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A certain Glee character will propose marriage to his or her significant other in the season 4 finale, and two well known celebrities are joining the show for recurring roles in season 5.

Spoiler warning!

E! Online discovered last night that Blaine will propose to Kurt in the Glee season 4 finale. He’ll meet two new recurring characters who are a longtime lesbian couple played by Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter. They will be Kurt and Blaine’s mentors in Glee season 5.

According to E!, “Blaine goes to a jewelry store to buy a ring and meets Duke’s character, the jewelry salesperson. She speaks to Blaine and his love for Kurt, and then she and her longtime girlfriend (Baxter) offer to be their mentors—a couple who can tell them about what it used to be like for LGBT people, and how great it is for this new generation.”

The storyline was reportedly inspired by the recent equal rights cases at the Supreme Court.

Given the lesbian couple will stay on as mentors in season 5, we have to assume that Kurt will say yes to Blaine’s proposal.

Are you happy to hear that Kurt and Blaine are going to get engaged? Do you think a wedding will be in the plans for Glee season 5? Or should they take even more time than that?

Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s Glee characters are two of the most popular ones on the show. This proposal and subsequent wedding will arguably be one of the biggest events for the show.

  • xosnowangel


  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    wtf indeed. If they get back together, I want them to work out the problems they had in their relationship so that it’s better this time around. They’re not even together right now! Proposing marriage in the finale is WAY too soon.

  • Daughter of Eve

    …next thing you know, Kurt says yes, their wedding day approaches and poor Quinn is in another accident and she survives, thankfully, but has to spend a few episodes in a wheelchair, but she’s still fine and has no lasting effects from the accident…again.

    • http://twitter.com/alexacadia alex

      hahahahahhahahaa help i can’t stop laughing

    • Alice Parker

      Do you think she and Artie will fight again? Or will they realize their attraction to each other?

      • Lit

        I’ve never seen this show, but i thought they were in highschool. They’re getting married?

        • TreyTrey

          They graduated. They are still young but apparently Ryan Murphy had said a while ago that he planned on Kurt getting married young

        • Marie

          Blaine is still in high school. Kurt’s been out for a year-ish.

      • Daughter of Eve

        I stopped watching Glee right around the time Rachel broke up with Finn and left for NY. I’ll prolly re-watch it when the whole fiasco that the show has become is over and done with.

        • TheMoreYouKnow

          They never offically broke up, she wasn’t going to leave. Fin dropped her off at the train and dropped the bomb he was leaving for the army…

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

      No with the way this season has been, Tina’s going to be the one seriously injured for three episodes this time.

    • AJ

      Or she’ll do like at Wemma wedding and just have sex with Santana again… Twice.

  • GeekGirl101

    NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! HELL NO! This is beyond insane. He cheated on Kurt and blamed him for it, he doesn’t care about him so make both characters happy and keep them apart.

  • http://twitter.com/alexacadia alex

    i really hope that season 5 isn’t a thing, then…
    stop it please don’t renew this don’t encourage ryan murphy any more

  • Ariana


  • Marie

    This is a really terrible idea. Kurt is dating another guy at the moment. Blaine has cheated. They’ve had issues with communication, each others’ spaces, and trust. It also seems like Blain was moving on while he was crushing on Sam. I have no idea why Blaine chooses to do this. Personally, I think anyone getting married on this show is a bad idea. Everyone is still very young, and Blain has never had another boyfriend. I know some people do marry young and succeed, but I don’t believe Klaine could do it, especially since they’ve never really had that talk we were promised around Christmas.

    Frankly, this feels like major fan pandering. Up there with Quintana hook up fan pandering. Perhaps they’ll find a way to make this an organic part of the plot, but seriously, very few people are thinking about marriage their senior year of high school. I just can’t deal with this…

    • GeekGirl101

      Uh, it is fan pandering because Klainers are obsessed, not all, but good chunk of them,

    • http://twitter.com/CamillaENes Camilla Nes

      I feel like they’re doing this due to fan pandering and in order to address the marriage issue. Doing it to address the issue might have worked if this was after a time jump and they were older, but to do it now that they aren’t together and haven’t even talked about everything that happened like you mentioned, it’s going to fall flat for most people I feel.

      • Marie

        I don’t even see how Klaine shippers can get into this.

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

        It’s not fan pandering, at least not totally. If RM wanted to pander to fans, he never would have broken them up. RM wants to do a pro-marriage equality story line, that is the main motive here. If you can accept other rushed, unearned story lines on glee like their break up, I don’t see why you can’t accept this.

        • Ev42

          I wouldn’t say the Klaine breakup was rushed and unearned, though, not at all. They’d been building up to that all season, with Blaine’s insecurity and Kurt’s inability/unwillingness to deal with &/or talk about it…

    • Linda

      Yes. Everything you said. But mostly, they are teenagers for God’s sake! Hated this plotline with Rachel and Finn, hate it with Kurt and Blaine. No. Just no.

      • Marie

        Yes, I groaned in frustration when Finchel did it, but I think it’ll be worse with Klaine, insofar as where they’re currently at. At least Finchel was together when Finn proposed, and I do think the writers intentionally said (eventually, anyway), that them getting married was a bad idea, at this point in their lives. Now, it is possible Kurt says no for all the logical reasons (and if he says yes, I will throw things), but just the fact that Blaine thinks it is a good idea makes no sense. Perhaps you should start with “Date me again”? And even then, I think Blaine was way too pushy in I Do when he kept telling Kurt they were meant to be together and were going to be together. If Kurt wants to be with Blaine again, he needs to come to this conclusion on his own, and Blaine needs to back off.

        • Seriously

          He wasn’t being pushy, he said it once and he was entitled to do so, he said his piece and left him alone, That isn’t being pushy.

          • Marie

            He basically said “This is what is going to happen. We will date again, and spend many Christmases together” and whatever else is pushy to me. If he had said, “I’d really like if you’d give me another chance, and I’d like you to date again” that would’ve been less pushy. That would be him expressing how he feels, and not him trying to tell Kurt how he feels (and I’m still unsure of how Kurt does feel about Blaine right now).

    • Linda

      The Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter couple could be a really great addition, though. I like the idea of Kurt and Blaine having role models. Maybe the ladies will convince them to wait until they are at least through college?

      • Marie

        I’m totally fine with that aspect. That could even be good. It’d be better if Blaine actually took their advice though. :-P

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    They’re still kids! Wtf. RIB is sending the message that its ok to get married this early in your life but its really not. No one in this show is financially stable enough for a marriage, except the adults. Slow your roll!

    • Marie

      No ne is emotionally stable enough, including the adults. :-p

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Louie Schuth

      At the same time, the Klaine wedding HAS to come before the show ends.

    • Tomas

      Why wouldn’t it be ok to marry early in your life?

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I’m not saying that its not always bad but most teenagers, which is what these characters are, are simply not emotionally ready for a life long commitment straight out of high school. Yeah there are exceptions to this, there are always exceptions, but Kurt & Blaine do not qualify. They aren’t even together right now! They are broken up and in different states and life stages and to go from this to happily engaged in the span of a few episodes is insane.

        If they want to marry their high school sweetheart then yay! Good for them. But how about they live together first to make sure they’re compatible in every part of their everyday lives and to make sure this is really the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with?

        • cemmom

          Tariq…I agree with everything you said, except for one thing. Why should they have to live together before they get married? Yes, it’s a choice, but it isn’t the only one. Many of us managed to get to know our life partners before marriage without living together first. Old fashioned? Maybe, but I just wanted to throw in another viable option to the one you presented.

          • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

            That option may work for some, as it sounds like it worked for you (which is awesome), but I feel like living together beforehand makes it easier for couples to envision how their married life would feel and gets them even more prepared for that big step.

      • Emma

        As a sophomore in college, most of the people I met when I was a freshman who were with their high school boyfriend/girlfriend when they came to college ended up breaking up with them. You really do learn about a lot about yourself and the other person when your future doesn’t seem so much like a future anymore, but a reality. While Kurt has kind of gotten the chance to experience this, Blaine hasn’t yet.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003094208029 Stephanie Evans

        I married at 21… now I’m 22 and getting divorced. We realized we did not take the proper time to grow and get to know each other before getting married. And as we grew (even in that one year) we grew apart. Not together.

        • Marie

          Although it’s really unfortunate that you’re getting divorced, I totally was talking to someone who had a similar situation where they dated in college, and then after they graduated and got married, they divorced because they realized that their personalities were not suited for marriage, even though they loved each other.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      So maybe that’s the message…they’re going to do it right. It didn’t say they were going to get married, just that he was going to propose. Calm down!

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I’m perfectly calm, thanks.

        Even proposing is out of line, I think. They’re broken up, so how can they realistically go from a broken up couple with trust problems to engaged in a few episodes? They should at least be a couple before even thinking about getting married.

        • Marie

          Amen, brother Tariq. Amen.

        • nrr_828

          there are still a few episodes of the season…..

        • CliveRogan

          How does anyone learn from the show if it doesn’t show anything. It happening in the show doesn’t mean it’s being condoned, often quite the opposite.

          To compare, the show has had several occasions of people bullying others over their sexuality. It being in the show hasn’t shown how much of a fun thing bullying is, and has shown many pitfalls, everyone will hate you and you may drive them to attempt suicide.

          It’s nice to believe that you can get by only showing nice things, by showing people living wholesome, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll less lives and just hope that the audience will follow suit, but this will never, ever work. You need to show the consequences for things if you want to show the danger.

          Having a character proposing to another isn’t condoning the action, and given the nature of the show (only one couple we’ve seen get engaged have actually gotten married) it’s likely going to highlight how bad an idea it is, rather than support the idea.

        • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

          Do you know if they are a couple or not by the time this happens? No…none of us do! LOL!

          • Marie

            Well, there’s 4 episodes left this season, so even if they do date again in the next episode (very unlikely from what I’ve heard), it would be really soon to move from trying to date after struggling through the break-up period to engagement. They need more time to see if they could have a stable relationship again.

        • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

          Well Barney and Robin got engaged in HIMYM when they weren’t dating. It’s television! Two young gay men in love getting married on prime time TV, I don’t think we should complain about this. Plus they will have mentors so it sounds like they will be doing it right.

    • Vanj203

      I think the proposal is Blaine’s reaction to the school shooting maybe. He was saying, “I love you” to someone on his phone after the SWAT team gave the all clear. Perhaps it was Kurt on the line, and Blaine’s attitude is now that “life is too short and don’t waste a second of it.” I don’t like this story line at all though and hope that the jewelry store couple talks Blaine out of it for many reasons – especially financial, as you mentioned.

      • Marie

        I was thinking that this is literally the only way that Blaine can be motivated to do this (other than him completely losing his mind). Although it makes sense, that’s still really stupid.

    • Mel

      This show has always reflected what is going in the real world with real high school students, and the truth is that kids are getting married younger and younger. And, if you remember, everyone told Rachel that her and Finn were too young, and look what happened to their relationship. I don’t think RM is trying to promote marrying young, he’s simply reflecting what’s happening with teens nowadays.

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

        RM is promoting marriage equality, which is why Kurt and Blaine’s engagement will likely pan out a lot more positively than Finn and Rachel’s. And the couples are very different; people have said over and over that Finn and Rachel are “high school” whereas Blaine and Kurt have something more.

        • Marie

          First of all, I personally don’t believe they’re more than Finchel. Could you explain to me why they are? I’m not trying to attack you if you do like Klaine, but I’m genuinely curious. I especially don’t believe they’re more than Finchel and should go more positively simply because they’re gay and it’s a PSA on gay marriage. News flash writers of Glee: none of us hate on the gays, if we’re watching. The people against it are probably ignoring your show anyway. Also, gay couples can have terrible relationships as well as straight couples. There’s nothing inherent about being gay that means whatever relationship you end up in is good. Trust me, as part of the gay community, I’ve seen gay people get stuck in terrible relationships. I’m not saying Klaine is terrible, but I am saying it would get terrible if they don’t talk about and work on their issues. I want Klaine to be good because of who they are as people, and how they are as a couple. Not because they’re two guys. Being two guys shouldn’t give them any kind of pass and acceptance on the crap they do. Nor should being two guys mean we shouldn’t take note in the good things they do. Looking at them the same way we look at other couples is the REAL meaning of equality.

          Also, if anything here came off as attacking, I’m sorry, and I’m not saying that you necessarily think this way. But I feel like Klaine is treated so differently simply because they’re gay, and it drives me nuts.

    • Emily

      I don’t know…
      Both my parents and my grandparents married when they were 18-21. They’re still together, and very much in love.

  • Kavitha

    Yeah…no. I’m a Klainer, but not one who just wants them to be together no matter what. This will be ridiculous if they go straight from a break up to getting engaged. Like…no. It wouldn’t even feel that special, just forced.

  • Ev42

    I am trying not to get myself prematurely worked up, but it’s not really working. I am SO against this.

    Whether you ship them or not you have to agree that they have a lot of issues to deal with before they could (healthily) get back together, let alone get married. They’ve both treated each other poorly & hurt each other a lot. They need to TALK about this properly, they need to both understand what happened and why, and it will be so, so cheap if the writers put that discussion off-screen… I’m not saying we need every talk the guys have or anything, but I think we really need to SEE at least part of that development happen and I just can’t see how they can possibly put that amount of work in in the few episodes left of the season.

    • http://twitter.com/Lily62442 Lily

      ^ This! I’m not against them getting married, but they need to talk things out, agree that they’ll treat each other differently and start communicating with each other if they’re serious about getting back together.

      • Ev42

        Honestly, I have a lot of problems with Klaine (especially in canon – my friend once said that fandom writes better Klaine in fic than RIB writes canon, & I definitely tend to agree with that :P), I’d rather just see both of them move on and just be friends instead… But I’ve kind of had to accept Klaine as endgame, I just wish they’d deal with all (or at least, you know, ANY) of the PROBLEMS in that relationship first! That would, ideally, take a good half-season to deal with before getting them back to dating, let alone MARRIAGE.

        Like, the only way I could see them married so soon would be if, idk, Burt has a serious cancer scare & they want to get married before he dies or something…

      • Marie

        I mean, if it happened 20 years from now, and they had worked out their issues, I would be ok with it. But this? Hell to the no.

        • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

          So they have to wait until they’re 40 to get married? The point of the story line is the lesbian couple wasn’t able to get married in their youth because of discrimination and homophobia, so Kurt and Blaine have an opportunity in today’s world and that should be celebrated.

          • Marie

            20 is a number I made up arbitrarily. They should at least figure out if they can resolve all the problems they have with their relationship first. I feel like until they are seen talking about their problems, and making an effort to change, their next crack at a relationship is bound to fail. They need time to deal with these issues. More than it seems they’re getting, since they’re time about hasn’t shown them growing much. -sigh-

  • xoxoKellyLee

    Okay, I am very excited about this, but….Has it even been renewed for another season yet?

  • Renejr

    Glee just tends to go on ridiculous routes with storylines. This is not necessary. Blaine and Kurt need time to breath out of their relationship. I’m so irritated.

  • Ken

    However if this is a cliffhanger and we don’t know whether Kurt says yes or not, we better get a season 5 or else!

  • Ailbhe

    Calm down people, the article actually says “Blaine decides to propose” not that he’s actually going to. The wording is important (since the same wording has been used in multiple articles), especially since it seems like we won’t be seeing Klaine getting back together this season.

    • Marie

      Just Blaine considering it is ridiculous to me. What makes him think Kurt would agree to it? Is he that pathetic? It’s frustrating, and still makes me dislike Blaine. The direction is goes in will probably merely determine how much I dislike Blaine, and potentially Kurt depending on if Blaine does propose and he says yes.

  • Lotte

    In case Blaine proposes and Kurt says ‘yes’ I am done with Glee. Honestly, sincerely, entirely. I only watch for Kurt anyway and could deal with yet another character assassination This idea is so bad on so many levels and I cannot think of one reason how this would benefit either of the characters, or the storyline.

    However, no way RIB would allow such a major spoiler to be leaked. I believe this is a second coming of CWM with a totally different outcome than expected (i.e. a ‘goodbye’ scene??! Please!). At least, that is what I tell myself.

    • Lotte

      *couldn’t deal

    • Marie

      Regardless of whether Kurt says yes or no, I definitely hate it for what it’s doing to Blaine’s character. I used to really like Blaine, but once it became really, really apparent that he was so dependent on Kurt, he began to frustrate me. And this whole plot line makes Blaine look really pathetic. And if Kurt actually says yes, it’ll tarnish my opinion on him as well. Although I was leaning towards let them move on and get back together eventually, I am not officially team keep-them-broken-up-forever.

      • Lotte

        It will make look Blaine delusional and Kurt pathetic. Glee didn’t even grant those two one long, sincere and honest conversation about the break-up. Why should I believe they are ready to even think about proposing?! It is just very, very obvious fan pandering to one group of fans.

        I am so much keep them apart and never date again, but they can remain close friends. Their interaction as friends is much more enjoyable, but I’d prefer for Kurt more Adam (or Sebastian! I’d die!) and let Blaine go on a wild dating spree. It would benefit both characters.

        • Marie

          I meant to say I’m NOW team keep them apart, not that I want them together. But yeah, I’ve been feeling more apathetic towards them up until this. I now hate them as a couple. Friendship could be fine though. I think both could find people better for them (I like Kurtofsky myself, but I don’t expect it).

          • Lotte

            I am Team Kurtbastian, all the way. So much wastet potential. But I know it

            will never happen.

            Blaine used to be one of my favorite characters and he got really ruined for me during S4. It is a shame as I like Darren, but cannot watch him on screen anymore.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    This is the worst thing that Glee can do.

  • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

    Worst ever. They are so terrible for each other. Both of these characters need to move on and find healthier relationships.

    • God

      How are they terrible for each other? Blaine made one mistake other than that their relationship was pretty plain sailing ( don’t even even bring up the bloody car scene ) and insulting their relationship because you don’t like it is just childish.

      • Marie

        They’re really terrible about communicating with each other in general, I think. Like when Kurt was texting Chandler instead of talking to Blaine about how he wasn’t getting attention, and how Blaine wasn’t talking to Kurt about how anxious he was about Kurt leaving, and then the feelings he had when Kurt did actually leave.

        • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

          They had an unhealthy relationship in general. Being with Kurt completely canceled Blaine’s personality. And Blaine is bad for Kurt because Kurt is really self-centred and having Blaine do whatever he wants only makes him even more selfish and manipulative.

      • http://blackrapture.tumblr.com/ thegoodshipdestiel

        I’m not the kind of person who is going to get into an enormous and pointless debate listing all the reasons why I’m not a fan of a fictional couple to satisfy a stranger. I didn’t really insult their relationship, I just voiced an opinion to which I am perfectly well entitled. I used complete sentences and proper grammar to form a competent thought, so I’m not sure what was “childish” about it. I highly recommend the article about fandoms that was posted recently.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanHBP Ryan Floyd

    The article never said that he’s actually going to propose, only that he considers it.

  • Anna-FilmGirl

    Note that both EW and GleekOutBrazil, the two sources who’ve confirmed this, have been careful to say Blaine PLANS to propose to Kurt. Not that we actually will see him do this in the finale.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    Does anyone REALLY think Kurt is going to say yes? He’s at least got SOME sense in him still.

    • Marie

      Even if Kurt says no (which if he says yes, I will throw things), it makes Blaine look ridiculous and pathetic. I feel like Blaine was far too pushy in the last Kurt/Blaine scene (during I Do), and it’s frustrating. This is multiplying the situation. I’m not a Kurt fanatic by any means, but I do think that if they get back together, it really needs to be on Kurt’s terms. I don’t think this plot will really benefit anyone, and is just there to make hardcore Klainers happy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

      He’ll do what the writers want, and he’s lately been fantasizing about his wedding song with Blaine anyway. But Blaine never would have cheated, yet the writers made him do it. So don’t go by what you think the character would actually choose; the writers choose for them. But in this case, Kurt is in love with Blaine and has admitted in the past he’d say yes if Blaine proposed, so yes he will say yes.

  • theaterboy1

    I for one hope this happens and hopes Kurt says yes!

    • Brandon

      I agree with you, Nobody wants to give anything on this show a chance. They think that every idea the show tries to tackle is a bad message to the public. We have this little thing in America called Freedom of Choice and you CAN choose not to watch the program. There are plenty of other shows on TV that might satisfy people’s picky needs. I say pick a new show and let this one be what it is, we aren’t the ones with the degree or the experience in the writing room. And even the bad buzz about all these episodes or storylines is still talk about the show. I love Kurt and Blaine and I can’t wait to see a storyline like this take place. They need to renew the show for season 5 already!

    • Marie

      Why? From what I’ve gotten from Kurt since the Break-Up until the last time we saw him talk about Blaine, he doesn’t trust him anymore. At least, not completely. I don’t think he’s forgiven him. He doesn’t seem like he wants to jump back into the relationship. I think if it happened under these circumstances, without dating again first and building back all that broken trust (which, in real world at least, might never happen), they would still have all these problems, and probably end up breaking up/divorcing again.

  • Jake

    It’s a little too soon for it to be happening for Kurt and Blaine, but when you think of it in the matter of “Glee probably only had one more (debatable) good season left,” they writers clearly want to get everything they want to happen, to happen. So honestly, I think it’s fine. Glee isn’t really supposed to make total sense anyway.

  • Sophiaa

    Worst idea ever!!! I am so annoyed by this if it actually happens on the last episode! Just as the two characters were starting to go their separate ways aswell!!! Arghh, I was hoping they were going to do a storyline about Sam being bi//curious..and then making ”BLAM” official…:/ ..Not happy..

    • BLAM

      Hell yeah love me some Blam!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mic.s3 Michelle Chua

    if they do engage it doesn’t mean they will get married immediately. But at least it’s the promise to be with each other and no insecurities to get in the way. Their bond would be even stronger I think, since promising to be with someone forever would show that there is a willingness to work on what was broken…

  • Jinx

    5 episodes left, Kurt is seeing someone and they’re going for this. Forced much?

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

      Who is he seeing? His pillow Bruce?

      • Jinx

        Of course Bruce :D, just kidding. Well I thought of Adam, I know they’re not together. But a proposal so soon? It just seemed a bit rushed to be done on this season.

  • Vanj203

    I think this means that season 5 is the last season of Glee. I think Ryan intends for the last and final show of Glee to be the wedding of Kurt and Blaine. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea but that’s just Ryan’s way.

  • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

    The spoiler sources have all been very careful to say that he *wants* to propose, not that he does. There’s a huge difference and no doubt there will be some unexpected twist since this is a pretty huge plot point to reveal otherwise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucas-Colvara-da-Cunha/100002222517083 Lucas Colvara da Cunha

    Really? Another “marriage” in Glee.. another Finchel.. please, give something new

  • Colin

    Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any stupider…

  • Gary65

    Please, just leave, Ryan Murphy. Just go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1840730980 Michael Vartanian

    I love Klaine but at this point in the season their relationship has become so messed up that a proposal seems like the worst solution…

  • Andy

    This is what happens when (bad) writers declare “endgame” status for couples to appease crazy fans [Not all Klainers or any other group, but the crazy ones who like, send death threats to the writers because their couple breaks up]. They get caught in a corner with their pants down and have to create some ridiculous scenario to get them back together immediately when the show looks like it might be ending. Besides, how many failed weddings/marriages has this show already had? The desperation with which their PR department is trying to stir up interest for another season is a little bit sad really…

  • http://www.facebook.com/alysia.dugan Alysia Dugan

    Oh dear god, please no. And if Kurt must say yes, at least have it crash and burn…

  • http://twitter.com/w_lowry Will Lowry

    Just a heads up the image you used was the original Glee season 4 promo image that had “St. Louis” instead of “Louisville” on the sign.

  • http://twitter.com/potterfan92 Raina

    And people wonder why some don’t like this ship. Klaine always gets pandered to and this is just the icing on the cake. Mind you, I use to love them in season 2 and glad that they got together then. In season 3 they kind of were just like meh. I think it was because Blaine switched schools and his character was diminished just to fit Kurt idk. This marriage another shock value thing like the school shooting was.

  • Marie

    Also, I’m not sure why people are so hung on up their ship couples getting married, and getting married now (I’m applying this to Finchel as well). Especially at this current point in the show, I think people who just be happy with them being together again. Marriage is an unnecessary step that makes things me roll my eyes and groan. Re-coupling isn’t necessarily frustrating to me in the case of Klaine.

  • Laura Jamieson

    I thought the only spoilers was that Blaine was thinking of proposing? I don’t know if he’ll actually do it. I don’t want Kurt to say yes (despite being a huge Klainer) it’s way too early for a couple who are still broken up. They’ll probably get back together though, thank god :)

  • http://twitter.com/Lovethatmusic Lisa

    This is so silly, how about they try dating each other again and living in the same city first? Blaine is my favorite character and this just shows immaturity and desperation in my humble opinion…Come on Blaine … have some fun and date him for awhile first! :D

  • ryant

    Why make a big deal about high school ?hThey are going to college and i dont see any big fuss when it comes to many straht characters on tv got hitch and going to college together. Or some pregnant teens married their high school sweetheart. It’s an engagement ..and sometimes people do marry thier highschool bf or gf..get over it. if its gonna last or not..it is up to them.

  • Kyndall


  • BLAM

    What about his crush on Sam? Does he just get over that?

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

      Yes. It’s just a silly crush. And as Tina said, Blaine is just putting his love for Kurt somewhere while they’re apart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katharine.smith.73 Katharine Smith


  • http://twitter.com/blainestears mirna

    People need to calm down a little. The original article says NOTHING about proposing, just that he goes ring shopping and meets this woman. He may not even buy a ring for all we know

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.lavrec Daniel Lavrec

    Very pleased to hear about these wonderful actresses gracing Glee, which has been a sinking ship this season. I’m also excited at the prospect of Kurt and Blaine’s engagement and would love to see their wedding at the end of season 5, which will likely be the last season of Glee.

  • Margaret

    I think this is huge. They have been apart for most of the season so it would be great for Blaine to propose and have his soul-mate back. I would be very happy that the Adam thing doesn’t go anywhere. I think it would be cool for them to have Patty and Merideth as mentors. They are really young but they both are strong characters and they both know what they want. They are so great together. Except for Tina I feel like Blaine has kind of been by himself he needs kurt and Kurt needs him. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose Caplette

    I think that will happen to kurt and to Blaine I think they waited for a long time for being together and I really want that to happen because I am in love with the gay guys on glee

  • It’sclaratime

    Omg.. It’s a tv-show, not everything in it is realistic.. And in all this time Kurt and Blaine weren’t together, they loved each other. They know and we know that they belong together.

  • CharmanderGatomon

    I don’t think they should. They’ve been broken up for too long and it’s too fast and I’m not too crazy about them trying again, esp since their relationship didn’t work out the first time and they have no chemistry and it didn’t work before, so there’s not much of a lovely future for them in my eyes… I don’t even want them back together but I def don’t want them engaged or married for next season. God, I’d be happier if blam or jyder happened… And those are sooooo not happening. Although blam would be kinda nice cuz they actually have SOME chemistry, which Klaine never had

  • Joanne Wisniewski

    I think Kurt will yes to Blaine.

  • jazmyne


  • josie

    i think kurt and blaine should get married it would send a positive message for kids and everyone that its ok, it would be sad if they didn’t because they have so much chemistry and so much love for each other also being that they were the first for each other it would be sad if they didn’t because it would send a negative message and also i didn’t think i would watch the show anymore if they didn’t get married. I have watched the other seasons repeatedly because its such a positive show on bullying and real issue’s in real life, also the music and dancing is so amazing up lifting , heart felt and you feel so good to watch this show, also i think they should continue this show and show how the seniors are all doing. and finally they should make a movie about kurt and blaine getting married and their lives after marriage and the old cast , it sadness me about finn what happened in real life he was amazing and brilliant actor and so loved i feel so bad for his girlfriend on and off stage they were so in love wish we could turn the clock back and save him ! a tremendous loss please let kurt and blaine get married i have changed my views on gay marriages both sexes i was old fashioned and now see and understand how love is dose not matter what sex you are same or different , just think if kurt and blaine don’t get married it would have been all done for nothing! this show has shown how being different is ok .

  • josie

    also plenty of people have married their high school sweetheart after school and are still together so kurt and blaine should marry would send a positive message that it could happen and and work , just think they should do it

  • Shalom Lowell

    I think that is wonderful for klaine because they are so meant to be together as a married couple

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