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According to new reports, Community season 5 is likely to happen next year.

UPDATE: NBC has officially renewed Community for season 5 with a 13 episode order.

Looks like the #watchcommunitylive campaign may have worked after all. NBC is in talks to order a fifth season of Community, Hollywood sources tell Vulture.

Reportedly, the only hold up is nailing down exactly how many episodes the show would receive, though it should be at least 13.

In light of the show’s fourth season finale, there seems to be any number of directions the show could take. Both Jeff and Pierce graduated though we know that Joel McHale’s Jeff will almost certainly be back, while Chevy Chase’s Pierce will not be. New showrunners Moses Port and David Guarascio mused after the first episode of the season that Fred Willard could be an option to replace the Pierce void in the study group. And though Jeff appears to be heading back to his high-profile lawyer job, his “Education” major offers some tantalizing possibilities.

The show’s ratings did pick up a tick for the finale, but the real factor here for renewal could very well have been NBC’s general performance as of late, especially now that they’ve announced the cancellation of Community’s Thursday night-mate Go On. They’ve wiped out a sizable chunk of their unsuccessful lineup for a second year in a row and need the promise of any show with even modest viewership on the schedule.

Regardless of the reasoning, it looks like we’re officially only one season and one movie away from #sixseasonsandamovie status.

  • Bethany

    Sooo happy right now :) Yay Community!!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Yes!!! Best news ever. So happy. This season was so much better than season 3 and I’m happy to see it continue on. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

    • m0nty

      You’re joking right? This season was terrible and the ending was probably the worst episode of community ever.

      • Bethany

        *In your opinion.* It’s frustrating when people state their opinion as if it is the only way to think or somehow the “right” way. Perhaps open your mind to the possibility that other people may have felt differently about this season/episode?

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        I loved this season. Season 3 didn’t do it for me much. the whole Chang plot near the end annoyed me to death. This was really good and the whole episode was really well done and so nice.

        • humanbeing

          But there was so much about Season 3 that was amazing…the multiple timeline episode was one of the best things the show ever did. And I loved the 8-Bit videogame episode towards the end of the season, and the episode which imagined that everything that had happened at Greendale actually took place in an asylum, and the pillow-blanket war faux-documentary episode, etc. There were more duds in Season 3 than in Season 2, but still far superior to what Season 4 cranked out. I personally can’t think of any stand-out episodes in Season 4 that weren’t somehow continuations of older storylines told during the Harmon era.

          • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

            I understand that, but the whole arc at the end annoyed me to death. Loved those special episodes, but there were tons of episodes that only had a laugh or two and bored me otherwise. I laughed tons more this season. Just my opinion.

  • Katiedora

    I would gladly take another 13 episodes! Jeff can come back as a teacher at Greendale, the rest of the study group can graduate, and I’m not really concerned about the Pierce void but I’m sure they’ll come up with something funny for it.

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Lulu1 Lupita

    Unlike most people I know I actually enjoyed this season of community :D I really do hope they get another season! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

  • http://profiles.google.com/jaredaronoff Jared Aronoff

    I am actually really disappointed by this news. In fact, I wish Community had ended after season 3 when the show was actually still good and it still FELT like Community. This season did a really good job of trying to replicate what the first three season of Community (particularly the third) were like on the surface, but lacked the intelligence and social commentary that made Community the fantastic show that it was. The new showrunners did a good job with the impossible situation that they were presented with but it was inevitable that these thirteen episodes would feel like Community fanfiction rather than the real thing.

  • guest

    From what I read community only got renewed because nbc wouldn’t have much else in its lineup. And since there were budget cutbacks and an episode reduction, the next season is also likely to have a reduced budget so the writing really needs to shine through. I felt the recent finale was okay but the series finale should not pander to previous storylines but do something completely fresh and unexpected. They should bring harmon back at least to discuss the last episode.

  • humanbeing

    Don’t know how I feel about this. Like so many others, I felt that Season 4 was just treading water, creatively. They didn’t exactly do anything negative, it was just a case of almost every plotline being recycled from an older, similar plotline in the first 3 seasons. It felt like the new showrunners were terrified to do anything new or daring, so they fell back on things they knew viewers liked (Inspector Spacetime, the Darkest Timeline) or threw gimmick episodes in (like the puppet episode), somehow feeling that they would be the equal of more classic episodes like the Purple Pen bottle episode, or the claymation Christmas, etc. It was like they were given a mandate to do 13 new episodes but could only use material from the last two seasons, and they had to water everything down to make it palatable to any schmoes tuning in. Can’t get too dark, can’t get too witty, can’t have complicated characters anymore, etc. If you watch the DVD commentaries for Season 3, during the multiple timeline episode they mention a joke that ended up getting cut featuring an alternate reality where Troy and Britta are married and have a baby named Chewbacca, which Troy has convinced Britta is a traditional African name…and what do we see during the finale this year? That exact joke. That’s how desperate the show seems, that it’s actually cribbing jokes from the DVD commentaries of the Harmon era instead of inventing its own stuff. I don’t know, maybe this was just a weird creative lull in the show due to it being a transitional period, or that it was such an abbreviated and delayed season, or that maybe the cast felt that the show was basically being treated like a placeholder on NBC’s schedule. Maybe Season 5 could be brilliant. Shows have gone through creative changes and creative lulls before and come out okay, sometimes much better than okay. But these last 13 episodes don’t give me a lot of hope. I would rather have 3 seasons of an excellent Community than 5 or 6 seasons of an okay, pale imitation.

  • humanbeing

    Finally, I think the biggest problem with Community right now might be irreparable. It’s the feeling that the cast isn’t having any fun anymore. When you think about all the backstage drama with the show in the last year or so, it doesn’t seem surprising that the characters themselves seem physically and mentally exhausted on the show now. The energy that permeated the earlier seasons seems completely gone, like it’s just running on fumes. How do you fix that? It seems like the actors can only take so much frustration and heartache associated with the show before they each eventually sort of give up the ghost.

  • Samma

    SHUT UPPP!! HOW?? I mean I LOVE it but WHAT???

  • http://www.katepawsonstuder.com/ Kate Pawson Studer

    This news made my year. Yes, YEAR.

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