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As per usual, the album artwork for Glee’s upcoming musical numbers has made its way online a couple of weeks in advance of the songs themselves being released. Read on below to find out which songs will be featured in Glee 4×12, “Naked.”

The episode will feature these six songs:


These album covers were sourced by our reader Mairead from the Freegal music library service.

Brazilian rumor website GleekOutBR has posted more spoilers about the episode’s musical numbers, including who’s singing what. GleekOutBR have not revealed where they get their Glee insider info, but they have had an extremely accurate track record in the past, so, for your consideration and speculation, here’s the details that they offer:

“Torn” (Ednaswap, popularised by Natalie Imbruglia) – Rachel Berry
“Centerfold/Hot In Herre” (The J. Geils Band/Nelly mash-up) – Jake Puckerman, Ryder Lynn and Sam Evans
“A Thousand Years” (Christina Perri) – Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose
“Let Me Love You” (Ne-Yo) – Jake Puckerman
“Love Song” (Sara Bareilles) – Rachel Berry, Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez
“The New Year” (Ian Axel) – New Directions

All of this seems plausible to us. “Torn” as a Rachel solo would certainly fit very well with the number Lea Michele describes here – a duet with herself, a conflict between the Old Rachel and New Rachel.

Aside from the plot Lea Michele described, involving Rachel getting naked in a student film, the “Naked” episode will also feature a story about the boys of New Directions creating a topless calender to raise money for the glee club.

“Naked” will air on January 31.

  • http://twitter.com/yoitscaroline Carson Phillips

    lol because we knew this forever ago

    • NatalieFisher

      you know we can’t post anything that doesn’t come from a legitimate released source, right? like, we follow all the spoiler blogs but if something isn’t sourced, we can’t run it as a story? we have to wait for things like this to go up on amazon or whatever before running it? it’s worth remembering that a lot of stuff that’s “known” by the fandom isn’t officially sources, no matter how true we know it to be, so it can’t be counted as official news.

      • http://twitter.com/Red_Fiasco Cris

        And, by virtue of being unofficial, I’d imagine a lot of these illegitimate sources are blatantly wrong now and then.

  • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack F

    “Let Me Love You” will apparently be accoustic. Soo excited for that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    Just by looking at the title of the episode, how did I know Torn was going to be on here? lol

    • NatalieFisher

      because glee thinks the only way to make a point is to hit you over the head with it like a brick.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    I ADORE Love Song and I LOVE Sara Bareilles! Rachel + Quinn + Santana would be amazing!

  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    Can’t wait for Torn, and Lovesong! (R+Q+S!!!!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003094208029 Stephanie Evans

    how the heck are they going to do a mashup of centerfold and hot in herre??

    • Peg

      I think it wouldn’t be too hard to use the chorus of “Centerfold” in place of the chorus of the chorus of “Hot in Herre.” The verses could all be from “Hot in Herre.”

    • Marie

      If they don’t ruin it, I’m actually most excited for that one. :-p

      I also like that most of these songs are old-ish. :-)

  • Clarissa

    Rachel Berry’s leaked sextape is now live on http://www.newbiemovie.com – :)

  • Guest

    Not sure if anyone’s seen this yet or not but there are pictures that were released of the Valentine’s episode/Will and Emma’s wedding!!! lol http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/more-glee-wedding-set-photos#slide=57963106

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