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Following comments from author John Green and producer Wyck Godfrey this morning that big news was on the way for The Fault In Our Stars movie, Hypable can now confirm that Shailene Woodley is under consideration for the role of Hazel.

We confirmed with a source close to Woodley this morning that while she has not been cast, she is being considered.

This, on top of the fact that Shailene Woodley retweeted John Green about big news, appears to suggest that a deal is near final. The rumors were first uncovered when Leaky News noticed Green followed Woodley on Twitter.

We’ll keep you updated on any more developments as they’re made official!

Shailene Woodley: A good choice for Hazel?

The actress is currently one of Hollywood’s rising stars. She has been cast in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Mary Jane and Divergent as Tris, following a solid performance in The Descendants.

Aforementioned tweets from Green and Godfrey (who plugged us in the same tweet) are as follows:


The Fault in Our Stars is John Green’s young adult novel which follows the heartbreaking story of Hazel and Gus. Just this week it hit the number one spot on the New York Times Bestsellers list – again. Producers are hoping to begin filming later this year, as Godfrey told us several months ago.

  • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

    She would be great! She was awesome in The Descendants and the Sundance film I saw, The Spectacular Now. She does a great job of portraying true-to-life teenagers. (At least on film. I can’t say much about SLOTAT, but I think the writing made everyone on that show terrible)

  • Jake

    It’s so funny that she went from that God-awful TV show to Divergent and now The Fault in Our Stars. I hope she gets it, because I feel like she could be great. Or really bad. I haven’t seen The Descendants, so I wouldn’t know how her acting REALLY is.

    • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

      It was excellent.

  • Lotte

    This is an honest and in no way meant to be trashing question: how does she get all those great parts??!

    So far I am indifferent. I just know a really special actress (and actor for Gus) need to be cast. Not sure about Shailene, but I am always happy when someone convinces me with a stunning performance.

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      “This is an honest and in no way meant to be trashing question: how does she get all those great parts??!” My guess is that she’s giving GREAT auditions.

      • Lotte

        Obvious answer to a rather stupid question of mine :).

        So, I guess she’ll do a great job. I am just excited to finally see the movie.

  • Val

    No. Just no. Isn’t it enough that she was cast as Tris in Divergent?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000508407296 Luke Payne

      Thank you!

    • Talie

      She already ruined the Divergent movie for me. Why does she have to ruin my absolutely favourite book’s movie, too?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ike-Bork/100002296128753 Ike Bork

        You haven’t even fracking seen the movies yet!

        • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

          lol exactly, I don’t understand how the movie can be ruined when they haven’t even filmed anything yet.

          • fel

            because she is a bad actress lol

          • Crazy-Eight23

            She’s not a bad actress. The Descendants was really good.

      • thatscraaaazy

        Just out of curiosity, what do you have against her? She’s a very good actress, have you seen The Decedents?

        • fel

          yeah, there was nothing to award there

        • http://twitter.com/theaterandi Adele Ivy

          She’s very whiny (in all her roles, I’ve seen her entire body of work) which is something that Hazel absolutely cannot be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • asdf

          I don’t like her bc she just doesn’t look like she would make a good Hazel. I was hoping for someone with a more subtle beauty instead of model- like beauty, which Shailene has.

          • thatscraaaazy

            I don’t exactly know what you mean by subtle beauty. If you ask me, shailene looks pretty spot on to how Hazel is physically described in the book, other than her haircut.

      • Megan B

        I know the feeling, my mom is obsessed with Secret Life. My dad and i are glad its finally ending.

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    I have to read this book. I’m am growing impatient with myself.

  • Slizabeth

    She can’t play every young adult role coming in the next few years… Spread the wealth! (That being said, she was great in The Decendants and will be a great Tris.)

  • irone

    how is she getting so many great parts? I have yet to see her in any great performance (I hated the Descendants). that being said, I’ve only seen a bit of her work; I think she has potential though, so maybe she’ll surprise us all? (I hope so, I would hate for them to ruin such a beautiful story.)

  • A.

    Why? I was hoping an up comer would get it? She’s already got Tris and Spider-Man. Greedy.

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      They’re the ones who chose her. It would be dumb to turn down such great opportunities.

  • Em

    While she’s not my first choice for Hazel, Shailene’s performance in “The Descendants” was excellent, and I’m sure if she’s cast in TFiOS she’ll do a great job as well.

  • http://www.twitter.com/starlysh Lysh

    I liked her in the Descendants, but she’s playing Tris in Divergent and she seems very opinionated on who should play Four. So maybe? I don’t know.

  • Mark

    She was very good in the Descendants and her new film is getting great reviews. I think she’ll be brilliant! :)

  • A.

    I wanted Mae Whitman or Taissa Farmiga. This is so annoying. Shailene is grabbing them all.

    • Glaciusx

      I wanted Taissa!!! So perfect for Hazel. Shailene makes me want to rip my eyes out.

    • nerdfighter

      Mae Whitman was literally born for the role. She fits basically everything that the book described Hazel to look like.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.fincutter Patrick Fincutter

    ugh no… It should be Emma Watson as Hazel and Andrew Garfield as Agustus! how perfect would they be?!?!?!

    • RumbleroarLuna

      OMG yes. I’ve also thought Emma would be great, and now that I think of it Andrew Garfield would make a good Augustus (plus, I just remembered, I did an art project based on TFiOS and his shoot for Teen Vogue was what I used for Augustus. I cut out his face, though) They’d both have to do accents, though. But they’ve both proven they can.

      • johngreenismyspiritanimal

        No, no no. No.

  • https://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    Just no.

  • Susie

    no! a book like tfios should not be treated like any other young adult novel being turned into a movie that producers want to make money out of and will therefore cast any famous twenty something year old to make it successful.

    • thatscraaaazy

      And will therefore cast an incredibly talented young woman who was in a multiple-academy award winning film?

  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    I’m indifferent because the only thing I’ve seen her in is Secret Life, which isn’t that great of a show, so she can’t do much with her character there.

    But she has all of these amazing roles in movies I’m highly anticipating, so I’m excited to see how she does. If she keeps nabbing these kinds of roles, she must be talented and auditioning very well.

  • Donna


  • Sarah


  • http://twitter.com/LiamFloyd Liam Floyd

    The Divergent in Our Stars. Wait no. The Fault in Our American Teenager. No… The Fault in Our Diverg– DAMMIT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noelle-Braaten/1368928376 Noelle Braaten

    How would the filming even work out for this and Divergent? Aren’t both supposed to as soon as summer?

    • thatscraaaazy

      I imagine that a film like TFiOS wouldn’t take that long to film.

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      Filming for Divergent starts in April and lasts for 60 days, so she’ll be done by summer.

  • georgina Phelps

    Guys, calm down she’s only being considered, she might not get the part! Hopefully she won’t, I really don’t think she’ll make a good Hazel.

    • Inertia

      I agree. She was good in The Descendants, but I cannot picture her playing Hazel well at all.

  • Tristan

    Horrible Choice.

  • http://twitter.com/jackiewhitus Jackie Whitus

    I wanted Mae Whitman. While I’m sure she would do a good job as Hazel, she already has one fandom movie under her belt, why go for a second? Let someone get a turn.

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      I’m guessing she probably doesn’t consider TFIOS as a huge fandom movie. The Amazing Spider-Man is a huge franchise and Divergent is most likely going to be as well, but TFIOS is a stand-alone movie. I’m not sure how they’re going to market it, but maybe it’ll be like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which wasn’t heavily advertised and had a limited release. Asking why she’s doing more than one fandom movie would be like asking why Emma Watson is in both Harry Potter and Perks.

      • http://twitter.com/jackiewhitus Jackie Whitus

        The only reason I qualifed TFiOS as being a fandom movie is just because of the deep following Nerdfighteria has. And I do agree that it will probably be advertised like Perks but who knows what’s going to happen after that.

      • RumbleroarLuna

        Ooh now I want it to be marketed like Perks because then you know most of the people who would go see it are fans. My friends and I went to see Perks on opening night at one of the theaters, and it was full, and you could tell a lot of people were people who cared. I want TFiOS to be like that.

  • Glaciusx

    HELL TO THE NO. She’s already ruined one of my favorite books, don’t ruin another!!!

  • http://twitter.com/natural_wizard Merril Cunitz

    I think she’d do a good job. When I saw Descendents (a movie I didn’t really like) I remember saying wow who is that girl she is wonderful. Now having her be the star of two huge fandoms that are releasing movies in the same time frame (as far as I know) doesn’t seem like a good idea. So I’m not exactly sad about the news but I do agree with those that have been saying that Mae Whitman would have been perfect for this role.

  • bethanny23

    no no no no no .

  • Amelia

    Looking at her, I do not envision Hazel that way, and if I see her as Hazel on screen, I don’t think I’ll ever see the Hazel I have in my minds eye again. I know, we all imagine her differently, but this is not Hazel, the body frame, the face, no. I will not be happy if she is Hazel and will not be as excited to see the film.

  • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

    ‘She ruined Divergent. Don’t ruin this.’

    A’ight. A’IGHT. You know what? I’m going to ignore fan reactions to casting from here on out. This same shit happened with Jennifer Lawrence but no one learned from that. No one has SEEN Shailene as Tris yet. Shailene’s personality and her past work has NOTHING to do with how she’ll play Tris, or how well she would play Hazel. Everyone needs to chill the fiery f*** out until they have a reason for all this hate. Or, no, they don’t. I just need to accept that his will always happen when it comes to casting for book adaptions. People brutalize the guy/girl and then bite their toungues when they’re proved wrong (which they often are). It will be fun, if she turns out being amazing, to look back on this, like those first few weeks after Jennifer was cast as Katniss. How fast people went from ‘Dumb blonde, she’s ruined The Hunger Games for me’ to ‘SHE’S PERFECT’, and the turning point was SEEING her as Katniss. No one has any actually good reason to be this aggresive toward the girl. Calm yo shit, fandoms. Breath. Stop acting like jerks. At least wait until there’s a valid reason to say she’s ‘ruined’ a VERSION of a story. Yeesh.

    • thatscraaaazy


  • Allie


  • Jessica

    This is great. Shailene gets so much flack for The Secret Life but her performance in the Descendants shows that she can do an amazing job with amazing material. Which, I have no doubt the TFiOS script is. If the August choice is just as good (and a personal preference of mine, not some large hunky guy, but just a regular attractive young adult) then I think that this movie is on track to be a contender next awards season.

  • cww99

    She looks like how i pictured Hazel in the book, and I have heard great things about her performance in The Descendants, but for me personally it will be really hard to separate her from her other roles. Like, I don’t want to see Hazel in the movie and think of Tris or Mary Jane Watson or the girl from Secret Life. It seems like she’s snatching up all the coveted roles in Hollywood these days. This must mean she’s a great actress though, so ill be happy if she is cast.

  • ForFrodo

    Kinda wanted a newbie…

    • jess

      open casting would be amazing. it would give unknown actors and actresses a chance.

      • thatscraaaazy

        No, I don’t think a cattle call would be good for this kid of movie. You need a real talent that you can be sure of for a role like Hazel

  • Megan

    Everyone should stop judging her before you’ve seen the movies: look at the roles she is choosing. These are books you enjoy, and clearly she does too, so why would you judge her for choosing roles you yourself would want to play?

  • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

    She was fantastic in The Descendants I was skeptical because Secret Life is just bad, but it turns out she is a really good actress if you give her a well written script. (go figure)

  • fruttivendolo

    I was hoping for an unknown actress, a fresh face. Hopefully that will still be an option.

  • Alissa

    No!!!! I’ll admit to have never seen her act, but she looks nothing like Hazel or Tris. And from interviews, I just can’t imagine her playing either character. Mae Whitman would be better for Hazel!

  • Cora

    Wow, so much hate for her! This makes me so sad! She was so good in The Descendants and juuuust missed out on an Oscar nomination last year! Seriously people, she is a talented actress. Just because she is doing a lame TV show doesn’t show all her talent. Many talented actors/actresses do terrible stuff from time to time (Amy Adams in Leap Year, Nicole Kidman in Just Go With It, George Clooney in Batman..). I’m not saying Shailene is a great actress, but cut her some slack, she’s snagging roles, obviously she’s got some talent! Give the movie a chance before you tear it to pieces over casting, or I may just make the cliche reference of saying Jennifer Lawrence, in the Hunger Games. No one liked her either if I remember.

  • Cora

    At this point, after all the casting for a gazillion YA books, you’d think people would always be expecting people they aren’t happy with for castings? Good luck with the casting of Augustus. Don’t expect to be happy with that one either, seems no one ever is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Sa Liliana Sa

    All I’m saying is she has worked hard to get where she is…..this isn’t like she jsut got famous and nobody knows her work…..give her credit where it goes…..the secret life might have bombed but that was not her fault rather the writers

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    1, She is UP for the part, not officially cast yet.
    2. I personally loved her in The Descendants.
    3. She might surprise us all.
    4. John is excited about her. He did create Hazel Grace, I’m pretty sure he knows who would be good for that character.
    5. And most importantly, NOTHING IS SET IN STONE YET.

  • Kristi

    She’s not a bad actress, she’s actually pretty good.. it’s just REALLY? Does she have to get EVERY big upcoming movie role for a young female actress?
    I’m alright if she gets cast, but I’d rather have someone else

  • CH

    “Ew. No.” Is my first reaction.
    A completely underwhelming choice, not at all how I imagined Hazel.
    I was hoping for Mae Whitman.

  • Katie

    I really hope not…

  • Dino

    Hypable i suggest you follow josh boone @writersmovie on twitter bec he’s been tweeting that very big news is coming and just followed @wyckgodfrey isabelle furhman shailene n john green he also RTD john green. If boone is involved cd logan lerman be in play for augustus

  • Virginia


  • Jess

    Tris…Mary-Jane…Hazel…I have nothing against Shailene Woodley (I haven’t seen any of her work), but this feels weird. It’s like I’ll be seeing two other characters every time I watch Divergent, Spider-Man 2, or TFIOS. I’m hoping dearly she does all of these roles well because I really don’t want the movies to be ruined.

  • Morgan

    You know, it’s a shame that fandoms do this. Maybe this or that actor isn’t The Character you pictured when you read the book, but then most books aren’t written with a specific person in mind to play the role when/if the book gets published and made into a film.

    I belong to a lot of fandoms so I have heard this before: Emma Watson was too pretty to play Hermione. Had someone told me the rapist from Atonement was about to play Sherlock Holmes, I probably would have thought twice about bothering to watch. When I heard Barty Crouch Jr. was The Doctor, I figured it was a good thing I went through my Who phase in college. Guess what? They are all terrific in those roles.

    Guessing who will be cast in a film is fun. Worrying about it is pointless unless you are personally involved in the production. If the author/writers, director and producer are happy with the actor’s look and potential to faithfully present that character, then trust them to have made a good choice, not only for the role, but for the success of the film.

    If i hadn’t read the article and was just going by the comments, I would have thought I’d stumbled upon a Kristen Stewart hate thread. “I hated what she did with that other role! She can’t have ALL the good young female leads! She should leave some for other people!” Let me tell you, there are plenty of parts and even more actors to fill them. But it’s going to come down, in the end, to who is going to plant butts in the seats. It would be cool to have an unknown who won’t bring the baggage of previous roles with them. (This is a fallacy – if they nab a good role, it doesn’t mean it’s their first. It’s much more likely that they’ve spent years shuffling between acting coaches and jobs that range from Patient-in-ICU-Bed-#3 to ads for Old Navy. YOU just don’t know that.) But producers and movie studios want people to actually shell out money to see the final product. If they didn’t, they’d be happy for it to run at art houses, garnering film festival accolades instead.

    That’s why we see the same faces on the big screen; they are the box office draw. We should be thrilled that someone with so few ‘big’ roles behind her is a person of interest for TFiOS. At least we have a ‘body of work’ for reference, whether for bad or good. A true unknown would be just that, and then there really would be a casting fuss. Evanna Lynches are exceedingly rare.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am an older, B2.0 Nerdfighter with a degree in theater and film and strong opinions on both. I did indeed watch Doctor Who in college – #4 was my first. I enjoy John Green’s books, but my copy of TFiOS is still on the shelf where my daughter left it when she finished it – I have not cracked it yet. Nor have I seen Secret Life or The Descendents, so I may be the least invested, and therefore most objective, person on here. Will I see this film? Absolutely. Will I read the book first? Hell, yes. If it’s a book to begin with, I read it before I see it. Will I picture Shailene Woodley when I do? I doubt it, but I won’t let that stop me from enjoying her performance in the film.

    • skylar

      100% agreed.

  • percy
  • Kiana

    The Descendants was a great movie and I really liked her in it. I just didn’t really like her other roles. So she has the potential to be a good actress…

  • RumbleroarLuna

    But she’s Tris already. I nominate Emma Watson, Tessa Netting, Bryarly Bishop, or someone else along those lines. And Joey Richter, Grant Gustin, Charlie McDonnell, or Brian Rosenthal as Augustus. And I just had another idea, too: Meredith Stepien and Brian Holden. But I think Charlie and Bryarly would be adorable, and it would tie back to Nerdfighteria too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

    Literally the worst choice. Her work dose net reflect an ability to bring Hazel Grace’s spirit and strength to life. Can we please just get Mae Whitman.

  • thatscraaaazy

    I frankly feel like everyone’s upset that they aren’t going to have their dreamcasts…and, just as frankly, I can’t really judge because I almost cried when Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t cast as Cinna…which in hindsight…like, whatever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katharine.smith.73 Katharine Smith

    I think she will make a great Tris! I’m not sure why but I can just SEE her as Tris…. Hazel not so much. I feel like it’s going to take a special person to play Hazel…. I just don’t see Shailene in the role. I could be wrong though,I’m sure they will cast the right person

  • Al

    Someone better could be found!

  • Tara

    I think she’s a very good actress, but I just don’t see her as Hazel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1170803926 Jessica Nicole Harper

    I will die if she plays the role. I’m sick to my stomach even thinking about it. TFIOS is my favorite book, and as an actress, it’s my dream to play Hazel. Now, I know that’s such a ridicuous dream, but if I can’t play Hazel, at least pick someone who can actually act.

  • Lila

    Well, personally, I think it would be absolutely amazing for the TFiOS movie to have an open casting where they have people who aren’t discovered be a part of the cast. It would be quite a lot of work, but there could potentially be actors and actresses out there who can play the parts of Hazel and Augustus beautifully without having the movie become “ruined.” The people that understand the book the most are the fans of the book, and it would give them a chance to play the part. Shailene Woodley might not appeal to some people, but I could see her as Hazel. Don’t judge the way she will act as Hazel before you SEE her acting as Hazel first. If John Green approves of her and Josh Boone approves of her, she must be good.

    • Nisa

      I agree with open casting. But I was hoping that Taissa Farmiga or Mae Whitman would play Hazel. Taissa was AMAZING in American Horror Story. Mae Whitman was great in Perks. They’re also both relatively unknown, so this role would do both of them good. They’re also both beautiful in that subtle way, and Shailene seems a bit too “perfect” for Hazel. Makeup could probably make her seem less perfect, but I think Taissa and Mae were born for the role.

      • Tally

        Both of you are how i feel right now. But the people below that are saying that LOGAN LERMAN should play the part of Augustus? No. Just, no. He has a pretty strong 11-year old fanbase, and I really don’t want that to be the cause of popularity for the Fault in Our Stars. Please, don’t even say that. He is not how I pictured Augustus at all.

  • Lina

    Mae Whitman always. Even if the movie comes out and I watch it, I will always picture Hazel as her.

  • Ellie

    I want someone SPECIAL to be Hazel, not just the same person being Tris and Mary-Jane. As much as I love Spiderman and Divergent, the actress for TFiOS has to be someone really special.

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