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Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and a couple of other actors will not be returning to Glee season 5 as series regulars.

The news comes today from TVline.com who has learned exclusively that Amber Riley (Mercedes), Heather Morris (Brittany), Mark Salling (Puck), Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) will not be returning to Glee season 5 as series regulars. TVLine is reporting that though they will not return as series regulars, all five of the actors except for Amber Riley may return to the series as a guest star if needed for an episode.

Many fans of the show wondered how Glee would continue to include the graduated seniors in to another season of the show. The five stars who will not be returning had very small, uninteresting roles during season 4.

At the end of season 4 we also learned that Brittany Pearce was accepted in to MIT, with the finale feeling like a true send off of both the character and the actress. Fans who follow Heather Morris were also speculative of Morris’ return in Glee season 5 when it was revealed that she was pregnant and due in October (months after Glee will have returned to filming).

One of the main complaints of what was otherwise a fantastic season 4 was the overflowing cast of characters as Glee struggled to balance the older characters with the new recruits at McKinley High School.

There have been next-to-no details regarding the direction we will see Glee season 5 take when it returns Thursdays starting in September.

This news is somewhat bittersweet for fans of the show who have watched the development of several of these characters since its inception in season 1 back in 2009.

Details about Glee season 5 will continue as production inches closer to returning in the coming months. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the latest information and news surrounding casting.

What are your thoughts about these five actors no longer being a part of Glee?

  • dillonmays

    I honestly think that this is one of the worst mistakes that Fox could have made. Yes they were running out of room, so why not cut out McKinley and move on. I don’t want an all NY show, but I’ll accept that over cutting most of my favorite characters out. Now I only have Kurt and Beiste left, and she might as well not be on anymore. They’re taking a good series with these characters that we love and are destroying the show with one single move.

  • Colin

    I wonder if this news is enough to making me FINALLY stop tuning in to this godawful show. Probably not. But the poor camel’s proverbial back broke long ago for me. Now every season 5 detail is just another straw on the pile. So sad how such a once-great show could fall so, so far. Here’s hoping Diana Agron goes on to have the fruitful film career that none of her peers in the cast. save for Lea Michele, have any hope of achieving.

    • Tomas

      If you really thought it was awful, you would have stopped watching by now. You enjoy it, otherwise you wouldn’t watch it anymore. Don’t like Glee anymore? Stop bitching about it and just don’t watch it anymore, simple as that

      • frelling_cute

        No. It pretty much a trainwreck now a days.

    • Michelle

      I agree. I’m an Agron fan and removing one of the most interesting characters (besides that professor crap) took much away for me. I stopped watching after Thanksgiving, except for the couple of later episodes (Wedding/Naked) that included Quinn. If they had moved her to NYC (Columbia is Ivy League) along with the other 3 now there, and just moved away from McKinnley altogether, I’d have gone for such a spinoff. I think Quinn, Rachel and Santana, with an in-the-middle Kurt, would be hilarious. (Plus, the harmony of those three girls in Love Song was amazing!) Even moving Puck and Mercedes up there would be realistic. But all Ryan Murphy has done is ruin what little was left. I’m out.
      Go Dianna!

      • Marie

        He totally has beef with Dianna. If you saw that one episode of New Normal, he very obviously makes fun of her for. . .saying a line is out of character. Really? Are we supposed to take Ryan’s side on this one? -smack-

        But hey, she’s going to be in a movie with Robert DiNero. I think she’s onto something bigger and better now!

        • Sam

          Whhhaaa..? Whats this about the New Normal…? I never heard about anything like this… please explain !

          • Marie

            It was Ryan’s other show that only lasted a season and was just cancelled. The main character was “Bryan”, a gay man who ran a showed called “Sing!” There was a quick scene of a girl playing a cheerleader called “Brenn” who was complaining about a line being out of character. NeNe Leeks’ character yelled at her, similarly to a Roz rant, threatened to kill her character and replace her with Demi Levato. I think they even threatened to make it a car crash. But basically, since the whole Sing! Scenario is so obviously Glee, I’m guessing something similar happened between him and Dianna. I think there was a similar meta scene about Matt Morrison as well.

            So basically, Ryan is a jerk, who is kind of irrational. Good for Dianna for leaving.

          • Sam

            Wow… didn’t know all this, thanks! Yeah I agree, Ryan’s a jerk… and I guess he retaliated because the stuff her character did on Glee stopped making any sense looong ago… and now she has been written out -_-

      • katelyne

        i TOTALY agree DIANNA RULES !

      • sourskittle

        Oh, wow. That would actually be an amazing idea. Please go and fix glee so i keep watching it. I miss quinn so much. glee is so different without her!!

  • alexacadia

    this is terrible news. they’ve basically ruined the characters of the best (lea, chris, darren, naya) and now they’re losing essentially all of the original talent. *in my opinion* thus far marley, tina and unique have been one-dimensional and hardly fleshed out, and kitty jake and ryder do not carry the arcs necessary to maintain glee’s popularity or quality.
    i don’t think there will be a season after season 6.

  • plischt

    Honestly, I’m neither surprised nor shocked. I know I’m in the minority with that but I like the newbies, season 4 worked well for me, and I didn’t really missed the original characters. I liked to see them every now and then but their storylines were just too boring or irrelevant.

  • Lotte

    ” otherwise a fantastic season 4 ” – Guess we must have watched a different show. I’d use many adjectives, but fantastic doesn’t even come close to my personal opinion. “Disastrous” covers it better.

    Assuming Marley, Jake and Kitty will receive regular status I guess Glee destroyed itself. They tried very hard to establish the Newbies and mostly failed very hard (with the exception of Ryder and Kitty).

    Ces’t la vie. I only watch Kurt edits anyway. Once he is reunited with Blaine I can finally stop watching. I am looking forward to that day to finally cut lose all ties with Glee and never have to look back again.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      LOL! This fandom. SMH

      • Lotte

        Considering you are a Hypable staff member and moderator of the Glee podcast, I’d assume you at least would try to attempt to respect different opinion. However making passively aggressively fun of my statement is just immature and unreasonable. Considering it is one of the top comments from this post, guess I am also not alone with my
        opinion. But, yeah, LOL this fandom. SMH…

        And just for your information I don’t love to hate Glee. I hate to hate Glee, but the show destroyed itself with weak, new characters, totally ridiculous storylines and the dismissal of the core fan favorites by treating them like tertiary characters (Rachel, Kurt, Santana). Kurt edits are the only reason to watch this show nowadays for me, as he is next to Santana the only character I am actually interested in. But go ahead and make fun of my opinion. I won’t lose any sleep but may reconsider if I really want to frequent Hypable anymore. Being disrespected by the moderators is really a dealbreaker for me.

    • gleelover

      Ikr. Finn was just in an awkward position for almost 20 episodes. Why would he just stay at school if Mr. Schue was being mean to him and stuff? And why would he kiss Emma?? And mr. schue was so annoying in this season. and i miss puck he was so funny. I feel like they tried to replace the characters who weren’t regulars by new ones:


      Puck- Jake

      Mercedes- Unique (not as much as the others but unique had the same sass, sang the big notes, and was a diva who wasn’t afraid of what people though.)

      Marley almost seemed to be the “New Rachel” she is the new star of the glee club.

      Glee is just ending itself bit by bit.

  • guest

    With the exception of Brittany (which pretty much everyone called after the pregnancy news) none of them were really on this season either. So, I don’t see it making a huge difference at all. Calm down, y’all.

  • Tarah94

    Ugh. I wasn’t a huge Brittany fan so that I’m okay with… But as for Dianna, Mark, Amber and Harry? They’ve had some of the best storylines. I feel like Glee gets rid of the characters that could have given them awesome stories. Between these and Dave Karofsky, Sebastian and Jesse St. James, Glee is practically burning down any potential it has.

  • Jon

    Other than Heather Morris leaving regular status, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. These characters didn’t have much going for them in Season 4, and it’s probably because Ryan Murphy bit off more than he could chew when choosing to involve all of the original cast in the season.

    I can say I would have liked to see more of Quinn’s involvement, but at the same time the first three seasons basically resolved her character for me. The storyline with her dating a professor was just pointless imo.

    Maybe season 5 will go smoother with less characters to try and fit in, giving it more room to focus on solid storylines.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Absolutely agree, Jon. About time someone grew some guts and recognized that holding on to every single character for no particular reason other than sentimentalism might not the best way to do a TV show. I think it’s time to let go for good.

      • Marie

        Mixed feelings. I think it would’ve been easier if they had gotten a better send-off (and let them go after season 3), and if I liked the new kids more. I do think they did cut the characters they were doing the least with, so in that sense, it’s good. I just wish it’d been done appropriate an I felt more love for what we had left.

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          It says they were cut as series regulars, which makes me think they might show up again…at some point… I don’t think they have left the show permanently (even though I think they should have when they graduated).

          • Marie

            That’s true, but it’s going to continue to be as implausible as all the other times they’ve come on (with the possible exception of Mark, as he’s Jake’s brother and creeps around Finn’s college, and Heather, if they want five seconds of Brittana interaction). But at least this way, they’ll all be implausibly brought on less frequently. It’s just such a shame that I don’t think we’ll EVER get proper closure for any of the now non-regulars.

          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            Except Brittany. She got closure. Half of the finale (maybe more) was about her, if I remember correctly. Haha! To be honest, I hope that IF they bring her back it’s for something meaningful. Otherwise it will just cheapen whatever little closure we got for the character.

          • Marie

            She did have closure, but it was kind of sucky. Quinn is the one I’m the most upset about though, since I think Dianna is REALLY done. Last we saw, she was just all over the place. As a Quinn fan, this depresses me. :-/

          • Sam

            Yeah I was a Quinn fan too… which is (one) of the reasons I was out for most of season 4 too. Now I have no need to ever return! Glee season 1 was the best imo… it was just so unique, so hilarious, and so REAL at the same time. I miss that :(

          • katelyana

            quinn fans rules !!

          • quinnfabray<3

            OMG! That is the description of my life. I almost didn’t watch season 4. so pointless without quinn!!!

          • katelyana

            your so correct i agree !

          • cathy g

            I think Ryan Murphy kept them on as “series regulars” even though they only appeared on a few episode is because everybody was like a family and I think he felt bad they graduated and weren’t the focus of the show anymore. Having that title I think they still get paid even if they didn’t appear on the show. I’m not sure how that works, so to keep them as regulars and not appear on the show is kind of ridiculous. I hope they remain as guest stars and I hope they move on to do other shows.

  • Karoline

    This is really good news! The cast really is too big as it is. I think the stories will be better if they can focus on fewer characters. I’m getting excited for season 5!

  • cmc110

    I guess I’m mostly disappointed there wasn’t more of a resolution between Santana and Brit

    • Marie

      PREECH!!! We could’ve cut so e crap for them to talk. But only Finn and Rachel get more than 30 seconds to talk. Blaaaaaaaaaah.

  • Simone

    They haven’t been series regulars for ages, at least not in terms of screen time.

  • Megan Slife

    As long as Santana is there, I don’t care.

    • Marie

      Is she the main reason you keep watching?

      • Megan Slife

        I wish I could say no and that I’m terribly invested in the new characters but that would be a lie.. I just don’t care about much else besides Santana. I used to be a huge Klaine shipper and I just don’t care anymore about them even. Darren’s looks and Santana’s wit is what keeps me coming back.

        • Marie

          Oh, if Naya Rivera leaves, I will wave my peace out flag proudly.

      • cmc110

        Naya is without a doubt the only reason I keep watching.

  • Adele Ivy

    Just because they aren’t regulars anymore doesn’t mean they won’t be on the show.

  • Ryan Floyd

    Why couldn’t they get rid of Matthew Morrison instead?

    • Wise Witch


    • Marie

      They like to torture Matthew Morrison. And us, too.

    • uno

      Why couldn’t they cancel Glee altogether is the real question here.

  • frelling_cute

    Fantastic Season 4? It started out good but the writing got worse as it went along.

  • Morgane

    I’m really bummed! I love Dianna Agron much already that I have not seen much in season 4, which I think is a shame, because in the season three we see the friendship between Quinn and Rachel grow and then nothing, he just could deepen thing.

    Then, for Heather, I love the refreshing side it has brought the series thanks to his character. I’m really disappointed … If I continue to watch Glee is because he will still get Naya and Lea.

  • Septima

    “Otherwise fantastic” HA yeah right. I watched the video from the Season 1 finale of Bohemian Rhapsody, performed by Vocal Adrenaline while New Directions rushes Quinn into labor, and I was shocked at how good it was. It was emotional remembering how truly amazing the show once was…

    • Sam

      Omg I KNOW! The show was like a masterpiece, seriously.

      It just really confuses me how a show SO good can become SO bad in such a short span of time!

  • Marie

    I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, people needed to be cut, and those characters weren’t doing much. On the other, I hate being stuck with the new kids, and I’m really going to miss the originals. If some of these characters never come back, I will be very disappointed in their lack of goodbye. Honestly, they should’ve just done it last season.

    I just hope the actors can move onto better things, whether its acting, singing, dancing, or baby-raising.

    Oh well. At least I can imagine Quinn turning gay thanks to Santana. :-)

  • Tygridia

    Hope the next news we get from Glee is that he newbies are also gone and it’s going to focuss on NY. If not, season 5 is already doomed!

    • dillonmays

      Well they’re doing a photoshoot today and the newbies are there, so this is unfortunately, unlikely.

      • Tygridia

        We can still dream. Gosh, I hate Ryan Murphy!

        • dillonmays

          I’m honestly not blaming it on him anymore. We used to get away with so much in Season 1, but not it’s the network.

          • Tygridia

            That’s true, even if the mess with the story-lines tends to be bad writing. Nevertheless, it’s a shame that a show with so much potential is so screwed up…

          • dillonmays

            Agreed. Come back Season 1.

          • Tygridia

            Either bring back Season 1 or let go completely (from McKinley) and focus on the characters as adults.

  • Oh My Rowling!

    I have just lost interest in Glee.

  • Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I kinda agreee but I just aid to see them go! I love Brittany! I really hope she comes back once Heather has had her baby!

  • Line Bech

    Even though it hurts a lot this was inevitable. I have a lot of problems with Glee but the one thing that really bothers me about this is that these awesome and loved characters didn’t get a proper send-off. They truly deserve that. If it wasn’t for Quinn I would have never become as hardcore a fan of Glee as I now. Brittany too actually. I’m sure others feel the same way about some of the other characters. There’s just no one who can fill these characters shoes and I think ultimately – even though it was inevitable with graduation and so many characters – the show will suffer under losing all these fan favorites. But who knows – with Glee you never know what is going on.

  • Emily

    “…of what was otherwise a fantastic season four” what show has he been watching?

  • cathy g

    I am curious what season 5 will be like. I know the first half before the break will continue where they left off and then possibly a graduation.
    I will miss the original cast even though they weren’t in season 4 that much but knowing that they are gone it will be sad.
    Why can’t they change the show entirely and name it Glee the college years and focus on the cast in New York including the 5 original cast that is being cut.
    I don’t mind the newbies but I prefer the cast from the beginning.

  • Me

    Season 4 was, to me, one of the worst seasons. Maybe if they aren’t trying so hard to fit all of these people in, they will be able to make a storyline that makes sense and flows well. Glee needs sooooooooo much work.

    • Marie

      It’s still going to be big with all the New York people AND the old people. Just. . .ugh.

      • Me

        Oh yeah. The New York people should stay. It’s the people who came on random episodes uselessly that shouldn’t.

        • Marie

          I agree they should stay, but even with less random graduate appearances, their cast is huge. I still have no idea how they’re going to do it.

  • Plat

    Hmm. It seems like they’re cutting down to make room for the newest characters. All I can say is that I hope the new characters have more dimension in the next season, because I could honestly care less for any of them in season 4. I almost wish they would have ended the show when they graduated. It’s getting a bit messy now.

  • xxx

    AS SERIES REGULARS. -that doesn’t mean these actors are done with Glee.

  • Ultron

    They honestly need to end this show. It’s just awful now. And I’m glad they are letting these 5 go because they need to get on with their lives and stop being dragged down by this show that’s not even about them anymore.

  • MuvdOn

    It’s about time to close the book and start a new series with the new kids. I don’t feel like it’s Glee at all. Season 3 ended with my interest and I have never bought into the new characters; the cheap imitations of the real thing. I gave them a chance to make me feel it but they failed. I’m outta here

  • StephieStrain

    I’ll be with Glee as long as Chris Colfer is. I much prefer the veterans and prefer the more mature (and varied) NYC storylines where our favorite characters determine if they can make it in entertainment and how.. Will they give up? Will they find new dreams as they go? Will they stay true to themselves (“Naked” was a good example of this choice)? While the new performers are talented and nice, the new characters are bland and homogenous. Very uninteresting.
    Plus, Lima Glee no longer consists of misfits, despite the original song, “Outcasts”. Since Blaine’s arrival, not one single newbie has been slushied, bullied or otherwise harassed except WUnique (who is one of those that I do like). The veteran Glee characters (and performers) all have distinctive appearances, voices and vocal styles, which blend together in the wonderfully done older ensembles. The new characters are all handsome, popular, jocks/cheerleaders/student council members. The storylines are uneven and the I’ve gotten whiplash from watching Blaine vacillate back and forth between Kurt and Sam, with Tina (after 2 years of watching Kurt & Blaine suck face) lusting after a capital-G gay, when there are so many straight guys to go after. Jake is moderately interesting and dances well, though not nearly as well as Mike (Harry Shum, Jr). Kitty is interesting, but a (literally) pale version of Santana.
    Despite this, Glee has had some VERY good segments and episodes in s4, but less than half that lasted the entire episode:”The Break-Up”, “I Do”, “Glee, Actually”, “Naked”, “Diva”, “Thanksgiving”, “Guilty Pleasures”, “Boys & Girls in Film”, “Guilty Pleasures” and “Swan Song”. “Shooting Star” was one of the stand-outs, as well.
    But I spent most of my time enduring the Lima side and waiting impatiently for the NYC side. I’m very much looking forward to Artie and, yes, Blaine, making it to NYC, though I’m hoping desperately that Glee will NOT be the Blee that was so much of s4. Do you realize that Blaine was in 32 songs, Rachel (the lead actress) was in 22, Kurt was in 13, Jake was in 20 or so, etc. Blaine used to be my 2nd favorite character, but his erratic behavior (whiny for about 5 eps) and non-stop on-screen and singing time really damaged that affection. Artie’s moved into his place.
    I would love dearly for Mike and Mercedes to head to NYC, as well. Mercedes can work open mic nights while promoting her CD at those and online (following the failed record deal) and trying for singing gigs; Mike can decide that ballet is too limiting or he’s allergic to tights and head to Broadway or try for Pace or another drama school. Quinn and Brit can visit and perhaps Finn can decide that he can study teaching (specifically drama, perhaps) better in NYC near Rachel…oh, but he’s going to be Will 2.0, apparently (I hope not; he’d be better as Finn 1.2).
    Ryan & co have magic in the mix of the original cast: great chemistry, excellent voices, unique personalities and skills and an excellent talent pool. Why waste it??

  • ellie

    In another article (forgot which site it was), it was mentioned that “…the Fox dramedy has dipped year-to-year in the ratings,since Season 3 averaged a 3.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 7.31
    million viewers, while Season 4 averaged a 2.2 with 5.86 million total
    viewers.” ad as mentioned in this article “This news is somewhat bittersweet for fans of the show who have watched
    the development of several of these characters since its inception in
    season 1 back in 2009.”
    they should have focused also on how the older characters are after graduating. Lots of people I think wondered on how Mike fared in pursuing Dancing instead of Medicine (was it) and why’s exactly he and Tina broke up. Whatever happened to the other resident WMHS diva Mercedes in LA after she left her record company. And whatever else is going on with Quinn in LA? What happened to the supposed better friendship with Rachel and seemingly sexuality exploration with Santana? Puck’s with Finn college, right, will he graduate and how’s he going to continue be a brother to Jake? Will Brittany survive in MIT? questions. questions. It’s good though that Santana, Rachel, Kurt are still solid main cast and Tina, Blaine and Artie’ll be given more and probably better screen time next season

  • Cassie J


  • Leisa

    They need to get back to how season one and 2 we written and preformed. Season 3 got to PC and ventured into areas that was just way over the top. The story line needs to be about kid situations and not so mich adult senerio’s way over the top. I like a spin off of Kurt and Rachel

  • bruce

    Well Finn definitely won’t be back

  • jazmyne

    Cory won’t be back he had past away



  • gleek

    no way… Quinn is my favorite character, even though her roles in season 4 were so small and boring. why cant they just get rid of no one and think of a way of how they’re gonna make season 5 more interesting with Dianna, Heather, Mark, Amber and Harry

  • heyyy

    Ugh! So mad.They should just finish Glee. I love it and all but Cory has died (omg so sad :’( im gonna die), Heather might not come back, Amber isn’t either and Quinn either. They have pretty much gotten rid of the people who were the “real Glee” the ones who have been here all along!!! I loved Mercedes, quinn and brittany so much!!!! I don’t think i will be able to watch season 5 if the all my favorite characters are gone!!!

  • chris

    im not going to watch glee anymore. its no fun without Dianna Agron and Cory monteith

  • Taylor Swift

    Guys, you need to stop complaint about how it’s all the “producers’ fault” that all of the old characters are gone. Sure. I liked them too, but they have other lives and other opportunities ahead of them. Therefore speaking, it’s not like the producers took them out on purpose.

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