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We were all devastated during the season 3 episode “Killer Within” when we lost both T-Dog and Lori in the course of the episode, but it looks like things could have turned out a little bit differently. Apparently Carol was originally supposed to die on The Walking Dead instead of T-Dog.

What would The Walking Dead be like now if we swapped Carol for T-Dog? What if T-Dog had lived and Carol had died? According to Greg Nicotero – co-executive and director for the show – Carol was originally supposed to die in “Killer Within.”

Wetpaint reports that in an interview with The Walker Stalkers podcast, Nicotero reveals the change made to the show’s original script.

“In the original draft of ['Killer Within'] script, Melissa McBride’s character [Carol] was supposed to die. Iron-E [T-Dog] wasn’t going to die, it was going to be Carol.”

Walking Dead Carol and T-Dog

It was rough breaking the news to Iron-E Singleton, who had become a fan-favorite on the show.

Nicotero continues:

“And there are times when one of the producers has to make that sad call and say, listen, I have some bad news for you. But it changes, you can’t get into situations where you call an actor and go hey dude in episode six I hate to say it but you’re going to be gone. Because, by the time they get to episode six, you know what, we changed that a little bit and Carol’s going to live now and T-Dog’s going to die.”

In Robert Kirkman’s original Walking Dead comics, Carol does in fact die in the prison, but it is by suicide. She struggles to cope with rejection as she pursued relationships with Tyreese, Lori, and Rick. Sophia is still alive in the comics, so it’s pretty reprehensible that she takes her own life.

Our guess is that her death in the comics is why they originally planned for her death in the AMC version of The Walking Dead, and we hope that she has some strong storylines coming up.

T-Dog is not a character in Kirkman’s comics, but many suggested that he was meant to be a mixture of a few other characters, including Tyreese. Now that Tyreese is on the show, it looks like those assumptions were wrong.

How would ‘The Walking Dead’ have been different without Carol?

  • Confused

    Why do people keep calling T-Dog a “fan favorite”? He basically did nothing in the first two seasons. They really didn’t give him any personality. The only reason I wanted him to stay alive was so that he and Merle could have some sort of showdown.

    • Jesse

      Exactly. I am much happier that they kept Carol alive… It honestly felt like T-Dog was only kept around to be the token black guy :|

      • walkingdeadforever101


  • Walker Stalkers

    Here’s a link to the Greg Nicotero Interview & Audio http://wp.me/p2X7Jj-9Z

  • Laura

    I actually really liked T-Dog. Near the end of his character he became more and more involved which then made it hard to see him gone.
    Carol is an excellent character and from the way it has looked is helping Daryl through some of the emotional stuff.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I liked T-Dog, but I wish more was done with him. He did great when he had scenes about him. But Carol’s growing on me slowly. I don’t know, still wish Dale was alive.

  • Millie

    I much rather prefer T-Dog over Carol. T-Dog at least pulled his weight around camp, the farm and prison. Carol does nothing except be a burden to the rest of the group.

    • fanmail7


  • Mike G

    Man, I really liked T-Dog! And, coincidentally, I have always hated Carol!

  • http://twitter.com/Sandra_Violet31 Sandra Warren

    I like both Carol and T-Dog. True T-Dog wasn’t really shown in the second season, but he was still one of my favorites. It would of been awesome to see him and Merle “reunited” and have a “showdown.” If Carol did die though we would never get to see if she and Daryl happens, however we would of seen if her death affected Daryl at all. Either death would’ve of taken interesting tolls on the plot (obviously). I still wish they kept T-Dog a little longer though.

  • SonickedYou

    Wow, I read Carol’s description as a character in the comics and it’s so depressing and dark. I already decided that I was gonna follow the story of the show, not the comics, and it looks like I dodged a bullet.

  • ncnap

    When I see Michonne I think of her as an interesting and awesome character. I never really saw T-Dog as more than the token.

  • Louu

    i liked carol alot more than T-Dog, i did like him but i prefer carol

  • Adam

    T-Dog was my favourite character, althought I don’t know why, it was sad to see him go so early, I was hoping he would be around for Season 4

  • Anon

    They should of killed Carol! I mean come on, what has carol done for the group? When her daughter ran away she didn’t even try to find her. Don’t try to say she’s “too weak” if I lost my kid I would be out day and night looking. Then carol got mad because no one found her, carol got pissed at Rick, and carol tries to flirt with daryl even though that’s never gonna happen. Speaking show-wise, carol should of died a long time ago.

    • Hawky

      no way would they let carol go looking for her daughter when at that time she didn’t know how to use a gun or knives….

  • DarrlynM

    Because of course you can exchange one Black character for another, they’re just interchangeable like that, right?…right? I knew he was gonna die as soon as I saw Oscar come onto the scene, and then Oscar died when Tyrese showed up. Can’t have too many Blacks folks on a tv show cuz then ppl might mistake it for a show on BET *eyeroll*

  • http://www.facebook.com/iris.m.castillo.31 Iris Castillo

    I’m happy Carol was alive. Though she’s some sort of a weak person doing nothing but cry in the past seasons 1&2. This season, I think she had grown to be a little bit tough woman. What I like the most, is the romance chemistry between Daryl and her. I’m really a fan of it. It’s because they have this connection that I got really hooked up. They’re both comes from an abused past. So theirs the click. I hope that what happen to the comic series wouldn’t happen to her. Like she ended up with Tyreese and suicide. It sucks. I definitely prefer Daryl more than anything else for Carol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dodge.33 Lisa Dodge

    I wish it had been Carol. T-Dog was a stronger fighter and quite honestly not a distraction. Someone is left “looking out for her” while they have the baby now. They cannot babysit an adult too…

  • Hawky

    T-dog had nothing going for this character but merle & him having a showdown but that never happened…while carol has continued to grow & hold her own…..

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