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Beyonce is taking over the world! First tonight’s Super Bowl half time show, and Tuesday, some of the New Directions will be doing her song “Diva.” Check out the very flamboyant performance that includes a different arrangement of the original song.

The video has surfaced on this YouTube account, and features a little bit of Emma and Finn chatting about what it means to be a diva. After some back and forth between Wade, Tina and Marley, the girls plus Blaine go into one of the most eccentric performances Glee has ever seen.

Check out the performance for yourself below:

We’re not sure we’re going to be able to handle all of this fierceness in one 45 minute episode!

Are you excited about this week’s Glee episode “Diva?” We recently reported on the cover art for all of the songs that will appear in the episode. So if you’re looking for what else to expect from this exciting episode, make sure you check out that post right here!

Glee returns this week at 9/8c on Fox! After the episode finishes, we’ll be sure to have a brand new episode of Glee Chat for you rehashing the episode and all of the performances!

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    I’m so obsessed with Blaine’s outfit. I want to wear it right now.

    • Marie

      Really? Ugh, it’s so awful. :-P

      • Ev42

        Nooo, I love it! Kind of. That outfit and I have a very complex relationship, alright? :P

        • Marie

          I just don’t like the fluffy feather thing going on. It looks like he’s trying and failing at looking like a 80s hair band musician.

          • Ev42

            Very true. I also do not understand wearing a jacket over a jacket but hey, it’s FAH-SHION, we plebeians just won’t get it…

  • Marie

    1. This is a terrible song. I find it less terrible than the original, and I still kind of like it because I was forced to listen to it so much a couple of years ago. But. . .yeah. . .
    2. I am not digging Tina’s transphobic comments. I am, however, approving of Marley calling Tina out on her awfulness of this season.
    3. I find it weird that Blaine is a part of this number. He is probably the least diva-ish person in the entire club. Whatevs.
    4. I don’t get why they’re talking about being a diva like it’s a good thing. I think of spoiled, over-dramatic brats when I think of diva. Not a good thing.
    5. All the girls look amazing. Especially Heather. Although I find it awkward that Marley, with all her eating disorder stuff, is totally cool strutting out in that outfit.
    6. Blaine look awkward. Mega-awkward.

    • Ev42

      I agree with all of the above, except maybe #6. I think the diva thing in this context is more about outwardly confident and unapologetic about it, one’s talent & one’s ambition. But yes, that’s not how I’d normally use the term, either, but in my case I’d just say it’s cultural (I’m Swedish :P)

      Tina’s kitty paw thing, though, that was… Weird.

      • Marie

        I suppose, but if they just said “confident”, I wouldn’t think they were all competing to be the most horrible. :-P

    • Llinda

      Once again, I agree completely, especially with number 4. And I bet you can guess which spoiled, over-dramatic brat I am thinking of. I’ll add that Unique is pretty fabulous this season. And thank you, RIB, for finally freeing the Blaine curls although that Blaine diva outfit is just super disco-hell disturbing.

      • Marie

        Linda, I think you might be my Glee soulmate.

        • Linda

          Aw, thanks Marie. I think you may be right. We do seem to have the same take on things. Talk to you later tonight after “Diva.”

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    This disturbed me so much. Particularly Blaine. But Kitty (Becca Tobin) looked great.

  • Ev42

    I really like this cover, actually, which is a bit unusual. Or maybe it’s more that I just don’t like the original much. I kind of just realized I like Unique far more now than last season. Adore diva!Blaine, and boy am I looking forward to the meta on that (yes, I’m one of THOSE :P)! Reacted to Tina’s “Wade-Unique” etc, yeah, no. ADORE Emma, as always.

    Also, diva!Blaine’s hair is curly. Confident-Dalton!Blaine’s hair was stylishly gelled. McKinley!Blaine’s hair is, eh, helmet. Just putting that out there.

    Also wtf is up Sam with his fingers in his ears? What?

    • Marie

      HAHA, his Mickinley hair is like a helmet!

      • Ev42

        It totally is! Read a headcanony fic ages ago relating the gel amounts to stress levels (like an inverse Hank Green puff level), it made all the sense & since then I legit pay attention to… The amt of gel in Blaine’s hair. Ohgodwhatismylife… o.o

        • Marie

          So basically, diva Blaine is the least stressed? I wonder what he’ll do with it when he graduates.

          • Ev42

            I’m thinking a giant afro… :D

            Idk, I just found it interesting in this context:

            Dalton, with kinda nicely styled hair, was a fairly safe place in s2.

            McK, well, it’s awful. The bullying culture, the homophobia etc. Considering what that did to s2 Kurt, I’d be pretty stressed if I transferred there. Helmet hair. (there was a bit re:an inability to control surroundings -> can at least control hair thing, too)

            Diva!Blaine would, then, be a confident, unapologetic, this is me, take it or leave it kind of guy. So no helmet. Not even Dalton-gelled, just some stuff to calm the hyper-frizz from prom to something more him.

            There’s also a whooole other thing about passing vs not passing & Blaine’s outfit going on as well… *sigh* I really do think about these things too much… Why can’t I spend this energy on, like, my linguistics homework? :P

        • guest

          john green puff levels

          • Ev42

            Oh. My. God. So much shame. I was listening to Hank’s music as I typed, I guess my brain just couldn’t keep up with the awesome. ‘S what I get for not proofreading.

  • GeekGirl101

    Remember when Lyrics had more meaning? Go listen to Diva by Dana International. Now that’s a song. Tina is turning into a terrible character. Blaine is till ew. But granted he’s the oly self-centered one in the group so I suppose it makes sense. It just all around doesn’t work.

    Being a Diva isn’t a good thing. This was all just ugh.

  • GoodFinder

    The only good thing about that was that Darren’s hair looked normal.

  • http://twitter.com/2ilyrose Diana Murphy

    Check out Darren’s blue steel face at 2:23 lol and I absolutely love that his hair is gel free for once :D

  • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

    Well that was…special. Darren, I love you babe, but what did they make you wear? Edit: I’ll admit the girls looked fantastic.

    • Marie

      Is there a new thing now about dressing up Blaine in ridiculous things? First, the Santa Clause calendar thing (which admittedly, all the guys looked ridiculous), and now this. It could be argued that he’s worn other ridiculous things in the past, but I am really missing early season 3/season 2 look.

  • TheBestGuest

    Everytime there was a close up of Darren I kept on seeing Chris’ face…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128995453 Lauren Spellman

    We all know Rachel and Mercedes are the Original Diva’s. This is nothing compared to their diva-offs.

  • Vanj203

    Blaine and Marley are not divas! Why are they in this group? Blaine would never wear an outfit like that, and it’s really disturbing. Kurt might dress that way and maybe Blaine is referring to Kurt when he said guys could be divas too. The girls did look great though.

  • Lotte

    Guess I am the minority, but I thought this was crack-tistic. After all it was a dream sequence, so I happy they did go all the way with weirdness and over-the-top behavior Of course Blaine does not fit in this group of people, but I loved his custom. So I do not care ;).

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Danny


  • brit

    some people will understand this about Blaine: “and his story grows more and more banal”.. …but as long as Darren has a good time … LOL

  • SeanV23

    Daaaaaamn, Becca looks smokin HOT! Work it, girl!

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