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Rupert Grint and Helena Bonham Carter have filmed scenes as Ron and Bellatrix for the Wizarding World’s forthcoming Gringotts ride, but Dan Radcliffe has turned the opportunity down.

In new comments to TimeOut London over the weekend, Radcliffe reveals that he didn’t film scenes for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion in Orlando because he’s “done so much work to establish [himself] as something outside that series.”

“…The theme parks are expanding and there was an enquiry whether I’d do more filming from them and I was like: No, I can’t get away with that any more, I’d just look foolish. I’d never totally close the door [to returning to Potter] for the reason that Jo’s a great writer. But no more school boy stuff.”

He added, “I’m 23, which is too old to be running round in a school boy’s cape.”

We have to assume that if Bonham Carter and Grint were asked to film scenes for the Gringotts ride at Universal Orlando then Radcliffe would’ve gotten a call as well. Grint’s publicist confirmed earlier this year that the red head did indeed shoot scenes.

For months, we’ve been predicting that the fast-paced wizarding bank attraction will follow a storyline similar to the one seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The storyline in the book and film involves Harry, Ron, and Hermione breaking into the bank. At this time we do not know to what extent Emma Watson is involved.

Those who’ve been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter know that Radcliffe features repeatedly in the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey thrill ride. He also appears in numerous television commercials for the park which current run on United States television. Perhaps Radcliffe feels these aspects aren’t helping break the type casting.

The Harry Potter theme park’s Diagon Alley expansion was formally announced by Universal earlier this month. You can see the first concept art in our previous story. Details were skim in the press release but the park promises many announcements over the next year.

In a separate report earlier today, we told you that Radcliffe says he’d play James Potter in a Harry Potter remake.

  • thatonegirl

    oh harry–i mean, dan. when you’re the main character in 8 movies based on one of the biggest book series ever, typecasting just happens.

  • GinnyWeasley002

    :( You’re never too old to run around in a Hogwarts uniform!

    • Kate

      I agree!! My friends mom was wearing one the other day and she is in her 40′s

      • Shoeless Joe Jackson

        that’s sad

        • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

          You spelled epic wrong.

          • Shoeless Joe Jackson

            What in gods name are you talking about?

          • Shoeless Joe Jackson

            Oh sorry, let me say that again. THAT IS COMPLETELY SAD. A woman in her 40′s running around in a hogwarts robe? what happened to growing up? *shakes head*

          • http://tyrionical.tumblr.com/ Kyle

            Nothing happened to growing up, she’s just not letting that stop her from having fun. Who says that when you’re an adult you have to stop all of the fun things you do?

            Indulging in some Harry Potter clothes every once in a while helps people have fun, no matter how old they are.

  • Dana Alley

    This is a little (I mean a LOT) disappointing to hear…and sorta sad. :( I wish people didn’t feel the need ask to grown up so fast…especially my favorite childhood character/actor!

    23 is pretty young…C’mon…you don’t LOOK 23…sorry to say.

    • Tom

      Lol, size-wise he’s like 10 years old! haha

      • Kate

        He’s so SHORT! He could probably pass for one.

  • Tom

    Poor Rups , he must be SUCH a fool for playing 17 year-old Ron at almost 25. That’s according to what Daniel says..soo stupid!

  • WillowBlood

    As much as I admire Dan for his other projects, couldn’t he have done this one thing? A short video won’t change anything one way or another.

    • BookReader

      True it won’t change his image, but I think it’s more personal. He probably just feels uneasy playing a teenager again considering the mature roles he’s been branching into. I think he just feels like he’s moved on from that stage of his life and isn’t comfortable reprising the role. I’m sure he’s not ungrateful.

  • http://ravenclaw1991.tumblr.com/ ravenclaw1991

    Honestly, Dan, its a bit late for that, don’t you think? No matter how much you try, you’ll always be Harry Potter. There’s nothing you can do about it. Sure, you can turn down any role that someone offers you that is remotely similar to Harry Potter, but you can’t change the past. I get where he’s coming from, but its like he’s pushing to get away from it more than anyone else.

    • http://twitter.com/MusicandHouse J

      I agree. He will always be Harry Potter to an entire generation of kids. I get that he doesn’t want to be typecast, but I hate that he is trying so hard to break away. Honestly, it makes him seem a little ungrateful. I think the saddest thing about this is that all of the rides in the new Harry Potter section are going to be sans Harry Potter.

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    I love Dan, but really, it’s freaking park ride footage. No one will care. Except for us fans that are now in a WTF state. I think he’s overthinking this way too much (which is what he usually does). Do we have to open Google+ accounts to file an official complaint?

  • upper_westsider

    I’m a huge HP fan, but I have no problem with Dan’s decision. He had a great run with HP. Now he’s moved on to all sorts of new roles and I think he’s doing really well. The fact that he turned down a promo for Wizarding World doesn’t matter to me at all. I hope his new play eventually comes to Broadway!!!

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    i dont know what he’s talking about type casting for, his comments are probably being reported somewhat out of context, but there is definitely truth in the fact that he, and the rest of the hogwarts student body, can only film these segments for so much longer before they can’t pull off the illusion of being a teenager anymore. if expansion continues they’re just gonna have to use CGI or cast new actors or something.

    for example, tom cruise would not be able to go on camera and pass as himself in the original Mission: Impossible.

  • S.K.Hansen

    Well, this is disappointing. Hopefully one day he will grow up and realize childish things are still fun.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      I think his main point was that he would look too old for the part now, not that it wouldn’t be fun. LOL

      • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

        No, he didn’t use the word “fun”. I was merely making a comment about how he seems too concerned with appearing foolish, and that he can’t play the “school boy” anymore. If he is concerned about it, he probably wouldn’t enjoy reprising his role. I think this is silly, considering that in the Gringots scene Harry is wearing muggle clothes, not his school robes (because he is not at Hogwarts). I don’t think it would look weird if Harry was a little bit older for this ride. Dan just seams to be in that stage where he thinks being an “adult” is about appearing a certain way.

    • Becca

      When did he say it wouldn’t be fun?

  • Just Sayin

    Typecast? Dan has already proven that he is so much better than just one role. I’ve seen all of this non-potter movie and they are all wonderful. To go back just for the fans would do only one thing for Dan. Keep him in the public eye and relevant. It occasionally reminds us of who he is and what he’s done.

    If anyone needs to be worried, it’s Rupert Grint. He is an awful actor.

  • kburford

    Ouch, that burn hurt Dan. Guess I should get rid of my “i’m too old for this” Hogwarts robe.

  • http://twitter.com/dreamfall31 Kevin Slechta

    Can see where he is coming from. He did it for over a decade and coming back to it without all of the people and only filming parts for a ride wouldn’t seem like something fun to do.

  • humanbeing

    In regards to Dan worrying about being “typecast”…as many comments on here have already said, that has sort of already happened. It doesn’t mean that Dan Radcliffe will only get fantasy roles for the rest of his life (we’ve already seen that isn’t the case); it does mean, however, that Harry Potter is what he will probably always be known for, just like Harrison Ford will also be known as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Leonard Nimoy will always be known as Spock (and that guy wrote an entire book trying to distance himself from that character). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) a lot of actors who decide they want to distance themselves from what made them famous sometimes find themselves in need of a job down the line, and many people who badmouth the franchises that made them eventually end up returning to those franchises, either because their career didn’t quite hit the heights they were expecting, or because they mellow a bit with age and realize they had a pretty good thing going at one point. I would wish Dan Radcliffe all the luck in the world in terms of going out and trying different things with his career, but it’s okay to still let oneself be connected to your past. You don’t have to “shut the door” on something to grow or move on. There are so many child actors who end up doing the darkest roles they can think of (junkies, prostitutes, strippers, murderers, rape victims, etc) because they feel they have to somehow “kill” an audience’s vision of them as a child. Sometimes this tactic works, sometimes it doesn’t and just leaves a sour taste in an audiences mouth.

    • humanbeing

      Actually, I goofed in my above statement. Dan specifically said he WOULDN’T “close the door” on Harry. I simply read it wrong. And Dan really hasn’t said anything negative about the franchise or playing Harry; he’s probably just burnt out on the whole thing right now, and that’s totally understandable.

  • Slytherinhero01

    Dan, Dan, Dan…I hate to say this, but you will NEVER break from being Harry Potter. It’s the thing that jump started your career, one of the most successful franchises in history, you simply don’t star as the main character in something like Harry Potter and expect that not to follow you. When you play an iconic character that follows you forever, no matter how old you become.

  • http://www.hypable.com/ Joshua Nealey

    I think what truly happened is Dan went to the Gringotts ride, they turned him away for being too short to ride it, and now he’s spinning the story the best he can.

    • Kathleen

      This is the best thing I’ve read all day

    • Guest

      Now he is crying and riding the High in The Sky Troley in Seusland hahaha

  • Slytherinhero01

    I also found it funny that he said “I’m 23, which is too old to be running round in a school boy’s cape.” Well, I’m 24 and I’ll wear my Slytherin robes proudly whenever something big involving HP comes along (conventions, etc.) There’s nothing wrong with growing up, as long as you don’t let growing up change who you are.

  • Grace

    I think it’s dissapointing to see some of the Dan bashing going on in the comments below. I think some people could do to distingiush between not being typecast and not being associated with potter. I think wanting to avoid being cast in only certain types of roles is completley understandable, but Dan has said himself in past interviews that he is proud of potter and the quotes above don’t imply that he is trying to push himself away from it or that he is ungrateful for what potter has given him.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Yes, in fact I think it’s very LIKE Dan to overthink this kind of stuff, but I definitely don’t think he is coming from a snobbish place. Either way, it feels silly, but hey, it’s his prerrogative.

  • TheBestGuest

    It’s for the fans Dan you know those people who practically gave you a career but I mean its whatever

  • http://twitter.com/MowTheFrontLawn Juan Pedia

    “Dan Radcliffe says he’d play James Potter in a ‘Harry Potter’ remake”

    A few hours later:

    “Dan Radcliffe says he didn’t film scenes for ‘Wizarding World’ expansion to avoid typecasting”

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    I understand he’s working hard to depart from Harry…but he’s already typecast as Harry. Anyone who isn’t familiar with Dan’s work, that I know I should add, still calls him Harry. Didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal to film something that lasts no longer than 30 minutes (that’s being generous)? :[

  • Dana Alley

    Maybe Dan’s worried they’ll have to go all “Benjamin Button” on him…

  • marypao

    I don’t blame him a bit. He has nothing to gain from it. I think he might still be scarred by his SNL skit when he saw himself in the robe but looking 10 years older. LOL

  • Winkyxx

    Still think he shouldve done it..

  • Victoria

    I get where he is coming from but at the same time it would have been a nice thing to do for us HP fans. Not to say he owes us anything, it just stings a bit for him to blow it off that way.

    In regards to him always being know as Harry Potter, I have to agree with all of you. I was out with some friends the other day and we started talking about HP. They were all wondering what the trio (Daniel, Rupert and Emma) had been up to. I was shocked they didn’t know they had done more movies outside of HP but they had no idea. They pretty much agreed that they’d always be Harry, Ron and Hermione for them. Which I suppose would seem annoying to an actor but you could be associated with worse.

    • House of Black

      I think he does “owe us” – like $30 million in his bank.

      • Becca

        No he doesn’t. That $30 million came from people paying to see the films because they liked them. He made the films, we paid for them, he got paid. The end. The cast & Jo don’t owe us anything and we don’t owe them anything.

  • nina

    He’s almost too old to play james potter. I hope when they eventually remake these movie they cast the older generation more age appropriately

  • Me

    Um… no. That doesn’t fly at all…

  • http://spoilers.tumblr.com/ Shana Debusschere

    He didn’t really say he didn’t want to be typecast. He just thinks he’s too old to pull of a seventeen year old boy.

  • Becca300

    I definitely think this is ridiculous. I think that if he really loved Harry Potter he would have done the one little thing for the park. Just look at all the other stars who continue to be involved in the projects for the park.

  • Plat

    Well that is a bit disappointing to hear. Only because the greatest actors, the actors that are real, common folk like us, would be willing to do anything like this for the fans. But now it seems Dan has grown up and is part of the snooty lot of actors who worry more about their image and reputation than their loyal fanship. Ah well, I wish him luck on his future endeavors, and I’m sure the new WWOHP attractions will be brilliant just the same!

  • bernardotriana

    hate you for this :(

  • Glaciusx

    Being typecast after doing EIGHT movies?!


  • Alex Smith

    reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy honestly. But hey, if they don’t decide to give it up, who’ll make them?

  • Brianna

    He also never said that he woudn’t attend the opening of the new park when they have a big promotion for it. He just doesn’t want to continue dressing up in a costume that depicts him as a 17 year old boy. Dan has always continued to be gracious to his fans, consistently signing Harry Potter memorabilia outside of his play last year (when lot’s of other stars refuse to sign anything other than playbills specific to the play they’re in). He has always been grateful for the start that Harry gave him, but he wants it to be a start, not an ending.

  • Sydne

    It’s totally his choice not to participate in the park expansion, and I definitely understand his desire to avoid typecasting. (Except, as other people stated, I do think it’s a bit late for that, because he’s already typecasted for life. But like I said, he has every right to make that decision, and I get where he’s coming from.) The thing I find unusual is that not a day ago he said he would play James in a Harry Potter remake. Yes, a remake is unlikely and decades away at best, and he wouldn’t be playing the same character, but isn’t it the same idea? I don’t quite understand how portraying a different character in the same franchise is better than playing his original character for a few minutes of video in a theme park. In some ways, I get what you’re saying, Dan. In other ways, I really don’t. Ah well.

  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    I support Dan in this. Not to mention how disgusting I find it that Warner Bros are basically trying to milk every Potterhead as much as they possibly can!

  • Delena

    I know–just put Elijah Wood in a Hogwarts robe and put some glasses on him…same thing, right?

  • Sarah

    Too old? There are 30-year-old actors on Glee running around playing high school characters. I’m 23, and I still feel like a baby.

  • Jill

    Not cool Dan. We all know he’s grown out of Potter but it won’t be right with the others and no Harry.

  • Kim

    Wow way to be a dick Dan. Thanks for that.

  • Brit Brat

    I honestly don’t care either way. I think this coincides with that Matilda chicks article about how child stars get out of control because the public wants to see them innocent – forever. I’m glad that he is putting his foot down and isn’t going to keep up with the Harry Potter role. I’ll follow him in whatever he does because I admire his work, not because I admire Harry Potter.

    Way to go, Dan!

  • Amanda Douglas

    This kind of a slap in the face to Rupert. I understand what he’s saying, but he sounds like a total d-bag by how he says it.

  • Jill

    Dan will always be known as the boy who played Harry Potter. The same way Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones and Han Solo. But that never stopped Ford from jump back into the Star Wars world. I’m pretty bummed that Dan would say something like this. As if to say we are all childish for still loving the magic.

  • Bella_trix

    I totally understand where he’s coming from however it’s too late. He has a whole section in IOA with his character all over! No matter what he does he will always be seen as Harry Potter.

  • BlueBronze

    Everyone is so offended by the robe comment. Frankly, Dan can never wear that robe again without the jokes and comments. I don’t blame him for not wanting to do it.

  • Rachet

    I’m sorry but Radcliffe will ALWAYS be Harry Potter. It just seems weird seeing him in anything else. I’m glad he didnt take on the scenes as I think the WWoHP should be based on the books, however.

  • Karen Bingham

    Good grief! How much more typed could he get! After eight movies please. Be nice Dan and give Potter fans a smile

  • Jackson

    That hit me in the childhood… And it stung

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