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A recent spoiler has been leaked that made me react in the following way: “This is a bad idea.”

And yet, there are numerous people that feel excited about this idea. Klaine are reportedly getting engaged. Even the most casual Glee viewers know that people love Klaine unconditionally. I liked them a lot at one point myself, and there is something thrilling about seeing two gay teens in love on a network television show that’s widely watched.

However, I think the excitement of seeing this gay couple on television has blinded some people to the reality of Klaine. They have so many issues that we have yet to see them talk about. There’s been a betrayal of trust. There’s been lack of communication. You could argue so much more. But I feel like people overlook this simply because it’s a gay couple portrayed by two popular actors.

Now, think back to when Finn proposed to Rachel. Think about how the majority of fans said, “They’re in high school,” or “They’re too young for marriage,” And yes, there are plenty of people who are saying the same things about Klaine. But there are more people who are saying they’re excited to see Kurt say yes, even after all the struggle Kurt has been through with Blaine after their break-up. So, what makes Finchel so different than Klaine? It’s that they’re not gay.

There are other differences you could argue, as every relationship is unique. However, we’re going through a revolutionary time in history. Only in the past 10-20 years has gay marriage been legal anywhere. Only very recently are people really standing up and saying that gays deserve the right to be married, adopt children, be out in the military, and be treated like everyone else.

However, in the case of Klaine, I think we’ve tipped past the belief that they’re gay, so they should be thought of as equal, and into the belief that they’re gay, so they must be better. This is not true.

Speaking as a member of the LGBT community myself, I can honestly say that there are plenty of negative examples of gay couples out there. Gay couples argue, break up, and experience abusive relationships. They can also have great, supportive moments, stay together for a long time, raise children, and be happy together. They’re actually… just like straight couples. Not exactly like straight couples. We do have our unique challenges, but we’re really not that different. We all, as humans, want the same type of things from a relationship: Love, respect, support, etc. Of course, everyone has their specific requirements, but the basic ingredients are the same.

At least as of late, I see no reason for Kurt and Blaine to even date again. They’ve been apart, and we haven’t seen them acknowledge the problems in their relationship (beyond the cheating), to themselves or others. We haven’t seen them make any changes. Although we’ve seen Blaine regret cheating, there were several factors that led up to him deciding to cheat. Even if he never cheats again, what’s to stop him from suffering the awful feelings that were in their relationship?

So really, why should Kurt simply agree to marry Blaine right now (with what we know of the show, at least. Of course, there are still many details we don’t know yet)?

Of course, as a lesbian, I’d love to see marriage equality. I’d love to see a wonderful gay wedding on a popular show. But it has to be under the right circumstances, and Kurt and Blaine are far away from the right circumstance at the moment. Maybe the writers’ intention is just to support marriage equality. And that’s exactly what I want with Glee. Equality. If it’s stupid for Finn and Rachel to get married right after high school, then it’s equally stupid for Kurt and Blaine to get married or engaged right after high school. All of them have a lot of growing up to do. Sometimes people can grow together, but sometimes they grow apart. Maybe Klaine can grow together, but I don’t want them to get married just because they’re gay and cute. Just like I don’t want Finchel to get married because they sometimes have cute moments. I don’t even want any of them to get married because they love each other. I need to see them be good for each other, understand each other, and be in a healthy relationship together. Until that happens, I see no reason for a Klaine wedding.

What do you think?

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Yeah . . . Klaine is nowhere near the best. Hehe. Good job Marie.

    Kadam forever.

  • Debra

    Thank you. Every word of this is exactly what I have been thinking since the proposal spoiler came out.

  • Ken

    Just because they are getting engaged doesn’t mean that they are getting married next week. They are simply saying we want to be married. They still will have time to work on their issues before the wedding! They may not even marry until after they both finish with school or later.

    • Kato

      I agree that just because they’re getting engaged doesn’t mean they’re getting married soon, but I completely disagree about them still having time to work on their issues before the wedding. If a couple has so many issues that need to be worked out, they shouldn’t be engaged. To me that would be as if they are only trying to make amends so they can get married, not because they truly want to work through it. If you’re in such a rocky relationship, something as serious as marriage, or even engagement, can wait until those bumps are smoothed over, if they do get smoothed over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SarahTipton Sarah Tipton

    I like them as a couple, and do hope that they get married…. but a long time from now. It may be old fashioned to say, but you already addressed it so here I go: I think that it is silly to get married right out of high school or while still in high school, heck even while in college. Rarely are the people involved fully developed personality wise, and major changes still occur late into your twenties. That’s why I have the belief that if you are married that early on, you are bound to separate due to difference because you are not married to the person you initially married. They have completely changed. Now, that’s not to say it fails in all cases, because look at a good chunk of our grandparents who were married around the age of 18 and 20! But nowadays I believe the atmosphere is different. We are not forced to grow up as fast, and as a result we are still maturing for many years after high school. Granted, this is a TV show, so reality doesn’t really matter, but I can only hope that it doesn’t happen in the fairy tale way and that the show runners depict the hard work that is involved to keep a marriage afloat.

    • Linda

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I often think how lucky I was that when I was teens-twenties getting married was out of style, because God help me if I had married what I thought I wanted when I was 19.

  • Jessica

    I’m not even a fan of Glee,but this was incredibly true and incredibly well written. Gay somehow equals superior in fandom often, and that can be just as troubling. Great article.

  • http://twitter.com/plischt plischt

    I agree it maybe is too soon for them, they haven’t seen each other very often lately ;)

    But after a ‘shooting’ you change the order of priorities and maybe we will see some (good and necessary) changes in their relationship? Perhaps they realize how important they are to each other? They have their issues, that’s for sure, but they complement each other as well.

    If the storyline is well done, I’m okay with it, although I would prefer them just getting back together.

  • Kim

    I completely agree with you. Marriage/ getting engaged means a couple is together, have been together long enough to realize that they are ready to take the next step. Last I checked, Kurt is with Adam and Blaine was crushing on Sam. Klaine isn’t together right now. This proposal shouldn’t be their way of saying lets get back together. They should work on their relationship first. Finchel was together when Finn proposed to Rachel and we all saw how that ended. How can’t the writers wait? Good love stories take time. Are they so desperate to give fans something to hold onto for season 5 that they are willing to ruin this couple?

  • DNA-ANGEL2013

    I agree with this article.While I like both characters and their relationship, they are still teens/young adults that shouldnt be thinking of marriage right now. They still have a lot of problems and a lot of growing up to do.Maybe Glee will have them wait a few years to marry but even then I won’t be on board unless they prove that both boys are mature enough to handle marriage. Personally I still think they should (keep)dating other people before they get back together but thats my opinion

  • Bs

    Yeah I thinks so too.. They grew apart in this whole season and then suddenly bam Blaine will propose to Kurt while he is crushing on Sam by the way.. I think Kurt’s answer will be a major cliff-hanger to keep the audience interested considering that Blaine is one of the top fan-favorite couple..

  • http://twitter.com/CamillaENes Camilla Nes

    I feel like you hit the nail on the head with your points about how gay = better in this fandom. It bothers me that the fact that they’re gay is reason enough to make them superior to the other couples. I used to be a Klaine supporter, and the way they’ve written them these past two seasons – never actually addressing the problems in their relationship – has more or less made me anti. I’m not quite there, because I do believe that if the writers could get it togehter enough they could spend time and episodes to fix it. But that is time the writers apparently don’t want to give them, since they’re rushing them into a proposal. Even if it’s not a wedding and only a proposal at this point, it is way to fast considering they haven’t had a proper conversation since their break up and aren’t even remotely together now 4 episodes before it’s supposed to happen. I don’t really understand how people who support Klaine are all for this either, seeing as this proposal will most likely ruin any kind of adult and mature storyline they could have written for them next season.

    I don’t hate Klaine, but right at this moment them getting together is not going to lead to a healthy relationship, so marriage (or engagement) sounds idiotic.

  • Roger

    There are several issues they need to confront and overcome even though, I think, they clearly still love each other. Maybe that is why they are introducing the idea of the mentor couple to help them.

  • TreyTrey

    Ryan Murphy has apparently said in the past that Kurt will get married young. I heard that he had said 21 at some point. I don’t totally have an opinion on this whole thing yet. I want to see how the next few episodes play out before it actually happens

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      I heard the episode Blaine is going to propose is Episode 21? He most likely was referring to that if that’s the case and not age afterall.

      • TreyTrey

        That could be it. Someone just told me that’s what he said, but apparently he said this like a year ago so I don’t know

    • http://www.facebook.com/emma.guzzo Emma Guzzo

      No.. Sources say that Blaine post to propose episode 22 not 21. 21 is the episode Stevie Wonder tribute and the whole burt/Kurt storyline with Blaine dash in.. 22 is the regionals and season finale.

      • TreyTrey

        Well he can propose but may not get married until he’s 21. You don’t typically get engaged and married in the same day

  • http://twitter.com/wallaceopoulos Greg Wallace

    I agree totally. Having Klaine get married, or even engaged, the way things are now between them stretches credibility way too much, even by Glee’s standards. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll talk through their problems before they go through with anything. However, knowing this show that’s unlikely to happen.

  • http://twitter.com/TrueKlainer21 Klaine Is On Fire ♥

    I still want them to be engaged :) Thanks for righting this article though.

    • spellcheck.

      *writing…… -____-

      • http://twitter.com/TrueKlainer21 Klaine Is On Fire ♥

        Omygod I feel so stupid right now :)

    • Marie

      First of all, thank you for not bashing me (I’m the author of the article)! I’ve been on tumblr recently, and I’ve seen how rude some Klaine fans get.

      Although, I have to ask, why? Give me an argument. Arguments I do not find valid:

      1. They’re so cute!

      2. They’re perfect for each other!

      3. Ryan said they’d get married when Kurt is 21!

      I want facts to back up whatever opinion is pro-Klaine wedding/engagement right now. Honestly, I haven’t seen any that have persuaded me otherwise, but I’d like to hear it.

      • Megan

        Hey! Great article! I agree with many of your points, but on behalf of the first comment, I think I would like to see Blaine and Kurt engaged for long-term(!!) and work through their relationship to make it healthy and supportive. After all, this was the first time they’ve broken up if I’m not wrong. Rachel and Finn on the other hand.. have broken up too many times I’ve simply just swept that relationship under the rug. I don’t necessarily agree with the choices that Ryan Murphy makes with his characters, but as a LGBT member himself, I think he wants to show a young married gay couple.

        • Marie

          I wanted to compare the times Finchel and broken up versus Klaine in my article, but alas, word count. I do think that’s somewhat of a valid point to why you could argue Klaine is better. However, I don’t understand why they have to be engaged to work out their issues. Why can’t they date for a while first? That makes more sense to me, before committing yourself to such a huge step.

          Also, I understand that Ryan probably does want to show a young, married gay couple. However, they’re VERY young. Why can’t they wait until they’re well into their 20s? They’re still teenagers, and they have their whole lives to see the type of people they’ll become, and the type of qualities they each want in a partner.

          I’ll be honest: I don’t ship Klaine at all, and I do think they could both find people better suited for them. However, if RIB did the work and showed me why they SHOULD be married, at all, I could accept it. But as for where they are now? No way.

  • Marie

    Hello, I’m the author of the article, and I just wanted to say thank you everyone for being so nice about my writing! And even if you disagree, there’s been no bashing, which I’m also very appreciative of.

  • Poppy

    This is second opinion piece on Klaine. Whether you like them or hate them people can’t seem to stop talking about them.

    • Marie

      Yeah, I felt a bit weird about writing another Klaine article so soon, but I feel very strongly about this, and I felt like it needed to be said.

  • Sage

    I totally agree! I feel like this engagement is the writers trying to pander to the gay fandom. But then again, who doesn’t like to be a little self indulgent now and then? ;) Either way, I totally loved your article! As a lesbian, I hope they do justice to the marriage equality plot and not just roll with it as this happy fluffy bunnies storyline that has seemed to plague a lot of the couples on glee from time to time. I hope they really use this plot for growth in the Klaine relationship. I feel like the couple has a long way to go before everything is “fixed” between them.

    • LARRY

      Gosh, I don’t know where to start. Most of the couples rabid fans are straight teen-age girls. “Pandering to the gay fandom” is so offensive when almost all of TV is written to pander to the straight fandom!

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Thank you for this article! Will the madness never stop!?

  • Niamh

    Kurt and Blaine went through all of that because they love each other. Blaine told Kurt about cheating on him because he loved Kurt, Kurt told Chandler to stop texting him because he loved Blaine, and if that had happened to most of the other couples, they would have broken up and probably never gotten back together again, but Blaine and Kurt love each other so they tried to fix things and get back together. I think that if Blaine proposes, it will help their relationship, but they don’t have to get married straight away. It would be like a promise to always love and be true to one another. Think of it as a promise that will help their relationship.

    • Melody

      But if Blaine loves Kurt, why would he cheat on him? And then blame Kurt for the cheating (saying things like he cheated on Kurt because Kurt “wasn’t there for him”, even though Kurt was busy with his job and Blaine was the one who encouraged Kurt to go to NYC). I’m sorry, but I can’t just see their love. They’ve crossed a line that can’t be undone.

      • Baily

        It can be undone, I feel as if they need to be together to bring back.the gleek in me, when they broke up I cried


    I respect your opinion, however every couple is different. Your comment, “I see no reason for them to date again” qualifies your entire take on this situation. Obviously there is a reason for them to date, they still love each other. It is obvious. What would you have them do, just throw the relationship away? I don’t think so.
    The Rachel and Finn situation was completely different, they were actually getting married while both of them were still in high school.
    No one has even said that the proposal is actually going to happen, just that Blaine wants to propose and seeks out a ring.
    Also, good grief this is Glee, it is not real life. I say, go for it, Blaine!

    • Marie

      Sometimes, love isn’t enough. You need trust, respect, honesty, which are things those two struggle with. I haven’t seen them work on developing those things, so no, they shouldn’t date right now. If they agree to work on it though, okay. Let them see where it goes.

      I would not say Finn and Rachel are completely different. Blaine is still in high school, and the way it seems like they’re doing next season, he’ll still be in high school. Also, Kurt hasn’t even been out of high school more than a year. People usually don’t change THAT much in one year.

      I know that Blaine is only thinking of proposing. I’ve heard that. I think it’s ridiculous, and makes his character seem pushy and pathetic. It’s less bad if he just keeps it as a thought, but the thought although has annoyed me.

      Finally, I realize Glee is just a TV show. I’ve known that since I watched it for the first time. My first episode was the episode where Kurt stood up to Karofsky, and was kissed. When Blaine sang about being Kurt’s teenage dream, and was being the supportive friend Kurt needed. It was powerful. I was genuinely moved. But a sloppily thrown together proposal/engagement/wedding is not powerful. It’s sad that the characters might make a brash decision that’ll destroy them, and prevent them from finding happiness, whether with others or each other.

  • Grace

    This article is great and spot-on! Though I think another reason why more people are supporting Klaine getting married than Finchel is because of the nature of the majority of the Klaine fandom- many of them are Blarren stans that don’t acknowledge Blaine’s faults, which caused a majority of the problems in the Klaine relationship. Also, I think the writers forgot taht Klaine isn’t back together and that Kurt’s dating Adam! Honestly, I think this whole plotline is simple fan pondering because it makes 0 sense.

  • hithru

    Simply, Klaine is not better that other Glee couples.

  • Moira

    As a Klainer, this is my opinion: They have both made mistakes in this relationship. Blaine cheated on Kurt. Kurt cheated on Adam. Their communication was terrible. People always say that long distance relationships never work, and maybe they don’t. But through everything, they still love each other. I didn’t like the fact that Finchel got engaged because they were both still in high school, they had broken up and got back together multiple times, and in ways did not improve the other person. I think that maybe they’re not ready for marriage, but perhaps getting engaged could be their way of promising themselves to each other? I agree they have lots to talk about, but honestly, the way Glee is written, Klaine getting engaged in the last episode could legitimately happen.

  • Vanessa

    I agree completely. The only problem I had when the spoiler came out was that the two have been extremely distant from each other. As much as I love the couple and wish they hopped onto the alter right away, they have tons of work to do. Not only is Kurt oblivious to Blaine’s dependency problems, but he fails to trust Blaine anymore. I’m curious as to how far they will get back into their relationship before the question get asked.

  • Jane Mulcahy

    Okay, I’m a twelve year old fangirl and hardcore Klainer, and personally I find this article ridiculous and almost offensive. Pandering to gay fans is not what Glee is doing, it’s trying to have an interesting plot and keep diversity on the show. I agree that they’re a little young, but they don’t have to get married right away, their engagement can just be a promise, a hope for the future. Unfortunately you don’t choose the fandom, the fandom chooses you, so I just can’t help shipping Klaine. I know that just being cute together is not a valid reason to get married, but I feel they’ve both grown since the break up, and I think Adam is annoying and pushy. Moulin Rouge, bitches!

    • Guest

      How on earth is this article offensive?? She’s sharing her opinion and backing it up with facts. Even if you don’t agree with everything she said, that’s no reason to be rude.

  • Anna Stephenson

    I agree that they shouldn’t get married right away, but your point about people liking them simply because they’re a cute, gay couple seems like a bit of a generalization. For me personally, I was going to love any relationship Darren Criss ever helped portray because I’ve loved him for years, long before he was playing a gay character. Me liking Klaine literally has nothing to do with them being gay. But that’s just me.

    I would also like to point out that getting engaged doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with getting married. They could get engaged, talk about their issues and realize they need to take some time, and not actually get married for a few years. That’s what I see happening.

    Thanks for the article!

    • Marie

      But is it any more fair to love a character based on the actor? Blaine and Darren are very different people, after all. Part of it is because Chris and Darren are so well-liked (hence some of the Adam hate, I think). I really like Darren myself, but I can’t excuse things Blaine has done based on me liking Darren, you know?

  • mabien

    This opinion is well thought out and contains a lot of truth. I do have to say however that marriage is not something that one earns but a path a couple chooses to express their love for each other. I have been married for 32 years, having gotten married shortly after high school and have enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t easy and certainly at 18 our relationship was not perfect but I would not have done it any other way. It is possible and can be a lot of fun as well as very rewarding. I just celebrated my 50th birthday with the same ‘boy’ I celebrated my 17th with and it was awesome. You’d be surprised how many couples can say the same.

    All that said…my concern would be that this would be oversimplified in the way GLEE is so famous for. A couple married so young has to be willing to work…as in making money!… something overlooked in the GLEE world. Things come a little too easy for all the McKinley graduates and I think it hurts the show. While high school is primarily about fitting in, living in the real world is about finding yourself. One of the most important parts of that is how you take care of yourself. What you are willing to do, to give up, to make money. That is a big part of marriage as well. I don’t see any of these young adults struggling much with real life. If the show continues following the graduates I believe a little more reality for ALL the graduates could only make a better show.

    • Marie

      That’s great that you’ve been married to someone so long! I know it can certainly work for some couples. Also, some people are probably never going to be mature enough for marriage. I know it isn’t a direct correlation between age married and success of marriage. The issue with Klaine is where they’re at at this moment. The people say getting engaged will fix the problem, to me, sounds like when people say/think having a baby will solve the problem. It just seems like it’d exacerbate the problem, unless they acknowledge their issues (which hasn’t happened yet) and then deliberately work on solving their issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.glanzman Patricia Sue Glanzman

    I wan them to get married and being as young as they are just gives them a longer life together, they are soulmates destined for eternity.

  • Lisa

    I totally agree with your article but not the comments down here. As Tina said on the show Blaine is a human who could feel loneliness throughout distant love with Kurt. But in S05 Blaine might get accepted to Nyada and be with Kurt there. There’s no way marrying between Klaine ’cause they are still young and aren’t different from the previous Finchel case. But, I believe they may get together and live happy Nyada-Life in Newyork together. They might not get married .. but this is what I think.

  • Baily

    I disagree, Klaine is a major inspiration I feel like this has to happen, it touched my life I can”t be happy witbout a Klaine wedding or getting back together

  • Baily

    Klaine needs to happen you have no idea what it would mean to me, also they are better than the other glee couples

  • Lynne

    Well, I wouldnt agree, but I wouldnt disagree either. When Finn and Rachel were going to get married, I didn’t think it shouldnt happen because they were to young, but because they didn’t have a strong enough relationship. they were always on and off and I didn;t think they were stable enough to get married. But Kurt and Blaine, have always been soulmates in my eyes, and their relationship has suffered bullying and criticism, but they have always overcome it. It made them a stronger pair, and better indivisuals. I feel if they overcome their recent break up it will only prove they are strong enough to take on anything that is thrown at them, including marriage at a young age. I wouldnt go as far to say they should never get back together, but i do see where people may get nervous promoting the idea of teenage marriage, I dont think it would even be a bad idea if they were only engaged, and waited until they were older to be married, because then there would be the beautiful moment of them promising themeselves to each other until they felt it was right. But it was a really nice article, and it really made me think! :-)

  • Liss

    I’m pleasently surprised by this article. I’ve come to relate hypable with klainer nest of blaine worshipers who won’t see reason or logic at all. Thanks for demolishing that belief.

  • BookieFan

    Of course they are very young, but that alone doesn’t mean that their marriage is destined for failure. After all, the odds for any marriage succeeding these days is rather slim. I’ve been married for 47 years and patience, commitment and yes, love are all necessary to succeed at marriage.
    Those two exhibit a deep love for each other, not just puppy love. I have not seen it expressed by anyone, but it was Blaine’s dogged determination to fix things that kept the embers alive. Personally, I am a Kurtsie, but Kurt was just too deeply hurt to pursue the relationship after the breakup. It could have just as easily ended, but Blaine kept at it.
    I think they each exhibited immature behavior in their relationship and in the lead-up to this reconciliation, but I believe they love each other so much that their mistakes will provide them with the growth they need for success. In the words of Tina Cohen-Chang “There, I’ve said it!”

  • anonymous

    I agree that you have a point on how people are reacting differently to the Klaine proposal and maybe this is due to the fact that they are gay, but I personally are happier about them getting engaged then I was about the Finchel engagement, because I prefer the Klaine couple. This isn’t because they are gay, but because they simply have more in common. They both know they want to go to new york and go to college there and move there even if they don’t get. That’s what Kurt did. Finn didn’t want to go to new york and Rachel was definitely going so them getting married like that was never going to work out and that’s why it didn’t work. They both wanted different things. Klaine aren’t getting married because they’re gay. It’s because they love eachother, don’t get into a stupid fight every episode, have stuff in common and understand what the other has been through. They’ve even admitted that they are eachother’s soulmates. Simple as.

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