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Glee’s Darren Criss surprised fans last night by tweeting out a link to Hanson’s livestreamed band rehearsal, where he just so happened to be paying a visit to his favorite band, and he even jumped up to sing backing vocals on a new track!

You can watch the fifteen-minute livestream with Hanson below, or if you’re pressed for time, check out this video that a fan created showcasing just Darren Criss’ appearance.

According to Zac Hanson, posting on the band’s official Twitter, the livestream was intended to be a special “members-only” event for Hanson’s very dedicated fan club, but – perhaps luckily for us! – technical issues ended up making only a public livestream possible.

Upon “breaking in” to the rehearsal, Darren plays up his extreme fannishness and his fifteen years of “stalking” the band, but he and the Hanson brothers lampshade the set-up of Darren’s arrival and performance rather sardonically, poking a little fun at Glee along the way. Darren then joined the band to perform their upcoming single “Get The Girl Back,” from their new album Anthem, set to be released in June. “Get The Girl Back” will be officially released on April 9, but you can watch the music video for the song now.

Darren has spoken out about his passion for the band before, most notably in this behind-the-scenes Glee video.

Any people who know me know that I love Hanson. I will shout it to the mountain tops, they’re a fantastic band. I have aIl seven of their albums, I’ve seen them more than any band I’ve ever seen. They’re incredible and any time people make fun of Hanson I’m always like “Well, why don’t you make a better Motown record when you’re eleven, and get back to me.” Cause they were like motown/soul when they were, like, kids. That was cool, it’s like what Michael Jackson did.

Darren and Hanson both had the opportunity to work on the same project – the music video for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” – in 2011, and despite his earnest fanboying, Darren seems to be on very friendly terms with his favorite band. The livestream hangout contains much teasing and joking from both parties, as well as a vehement explanation from Darren to the audience that his stalking comment was a joke.

After the livestream ended, Darren tweeted out his joy about accomplishing one of his life goals, to which Taylor had a slightly sassy reply:

What did you think of this little incident? Would you like to see Darren Criss officially collaborate with Hanson, at a live show or on a record?

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Can he just leave Glee already? Thanks!

    • Dylan

      Can you leave this site? Thanks!

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        Nope. Here to stay. Plus, it gives Darren the chance to do more films and tour more with his own music. It’s a win-win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    Proud mama feelings. So proud of him!

  • Emily

    I got on here just PRAYING you guys had this!! I missed the live stream so I am SO glad you have this!!!! <3 Hanson.

  • annoyed

    You know, can Hypable please tag everything related to Darren Criss with a different post instead of Glee? Otherwise, please start updating about all (!) the other Glee actors and not just him. The very obvious bias towards Darren Criss gets very obvious and is annoying. You couldn’t even post about Chris Colfer having a movie premiere (a movie he wrote, produced and stared in) but Criss crashing a rehearsel in news worthy?!

    • NatalieFisher

      What, you mean like this? http://www.hypable.com/2012/04/21/chris-colfer-of-glee-receives-standing-ovation-for-his-film-struck-by-lightning/ – seeing as this was SBL’s ACTUAL premiere? Or perhaps you’re interested in the new details of LOS 2? http://www.hypable.com/2013/04/01/chris-colfers-land-of-stories-2-gets-title-and-release-date/

      This post is tagged for Glee, StarKid and Music – Glee just happens to show up as a main tag because it comes the first alphabetically. Because this is not a glee-specific or starkid-specific event, it gets both. We don’t have individual actor tags. We do cover other projects of the cast, but the fact is, most of them don’t do a lot of newsworthy things in the way that Darren does. They go to events, but we do not do posts (for anyone, of any fandom) based on just red carpet pictures. We only do that for award show fashion. When Darren goes somewhere, he tends to DO something, like a performance, that fans are keen to see. He also does things like this, on occasion, which are cute and fun and enjoyed by our readers, and if the others did similar things that were longer than a six-second Vine video, they’d get posted about too. He provides content.

      • Annoyed

        Oh no, I mean the other premier in December, where you only reported because Darren Criss attended and he revealed some Star Kids might show up in Glee. Chris was an afterthought. Or the vote for best TV actor were funnily enough only Darren Criss was presented as a choice for the male part of Glee.

        Look I am not asking you to stop reporting about him, but be fair within the Glee tag. Also you report so much about him (and Emma Watson, which is a different matter), so change the tag system and give them their own. Hypable is obviously biased when it comes those two. Not everyone is watching the show for him (shocking) and I expect unbiased reporting when he comes to news updates. Recaps/Opinions/Podcasts/etc are a different story as I can avoid them. There is most certainly an unfair balance of amount of reports between Criss and the rest of crew and I am not imagining it.

        About when Darren does something, he tends to do it… I am sorry, not everyone is his fan and agrees with that opinion. I find the video above rather uninteresting.

        I know you disagree with me anyway, it won’t change anything and people will dislike my opinion, but this damaging Hypable imagine overall and makes me wonder why I should visit this site. So yeah, it my choice to leave. But my opinion has merit and there is unfair and biased reporting happening. This should not happen. End.

        • Marie

          I kind of see your point (I was surprised by the lack of struck by lightning news, like when it was available on iTunes, and Dianna has done some films without really any talk I can remember about it, although I don’t pay much attention to her so idk). However, you said you can’t avoid reading the Darren news? The doesn’t make sense. It says his name in the title. If you aren’t interested in his work, or his news stories, you don’t have to click on it and read it. I’m not a huge fan of everything on Hypable, so I just ignore it.

          Also, it was fans voting on Darren for best actor. He has a large fan base on hypable, and still in Glee world, although I know not everybody likes him. The staff can’t be held accountable for that. Maybe he’s not the best actor out of all the people in that list, but that’s fan opinion. Just from poking around other hypable areas, Glee is one of the most popular fandoms on here, so it’s not surprising he won.

          • NatalieFisher

            I’ve actually tried to track down Dianna’s film news r: Malavita, but there is very little to report, just the fact that she’s going to be in it. No trailers, no synopsis, etc. The other films she has done were last released in 2011, before Hypable was really kicking.

          • Marie

            I just did a quick wiki look, and it seems like it’s something about the mafia and it’ll (alledgedly) be out in the US in October. It’s got Robert De Niro which is probably the only big thing about it, but yeah, there’s not a whole lot about it out, it seems.

          • Slightly Annoyed

            Okay, first of I am not complaining about him having fans or Hypable posting so much about him. I am not a silly fangirl who only wants to read about my favorites and the rest is supposed to be ignored. Furthermore, while I dislike Blaine, I do like Darren as an actor and person. I am not a dedicated fan, but I also do not hate him. Usually I also agree by just skipping the his news if they do not interest me. It is a rather easy task and so far it worked out fine.

            But I am annoyed by the uneven distribution of news. I am sorry Natalie, I do not mean it in a condescending or ‘Kurtsie crazy’ way (whom I admit is my favorite), but I do not believe for a second that a) Hypable wouldn’t have posted about the second premier if it would have been about Darren; b) the total lack of an promotion for SBL when it was released in ITunes and c) all the marketing with rather funny videos surrounding the movie (even though I have to admit that might have been covered by Hypable. I am not sure). It is not like SBL had a large amount of premieres or anything else. However, it is noteworthy that Darren crashes a studio but a movie released on ITunes is defined as unimportant? Please tell me you cannot see that it somehow unfair.

            To summarize: I am not asking to stop posting about Darren. Supply and demand and all the jazz. I get it. I also agree that it is my responsibility what I read/watch. I also am not asking about any news of the cast attending any events/private outings. I also agree Darren does more then the majority. But there are still other news items about the Glee cast (and I use SBL as it happened recently and was a very obvious dismissal that it wasn’t covered in any sense). My feelings are those unrelated Darren news tend to get ignored.

            I guess we have to agree to disagree anyway. I won’t hijack any other threads in the future, as I consider that to be rather immature from my side. I just really wanted to mention in once, as it was annoying me a lot during the last few weeks/month. I hope my point got across somehow and happy Darren shipping :).

          • NatalieFisher

            If you are talking about my coverage personally, my primary fandom, that I cover, is StarKid. I do the Glee recaps but I am not actually our lead Glee writer. Maybe there are more Darren stories because I grab them as part of StarKid coverage and other writers do not look at the external projects of the cast.

        • NatalieFisher

          Not sure what part of this you aren’t getting – we don’t cover every single premiere event for a film! We don’t cover the NY/LA/London/Toyko premiere of anything, except maybe the UK and US premiere of Harry Potter. We covered the ACTUAL Struck By Lightning premiere, in NYC, at Tribeca. The reason we did not cover the LA premiere is because it wasn’t the actual world premiere… that was Tribeca… which we covered. We aren’t going to make a new post for the premiere in each city about the same film.

          We’re most likely not going to change the tag system for individual actors. We’re a fandom site, not a celebrity site. I won’t deny there is bias, because we are fan-run. We cover what our writers are interested in, and what gets the most reaction from readers, so yeah, there is bias.

          You don’t have to like Darren… you don’t have to enter posts about him or watch the video.. which you said that you did. But the fact of the matter is he is a fan favorite AND he creates media content (like this, videos, something to talk about) rather than, as I said, the red carpet pics of other stars turning up to events, which are not news-worthy. You do not have to like the content, but he provides content that can be written about. If you do not like him don’t enter posts about him. It really is pretty simple. It isn’t as if we are not reporting on others, when they do something noteworthy. We obviously had personal posts about Cory and Heather this week as well. Stuff with Darren comes up more often because he does more.

  • Lindsey

    ‘i know how to do music stuff’
    oh Darren….

    this collaboration (?) is second only second to Kermit the Frog in my books :)

  • Marie

    “I can just jump in without practicing, just like on Glee!”

    Haha. Oh boy, Darren.

    Also, I haven’t kept up with Hanson since the 90s, so it’s weird seeing them as actual adults now.

    • NatalieFisher

      I don’t really follow them either, but they are, objectively, a very creative and interesting band. They produced a great documentary about their struggles to leave their major label due to creative control, and founding their own indie label. They’ve had an awesome career and seem to really do things the “right” way, with a lot of integrity. I dig it.

      • Marie

        That’s interesting. I do kind of like the song they were singing in this video, and it is definitely a step up from Mmmbop. Do you happen to remember the name of the documentary?

        • NatalieFisher

          Yeah, it’s called Strong Enough To Break. They’re definitely a proper indie-pop band now, I mean they’re in their late 20s and 30s and, they wrote that first album when they were like 10 – 13.

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