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Actor Liam Hemsworth, who stars as Gale in The Hunger Games film trilogy, has confirmed (perhaps unsurprisingly) that the whipping scene in Catching Fire is in the script.

It appears he even took a few real lashings. “My character gets whipped in this one. So I spent a couple of days on my knees getting whipped, which was pretty horrific,” he said while promoting a new clothing line.

Hemsworth also touched on director Francis Lawrence, who will direct the remainder of the films in The Hunger Games franchise (Catching Fire through Mockingjay – Part 2). “There’s a whole lot of great stuff in Catching Fire,” he said. “The characters are developing more; Francis Lawrence had a whole new take on it.”

Recent promotional art for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teases a sleek look for the film. Katniss and Peeta’s Victory Tour, which will take place at the start of the film, appears to feature a lot of white and silver.

Hemsworth wrapped up his discussion of Suzanne Collins’ book-to-film series by praising the work of Jennifer Lawrence, who was on an awards tear over the past few months thanks to her role in Silver Linings Playbook. “She’s one of the most energetic, fun-loving people I’ve ever met. Working with her on set is just easy because she’s so good and she’s just won all these huge awards so congratulations to her for that. She’s amazing.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in theaters November 22, 2013. Thanks to HungerGamesDWTC.net for the tip.

  • Plat

    Great to hear. I was thinking they might cut it out so glad to hear a confirmation.

  • Jill

    awww. This made me smile at the end.

  • EverthorninmyPeenis

    I’m glad they kept the whipping scene in there since after all out is one of THE most important scenes!

  • http://profiles.google.com/viandang Veevee .

    omg “‘[getting wiped] was pretty horrific,’ he said while promoting a new clothing line.”

    • Lindsey

      Getting “wiped” sounds creepy… ew

      • http://profiles.google.com/viandang Veevee .

        oops XD

  • Allison L.

    speaking from a kind of continuity stand point…what are they gonna do with Peeta’s leg? leave it un-amputated?

    • Cora

      Peeta missing a leg didn’t really come up or contribute very much in the next two books did it? I honestly always forget that happens anyway. I’d imagine they leave it un-amputated.

    • Lucy

      I mean honestly it was mentioned once in Catching fire and once in Mockingjay, so it’s easily something they could leave out

    • http://twitter.com/I_heart_Audrey I_Heart_Audrey

      This actually bothered me when I first saw the movie, I felt like it was really symbolic in the novels


  • Sofia Malik

    I thought Francis Lawrence already confirmed the whipping scene in an interview a few months ago

  • enele

    “[...] while promoting a new clothing line” – what’s that all about? i clearly missed something, didn’t i?

    • Migs

      He’s in the Philippines to promote a local clothing brand.

  • Me

    I’m so happy they kept it in. That’s one of my favorite parts of Catching Fire.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CelticFiddleChick Destiny Jacobson

    Re-reading Catching Fire right now. As I read, I keep wondering what’s in and what’s out. Good to know that that scene is still in.

  • http://twitter.com/CGuyOne Claudio Catino

    This was actually an official picture that came out last month. Gale with the two Peacekeepers, remember?

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