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That’s right, Sterek fans, we might not be getting too much interaction between Stiles and Derek during the first half of Teen Wolf season 3. Read on to find out what Dylan O’Brien has to say about it!

Season 3 is ramping up to be quite an action packed year for our favorite teen wolf and all of his friends. With the Alpha Pack in town, a few new strangers, the return of the Argents, and the mysterious disappearance of Gerard at the end of season 2, they’ve got a lot going on. We already know that the Alpha Pack leader is going to try to pit Derek and Scott against each other, and that Stiles is going to become a pseudo-detective early on in the season as well. So, unfortunately, that doesn’t leave much time for any Sterek scenes.

But don’t feel down in the dumps just yet! They’re not even done filming the first half of season 3, so we’ve still got 12 episodes on the other side of that for some hilarious scenes between the two characters.

And, it turns out, Dylan O’Brien has some ideas about what should happen the next time they see each other. “There aren’t any Stereky scenes so far,” he tells Zap2it. “But I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet, and if we have a scene that’s very expositional — like if we come together and something’s going on we have to converge and discuss something — then we should kind of stop at the end of it and before we walk away, Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you.’ Just to acknowledge it for the fans in little, funny ways.”

Whether or not Jeff Davis will listen to O’Brien (though we already know he has to some degree, as O’Brien has penned a scene for episode 3×08), it’s great to see him willing to throw the Sterek fans a bone once in a while. And Davis knows how important the slash couple is to the majority of the fandom, so we’re sure he’ll pay homage to it at some point.

How are you feeling about little to no Sterek in the first half of season 3?

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    And half of the fandom cries.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    “I missed you,” Stiles said as he looked Derek in the eye. This was it. The moment Derek was waiting for. Was he going to do it?

    “…I missed you too, Stiles.” replied Derek, staring at Stiles with the longing he’s had for so long. ‘Screw it’ he thought, and before he knew it his hands were around Stile’s head to pull in for the kiss he knew they both wanted.

    Stiles, thinking that Derek was about to kill him, started flailing his arms and trying to grab Derek away from him, eyes wide with fear. It wasn’t until their lips met that his whole body went limp and his eyes shut, taking in the moment. After a few moments Derek let go of Stiles, his heart fluttering because as sure as he was that he wanted it, did Stiles? He stared at Stilinsky again, waiting for some response, some sort of “what the hell was that?!” or “Wow”, but all Stiles did was faint and fall to the ground. “…great” Derek mumbled, as he picked Stiles up to take him home.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      …my Sterek heart broke to learn about how late they’ll be meeting so I HAD to make their meeting worth it in my eyes. ;D

    • ravenclaw1991

      If that’s not how it goes down, I’m going to die! That was completely brilliant and I could totally see it happening.

    • Sarah

      I just laughed so hard at this little nugget of fanfiction. Thanks for that.

    • jrh

      would you PLEASE NOT post stupid shit like this? At least not here? If you absolutely have to post it, put it where people who don’t want to see don’t have to.
      And get real, sterek will never happen! Especially not like ^that! Stiles and Derek HATE each other for god’s sake! They are NOWHERE close to being friends, let alone kissing/more.

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I think you’re the one who shouldn’t post stupid stuff, jrh. Because your comment was close minded, rude, and really not necessary.

        Fan fiction is just a fun outlet for people to imagine their favorite characters doing things they’d like to see. It doesn’t have to “happen” for someone’s imagination to go wild. It doesn’t always have to be between two characters who, cannon wise, always love each other. Fan fiction could be about anything. Even Draco Malfoy & an apple.

        That’s what’s so fun about it. It’s creativity and originality and something that people enjoy writing and reading. It’s not stupid shit, and you don’t have to read it just because I commented with it.

        My point being: A ship is a ship, no matter who sails it. You’ll do good to learn that lesson and stop posting your hateful bigoted comments on here.

        • jrh

          Yeah, I realize that about fanfic.

          Also, it is stupid shit, b/c its sterek, a CRACKship with no romantic/sexual interest in the other at all.
          And don’t get all butthurt. I simply said you shouldn’t post it here, where people who don’t want to see it don’t have to.

    • j

      for fuck’s sake, please don’t post shit like this where people who don’t want to see this have to see

    • jrh

      don’t post shit like this where people HAVE to see it, even if they don’t want to. and p.s. that scene^ will NEVER happen. Stiles and Derek HATE each other. And seriously?

      “Stiles, thinking that Derek was about to kill him, started flailing his arms and trying to grab Derek away from him, eyes wide with fear.”

      Oh my god that is NOT romantic. There is NOTHING romantic about sterek.
      THAT IS NOT ROMANTIC. THIS IS (and I HATE to say this b/c I HATE Twilight) TWILIGHT 2.0 WITH A MALE BELLA.

      there is a special place in hell for idiots who ship sterek.

  • ravenclaw1991

    No!! Oh god no. WHY IS JEFF TORMENTING US LIKE THIS?? Is he becoming the American version of Steven Moffat or something? Sterek isn’t my top Teen Wolf ship, but I still think its brilliant! The Sterek moments are always some of the best.

    • Ana Duarte

      Oh God. Do you think trolling is contagious? Maybe Davis and Moffat have met each other and Moffat sneezed on him or something! My fan-wood cannot take another Sherlock-like situation, it just can’t. His bleeding head has yet to stop tormenting me.

      • ravenclaw1991

        Its possible! I doubt they’ve met, but maybe Jeff watched Doctor Who or something and turned into a sick, twisted, demented evil genius.. I doubt we’ll ever know unless he kills a main character off. I don’t think I could take it either.. First Sherlock, then the Ponds.. Not to mention having to deal with Merlin and Moffat never even wrote for that show.. I think the writers there watched Doctor Who and caught the evil troll virus as well.

        • Natsu~♥

          Well, I too don’t like what Moffat did to Sherlock, but, technically, he had to kill him at some point in the show… It is canon through the books that Sherlock fakes his death and returns a few years later :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/OhMyMisha Natalie Anne M

    …what even?

  • Stiles

    I call bs on this. We already know that there’s a Sterek scene in 3×04.

    • rene1234

      we do? what scene are you talking about. Cause if all this is just baiting the fans I’m going to be pissed. lol

    • jrh

      Its pathetic how delusional and desperate you are for sterek

  • http://twitter.com/LovatoChriss Christian Lovato

    Guurl,the fuck? I bet 80% of all the people that wath the show are Sterek fans! So you better do something about it….and even if you’re got gonna, i bet i’m not the only one creating my own Sterek episodes in my head lol :P

  • Jessica

    Sterek isn’t the reason I watch teen wolf but just putting in “a moment” or two as just a nod to the fans withoutout actually and seriously exploring the possibility of it happening is wrong. It’s queer-baiting and it can very quickly devolve into a cheap ploy to get more viewers who like slash to tune in each week. Either treat sterek like a serious possibility or drop it all together.

    • Gabby

      Stiles and Derek talking to each other isn’t queerbaiting. They have very little interaction/chemistry as it is.

  • Abby Weisberger

    Ugh, so discouraging. Not only do we get no interaction for half the season, but O’Brien seems to think teasing is the modus operandi. Great.

  • Jake

    This must mean that Derek is going somewhere, right? Because if Stiles “misses” him, then it means they haven’t seen each other at all for a long time, right?


  • jrh

    ha ha ha that sucks…. oh no, it doesn’t! Derek doesn’t like Stiles, Stiles doesn’t like Derek, Stiles is AFRAID of Derek, and they sure as hell don’t love each other. sterek fans get over it and yourselves, sterek is stupid, makes no sense, and will never happen. Also, if you want to ship something slash, ship STANNY! Stiles/Danny. You know Danny? THE CANON GAY CHARACTER? YEAH, HIM! Stanny is much better, makes sense, is cute, and is not ABUSIVE!

    • Abby Weisberger

      That’s a pretty one-sided and alienating comment. You’re missing the point on why fans ship. It’s not bc of canon love characters already have, but potential based on their personalities and interactions (ie chemistry). And Danny doesn’t like Stiles, so he doesn’t “make sense” to ship with him any more than Derek just bc he’s canonically gay. Shipping is based on chemistry, not the expectation that the characters will come together (especially in slash). Often it’s an appreciation for scenes they have together and the way they play off each other, which is really something special here and fans are bound to miss in S3, shippers or not.

      • jrh

        I sense a butthurt sterek fan!

        Ok, let me break this down for you:

        1. I am not missing the point on why fans ship

        2. Stiles and Derk have NO CANON LIKE for each other, let alone LOVE.

        3. They are not INTERESTED in each other romantically/sexually.

        4. Danny actually does like Stiles, maybe he doesn’t show it/doesn’t show it as much, but he sure as hell like Stiles more than Derek does.
        Not to mention, he doesn’t ABUSE/ASSAULT/THREATEN (especially on a DAILY BASIS) Stiles, unlike a CERTAIN BLACK HAIRED WEREWOLF.

        5. I am ALL for their BROmance. I just think it should go no farther.
        Honestly, I think Derek sees Stiles like he does Scott (and Isaac & Boyd, I hope/think): an annoying little brother.

        6. Derek is STRAIGHT.

        There have been ABSOLUTELY NO SCENES proving otherwise.

        Derek has NEVER shown ANY interest in guys, ESPECIALLY STILES.

        Furthermore, let’s be real:
        If Derek WAS gay for ANYONE, it’d be SCOTT!

        Derek is kind of obsessed with Scott.

        And I am fine with Stiles being bi/gay.
        I just think, again, if Stiles WAS gay for ANYBODY else, it be SCOTT as well. Or Danny, who he has REAL chemistry with.

        • fictionfairy7994

          Since when do people have to be gay or straight? I see you have, since you talk about Stiles being “bi/gay”. And really, there’s a shit-ton of evidence there for that theory. But how about Derek being straight? The only evidence towards is sexuality we’ve seen/heard of was Kate, and that was 6 years ago, with a (probably much) older woman who then used their relationship to murder his family. Maybe we haven’t seen any evidence of Derek being gay because, like you said, he sees the other male characters as younger brothers, or annoying hunters who want to kill him.

          Also, Derek is pretty much probably dealing with PTSD from the way Kate seduced him and then burned his family alive. There’s the possibility that he doesn’t want to have sex with anyone at all because that reminds him too much of what Kate did to him.

          Derek is a very introverted character; he doesn’t open up to people, he only spends time with his pack, the members of which seem to always leave him all alone.

          I like Stanny, I think there could be some very good chemistry there, but Danny hasn’t shown any interest in Stiles outside of “I’m a decent human, you’re a decent human, let’s be decent humans together”. And while that is more than what Derek has shown, Sterek shippers, which includes me, look deeper into the psychological background of the characters, they analyze what little they have seen on screen and see something that could be truly amazing to them.

          And, just so you know, I ship Stiles with pretty much everyone, except Scott, but only because I’ve had close friendships like theirs, the sibling-esque kind, where it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll develop romantic of sexual feelings for each other.

          Also, I’ll go with whatever Jeff Davis comes up with. If he decides to put Stiles together with a childhood sweetheart, okee-dokee then. If Sterek or Stanny become canon? Then Woo-Hoo! That’d be freaking awesome.

          And also, “REAL chemistry”? When Stiles and Danny have interacted, it’s mostly been Stiles annoying Danny, which I could see as chemistry for a potential romantic relationship. But when Stiles and Derek are on screen together? (And this might just be a testament to how great the actors are together but…) When Stiles and Derek are together, there’s some serious static between them. Something about the other person sets them off in some way. Chemistry isn’t just attraction, and neither are relationships. What a lot of Sterek shippers see is the idea of two people who seem drastically different, who are actually so similar it’s frightening. It’s the fragility you openly see in Stiles, that comes out occasionally in Derek. It’s the anger and the murderous tendencies in Derek that pop out in Stiles, which people usually interpret as dry humour, but it isn’t. Stiles has a frightening capacity for darkness, which I hope Jeff Davis and Dylan O’Brien explore in season three. But Derek is also this broken little boy on the inside, who never got over how someone he loved, and who he thought loved him, betrayed him, and made him lose everything.

          • jh

            Oh my god, you are so fucking stupid.
            sterek is a crackship that should never happen.

            Derek is a grown ass man who constantly threatens and intimidates and often assaults Stiles.
            There is NOTHING romantic about that!
            Stiles is AFRAID of Derek.
            There is NOTHING romantic about that either.

            I realize that Derek is probably dealing with serious PTSD AND Survivior’s Guilt. That’s why he is NOT even READY at all for a relationship.

        • Allaiya

          First off, how about you act like a mature adult and stop insulting individuals who are just voicing their opinion? Are we not all adults here?

          Second, you do seem to be missing the point of fan ships since your second, third, fourth, and sixth points are based around ‘canon’ & why the current canon does not support Sterek. Ships can and often are based on non-canon pairings so using canon to justify why a non-canon pair won’t work isn’t logically in this case.

          Whether or not it will BECOME canon is a different matter. Where you see no chemistry, others obviously do.
          People are entitled to their opinion, just as you are. If you don’t like the idea of Sterek that is fine and you have your reasons. However, that is your opinion and not fact. Others see & interpret things differently than you & may see ‘chemistry’ where you would not see any at all.
          But if you ever want people to take you seriously & respect your opinion, than show the courtesy of respecting others opinions. This will serve you well in life.

          Third, I think saying Danny liking Stiles is definitely still a stretch. There is nothing in canon to prove that either. In fact, he often displays annoyance whenever Stiles tries talking to him. I don’t see any chemistry there but apparently you do and that’s fine because that is your view.

          Also, it seems imo fairly obvious that Derek is never serious with his threats to Stiles. In fact, he has saved Stiles life on more than one occasion. Also, I don’t think Stiles is ‘afraid’ of Derek in Season 2.

          Finally, we only know that Derek is 100% not gay. However, that does not mean he is 100% straight. I think he probably is but that is only an assumption we can make because it has never been revealed otherwise by the writers as canon. It is quite possible for him to be bisexual & we have just not seen it yet. Yet being the key word.

          That is what happened in a video games series I played. In the 3rd game one of the males who was ‘straight’ in the first game was revealed to be bisexual. It is up to the writers on how they want to develop the character.

          Though I also personally think that he not ready for a relationship due to his past but apparently is season 3 he will be in one.

          • jh

            Hahaha we’re all adults here? You must be joking.

            You stupid sterek shippers are like little girls around Justin Bieber.

            If you had ANY brains, you’d see how much they HATE each other.

            Also, I am not missing the point of fan ships. sterek is a CRACK ship.

            I am just stating MY opinion. If you want to spew crap about them that isn’t true, I WILL respond with the truth.

            Obviously, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

            I don’t ship them because their relationship is unhealthy and Derek ABUSES, INTIMIDATES, AND THREATENS Stiles.

            It doesn’t matter if its boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl, I NEVER ship those relationships. Unless there is SERIOUS, MAJOR amendments made and sterek would NEVER do that, nor would I EVER ship them anyways.

            And honestly, the only reason Derek has NOT followed through with his threats is because who is Stiles’ Dad? Yeah, the Sheriff!

            Also I’m pretty sure that Stiles is STILL afraid of Derek in season 2.

            Furthermore, Danny, I think may get annoyed with Stiles at times, but he still LIKES him! AND DANNY WOULD NOT HURT HIM!

            “Finally, we only know that Derek is 100% not gay. However, that does not mean he is 100% straight”


            That really makes NO SENSE.

            Derek is STRAIGHT.

            All you people care about is 2 melanin deficient dicks touching.

            There is a canonically gay person, but is he good enough? No, of course not! And he ‘s Hawaiian/PoC? Definitely not good enough! That is just being racist.

            sterek shippers need to chill out and stfu. sterek will never happen. DEAL WITH IT.

          • vl

            WHO CARES WHAT U THINK ?

            You don’t like Sterek? Fine, get lost :D This is obviously not the right place to talk about this. DON’T LIKE? THEN BE SMART: DON’T WATCH AND DON’T SEARCH FOR IT.

            and what are you talking about anyway ? Derek is straight ? Sterek will never happen ?
            You seem so sure of what you’re saying… What? like you’ve met Jeff Davis, the real characters of the show or something? YOU KNOW NOTHING.

            Only the creator of the show will decide about these details, so until then, SHUT THE HELL UP.

          • jh

            I think you’d be surprised by how there are people who care what you think.

            Nope, I HATE sterek! (Wow, you actually got something right! Good job!)
            I don’t have to SEARCH for it.
            sterek is EVERYWHERE when it comes to Teen Wolf.

            I watch Teen Wolf because I LOVE THIS SHOW, I simply can’t understand how people can be so stupid as to actually ship these 2 characters who absolutely HATE each other.

            What am I talking about? I’m saying that Derek is STRAIGHT.
            It means he wants his dick nowhere near Stiles and wants nothing to do with Stiles, (at least) romantically/sexually.

            sterek will never happen? Nope, sterek will never happen.

            How the hell do you know I haven’t met Jeff?

            Oh, yeah I definitely know nothing.
            LOL, good one, I think you meant yourself there, seeing as how I actually have a brain.

            If you knew ANYTHING, you would realize that Derek is ABUSIVE, INTIMIDATING, AD THREATENING TO STILES.

            “Only the creator of the show will decide about these details, so until then, SHUT THE HELL UP.”

            Yeah, and I’m saying I really don’t think Jeff Davis is sonna make sterek canon, especially after you idiots
            1. send him cookies
            2. bother, harrass, insult, and threaten him
            3. bother, harrass, insult and threaten him so much that you SCARE him OFF OF TWITTER AND HE DELETES HIS ACCOUNT!
            3. make up a ridiculous campaign “to make your voices heard”
            because lol, let’s be honest here, HE KNOWS YOU EXIST!

            BUT WHY DON’T YOU?


          • Vl

            I never never NEVER SAID that I liked Sterek, or send cookies to Jeff Davis or ANYTHING.

            I SAID that only the creator will decide of the story.

            So yeah, like I said before: U know nothing…AT ALL.

            I said to you to SHUT UP, because, you’re the one who is embarrassing himself with stupid comment.


            It’s so funny to see that you’re SO desperate for attention.

            And just for the record: you’re fighting for Stanny… A couple in a freaking SHOW TV that doesn’t even really EXIST.

            GET A REAL LIFE!

          • Niadeth

            Wow you are really emotional about this aren’t you. While I agree that they will never have a gay relationship be canon on the show Danny or otherwise. From what I have seen danny is just the token gay guy for the gay jokes. But really why be such a whiny bitch about what other people would like to see?

  • ah

    because Stiles would/should miss someone who threatens, assaults, and scares him on a daily basis. – _ –

    the sterek fandom is so stupid

    • Allaiya

      Because insulting others opinions is always a smart idea in & of itself…

      • ah

        Not an opinion, its a fact. Deal with it.
        NO sterek!!!

      • ah

        Not an opinion, its a fact.
        No sterek!!!

  • ?

    If Teen Wolf is going to end Sterek the way Merlin ended Merthur…

  • makksima

    why why??? is it so much to ask, just a little bit more of Sterek. We Sterek fans are becoming more and more and more so i hope they do something in the second half of the season. WE WANT IT!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dylan.Destruction Dylan LaCrone

    I hate when people offend others ships.

    Jeff Davis, himself said, if sterek became real by enough fan votes the segway would be a onesided love from stiles at first, that would blossom.

    • pauladavelle

      At this point I would gladly take a pining Stiles over Derek as opposed to the utter lack of anything we are getting so far… it actually would be kind of funny to see Stiles pining after Derek and Derek being completely clueless as to why Stiles was acting all “extra” weird around him… lol.. haha.. I just had half a fanfic play through my head…

  • Bad Apple

    I think it is SO entertaining how many people fight over Sterek.
    “Sterek is awesome!!”
    “Oh my God. You are so fucking stupid. It will NEVER happen.”
    Hahaha! So funny! I am a shipper myself, but if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.

  • Tegan

    Honestly it took Supernatural by surprise but with Sterek so strong in the first and second seasons they are already trapped. No female love interest for either two will likely be accepted by fans and will have to be written so unbelievably well at this point to avoid backlash. The writers are already forced to keep them forever alone like the boys of supernatural, make it cannon, or be steam rolled by fans hating the new love interest.

    I think we’d all like to see it go cannon, but its highly unlikely, yet its the only logical way to have those character form new bonds and grow without having to kill off a bunch of Bella’s and Jo’s and that chick that Dean hooked up who had a son.

  • † Eleni Koletsi †

    I don’t want Sterek be canon I think it will be too weird. I think it will be better if it’s gonna be just bromance!!!….

  • Nivine

    Why is it that whenever Sterek is brought up people have to begin insulting each other? Like honestly what’s the big deal to ship two people even if, in others opinion, they don’t seem to “fit together” at all?

    Just as everyone agrees: the writer will determine what’s going to happen and whether or not Sterek becomes canon (which I sincerely doubt, even though I personally think sterek scenes are hilarious).

    If you like the show it shouldn’t be so terrible, I mean I hate the main couple (Allison-Scott) because I think it’s too cliche, cheesy and sugarsweet but even so I still enjoy the show; one couple “gone wrong” in your opinion sholdn’t ruin your ‘like’ for the show! And if other people like the couple that’s great for them because they actually get to see it “acted out”!

    People can ship whoever they want and there is nothing wrong with that, so just chill and respect the fact that the world is inhabitated by 7 billion people; not 7 billion clones of you.

  • Katarzyna Ch.

    Oh, well, now we have an even better opportunity for an “I missed you” in 3b. =}

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