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Today, the cover art for Glee’s upcoming episode “Girls (and Boys) on Film” made its way online. (Song spoilers ahead!)

Check out the cover art for 4×15 “Girls (and Boys) on Film” below sent in from a Hypable fan using Freegal, a music subscription service:

Come What May Diamonds are a girl's best friend & Material Girl Footloose Old Time Rock & Roll  & Danger Zone Unchained Melody In Your Eyes

According to Freegal and GleeOutBR, which has had a history of correctly reporting song titles and performances, the songs being featured on 4×15 “Girls (and Boys) on Film” are:

- “Come What May” from the movie musical Moulin Rouge, performed by Kurt and Blaine.
- “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” / “Material Girl” from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Madonna, performed by Marley and Unique.
- “Footloose” from the original movie musical Footloose, performed by Artie, Sam and Joe.
- “You’re all the World to Me” from the movie Royal Wedding, performed by Will and Emma.
- “In Your Eyes” from the movie Say Anything, performed by Will and Unique.
- “Shout” from the movie Animal House, performed by Blaine, Brittany and New Directions.
- “Unchained Melody” from the movie Ghost, performed by Ryder and Jake.
- “Old Time Rock and Roll” / “Danger Zone,” from the movies Risky Business and Top Gun, performed Sam and Blaine.

It looks like the music from this episode is going to be a lot of fun when Glee returns on March 7! Do any of these songs stick out to you? Which song are you most excited to see performed? We can’t wait to see the Blam performance of “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “Danger Zone.”

See if you can figure out which performances match which songs in this gallery of photos from upcoming 4×15 “Girls (and Boys) on Film.”

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Eh. This might be a bad episode with music like this.

  • Ben

    The “Diamond’s are a Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl” mash-up is actually from Moulin Rouge as well, although the songs are originally from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Madonna respectively.

    • Kathryn

      This! Glee does not deserve the credit for the mash-up.

    • http://twitter.com/theaterandi Adele Ivy

      The have been saying that they are doing a Moulin Rouge tribute so, they have given credit.

  • Marie

    Will and Unique singing together? Interesting…and it’ll make Will look pathetic.

    I except Unique to be awesome on the Diamonds/material Girl mash-up. Marley will be ok, I guess.

    I am kind of dreading Come What May. That song is so cheesy, and I don’t get why people are so stoked for it.

    Blam duet? Of course! Ugh, I wish Blam would happen. I honestly think they’d be more compatible than Klaine.

  • Isistelle


  • Kim

    Yeah all I see is Blaine Blaine Blaine. The last time this happened (Dynamic Duets) it got the lowest ratings ever on glee. So I have ever low expectations for this episode. I’m only looking forward to the NY storyline with Santana Rachel and Kurt

    • mirna

      That episode did air on thanksgiving though, at a time most people have dinner…its a fact Blaine songs get most of the downloads on the show. And it is only three songs out of the eight

      • Marie

        Exactly what I was about to say, Mirna. I think I Do was pretty low too because of Valentine’s Day. Blaine is obviously pretty popular, and if you’re not a Darren fangirl (guilty), I can see how having Blaine sing a lot can be frustrating. Frankly, I’d rather hear him sing a lot than Rachel, but I suppose in general they probably should figure out a more even spread.

    • snuffles44

      not gonna lie, I just skimmed the whole list for the blaine songs.

  • katelyn

    I’m sorry… but who even watches Glee anymore?

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    Jake and Ryder singing Unchained Melody? I know this is going to be about Marley, but can we pretend that they’re singing to each other???

    • Marie

      Gosh, there needs to be at least a joke about how gay they are together. Because they’re TOTALLY secretly gay for each other.

  • Shelley

    A nice variety. I’m looking forward to two songs – Come What May and Old Time Rock and Roll/Danger Zone because I’m interested in the storyline involving Kurt & Blaine as well as Blaine & Sam.

  • lorepottter

    I love Ryder i do, but Unchained Melody is for Blaine or FInn or Kurt they are the ones who deserve to sing that powerful song

  • Samantha

    Man, seems weird Rachel isn’t singing a heartfelt potential-pregnancy related ballad.

    Also skeptical about Unchained Melody.

  • Miranda Eliza hannigan

    Blaine and kurt are the couple who need to stay together not blaine and Sam Sam is not gay at all

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