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The Vampire Academy film is moving full steam ahead casting all three leads. Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovski have been cast.

Zoey Deutch (above, left) can be seen in the upcoming Beautiful Creatures adaptation and will be playing Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old girl who has a mental and spiritual bond with her vampire best friend Lissa. Lucy Fry (above, right) will play Lissa, a vampire princess who as been on the run but is brought back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. Danila Kozlovski (above, center) will play Dimitri, who is assigned to guard Lissa and is Rose’s love interest.

When speaking with Deadline Hollywood, Stuart Ford stated, “Tonally, this is so different from all these movies that are so solemn and serious. This is as much Mean Girls as The Hunger Games. It is snappy, irreverent, sexy and just a lot of fun. And we got the right director for that kind of movie.”

The movie is moving forward with filming scheduled to begin in the summer. Brothers Mark and Daniel Waters are both working on the project. Mark will direct while Daniel has penned the script. “It was the best first draft I had ever read, and that includes other screenplays by my brother,” Mark Waters said. “This is a dream project for us, since we have wanted to work together for so long. Richelle’s mythology and the world she creates is so real and her voice so clear. These kids have real life, modern day problems. And they drink blood.”

Are you excited to St Vladimir’s Academy brought to life? What character is your favorite?

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Danila looks a bit too old for this role, but Hollywood does that a lot of time. And Lissa looks a bit off, but I’ll have to wait for an image of them in their costumes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/samantha.dawson.186 Samantha Dawson

      He is only 27 so is only a couple years older at most, than what Dimitri is supposed to be.

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        I know, but he just looks too old for what I imagined Dimitri, but I think I’ll wait to see what he looks like in the end.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

        according to the wiki Dimitri is 24 that’s not far off at all, most people don’t age all that much in their mid to late 20s anyway. I’m curious how tall Danila is?

    • Gary65

      People said the same thing about JLaw as Katniss. Look how that turned out.

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        Well to me, she looks older than 16. I forgot about ages in that film. I might do the same for this.

    • Rosie

      Agreed! But I mostly am talking about Danila casting as Dimitri…wasn’t what I really had in mind.

      • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

        Yeah. I’ve always imagined him . . . different.

  • Em

    AHHHH OMG!!!!! Words cannot describe my excitement!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

    I’m not sure, they all look ok, but there is something a bit off. As long as their acting is spot on, I could care less about looks though. Maybe have Danila bulk up a bit ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/akemikatsuo Kat R. Howard

      You could care less? So you do care a little then?

      • http://www.facebook.com/florangelly.ortiz Iron Fist

        Is that not what Dominique said? Clearly you are not reading. Saying he can care less clearly means that he cares a little.

    • Guest

      I agree with you. Something feels off….personally I think it might have something to do with the fact that they all are now becoming real? Before it was just our mind’s eye?

  • Inez

    i have been waiting for the characters to be casted for months.I cant wait to see what they bring to these characters

  • SnatcherGirl

    I just want to know what Richelle thinks about this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin


      that is actually a link to her live blog and that’s her current reaction :)
      I’ve been following her blog for a long time and know it’s legit, she’s also really witty and I love reading her other posts :)

  • LeMoN cHiKeN

    I just hope they dont stuff this up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.burrow.5 Taylor Burrow

    I love Vampire Academy but im not so sure I like that its becoming a movie. The movies are usually NOTHING compared to the book :/ besides, i’ve been reading the series since the beginning and Dimitri is mine! my friends cannot have him!

    • Alyssamz

      I feel your pain. Dimka<3

    • laurellee

      Im not going to be a happy camper if they make a team Adrian and Team Dimitri. .-.

      • PotionWillow207

        If they keep going with the series they’re going to have to.

    • lozxoxo

      -but um, this is kinda awkward cuz Dimitri is actually mine

    • Annie

      Yeah I agree :/ but I think the hunger games was pretty spot on with the book besides for the lack of connection between characters, but I think that was because of the limited time they had.

    • shahanara

      that’s what i tell my friends too! :) “Dimitri is mine” <3!

  • http://www.facebook.com/xjosiebarrett Josie Barrett

    Lissa is most definitely my favorite character in the series, and I’m so excited to see a newcomer to the industry playing her – that means fresh blood (no pun intended) with no stigmas or assumptions attached to her name. I can’t even begin to describe my excitement! Break a leg, everyone.

  • Ranni

    “besides, i’ve been reading the series since the beginning and Dimitri is mine!” Dimka is for sure my fav character in the book, but i love rose as well! And yeah, i wanna see this on screen so much, but i’m not ready to share Dimitri with the world! ;p

    • M

      thats how I feel whenever they adapt a book to a movie :)

  • Alyssamz

    Just happy to have a movie! <3

  • http://twitter.com/nezza01 Neil Patel

    so excited

  • Vedrana

    No:( I adore VA and I want to Odette Yustman as Rose Hathaway, Elisabeth Harnois as Vasilisa Dragomir and Ben Barnes as Dimitri Belikov

  • ellie falcon

    I dont want them to ruin it!! if they dont shoot it right, it will be judged by EVERYONE like twilight was and its not fair :( VA is my special thing and i dont want anyone taking it from me

    • Lorraine

      That’s how I feel. Hollywood usually ruins books. There are only a fw books that they did right. like the The Hunger Games. Jeniffer L was awesome. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was the only good Twilight movie. In my opinion

    • http://twitter.com/TeamBella76 Sia

      Well Twilight was special to millions of us and it was ruined ! I love Vampire Academy but don’t act like your better.

  • Paris

    Lobe the book but I actually don’t think it will be that great of a movie

  • TheFirst

    Wait what?! They have already casted the main characters? WHEN DID THIS HAPPY! OMG so excited! :D

  • http://twitter.com/ROCKENROLLING joanna

    i love Adrian!!<3

    • Lorraine

      I feel you there

  • http://twitter.com/CherryVanillaAd Cherry Vanilla

    Me likes!!!

  • Anna

    I hate that they chose this actor for Dimitri..Ben Barens was the most hottest actor for Dimitri.

    • davina

      i know right!!! he doesn’t fit or look the part.

    • PotionWillow207

      It’s not about who is the “most hottest” (which isn’t grammatically correct, by the way). It’s about who is the most compatible with the other actors.

      • Annie

        Exactly! It’s not so much about looks but who can play the part better.

  • Caty

    To have an actual russian actor as Dimitri gave so much faith in this project. Danila is super hot, I like Zoey for Rose and Lissa is OK. I’m super excited about this and can’t wait to hear Dimitri saying Roza in the big screen. :D

    • Rosie

      Well lets hope Dimitri has a beautiful voice.

    • LovelyTenacity

      Oh i know<3 im Asdfghjkl-ing over it all:)

  • Abosuba

    I’ve never heard about “The Vampire Academy” before, I love “The Vampire Diaries” but “Twilight” not so much (liked the books better). Can someone give a quick summary about the story, cause I’m getting a little bit interested…

    • http://www.facebook.com/mary.westmoreland2 Mary Westmoreland

      the first book like said above is about Rose and Lissa coming back to school and a 2 years of running and hiding and problems that ensue with their new bond that will be explained and with their reason in running in the first place…there are several races of vampires in this world, Rose is a Dhamphir, a half-human, half vampire hybrid that act as guardians to Lissa’s race, the Moroi who are “good” vampires, they drink a little but of blood daily but also eat regular foods and can live inconspicuously in the human world…Strigoi are the “bad” vampires and follow the typical vampire-type (only out at night, white and pasty, kill victims, and very evil)…they are the things that Rose’s race protects the Moroi from

      ok so that was kind of an overview of the world without giving too much away of the plot…the books are very good, as another fan of the vampire diaries, these books are probably my top favorite in terms of vampire-related stories and about a billion times better than Twilight (which i thought were OK)

      I hope this helps :)

      • Abosuba

        Thank you very much!!! It was truly helpful! I’m adding the books to my reading list, hope to start them after I finish “The Host”, also I wan to read “The Vampire Diaries” Book series… but those can wait ;)

  • http://twitter.com/TVDlover120878 Megan Lipscomb

    I don’t really like the actors for these parts but I am excited about the movie! I’l ljust have to remeber the books are the books and the movies are the movies

  • kayla

    fjivsjkvs so excited. yep, my hands are actually spazzing from excitement. they all look awesome!

  • Plsdonttalktome

    I love everyone except for dimitri a perfect fit something is just off I still think Ben Barnes would have made a much better dimitri

  • davina

    What is this monstrosity!!!! Ben barnes had to play Dimitri!! not Danilia! never heard of him in my life!!!! this is all wrong!! if they screw up this series i will be so mad!!

    • PotionWillow207

      So what if you’ve never heard of him. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about who is available, first of all, as well as who has the best on screen chemistry with the other actors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

    As far as looks go I’m okay with all these. Dimitri especially I’m pretty happy with. As far as acting goes, Zoey Dutch I have somewhat of a problem with, she was pretty annoying on Ringer so I’m hoping she is a better actress than she was on there. The movie being good depends on Rose so I hope they made the right choice. Open mind is all I can say…

  • http://twitter.com/iamLillyC LillyLoveCPB

    I’m excited for this one… Danila is gorgeous, it’s not the face I had in mind, but I’m willing to give him a shot… The fact that the rest of the world will now know about Dimitri is kind of daunting…. I don’t wish the same backlash that happened to to Twilight cast to happen to these guys JUST because they’re doing a teen/vampire-romance movie… I hope it goes well… I’m excited! :D

  • Becca

    I don’t know. I’ve always pictured them differently but as long as they make vampire academy as good as the books are then i’m fine with it

  • Kate

    Zoey looks too old to be Rose, but yes hopefully she will bulk up! Danila i think looks pretty much spot on and with the Russian accent and long hair he will be dashing. I dont like Lucy, i think Lissa needs to look more delicate and pixie-ish. I am going to go insane if when this movie comes out all my friends decide to fall inlove with VA because its like GO AWAY DIMKA IS MINE. All in all cannot wait!!!!!! follow my blog honeysuckl-e.tumblr.com for more fangirling yay

  • Viviana

    ooohhh maaahhhh gaaaawwddd

  • Mist

    This book series is phenomenal. Intense with a mature depth not seen in any recent book-to-movie franchises. The characters are fully developed and will draw you into their interactions and situations like no other book has done before. For the first time, there’s not only a major female lead who is strong and admirable, but there’s also focus on girl friendship, social issues currently affecting girls today, major heart-wrenching and thrilling action, and a love story that isn’t the predominant and only theme and is actually well-developed! The books are international best-sellers. They will make for amazing movies. The cast is excellent. I love Lucy Fry’s look for Lissa. Danila is an award-winning Russian actor who suits Dimitri’s character perfectly, and Zoey looks like she can carry Rose’s fiery, fierce personality. Can’t wait!

  • Luna

    I loved the series so seeing it become a movie…well i’m a little apprehensive. The casting looks alright, rose is spot on but dimitri looks a bit older than he should and lissa doesn’t look how i imagined her, but other than that, i’m excited to see how they’re going to do it!

  • Jenny

    Ben Barnes <33 :( :(

  • Rose

    I don’t really care if they looked like the characters or not, the question is: Can they act?

  • Jediknight

    What about the great actress Alyssa Diaz she’s a great actress . Has worked with many high profile actors and is a great Martial artist you are leaving out a beautiful actress that is very familiar . I hope you consider this young lady for the movie

  • Keira Red.

    Lissa and Rose are good but a little to old for the 17-year-old role. No offense. But Dimitri…no that is nothing like him. Just speaking my mind, why not try someone who could look like Ben Barnes?

  • Rosie

    That isn’t the Dimitri we fans really had in mind, more like a Ben Barnes. Rose and Lissa are great ! :D

    • deedee o

      I actually don’t want Ben Barnes to be Dimitri so I don’t mind that they chose Danila.

  • Crisvy

    I love Vampire Academy as much as I used to love the Twilight books, but since they turned them into movies, I was very disappointed. I DON’T WANT to feel same way to Vampire Academy. I’m sorry but I’m not so happy about this news. I also expected Dimitri to be more bulky, almost like Taylor Lautner as Jacob :)

  • Nagy

    I also want to know what Richelle thinks of this. I personally don’t think that girl could play the part of rose.

  • laurellee

    Lucy doesnt look like Lissa to me, nor Zoey, or any of them. Dimitri should be a bit musclier, more hair, and after shave-ish. Rose should be more curvy with longer auburn hair. and also more badass looking. And with Lissa, not those huge eyebrows, they should be thinner, straighter hair and shorter, and definately not a smile that looks like shes going to steal my soul.

    • PotionWillow207

      First of all, Rose doesn’t have auburn hair. It says over and over in the books that Rose has hair like her father: sleek and black. Second, this is just the actors head shots. It tells you absolutely nothing about what they will look like in costume.

    • Nagy

      I agree with you, rose needs to be more badass looking and curvy.

  • PotionWillow207

    I would like to say a few things. First, to everyone complaining about how they look…it’s too early. The only thing we have right now is head shots. It will be completely different when they get into makeup and costume. Also related to this, there’s a lot of complaining about how Danila “isn’t hot enough.” Also ridiculous. He’s plenty hot; and he doesn’t have to be the hottest actor to you. Zoey just has to make us believe he’s the hottest person to Rose.

    Everyone needs to just relax. We can’t judge whether or not they look like the characters until we’ve seen them in costume and makeup, and none of them are going to look like the characters that we see in our heads when we read the books. Because you see something different than I do than my cousin does than my best friend does. There is no person alive that will look like these characters to every single person who has ever read the books. And it’s not the looks we should be worried about so much as the acting anyway.

  • Rose

    I love Vampire Academy and it is definately my fave series…
    And I was looking forward to watch it as a movie..
    And I really like these actors but I don’t think that they can support these roles!

    Especially Dimitri.

    I don’t know why but I’m kinda disappointed :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/raindance.iris.5 Raindance Iris

    I can’t believe this is happening!
    When I first heard about the movie I was SO excited!
    But I don’t know,these actors?
    Not right at all :(
    I mean Dimitri is not supposed to have sort black hair but long bown amazing hair.
    He is supposed to be the quiet that everybody respect him but so romantic and sexy.
    Danila could be amazing as Christian but Dimitri!?!

    No way.
    Rose..I don’t know – it might work.
    Lisa is supposed to be the sensitive innocent girl!

    I am so disappointed :(

  • FairVerona

    Neither of them look the part in my opinion. I kinda wish they could use the people on the covers as the characters haha. But I’ve been reading vampire academy since ’07 and now I’m even reading richelle’s bloodlines series because she really is a great writer and i feel like if they butcher this first movie i will not be able to continue with the rest.

  • Chels

    I hate the lead roles -_____- lucy is pretty, but not good enough for Lissa.. I’m ok with Dimitri.. And they should make Alexis Knapp play rose… Just saying

  • valentin4u2

    I think the actor they chose to play Damitri is all wrong there is jsust something that doesnt sit right. i think they mad a big mistake!! olny time will tell

  • http://www.facebook.com/GoldeeJane Goldee Jane Montero

    Who will be playing Christian Ozera? I hope he have really blue eyes.. :)

  • Geneva

    I wanna see this movie on screen so much but don’t wanna share it with the worldddddddddddddddddd ! urgg

  • Anjuli

    I don’t care who plays the girls, but Dimitri should be B Barnes!!

  • shahanara

    Dimitri looks way better in my imagination

  • lovevampireacademy

    i don’t like the actor who was chosen to ply lissa, i think they could’ve done better

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ana.Bruce.0609 Ana Bruce

    This is all wrong. Why the hell is Dimitri’s hair short?! This is an outrage. Rose and Lissa are all wrong it’s just too different from my imagination, I can’t handle this.

  • Ashley

    They need new characters all the way. They dont even look like the books descriptions! Dimitri is suppose to have long hair and lissa should look way more elegant and rose is suppose to be a bad ass. Damn.

  • Elizabeth

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! ive read the books sooo many times! i cant wait and i cant help but have high expectations. the books were amazing. I think zoey deutch is a great actress for rose, maybe if she dyes her hair darker and speaks with a lower voice. there is definitely something off for the actors for dimitri and lisa, but i think they could pull it off.

  • Danica>swayney

    Ok cast i guess, just thin danila should get a bit more bulk and dimitri and rose are both my favorite and i’ve been with the book series sense the start and i just dont want this movie to disapoint :/ but i have hope and believe that it can be really good :D

  • Demi Aug

    not so sure about who they cast as dimitri, i always pictured him better looking in my mind

  • me

    glad the movie is being made but i kinda think the people playing rose & dimitri are wrong. well lets c how it goes. fingers crossed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bree.hillard Lizzy Gil

    That girl playing Rose is too small and “female”. Rose is gorgeous, yes, but also badass, and I just can’t see that soft spoken, blonde, little girl kicking strigoi ass. Ugh. Another beloved series destroyed by bad character choices. And the guy playing dimitri could go both ways. I’ve never seen him in anything, but Demitri is supposed to be over six feet and built like a brick shit house, not to mention handsome as they come. As far as I can tell, this guy is no Dimitri. And what’s up with Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace in mortal instruments? All I’m gonna see is a sniveling Caius. And that little weirdo that played Ethan in beautiful creatures? That was SO far from the mark! And I fear this one will be too… I just don’t get why they always have to hire no name actors? They know the movie is gonna be big, why not get some big names in there, ya know? Sheesh…

  • http://www.facebook.com/bree.hillard Lizzy Gil

    I agree Alexis Knapp would be a good Rose, she might be too old to play 17 tho. Lyndsy Fonseca would be perfect, or even sophia bush if they could make her look young enough. Or Jessica Stroup from 90210 or that girl from the secret circle-Phoebe Tonkin. Maybe even Ashley Green from twilight… What about Jennifer Lawerence? Just not the girl they picked. Hopefully they’ll reconsider.
    I honestly can’t pick for Dimitri.. I can’t think of any actor that’s the right size except for Chris Hemsworth (Thor and the huntsman from Snow White) with his hair dark brown and pulled back, put him in the duster and boots… Hmmm he’s actually quite perfect if he could get the accent right…
    And the girl picked to play Lissa is a decent choice, but I haven’t seen her in anything either, so it’s hard to judge. As far as looks go, I think she’ll be alright for Lissa.

    If Richelle Mead had a say so in who was chosen, then maybe they’ll be perfect and we’ll just have to trust in her to do her own characters justice on the big screen. I can’t wait to see it!

    And remember, most of us were furious about the choices for Edward and Bella for twilight too, but we love the now!

  • Carrie

    BAM! I got it. Its the hair. Danila’s hair isn’t long enough. Dimitri has longer hair in the books and it’s mentioned quite a bit by rose. They better give Danila extendtions, and Maybe some facial hair.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shelby.vanloo Shelby Van Loo

    I’m so scared they are not gonna get the characters right. The characters LOOK fine but will they be able to capture the characters personality from the book? Or will the director make them into different people. He better not. Cuz that would end the beginning of what could have been the best series ever movie wise.

  • Kate

    Vampire Acadamy is one of my favourite book series and I am fuming at the casting choice! First, they change the name and honestly Blood sisters….really? Then they picked Zoey Deutch for ROSE! How does Rose look anything like her? I know everyone imagines the characters differently and you can’t please everyone but for someone who loved the books and Rose as a character, I am now contemplating not even seeing the film when it comes out!

  • Nyx

    I’m not really wanting a movie because first off they are never the same and second the actors are never as hot as you think they should be. Plus people start reading the books and say” oh i read it” and then you ask them questions and it turns out they haven’t read they just watched the movie

  • Betsy

    Well i think there good but Danila could bulk up.

  • Lisa Benny

    personally i don’t really like who they cast as Dimitri; he should be a bit buffer and hotter…and “Dimitrier”!!! oh well, i’ll just suck it up like how I did with twilight :(

  • gaby

    the ages between the girls look a bit off to me i couldn’t see them being best friends and i always imagine Dimitri to be more older and hotter and longer hair so on

  • Ssssshay

    So far I’m not really feeling the look of the characters. I believe Rose should be more curvy but also kind of muscular and she needs to look as if she can whoop some ass. So far I can’t see Zoey as the “whooping ass” type but we will see. I think that the actress for Lissa is perfect look wise. Because she has a mature royal look to her like I expected. Dimitri looks too goody goody. He should look like a badass as well. I imagined him buffer and more scraggly with the facial hair. This actor has a pretty boy face instead of a sexy man face. But once theyre in wardrobe we will see. I care about this series like I once did Twilight. They ruined Twilight for me completely. They better not ruin this and turn it into a cheesy Disney Channel teenage drama movie. Seriously I imagined Harry Potter type badassness when I was reading this book. The movie should be the same. Any less will be disappointing. I don’t wanna be disappointed and for them to represent my favorite book series in a stupid way to people who haven’t read it.

  • Dianna Gamama Usquei Lerssen

    I don’t think Danila is the right guy to play Dimitri… His whole look is all wrong :( The guy who played prince Caspian… That guy looks the part <3


    casting is awful! Lissa’s mouth is like a monkey.suck

  • Joanna

    no they definetly dont look exactly how i pictured them. they better be fantastic actors to pull this off. the books were spectacular tho

  • jessie

    I’m not happy with the cast. They are great and all but do not fit these roles well for me, while watching the interviews it seemed like these actors didn’t even connect with their characters, the beautiful zoey is wonderful and all but she seems too frail and girly. I expected someone with a stronger physique. You can’t expect the audience to fall in love with someone stick thin and think that this girl is kicking ass. And don’t get me started on Danila. What is that?? Again… The physique isn’t there he doesn’t put off a strong or powerful vibe. I have yet to find an interview or behind the scenes where I feel he seems wise or mysterious.

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