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Before the series finale aired last week, co-creator J.J. Abrams spoke about how satisfying the series finale was to him and the rest of the cast.

Give Me My Remote spoke with J.J. Abrams during the celebration of the 100th episode and series finale of Fringe, giving us insight into how he personally felt about how the show ended. It seems like the entire cast and crew feel the same way as we do, that being it’s one of the best series finales we’ve ever seen. Take a look at the interview below, and watch your volume as the background noise can get a bit loud at points.

Abrams says that there were a ton of things that happened on Fringe that he didn’t anticipate when he started the show in the first season, and gives executive producer J.H. Wyman a lot of credit for ending the show in such an emotional and intense way. We have to agree that the finale was incredibly intense and emotional, and gave the viewers a broader range of emotion than we’ve seen from the series as a whole. We at Hypable never really cried during an episode of Fringe, but the finale had us balling.

He goes on to say that series 5 was one of his favorite series, in the way that they did the time jump so uniquely. Not that other shows couldn’t do time jumps, as we know from Desperate Housewives, but Fringe was able to creatively do so by involving so many other elements from the past (the Observers) and making them pillars for the last season. We loved the series finale a ton, and both J.J. Abrams and actor Joshua Jackson were spot on when they said they had figured out the perfect ending.

We know J.J. Abram’s favorite season, so which was yours? Let us know in the comments below!

  • http://twitter.com/bsbrock Janeth Gutierrez

    Honestly, the show was so perfect to me that it’s hard to pick a favorite season. I do love season 3 a whole lot.
    This season honestly made me cry during every single episode, that’s something that no other show had ever done.

    Also, I was honestly surprised to read that you guys had never really cried during Fringe. So I gotta ask, how did you manage to not sob during The Bullet That Saved The World? Cause that episode had me legit sobbing and bawling my eyes out.

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      Okay so that episode totally made me cry. I had just forgotten about it. xD

      • http://twitter.com/bsbrock Janeth Gutierrez

        Ahhh ok, now I feel like things makes more sense. Though I’m still not sure how you forget such a thing as what happened in that episode lol. Though I’m so glad that the event from that episode was completely undone.

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