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Naya Rivera fans have reason to get excited! The actress has announced that she will be returning for Season 5 of Glee!

Yesterday on Twitter, after sharing her excitement for Glee’s double season renewal, Naya answered a fan’s comment, which confirmed her return to the show.

Last Friday it was announced that Glee was being ordered for an additional two more seasons. Apart from Naya, no other casting confirmations have been made and fans are extremely curious to know who will and won’t be returning over the next two years. Interestingly, of all the original characters left, it could be said that Santana has the most stories left to explore.

Apart from the relationships with her former glee partners, we’ve actually yet to see what Santana’s life in New York City really looks like, which means anything is possible next year. Would she consider going to NYADA, or maybe another school would be a better fit? ARE there even other schools in the Glee ‘verse?! Maybe she’d work on Wall-Street. It’s not hard to imagine her scheming and trading among the nastiest of stockbrokers. They obviously wouldn’t stand a chance to a rage-induced ‘Snix.’

And who isn’t curious about her relationship status with Brittany? We’re not sure how Heather Morris’s pregnancy will affect her time on set, but if a reunion between the two characters did happen, seeing this relationship unfold would be at the top of the priority list.

Not to mention, if Santana is sticking around with Rachel and Kurt in The Big Apple, then we better be seeing that Coyote Ugly performance we were subtly promised earlier this year. Just the idea of Santana doing her thing up on the bar of a seedy New York establishment is enough to make our heart beat a little faster. Material like that is too good to waste and the writers would be crazy to pass on visuals as hot as those.

Are you excited to see Naya Rivera return? What would you like to see happen to Santana’s character next season?

  • http://twitter.com/TrueKlainer21 Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    Of course! Glee would not be the same without Santana! <3 <3

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Now they just need to confirm Mark Salling, Chord Overstreet, and Chris Colfer.

  • Lotte

    I wouldn’t blame her for not returning. The treatment of Santana, Kurt and partly Rachel and therefore Naya, Chris and Lea was dismissal at best during S4.

    RIB tried to create new stars not realizing he had already a goldmine with those three and by dismissing them. it would only create conflict and so much potential was wasted. It is a shame.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      They did really neglect her this season, but since she’s one of my favorite originals, I really hope they give her more to work with this season. Santana in NYC could be a beautiful thing. She would go and do things Kurt and Rachel wouldn’t dream of.

      • Lotte

        Oh, I want her to return. She is my favorite female character and next to Kurt my only reason why I watch the show.

        They need to be more present next season. Both of them. With individual storylines and not as props, what happens this season. Otherwise I’ll post yet another long rant and I am off. The Newbies instead really need to get decreased screentime. 19 episodes in and I still don’t care. The allocation of time for the different characters was so bad and wrongly distributed.

        P.S. Disagree about your second statement. I want all three of them succeed in different areas of life :).

  • NoPlainJane

    Naya, you’re not the captain, so you don’t have to go down with the sinking ship. RUN AWAY. And fire your manager. This CANNOT be your only viable prospect for acting.

    • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

      I didn’t want to be the one to say it! I am literally mind-boggled that the graduated characters don’t want to move on. Dianna Agron and Amber Riley obviously have better things to do than cling to a show that does not really seem sure where its footing is at the moment. All of them are talented – go find something else to do!

    • Andy

      Maybe she wants to be on the show and isn’t being forced into it by her manager. And perhaps her manager figures that it is also a good idea for her to still be affiliated with Glee when her album comes out, so that she can guarantee a market from her glee fans. Matt Morrison cross-promoted his album with the show, even singing one of his own songs in the New York episode, and every one of the “kids” tweeted about buying his album. Now I have no idea how well that album sold but it certainly did better than Mark Salling’s album that he released without any pimping from the show or his castmates. Naya is a phenomenal actress but I don’t think that she is going to leave Glee to do more M&Ms commercials until she has an album in the bag and an offer for something big.

  • Marie

    My plan for season 5: Just watch the parts that have Naya and Chris (maybe Darren, depending on what story lines he gets, and if I can stop being frustrated with Blaine). Skip over the rest.

    • Lotte

      Ha, I am already partly doing that with Kurt edits. I do not even hate-watch the MK part anymore. They bore me to death.

  • lucy

    i will like to see some quinntana action, you know, they never show us a kiss or anything and they have good chemistry, they slap each other and then they sleep together, they are like the most interesting characters of the show,and quinn is the only one that can leave santana quiet or surprise her, but I don’t think dianna agron will back for s5, and s4 is a big failure, my opinion,

  • Andy

    A Santana-centered Glee might just keep me watching.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cassidy.howell.98 Cassidy Howell

    I could see Santana coaching the cheerios

  • beto

    An idea for Santana’s storyline: she should participate in (and win) American Idol!!!
    She has the voice and star power.

  • Mariah Morales

    im happy she is coming back for season 5 they did really neglect her this seson she is one of my 4 favorite oringinals . i think they are going to give her more in this season. she in NYC is a great thing for her. she can do things that Kurt and Rachel woudn”t do ever.

  • Miranda Eliza hannigan

    To get Brittany back and I think both of them need to talk because Santana cheated on Brittany on to Quinn and Santana is a pole dancer

  • James

    Omg! We should really see Santana’s Coyote Ugly performance! And the BEST song ever for her to sing and dance to would be Out Tonight from RENT! I’ve always wished for her to perform that!

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