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Hypable has teamed up with TeeFury to give away one of the two shirts to our readers!

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  • Chantal

    Luna Lovegood…. obvs.

  • Kavitha

    My favorite character in OotP was really anyone in the DA…specifically either Luna or Neville.

  • Sandra

    My favorite character in OotP was Luna Lovegood :)

  • fuzzytaco

    My favorite character in the book is probably Sirius Black. I was sooooo sad by what happened.

  • Sam H

    Luna Lovegood is my favorite HP character!

  • Baylor

    My favorite book character is Luna, but my favorite movie character is Bellatrix.

  • Elizabeth

    Either Luna or Sirius. But OotP is where we see a lot more characters, with much more or slightly bigger roles, so its hard to choose! ALSO HOUSE ELVES!

  • gstroupie

    My favorite OotP character, in the book and the movie, has to be the lovely Luna Lovegood.

  • Kelly

    Remus lupin is one my favorites :) he’s intelligent, modest, and endearingly damaged.

  • Ultron

    My favorite character has to be luna lovegood because well she’s luna lovegood…

  • Brittanie Ouellette

    my favorite character was Hermione.

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    Sirus is definitely my favorite character in Order of the Phoenix! His struggle and ultimate end in the book has such a huge effect on Harry!

  • Michael

    It’s hard not to pick Sirius just because the books are written from Harry’s perspective and he means so much to Harry. You really see how much the lack of family has affected Harry in the last book when Ron’s really worried about his family but Harry’s just lonely. Sirius is a really important character for the few books he’s around.

  • Nikki

    Sirius Black is my favorite. Was so sad when he died!

  • Kaley Eryn

    Hermione! Or…Luna? I can’t choose! I love them both.

  • jackieLC17

    Hermione is definitely my favorite character hands down…she is such a well written & strong female character

  • Billy Leach

    I would have to say Luna Lovegood

  • Emily

    Definitely Umbridge. She’s awful, but the hatred I feel toward her is obviously the result of fantastic writing and character description, and she did so much to catalyse the development of the other main characters.

  • ThePerksOfBeingMe

    I pick Sirius because he was determined to help Harry defeat Voldemort! He also wanted to be a good role model for Harry as he was his only family!

  • Liam Floyd

    My favorite character is Dobby! Until the end!

  • Chantal

    Sirius!!! I named a stuffed animal lion I got Snuffles cuz I got it the same time I read OotP. (yes, his Animagus was a dog)

  • Marisa Escamilla

    My favorite character from the book is Ginny all the way.

  • Cameron Moore

    I think my favorite character is probably Ginny to be completely honest.

  • Kirushan

    My favorite characters in the book is Harry and Sirius

  • Brinkley Sharpe

    Remus Lupin!

  • Ash T

    Luna Lovegood is the best character and was even introduced in book 5! =] I can’t believe it’s been ten years. I remember getting it the day of and reading it all weekend. I cried when Siruis died and my pages are still wrinkly.
    Ps. I hope I see a bunch of you at Leakycon Portland! =]

  • Clara

    My favorite character is (and always will be) Hermione. Sure, she is the know it all who always likes to rain on Harry and Ron’s fun. But know what? Harry and Ron ‘couldn’t last a day without her’ and Ron said this, not me. And she’s got heart. Most importantly, she has that motherly love with the other characters. If the troll had not attacked the school and found Hermione in the bathroom, I don’t know what would have been of Harry and Ron for the rest of the story.

  • Esmeblabbed

    Hermione for sure – I can relate to her quite a bit. I love Luna, Bellatrix, Remus, Harry and Ron as well though..

  • M

    Hermione. She needs no explanation.

  • Sarah

    I love all the characters but my favorite part of the book/movie is Sirius’ house. I love reading about how they get to the house and cleaning it. And knowing it belonged to a pure blood family who were very strict adds to its character.

  • _batanghapon

    The twins of course. You just can’t hate them and they’re adding happiness and positive vibe to the whole series. They helped Harry in ways that he’s like a close brother they never had.

  • SiriusPotter92

    My e-mail has changed…

  • SiriusPotter92

    My favorite character always was and forever shall be Remus Lupin.

  • jnkly

    I agree it’s hard not to pick Sirius, but I really loved Fred and George in Order of the Phoenix.

  • Tiffany

    Ginny in OotP. She really started becoming a stronger character in this book.

  • ForFrodo

    Twins win

  • Alyssa

    My favorite character is Harry. No doubt. But I love the Marauders so much!! ^.^

  • O-henro

    It’s a hard choice, but I think my favorite characters would have to be Arthur Weasley and Luna!

  • Beau Burke

    I would have to say Luna is my favorite character because she shows that it is okay to be unique or different.

  • Ashley

    My favorite character in HP will forever be Ron. Also, Ginny in the 5th book. I’ve never been a huge fan of Ginny, but I really liked her character in the 5th one, more so in any other book.

  • eyeguy759

    My favorite character has to be Dumbledore

  • VBFan

    I love Zach Smith. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. hahaha I just think he’s hilarious!!!!

  • Jessica

    Love the shirts!!

  • Kara Bancroft

    I loved Luna in Order of the Phoenix. I shipped Harry/Luna that summer.

  • Jessica

    I love Dobby in this book, esp when he decorates the room of requirement

  • Ann

    I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I’ll always choose Percy Weasley. This book defines so much of his character.

  • Gilad Winogron


  • Lacee

    Most definitely the twins! They’re always so entertaining and fun.

  • Cassy

    Specifically in The Order of the Phoenix my favourite character is Professor McGonagall. The twins are a close second <3

  • Danica

    In OOTP it HAS to be Sirius Black- how can you not love him? That was the first time I ever cried over a fictional character’s death in a book. Aw, little Harry becomes even closer to Sirius, regards him as a sort of father figure and then BAM! Death. I feel your pain, Harry.

  • Mirna Edith Juarez

    My favorite is Lupin, mostly because of how troubled he is, and even when he almost gets his happily ever after, it is taken away from him.

  • Clancey

    Ginny! OOTP is when she get’s BA!

  • Linnea

    Oh gosh so hard.. but Luna, the twins and McGonagall :)

  • Sally Sparrow


  • Marcos

    It’s a tie between Luna and Neville. Both are perfect in OoTP.

  • Elliot Burford

    Luna all the way across the sky

  • Emi_lia

    Luna is my favorite character from Order of the Phoenix :)

  • Jill G.

    Professor Mcgonagall is one of my favorite characters because she truly
    cared about the student’s of Hogwarts. It was how she helped students
    every ordinary day that makes me love her. Especially how she helped
    students as much as she could when the school was taken over. She knew
    that she couldn’t fight the death eaters but at the very least she tried
    to make to stand between them and the students. Sometimes it’s many small actions that makes someone truly great (She was also awesome during the battle lol).

  • Emily Bryan

    My favorite character has to be Luna! She was such a breath of fresh air, and I adore her <3

  • Anastasia

    Hermoine, of course! She’d be me if I was in Harry Potter :D

  • Becky

    Hermione, of course!

  • HoJo

    Nobody cares about Winky.

  • Anthony

    Luna Lovegood!

  • lizzzvip

    Of Course its Harry Potter

  • Nargles07

    Either Severus Snape or Luna Lovegood.. depending on my mood.

  • spacie19

    Team Snape!

  • Ben

    The introduction of Luna is one of the best parts of OotP! She became a favorite from the moment I read the chapter!

  • bill norris

    sirius black

  • Rose

    luna lovegood ftw!

  • Martina

    I would have to say my favourite character in OOTP is Molly Weasley. She has alot of character progression in this book. It becomes clear that she views and loves Harry like her son from the way she treats him and speaks to Sirius. Also,her battle with the boggart is emotional and interesting.

  • Elsa

    Luna lovegood! (:

  • dillonmays

    Hermione is the best all the way around.

  • Hannah Howden

    Neville, hands down. ‘Order Of The Phoenix’ was definitely when Neville began to come into his own character and not just be defined by the perceptions of him as we read from other students. We finally stopped giving him so much flack!

  • http://twitter.com/murdermochi murdermochi

    Weasley twins.

  • Maya

    I have to pick two favorites, because they really become a pair: Lupin and Tonks. I love their relationship and how they are both strong and independent, and yet come together to make an amazing couple.

  • Nicole Griffis

    My favorite is most definitely Tonks she’s so fun and happy!

  • SFaust13

    My favorite OotP character will always and forever be Luna Lovegood!!!

  • Paulina

    My favorite character is Harry. He’s been through so much, and at this point, he feels like an old friend.

  • David

    luna lovegood !

  • Carla

    Still Hermione. :)

  • ladysugarquill

    I love Harry in book 5, and also Ginny. I think everyone lese was acting like idiots.

  • kelly gross

    I gotta say Fred and George Weasley

  • Courtney

    Neville Longbottom = All time fave!! =)

  • Rae

    Luna Lovegood! She’s such an inspirational character. She
    really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her, and she sees the
    world so clearly, despite some of her weird beliefs.

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