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Glee is back after a three week hiatus with “Girls (and Boys) on Film!” Let us know what you thought about the episode!

What did you think about Glee’s return from episode 14′s very dramatic major cliffhanger? Also, what did you think of the take of the movies theme throughout the show?

Glee returns next with the all new episode “Feud,” which also looks like it will be an interesting one!

Leave all your thoughts and comments about this week’s episode below and be sure to tune in to Glee Chat, the No. 1 Glee podcast in the world, for a recap of both this week’s episode “Girls (and Boys) on Film” as well as all the crazy news that has been coming out from Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele regarding the remainder of season 4 and what’s to come on season 5!

Catch the preview for next week’s new episode of Glee, titled “Feud”

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    I loved this episode. Super excited for next week’s episode too!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Santana and Kurt had the best scenes. Kadam forever. CWM was boring. Wemma was a little better than decent. The whole Jarley/Ryder triangle is getting somewhere finally. Shout was okay for a 500th number, but I wish their were more vocals to celebrate it.

  • tyler

    I think the boys won

  • go away, adam

    thank god for santana

  • theaterboy1

    LOVED this episode, though I confess I’ve never seen the movies these songs are from (unless you count the remake of Footloose)! I loved Santana in NYC with Kurt, Rachel, and Adam all snowed in! “Come What May” was a very beautiful scene. The boys’ mash-up was my favorite if I had to pick a side. Finn and Marley’s admission was so sad, but I expected Jake and Will to react the way they did (though in Marley’s case I prefer her with Ryder to be honest). I actually love Kurt with Blaine more than I do Kurt with Adam. Favorite performance though has to be “Footloose”!

  • http://twitter.com/fluflu44 Mandy Brennan

    OMG! Can we just talk about the fact that they’re going to sing both “Bye, Bye, Bye” AND “I Want It That Way” next week?!! I am freaking out. My 15 yr old self is legit bawling her eyes out and rolling on the floor with glee (no pun intended). SERIOUSLY. It’s about time!

    John – you mentioned to me a few weeks back that this would happen, I could seriously kiss you right about now.

    With that said.. I loved the episode. I love having Santana back, I really missed her. “Unchained Melody” was my undoing, I still believe the Broadway show does it the best, but that’s just my opinion.

    I have too much feels right now. I can’t even remember half of what I just saw… I need next week already!!

  • EpicNinja

    the amount of love triangles i swear to god

  • Melody


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646947665 Megan Slife

    Loved the “ain’t nobody got time for that” reference Finn made and the voice of fandom via Emma’s parents.

  • Kasia G. wilson

    todays amazing episode of the greatest show ever was very suspenseful, dramatic in a good way, funny, and as always EPICEPIC:)! loved it

  • Vanj203

    Santana was being such a b—- throughout the time they were snowed in and then she became exactly the person that Rachel needed after all the guys were gone. Seriously, she and Rachel are going to be great in NYC! Adam is such a sweet, sweet guy for Kurt but it feels like Kurt isn’t going to let Adam have a chance. I hope Marley and Ryder will get together now. The guys number was a true mash up, not to mention Sam without pants!!! CWM was a beautiful song. Shout was okay but for the 500th song, I wish it had been something more epic.

  • Kavitha

    If there were so many confessions in this episode, how the heck is 4×17 “Guilty Pleasures” going to be?

  • finnalltheway

    sooooooo what is going on with Rachel??? is she or is she not??

  • Erika

    I had a mini freak out when they referenced both Downton Abbey and Doctor Who!

    • http://www.facebook.com/paley.lewis Paley Lewis

      Me too!! and within the same minute haha

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The episode started off pretty good but had a blah ending. “Shout” was just really bad (one of those WTF numbers to me) as well as “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl”. I LOVED the boys’ mash-up and surprisingly liked “In Your Eyes”. “Unchained Melody” was boring but maybe just because the Jake/Marley/Ryder love triangle is a snooze-fest.

    I love having Santana back and it was fun to see Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Adam interact. I’m not sure how I feel about “Come What May”.

    Why, oh why, did Finn tell Will that he kissed Emma? They should have just moved on from that storyline. Finn doesn’t even like Emma romantically. He only did it to calm her down.

  • Marie

    1. Kitty’s apology to Marley was pathetic. What about the time you gave her bulimia? And Marley’s just “Oh, that’s cool.” No hurt feelings?
    2. Come What May is in the top 10 cheesiest things they’ve ever done. Were the slow motion flashbacks necessary?
    3. Really, the only thing I LOVED about this episode was Santana. Everything she said was true (except the part about going through people’s stuff). And then she was able to be really sweet and a good friend to Rachel. Perfection. Naya Rivera, you are perfect.
    4. The boys mash-up was the best, IMO. I also think it might’ve been a comment on the Glee Project. Maybe it’s just because Blake said something I thought that.
    5. I lol’ed when Emma’s parents talked about how the kids decide where to go to college the week before graduation.
    6. I kind of liked Wemma, and for a moment, I didn’t even find Will/Finn that creepy. But then Finn went into immature mode, and his acting was bad when he was confessing to Will. I find it ridiculous that Will is going to be literally pushing Finn in the next episode, and I’m so disappointed they will be the ones doing my boy band mash-up.
    7. Overall thoughts: Meh.
    8. Overall thoughts on Santana Lopez: You are the best thing ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515348470 Stephanie Godfrey

    I love the boys mash-up…for some reason the guys always do the best job with them. The girls…well I like the song, but I feel like they cheated because if I remember right Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend/Material Girl is already a mash-up in Moulin Rouge (its been a while since I’ve seen it). Not as original, but I think they still did a good job with it.

    I like how they barely focused on Rachel so its still a mystery to if she’s pregnant or not. I think Santana is right about Brodie….well not being a drug dealer…he’s definitely up to something and I don’t think its good. I also really liked seeing her comfort Rachel. That was sweet.

    • CliveRogan

      You’re right, they just stole the song from Moulin Rouge wholesale, even the lines that don’t make sense out of context like “Everything’s going so well” which isn’t even technically part of the song, but part of the conversation Satine and Zidler had in the middle of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    I have started to watch Glee (to some extent) on fast forward. Too many unnecessary musical numbers, too much of everything. I’m tired of love triangles stretched to the limit, and at the present moment all the storylines are incredibly predictable and (to me) boring. After a few eps it’s more than clear that the new characters are one-note and carbon copies of the old ones and, well, the old ones don’t get that much to do. Even one of the only fresh things – Kurt and his new beau – has been turned into a ‘I miss Blaine’ affair.
    I’m really sad that Glee, once an amazingly revolutionary and delicate show, has turned into this… :(
    Only positive thing about the episode: Rachel breaking down to Santana. I believe that Santana, in her own privacy-violating twisted way, really does care about Rachel and it was nice to see them share a moment.

  • jules

    Adam is worse than Blaine, willing to settle for second best when Kurt is so clearly still in love with Blaine and couldn’t even deny it when asked outright!! If I was Adam I would have said sort out your issues bro then get back to me. I literally wanted to jump through the screen yelling GET SOME SELF RESPECT DUDE! Adam is a pointless plot point to make all the fangirls swoon when Blaine and Kurt eventually get back together (which seriously, we all know they will)

    • Sofia

      What makes it worse to me is that line Kurt said about desperately wishing he was over Blaine and saying what he and Blaine had seems a “lifetime ago” (which sounded incredibly similar to Rachel referring to her peers still in Lima as “those kids in Ohio.” Please, Rachel. She only graduated high school last year. Kurt couldn’t keep his hands off Blaine at the wedding, barely touches Adam and just had elaborate waking dream of “Come What May”, which Kurt clearly had an intense emotional reaction, while Adam is sitting right there next to him). Coupled with everything else Kurt seems to be keeping from Adam about his relationship with Blaine and Kurt’s blatant lie of Adam not being a rebound? Kurt basically told Adam to his face, “I’m using you to try to get over Blaine.” Adam is refusing to put 2+2 together because he seems all too desperate to cling to the belief he has a real chance. Except he is the rebound, he’s being used by Kurt as a distraction from his complicated relationship with Blaine and some part of him has to realize that. And seems clear he doesn’t want to settle for friendship even if, I agree, if he had any dignity he’d have suggested being just friends until Kurt came to him truly ready to start dating again, which Kurt clearly isn’t. Instead, Adam is suggesting they “find a romantic movie of their own” (and like too many textbook doomed rebounds in stories, not realizing how poor a strategy it is trying to copy the stuff the person used to do with their ex and things that were special between the person and their ex). Also the fact the character is, so far, tantamount to nice guy saying nice things and doing nice things? Dooms him further in a show like “Glee”. Nice characters are eaten alive in this series, when the regular characters aren’t assholes (lovable assholes as most of them are, but they’re still assholes), they have some kind of major flaw(s) in one way or another. For this, Adam isn’t only coming off as the odd-man-out in the complicated Klaine dynamic, but also odd-man-out among Kurt’s close friends (Rachel and Santana). Though, ironically, for all Santana, being Santana, doesn’t care about feelings getting hurt, revealing Kurt’s history with “Come What May” and nearly revealing Kurt’s wedding hook-up with Blaine, SHE’S being more honest to Adam than Kurt’s being. Even if I don’t think that was about Adam at all, but Santana seeing right through Kurt and calling him on just how much he’s lying to himself and knowing how guilty Kurt’s going to feel when he finally figures some things out. Realizing he has been leading on this nice person who befriended him in NYADA, who didn’t and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Santana may not care about Adam, but I think she’d know Kurt would care about hurting someone and how Kurt’s needlessly complicating an already complicated and confusing situation for himself.

  • http://twitter.com/Paris_falls Alison

    I am so confused about all my Klaine feels. Does it feel to anyone else like RIB is just punishing us with drawn out nonsense and plots we don’t care about (i.e newbies)? With all the news of Season 5 pitches I cannot see how Klaine can be back together before the season ends without it being rushed and stupid. Deary me.

  • Megan

    I’m officially a Santana fan with her referencing Doctor Who!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    I think my emotions have finally stabilized from Come What May.

  • Brennan

    couldn’t tell if will was about to punch finn or start making out with him at the end…

  • http://twitter.com/kimberpower Kimberlie Haner

    Remember how Sue has a baby? Yeah, me neither.

  • Lili

    Clumsy. The whole thing was just jumpy and weird. The Santana-Rachel scene was good, and so were the Klaine and Kadam and Emma’s parents’ scenes. All the World to Me and Moulin Rouge were good too. The rest of it was just weird. Also, I’m sick of Marley. She’s like an only-vaguely sympathetic Bella Swan.

  • Septima

    I love how Glee does ridiculous TV things and then goes and points them out in later episodes. For example they’ve recognized: Rachel changing from a sheltered school girl into a mature diva in a month, Tina changing style over and over again and being forgotten by the writers, the original glee kids returning to McKinley all the time, the kids not considering college and their futures until months after application deadlines, and more. They even mentioned a while back how the band kids and piano player are always ready for the glee kids whenever. The writers’ recognition of their own ridiculous developments and plot points is something I love about Glee.

    Also, I just wanna say that they’ve starting to make a good comeback with this season. Season 1 was amazing, S2 was awful, S3 was better, but this Season’s writing might be the best since S1.

  • carolyn

    I loved the episode, I do agree that the boys did a better job on there mash up over the girls. I also loved in “shout” how poor Vanessa had Darren’s butt in her face while they were singing lol

  • brit

    I think they tackled almost every item you can think of…. I think they better stop after season 4 because it is becoming awkward… (even though I loved it )

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