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By Natalie Fisher (@nataliefisher) at 11:00 am, February 15, 2013

This week on Glee, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s finally the wedding of Mr Schuester and Miss Pillsbury. Of course, there’s no way it could possibly all go smoothly. Read our full recap of “I Do” below:

Because Finn only has two friends in the world – Rachel and Mr Schuester – he chooses the one who is not engaged to marry Emma to offload his feelings to about, you know, kissing Emma. He clearly feels terrible about it, and is still stunned. Rachel, who is back in Lima for the wedding, advises him against telling Will. She tries to console him, saying that what he’d done “wasn’t great” but that it was understandable, and a little condescendingly, explains that it was probably due to Finn being lonely, and upset about hearing of Rachel and Brody’s cohabitation. Finn tells her that, actually, not every single feeling or action on God’s green earth revolves around Rachel Berry, and at that, Rachel’s care-factor turns to zero. She fake-nicely tells him to practice his acting skills and play “Supportive Best Man,” and leaves Finn to his misery, glaring at him with contempt when his back is turned. Finn then goes to Emma herself, to try and talk about his feelings, but she is a nervous wreck, still struggling with wedding plans by herself despite the fact that Will has returned home, and assuaged with her own guilt about lying to her fiancé  She tells Finn, in no uncertain terms, to “get over it” and that if he really wants to help her, he will keep away. This is the exact opposite of what I want to hear, especially because their conversation is, once again, incredibly level and adult in a way that I never in a million years expected, but that I am now obsessed with. Oblivious Schuester finds them together in Emma’s office and scoops up Finn for glee rehearsal, ignoring Emma’s pleas for help with the seating chart.

The glee club welcomes Schuester back, and – I’m shocked, who saw this one coming?! – announces the week’s assignment to be “Help Me With My Wedding.” He asks Finn if, as his best man, he will sing a song instead of giving a speech, and he informs the kids that they will need to find some romantic songs to sing at the reception. “Wait, you want us to be your wedding singers? That is so la-” “Awesome,” Blaine diplomatically interrupts a sulking Tina. “We’d be honoured ” Wait, so let’s see. Emma is doing everything for this wedding, and the only thing Will helps out with is something that is a) actually getting others to do it for him, and b) part of his day job anyway? Go and help your girlfriend write the goddamn seating chart, Schuester, at least pretend that you love her more than you love the glee club. Later, Finn, either out-of-character sarcastically, or completely ridiculously, tells Rachel that he has narrowed down his song choices to “Confessions” by Usher, “My Best Friend’s Girl,” or “Lying Eyes” by the Eagles, going on to say that he doesn’t think he can go through with being Will’s best man. Rachel assures him that it will be fine, and that she will sing with him if he likes – they can do a duet on which she takes the lead and he just sways in the background. Finn matches Rachel’s condescension shot-for-shot, saying that maybe Rachel can’t handle singing with him, due to their infamous musical chemistry. She rolls her eyes, but they are smiling at each other and Rachel admits that while she thinks she can control herself, Finn does look very cute right now. Yes, yes he does. She composes herself and with authority tells Finn that she’ll pick out a song for them.

The next day, Emma briefs Artie on her niece Betty, as she wants him sit next to her at the wedding. “She’s blonde, she’s an amazing singer, and she has, um, very large, uh..” “Feet?” Artie asks curiously. “Boobies,” Emma tells him, and now all I want for the rest of my life is to watch Jayma Mays say “boobies” over and over again. Artie looks rather delighted at the prospect of his date, but asks if Emma is quite okay, as, while this conversation has been going on, she has been obsessively scrubbing out his locker. She apologises, calling it a bit of normal, bridal, pre-wedding stress, but Artie looks sceptical.

Jake and Marley pass behind them and we cut to their conversation, where Marley excitedly hands over an early Valentine’s Day gift – customised cuff links that she’d hand-made from old typewriter keys, for Jake to wear to the wedding. Jake, very impressed, thanks her and tells her that he can’t wait to give her his gift. They kiss and as she skips off happily, Ryder claps his bro on the shoulder, suspecting correctly that Jake was not quite as prepared as he’d just played off. “Dude, you did her something, right?” Jake says that he hasn’t, yet, but that he has some ideas, stuff he’d been brainstorming with his brother. We get a flashback of Puck offering Jake some truly terrible and gross Valentine’s plans, and Ryder, who is as gently honest as he is handsome, calls it as he sees it: “I know you’re like, related to that guy, but he’s kind of creepy and currently dating a sophomore, alright? I’m not letting you do any of that.” Jake says he doesn’t have any other ideas and doesn’t know how to do this, and Ryder says that he is going to help him out and provide some ideas to give Marley a “Valentine’s Week” that she will remember for the rest of her life. Jake thanks Ryder and Ryder plays it off as no big deal, but as Jake leaves for class, Ryder heaves a private sigh, clearly because he is still in love with Jake himself. Wait, I mean Marley. Marley. But really, Glee lucked out on the chemistry of these two, Jacob Artist and Glee Project winner Blake Jenner, because they have more naturalistic interactions and chemistry than any of the other actors on the show currently.

Later, when Jake comes into Marley and Ryder’s history class, (taught by Mr Schue, the lesson is on the history of the bald eagle, which… doesn’t seem like an actual history-class topic) they put Ryder’s first plan into practice. We spy Ryder’s red suit pants and boots under his track suit and he taps his foot nervously, watching the clock. Marley, sitting behind him, asks what is going on with him. “Nothing’s going on, what could be going on? It’s history class.” He punctuates this with a simultaneous grin and thumbs-up and my friends, there is no way to do the delivery of this line justice in the format of the written word, except to say that my extreme fondness for this character has hit full-blown romantic love. I have broken up with my TV boyfriend Sam Evans. His position has been filled by Ryder Lynn. The magic continues when Jake – band in tow – comes in, wearing a red tux, and after a word to Schuester, announces himself to the class. Ryder continues the farce as the pair talk back to one another in a purposefully dictated manner. “Wow, that’s so crazy and emotionally vulnerable, I had no idea! Oh wait..” he slips back into a normal tone – “yes I did.” He unzips his jacket, revealing a matching tux, and joins Jake for the performance. Artie and my ex-boyfriend Sam also enter from outside the room, again in the awful red suits, and the group perform the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell hit “You’re All I Need To Get By,” with Marley joining in to sing the female lead. By the way, speaking of Marvin and Tammi, how is it possible that this show has never done “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough?” Ever? Anyway, Marley is just thrilled to bits with the song, as is Mr Schuester – any excuse to avoid actual teaching! Oh, wait, on closer inspection of the whiteboard his lesson seems to be about the history of the bald eagle as America’s symbol, which makes a modicum of sense. Sorry for doubting you, I guess, Glee. Jake high-fives Ryder, thanking him again, and Ryder once again has a little kicked-puppy moment.

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  • Bethany

    This is quite possibly one of my favorite episodes of Glee, ever. I feel like this is the Glee I fell in love with.. silly, fun, romantic, etc. I liked it. Definitely my favorite of season 4, followed by The Break Up.

    I thought Darren and Chris were great last night with their chemistry – I think it’s the most comfortable we’ve ever seen them on screen together, which was great for their characters. There were a lot of great moments..but no explanation of missing members Sugar, Unique, or Kitty. lol.Typical Glee :)

    • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

      Schue made an off-hand comment about people being missing because of Asian bird flu at the beginning of the episode.

      • Bethany

        AH I didn’t even catch that. Thanks!

  • http://purplehrdwonder.livejournal.com/ Caitlin Kelly

    I thought this episode was glorious. I’ve been grinning like an idiot since last night. I very much read the Kurt/Blaine stuff as Kurt basically saying, “I know we’re not just friends but I’m not ready to take the leap,” and Blaine saying, “I know you’re not ready. And I can wait until you are.” It’s a game and they both know the rules, which ended up being ridiculously perfect. The way Kurt waited for Blaine to be ready in season 2, Blaine is now going to wait for Kurt.

    Also, Kurt and Blaine were in hotel room 206. I love the Glee prop department.

    • Bethany

      HA the 206 thing was one of my FAVORITE parts about the episode. Also, lots of parallels to previous episodes w/the two of them. I agree that Kurt kept trying to reassure himself that they were just friends…It was kinda sweet. Definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes.

      • Lindsey

        whats the significance of room 206? if i have to guess it would be the episode they met

        • nimi nim

          it stands for season 2 episode 6 aka “never been kissed” aka the episode they first met.

  • James S

    Wait, are Kurt and Adam together? Like, officialy? Because if they are then Kurt just cheated, which was the whole reason he broke up with Blaine. And at least Blaine had his reasons (Kurt was basically ignoring him), we have no evidence that Adam has done anything but be really nice.
    If they’re not together officially then Kurt is definitely leading someone on, or both of them. So either way, I’m pissed at Kurt. You can’t cheat on Adam just because Blaine is super hot, especially as you broke up with Blaine when he cheated. Perhaps the worst part is that when Blaine cheated, he felt guilty and confessed to Kurt straight away. What does Kurt do? Make out with Blaine MULTIPLE TIMES.
    I think I hate Kurt now…
    Anyways. Rant over. Sorry about that.

    • http://hereonturtleisland.blogspot.com/ iWoman

      The recap is wrong, as Kurt said he was only sort of seeing someone and Blaine added that it wasn’t exclusive. They are not “dating.”

  • Marie

    I interpreted the Kurt/Blaine interactions as Kurt really just wanting friendship. They’re both being idiots and not listening to each other though. Even if Kurt does secretly want to date Blaine again, Blaine needs to let Kurt come to it on his own and not try to push it. Assuming Kurt really does just want friendship, he’s handling it poorly. Clearly Blaine is still in love with Kurt, and Kurt needs to understand that hooking up with people that love you is playing with fire, and it’s better for Kurt to keep his distance a while longer.

    Also, part of me wonders if they quickly edited the vapo-rape line after Diva aired. I got mixed messages from how the writers’ viewed that.

    • Meghan

      I interpreted it very differently. They wouldn’t have had Kurt repeat the “just friends” line so many times if they weren’t trying to make it obvious that he was trying to convince himself of that even more than he was trying to convince Blaine. I guess we’ll see where they stand in the upcoming episodes, but it’s very obvious that Kurt and Blaine’s story isn’t over.

      • Marie

        I believe in this moment, Kurt was believing the just friends thing. In later moments, I could see him being confused and going for getting back together (especially since there’s the elephant scene from Moulin Rouge).

  • Theresa

    I definitely think, with the whole Blaine thing, that they’re setting up for Kurt to realize how not over Blaine he is in the next few episodes (or to come to terms with how he feels and stop trying to talk himself out of it). We know they’re singing Come What May in 4×15 and most people are speculating that it’s Kurt’s fantasy. Either way, though, I’m pretty sure this was just the first step in a reunion story.

  • Wilma

    “Wow, Brody is a prostitute. Well, it’s better than a weightlifter.”

    My thoughts exactly. Thank you Natalie!

  • luna97831

    I am now totally confused over how old Jake and Ryder are. They kept referring to Marley as “just a sophomore”, which would mean that they’re at least a year older? I had just assumed they were all sophomores (Jake, Ryder and Marley) at the beginning of the season, because most of the Glee members joined as sophomores (except for Tina and Artie, who joined as freshmen, right?) Does anybody know? It would seem weird to me to have Ryder and Jake as juniors, because I have no idea why Glee would introduce two new characters who would only be around at the school for another year?

    Furthermore, regardless if Jake is a sophomore or a junior, wouldn’t he be at school at the same time as Puck?? Now I’m really confused.

    • http://twitter.com/AmyDollBee Amy Bennett

      In regards to their age, I’ve no idea. But I’m pretty sure it was stated towards the beginning of the season that Jake had just transferred here, so that’s why he wasn’t around when Puck was.

    • Marie

      They are sophomores. The writers are just weird.

  • Vanj203

    I hate that Blaine is back in bow ties again. Even if he does go back to “boyfriend” status with Kurt, why does he have to make himself look ridiculous for it? Sam was a much better influence on Blaine and his self esteem than Kurt.

    • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

      He wasn’t wearing one at the end, when they are talking to Tina, so maybe it was just something he did for the wedding as a symbol, but won’t do in general?

  • http://www.facebook.com/paley.lewis Paley Lewis

    I thought we were actually going to get a Santana/Quinn kiss :/
    But it was like old glee, funny weird and really sweet!!

  • Jules

    All I thought of during the ‘flower’ scene with Finn and Rachel was an old episode of Will and Grace where they have the ‘flower/gardener’ talk …… some people are flowers – get tended to all the time and some are gardener – do all the tending … perfect for Finn and Rachel relationship.

    Loved all the Kurt and Blaine scenes, it was natural and quite frankly the break from each other has done them good, the acting was good and believable and actually had story to it. They will be back together eventually – hopefully in a healthier mature relationship than before.

    Try as I might though, I just can’t care about the new kids – Marley is annoying – hopefully next season when Blaine moves to New York the whole show will just move there to NYADA and we’ll say goodbye to McKinley.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    Next on Glee: Kurt discovers he has a vagina under his left foot, Rachel and Blaine go to the moon, characters disappear in the vanishing cabinet and yet another storyline is ignored.

    Glee is running on FUMES. This episode was a trainwreck. It had some good things here and there but the surprises were so out of the blue and underwhelming that it was all for nothing.

    An episode that is supposed to be about a wedding, but the main couple is largely ignored.
    Marley, Ryder and Jake. Such an revolutionary storyline, none of us could really predict how it would turn out!
    Also, Quinn and Santana hooking up? TWICE? Viva la coherency.

    This is NOT True Blood.

  • Em

    I don’t think the bow tie has anything to do with dependence on Kurt, but about Blaine’s faith in their love. Since he’s wearing one again, that’s a very good sign. And I think Kurt being in denial and Blaine seeing right through his flimsy “just friends” protests was clear as day.

  • http://twitter.com/AmyDollBee Amy Bennett

    I loved this episode, and We Got Tonight is one of my favourite duets on Glee ever. Kurt’s clearly just in denial about him and Blaine, kinda wish Will and Emma’s wedding had gone right and they’d finally gotten married rather than dragging it out further, and I love Ali Stoker. My main issue will be if Rachel is pregnant and they try and do a whole “Who’s the babydaddy?” storyline, since not enough time will have passed for her to be pregnant with Finn’s, so unless they’re going to just bring the drama through Finn’s reaction to her being pregnant courtesy of Brody…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001344528873 Wynona de la Calzada

    I don’t even watch glee anymore, all I read are your recaps Natalie! Ryder might be the only reason I start watching again!

  • Abosuba

    It would’ve been cool if Sam/Brittany and Tina/Mike also had a room in that hotel, I mean, Mike didn’t spoke in the entire episode, and it would also serve to calm down Tina!

  • AtlasShrugged

    “It’s basically just them in blue shirts flailing around like spiders on acid”. This is the most hilarious and still completely accurate thing I have ever read. I’ve watched this scene multiple times now and while the song sounds good, the performance is a giant WTF.

    Perhaps Kurt is trying to deny his real feelings but he came across as a total tool in this episode.

    Also, I am definitely joining the “Natalie’s recaps are better than the actual show” bandwagon. Please keep it up.

  • Marly

    I am literally rolling on the floor laughing. Natalie, I love you.

    But I think I’m starting to ship Klaine? So, so, very weird.

  • Cassie

    This is what you missed on glee: Kurt is being a hipocrite and cheating on Adam (aparently they’re dating now…?) even though that is the reason he broke up with Blaine… OKay.

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