grand Pre would have ever attempted.

    • Diego Hernandez

      the horntail sorta looks like an evil toothless from How To Train Your Dragon

      • HBT

        SPOT ON!

        • Diego Hernandez


  • antonia31

    There’s something about the faces of the crowd that kind of weirds me out.

    • guest


    • Diego Hernandez

      they look like they’re in anime

  • Taylor Justice Soniat

    Honestly, I don’t like the dragon at all. It having front legs makes it look to human almost. Especially with how it’s standing, and the fact that he gave it thumbs! I highly doubt dragons would have thumbs! But besides the legs, I LOVE the dragon and the rest of the cover artwork!

  • fred

    This cover has actually made me fall in love with this new style. It’s awesome! I wish these books were coming out in hardback.

  • Chris

    I love this cover!!! I can’t wait for the rest of them to be released. Although, the Horntail kinda looks like a black super evil Cornish Pixie… Still wicked though ;)

  • Jay

    I love it :)

  • Emily Bryan

    The Horntail looks amazing! I love this cover!

  • Inspector Gadget

    Im trying to figure out if anyone in the crowd is distinguishable as a certain character? Perhaps Hermione’s eyes peering over the red flag in the bottom right? Ron right behind her?

    • sarahd15

      Neville I think is on the left, looking worried.

  • SnatcherGirl

    Though the original covers will always be the best for me simply because I grew up with them – there’s something that I very much appreciate in this cover: the faces in the crowd.
    Clearly Kibuishi made an effort to include diversity, which isn’t something one see’s often on covers. I applaud him for making that conscious decision. It’s so small that a lot of people probably wouldn’t notice if hadn’t included diverse faces, but I’m so glad he did.

  • TheOscarRP

    Why is Harry’s hair brown, though?

    • Diego Hernandez

      cus then his hair would blend with the horntails wings

  • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

    I feel like people are being ridiculously picky when it comes to these covers. I think they’ve all been fantastic, colorful, full of life, and a great representation of scenes in the books.

    • sarahd15

      I love ALL of them! And plan on buying them the day they come out!!

    • Maria Wang

      i know i know, and i don’t want to sound picky…but I’m just not a big fan. Like…the dragon is nice, but i think it looks like a cross between a demon and a cornish pixie. But everything else is good.

    • http://thebeatis.com/ Kyle Stewart

      I have always felt that the American covers are WAY too cartoony. Almost like really good fan art, that shouldn’t be the cover.

      • GOParty

        Maybe so, But while I like most of them, in this one the dragon looks a little too much like Godzilla or Spiderman’s ‘Lizard’, to be a Hungarian Horntail. And speaking of its tail, shouldn’t it be shorter and more weaponesque? I’ve always heard it described as scorpion-like.

  • sarahd15

    These covers are so beautiful!! I freakin’ love them! GO HARRY POTTER!! When I look at this, I feel like I am in the stands cheering him on!! Spectacular!!!!

  • Diego Hernandez

    i cant wait to see the one for deathly hallows

  • SpiritWitch120

    Even though I’ve already got 3 versions of each book, these covers are so good I’m definitely purchasing the set when it’s made available. Cannot wait for Deathly Hallows.

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    I really like it!

  • Jonathan kunitsky

    I just really like that they are different scenes than the Mary GrandPre covers.

  • Me

    This looks fantastic!

  • http://erictheperson.tumblr.com Eric Coppes

    This is actually the first of the new covers that I haven’t loved. Not bad, though.

  • Kevin Landeen

    I want them in hardcover. I hate paperback books . . .

  • caroline j.

    that dragon looks more like a demon to me LOL. still a cool cover though.

  • Sofia Malik

    That dragon looks terrifying. Also, it must have been a pain drawing everyone in the crowd

  • HarryHungerAvatar12

    Keep them coming! Totally amazing!

  • Lee

    Saw it today at ALA. I was so excited when I saw it.=)

  • Guest

    That dragon looks alike had a cornish pixie as a mother

  • Guest

    That dragon looks like it had a cornish pixie as a mother

  • Glaciusx


  • http://www.twitter.com/morganstradling Morgan Stradling

    I still think they should have had Makani do the covers! <3

  • Teranel

    This is the first of the new covers that I’ve really loved.

  • Von

    So far I’ve liked the first three, a lot, I thought they captured great moments and were perfect for font covers. This one misses the mark for me, pretty big time. This looks too fan made – I prefer the original US cover for the fourth one. Can’t wait to see the rest. Really looking forward to the last one.

  • Ultron

    That dragon is kind of terrifying… but I like it more than grandpre’s GOF cover with the yard long wands. And I’m not sure I like the dragons claws, they look a little too much like fingers but other than that it’s great. I like this artists style of people much more than grandpre’s…especially those she drew in the early books.

  • Shelley Watson
  • Plat

    Whoa, these are getting better as they go along! Excited to see the last 3. :)

  • xiku

    The five first covers have already been released…

    • jkredwine

      oooh, now the OOTP one I really like.

  • m

    Guys the New Cover for the 5th book is out on scholastics Website!

    • m

      Check Muggglenets website to see the link to it. Its the 3rd article down.

  • Ultron

    I bet the half blood prince cover will be the inferi horcrux cave! Idk what else it could be really..

  • The Maltese Fan

    To me it’s more like Harry versus the Gremlin!!!

  • Zack
  • ladybirds

    I must not buy these! I must now buy these! I must not buy these!

    (But they are beautiful!)

    I must not buy these! I must now buy these! I must not buy these!

  • GinnyWeasley002

    Though these are beautiful (and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up buying at least SOME of them… I’ve always adored the raised golden ‘Harry Potter’ on the Mary Grandpre covers. Ah well. :)

  • Laura Cain

    The faces in the crowd look out of place.

  • guest

    The painterly style on Harry and the dragon juxtaposed against the flat cartoony faces in the crowd is really strange.

  • Jeff Dodge

    These covers haven’t been all that bad, but I take issue with this one. I thought the point of these re-releases was to introduce new readers to the series. If that’s the case, then when a new reader is starting to read the part about this particular Triwizard Tournament challenge, they’ll already know that Harry got the egg.

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