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Posted at 9:00 pm,
January 4, 2013

If our favorite movies from 2012 had honest posters

All of us at Hypable can agree that 2012 was one hell of a year for film. Aside from the record-breaking blockbusters and the critically acclaimed Oscar-baiting dramas, the power of individual fandoms showed its true colors at the box office in 2012 in a way that no one had seen since the massive Harry Potter craze brought the film series to an end two years ago.

As an anthology of film, 2012 came and went in a particularly strong fashion. Particularly, we’re proud of our individual fandoms like Twilight, Spider-Man, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Batman, Les Miserables, and – well – anything that Emma Watson chooses to be attached to.

Fans of Hypable can surely understand that nobody loves these films quite as much as we do, so it’s with a light and jovial heart that we skewer our favorite fandoms, our favorite movies, and our favorite films of 2012 altogether. We report on these movies day in and day out, so naturally, we have more than a few opinions about the films when they finally come to theaters.

Without further ado, here are our favorite movies of 2012 if their posters had been more honest.

Hypable Honest Poster The Amazing Spider-Man

Hypable Honest Poster Silver Linings Playbook

Hypable Honest Poster Perks of Being a Wallflower

Hypable Honest Poster Lincoln

Hypable Honest Poster Life of Pi

Hypable Honest Poster Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Hypable Honest Poster The Dark Knight Rises

Hypable Honest Poster The Avengers

Any movies in 2012 you thought could’ve been a little more honest?

Vote for your favorite ‘Honest’ poster

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Created by Jimmy Bean and Graphics by Joshua Nealey

Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologize for the intrusive watermarks on the posters, but other websites have been removing our original Hypable watermarks and claiming our work as their own. Thank you to all of our readers for your continued support and for understanding the need to protect our site’s content.

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  • ace

    My favorites:
    “I dreamed a dream and then I died!”
    “Twilight. It’s finally F**king over!”

    • cttwe

      Haha! Those are my favorites too!!

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah


  • Hermione Granger

    Aha this is amazing! I laughed hard at Twilight and Les Miserables, so true! :D

  • SpiritWitch120

    The Twilight one was so wonderfullly honest I had to vote for it just to show how relieved I am it’s finally done. IT’S OVER. IT’S FINALLY OVER.

  • Mitchel Clow

    Simply amazing. The quality of this post is incredible!

  • Jacob

    In regards to the Perks of Being A Wallflower poster, I really don’t think you should make jokes about child molestation/abuse.

  • Glaciusx

    The Les Mis one is HILARIOUS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.rex Andrew Edward Rex


  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    I had to stop reading after “since the massive Harry Potter craze brought the film series to an end two years ago” and just let that sink in for awhile. I keep forgetting we’re in 2013.

  • Emily

    The Batman one was my favorite! And it’s so true! lol

    • RabbitRabbit

      I read each of the questions

      • Lucas Mass

        I read each of the questions and was able to answer each of the questions which means none of them were good points.

        • Megan

          If most of the people who watched the movie had these questions they are still good points.

        • Tim87

          Please enlighten us as to how Bruce Wayne, with no money or passport, makes his way back to Gotham from a random country thousands of miles away from the US (Most likely somewhere in Europe).

          Also, explain how Batman swims away from the specifically mentioned 6 mile blast radius of the multi-ton nuclear bomb when he’s clearly shown in the cockpit with five seconds left on the timer.

          And try to take it easy, they obviously did this as a spoof for entertainment value and did a nice job.

          • Lucas Mass

            They would have done a nice job of spoofing it if it was valid points.
            It was very clearly established in Batman Begins that Bruce Wayne could travel around the world without money or any equipment as he spent 7 YEARS with the mob trying to learn their ways, we also see him learning how to fight on ice during his training with the League of Shadows which they spent most of the scene mentioning the correct footing which explains that Bruce can easily walk over ice to the city. This is not rocket science, anyone with a normal sized brain could remember this as the first hour of Begins is about this.
            And don’t say that it’s not a valid explanation if it’s in Batman Begins and not The Dark Knight Rises cause that argument is so stupid I don’t even wanna answer it. (It’s like saying Deathly Hallows Part 2 doesn’t make any sense because there are things in it that is not explained in the movie but was explained in earlier installments)

            What is also clearly shown in the cockpit is shadows of GIANT BUILDINGS flashing by which means that scene took place before he got to the ocean, they just placed it later on in the scene to get a more dramatic effect of it, it’s a trick filmmakers have been doing since the beginning of movie making.

            This was seriously the easiest thing to explain… I didn’t even have to read everything you said.

          • http://twitter.com/STARKIDwheeler Houston S. Pearce

            So we have small brains because we don’t troll around on fansites like you? Or because we still don’t see your points as valid? Please enlighten US, because your brain is obviously filled with such useful facts about, um, Batman? It was ment to be funny.

          • Lucas Mass

            So you know think I troll on fansites? I don’t even know names to fansites except… well Hypable, and who says i’m trolling? Please look up it’s definition before you call me a troll for making legitimate arguments about why I don’t like this “honest” poster about The Dark Knight Rises (I really like the other ones btw).
            And please read my points before you don’t count them as valid, and if you still do… please tell me WHY they are not valid because apparently you know they aren’t. My brain is not filled with alot of useful facts about Batman btw (which would be a compliment because that means you DO know that the points they had in the poster are wrong if you think my points are “facts”.), now that I read what I just wrote… you are shooting yourself in the foot with your own logic.
            You said in another point that no one cared about my opinion about the poster, then what is the point of trying to make a joke like “please enlighten us about this thing blablabla”?

            If it’s ment to be funny… how is bringing up pointless-long-ago-debunked-points about a movie funny? Saying that everyone dies in Les Misérables IS AN HONEST poster because thats what happens apparently, saying Spider-Man started because of milk is ALSO an honest poster cause thats almost literally what happened. There is nothing honest about the poster they made for The Dark Knight Rises.

          • http://Hypable.com/ James Bean

            Glad to hear you liked our posters!

          • Lucas Mass

            Yeah ofc I liked the pictures, they were really well made and some of them were actually pretty funny

          • Dominic Snowdon

            He’s Batman.


          • Miaow134

            because HE’S BATMAN!!!!

        • Abosuba

          I also couldn’t explain myself about how Bruce made his way back to Gotham, but about the explosion, I always thought that he died and Alfred imagined Bruce with Selina, but that was just my impression, kinda Inception-like where everyone got their own ending.

          • Lucas Mass

            Well I just explained how Bruce got back.
            btw It’s been confirmed by some of the actors that Bruce did survive

          • http://such-a-tragic-thrill.tumblr.com/ VBFan

            Well let’s just say I wasted 3 hours of my life on Batman 3. It was horrible and so confusing. And I was a fan of the first 2 movies. So, I guess I’m glad someone understood the movie, but I honestly thought it was bad and terribly written for the base thriller-movie-seeking audience. I had to focus much much more than I did on Inception to figure out what was happening, and that’s saying something.

        • RabbitRabbit

          My biggest question is how and why did he find time to make a huge batman sign ?!

  • https://twitter.com/maramawhyte Marama Whyte

    these are equally hilarious and gorgeous. amazing work by jimmy & josh!

  • Jason

    Hypable, will you manifest yourself into a television character so too add legitimacy to my excitement over you? Just a thought.

  • Gary65

    You should do thsi every year. Les Mis floored me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.fritch.5 Rebecca Fritch

    i just finished watching the Dark Knigt Rises for the first time, so that one really kind of hit me hard. I’m not done crying about it yet.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    My entry for Pitch Perfect was: If A Capella Was Autotuned; staring Rebel Wilson & other chicks. But mostly Rebel Wilson.

    I’m still bitter it didn’t make the cut. :P(love you guyssss)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Arvizu/100000703545901 Jessica Arvizu

    The Les Miserables poster is so true. Even the children die

  • Jamie

    Love them all, but my vote was won with the mention of Firefly.

    • Dominic Snowdon

      My sentiments exactly.

  • katie

    my favorites are:

    “2 hours and 30 minutes of C-Span”
    “Emma Watson will kiss you’re super messed up”
    “Everyone Dies: The Musical (I dreamed a dream and then I died)”

  • Madison

    Batman : “why didn’t anyone notice Bruce Wayne died the same time batman did?” like seriously hidden in plain sight. Among others. hahahaha!! These are complete genius

  • http://twitter.com/Sonya199711 SofiaSham2017

    Thanks you spoiled Les Mis for me!!!!!! >:(

  • Carilyn

    Just one problem – not everyone dies in Les Miz. Four characters are left alive, two of whom ARE the fulfillment of Fantine’s dream. Still, the faux title is very funny.
    And only one kid actually dies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    The Lincoln poster made me laugh so hard. So true. And Dark Knight Rises was hilarious too. Well done, Hypable!

  • Jason
    • James Bean

      From Cracked, The Chive, Collegehumor, and any number of other movie blogs that have utilized the same basic format to create things that make people laugh. Why do you ask?

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    I died with The Avenger’s one

  • Thang

    Do this for television shows too?

  • SnatcherGirl

    Job Market 2012 <–wins

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    “and – well – anything that Emma Watson chooses to be attached to”

    so true! Love anything she touches!

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    clearly everyone’s vote is for twilight finally ending! YES!

  • hpboy13

    The Les Miz one!!!! I died (like everyone else!) Seriously, only Marius, Cosette, and the Thenardiers make it through the movie! (And let’s be real, we all kinda wish Cosette had snuffed it too).

    Though Avengers and Twilight had me LOLing too. Brilliant!

  • Alex

    Impossible: the sad story of a white family who lost all their luggage
    while having to see lots of Thai people dying in a tsunami.

  • http://twitter.com/PatronusEcho105 PatronusEcho105

    “It’s over. It’s finally fucking over!”

  • Lucas Mass

    ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ one was terrible, most of the questions were really bland and idiotic. “Why doesn’t anybody notice that batman dies at the same time that Bruce Wayne also dies”, that was also the same time their war started, hundreds of cops died on that day and nobody even knew Bruce Wayne had died, it’s not like it’s gonna be printed the very next day because there most likely aren’t anyone working on a newspaper while there is a bomb ticking.

    EDIT: btw I would have wished that you put some kid of spoiler warning cause now there is no point in seeing ‘Les Misérables’…

    • CliveRogan

      A better question would be “why doesn’t anybody notice that Batman goes into, and comes back from exile the same time Bruce Wayne does”

      Along with “why does Bruce waste time asking Gordon where Tate was when he was literally just with her?” and “what’s that tunnel for again?”

      • Lucas Mass

        Well the first one is also not true, Bruce Wayne worked on the fusion project and stuff before he went into exile. Bruce and Batman also didn’t come back on the same day, it could have been weeks apart, you just don’t know because you see Bruce come back at night time and in the next scene it’s the car chase scene around the city at night time as well but it starts just before night

        • CliveRogan

          It could have been weeks apart, but it was heavily implied by the editing that it was the same night. Even if it was weeks apart you’d have to question someone’s intelligence if they couldn’t piece it together. Especially someone as close to the situation as Gordon.

          • Lucas Mass

            but no… it literally couldn’t have been the same night, it’s shown to be very late at night when Bruce makes his first public appearance on the charity ball and the beginning of the stock market scene looks more like 5 PM, it’s not very dark out, just a bit cloudy.

          • CliveRogan

            To be super pedantic, I’d say it was likely after midnight when Bruce rocked up at that party so the stock market scene could easily be the same day.

            Anyway, regardless of the specific day my point still stands that any time within the same year would probably ring a few bells for a lot of people. Especially when you consider that if you’re wondering who Batman is you have to rule out anyone who can’t afford countless tumblers, numerous costumes and a batwing your pool of potential candidates will already be pretty small.

          • Lucas Mass

            Why would anyone still care about who the batman was 8 years after he’s been last seen?

          • CliveRogan

            Batman was pretty notorious after the events of Begins, so much so that people were pretending to be him. I imagine people then were wondering who he was. He then got wrapped up in a city wide panic when the Joker was running amok, with pretty much the whole city being held hostage over his identity. At that point the whole city was clamouring to find out who he was. Then he murdered the city’s most important resident and disappeared, something you’d imagine would stick in your mind.

            While he was gone, the Harvey Dent act cleaned up the city, making sure that Harvey Dent, and everything he did would be in the public consciousness at all times.

            Batman’s final act before turning to exile was to make himself infamous. I’m pretty sure people would remember, and still care who he was.

          • Lucas Mass

            That’s the best argument out of all the bulls**t i’ve read so far.
            Bruce still isn’t the only famous person in Gotham and this would never be a problem specifically targeted at The Dark Knight Rises, the people in Gotham around the time of The Dark Knight were clearly to afraid to say who they think he was because right when Coleman Reese is about to say it The Joker suddenly comes and threatens that he will blow up a hospital if he’s not dead in an hour.

          • CliveRogan

            Were they too afraid to say who they think he was? Because I distinctly remember the city turning into a mindless angry mob, intent on killing the guy they thought was Batman. Given more time I imagine they’d have started a witch hunt, preying on the rich 1% of society to lure him out.

            Because you’re right, he’s not the only rich person in Gotham, he’s just the only rich person in Gotham who takes an 8 year hiatus from the world in the same time frame as Batman.

          • Lucas Mass

            Well wouldn’t you be afraid to share who you thought was Batman if you see someone who actually knows getting death threats when he’s about to say it?
            It’s never said that he takes an 8 year hiatus, he does work on the fusion project and Dr.Pavel also must find out how to turn into a nuclear bomb, all that happens before Bruce dissapears

          • CliveRogan

            Like I said, they were literally trying to kill that guy. If you’re willing to murder someone, you’re at least going to want it to be the right person that you’re murdering.

            And you’re right, he does work on that fusion project, but it’s also heavily implied if not actually said that he hasn’t left that wing of his mansion, nor spoken to anyone for years.

          • Lucas Mass

            So you know what happens if you try to say who Batman is then, The Joker started threatening that person just when he’s about to say it and say he’ll blow up a hospital, people obviously think the hospital is more important than knowing Batman’s true identity. In the end WE as an audience know he’s exiling himself but it could take weeks for the rest of the entire city to find out that Batman is not showing himself anymore, it’s not like it’s headline news when Batman is showing himself every night.

            Yeah he hasn’t spoken to anyone for years – years implies that it could be… 4-5? He might not have left his mansion but he still worked on stuff so people heard new things about him they just never catched him on the street.

          • CliveRogan

            If you look into it that literally sure, but if you remember, most of the reason he was sulking away was mourning Rachel, something that was a fairly instant thing, not something you wait a few years and then deal with. I can’t help but see his working on projects from exile as a kind of plot hole within a plot hole, or at least another plot hole that contradicts the first as you can’t simultaneously be a recluse and continue to work on projects. The fact that he seems to not have any grasp of the companies finances or what it’s getting up to of late suggests to me that his work on the fusion reactor is another thing that they didn’t think all the way through.

          • Lucas Mass

            He thought there was nothing out there in the world for him now with Rachel dieing, if you go so low you would do some stupid stuff… like spending half of your fortune on a fusion project.

          • CliveRogan

            Anyway, I’d written a fairly lengthy reply to one of your other posts, but it seems you deleted it before i could post it, so I’ll put it here and it’ll be the last I say on the matter.

            “I mean these were supposed flaws with the film all the 12 year olds used back when the film was first released which got debunked immediatlyafter so why try to bring them up again? There is no point”

            Thembeing debunked doesn’t mean that it’s not a valid observation that most people left the cinema wondering certain things rather than thinking about the film itself. I don’t really think the answers to a lot of the questions matter, a large portion of it comes down to artistic license, when you make a film like it it’s more important to tell the story than it is to go over every minor detail of the plot.

            But a wise man once pointed out that when people pick holes in a film, they’re not really complaining about the holes, but are rather badly expressing the fact that they didn’t like the film for reasons they can’t quite explain. The holes aren’t the root of the problem, but rather just evidence that people didn’t like the film. You can answer the questions as eloquently and precisely as possible, but there will always be more questions, as it wasn’t the question that was the problem in the first place but rather an inexplicable disconnection with the film.

            It could be seen in a way as a complement. Asking questions about it shows that people are still interested in it, the biggest crime a film can commit is being forgettable, for people to leave and never look back. The Dark Knight Rises, while raising way more questions that it answers, will always be remembered.

          • Lucas Mass

            Hmm, I haven’t deleted any posts…

            Many people did not think these things about it, it’s just when they are being brought up most people who normally don’t think about these kind of stuff more deeply start to spread it like it’s their own opinion which is what alot of 13 year olds do. You don’t care about the answers, I don’t care about the questions cause you can’t bring up questions like “How did Bruce Wayne get back” when it’s been answered in the movies, you just have to sit back and remember what happened in the other ones and boom you are done and don’t need to bother anyone.

            I know there are holes in the film, there are holes in almost literally every movie ever made, what annoys me is that people think it’s a bad movie BECAUSE of the holes they read online while they still love heavily flawed movies like ‘Titanic’, ‘Avatar’ or f**k it even ‘The Dark Knight’ have flaws and thats was my favorite movie for 4 years, infact I can find more flaws in TDK than I can in TDKR but people still like to argue that TDK is flawless while TDKR is the “worst thing since The Phantom Menace”, people even said it sucked because it’s a dissapointment at the box office like a week after it came out, around that time it was only like 20 million dollars away from TDK domestically and it earned 160 million on the first weekend so people were obviously obsessed to get everyone to believe it was a horrible movie.

          • http://twitter.com/STARKIDwheeler Houston S. Pearce

            Dude, you just powned him. Haha, no everyone, the real batman is Obama.

    • Roryduck

      Les Miserables was written in 1862. There have since been many adaptions. Wikipedia notes the 1937 radio play, the musical from 1980, the 1982 film staring Liam Neeson, the TV miniseries from 2000, and the 2012 movie. The spoiler warning expired a looong time ago.

      • http://twitter.com/STARKIDwheeler Houston S. Pearce

        Lol this >

    • http://twitter.com/STARKIDwheeler Houston S. Pearce

      Not that spoiler-y. Still, most of them die in interesting ways. I saw knowing who would die, I was fine. I’d still recommend seeing it.

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Joshua Nealey

      This was so long ago but was just reading some comments. When I made The Dark Knight Rises poster I was just messing around. It wasn’t meant to be taken serious. I loved TDKR, even more so than The Dark Knight. The whole point of this was to poke fun at movies we liked that year.

      It’s nice that this discussion took place, but I just thought I’d point out that just because I release something, doesn’t mean that’s my opinion. It’s just what I thought people would get the most laughs from.

      So you can kind of get the idea of why we do something like this, it’s so people will share them, so we get more visitors.

      It’s not to be taken serious, it’s for fun. It’d be different if I wrote an editorial explaining all the plot holes I hated in TDKR, then you could say that my opinion is similar to “a 13 year olds,” but that’s not the case here.

      We were simply having fun and honestly I was just trying to find a way to make a cool looking poster for TDKR. Most of these were a collaboration from myself and Jimmy, but TDKR one was one I did on my own because I was making fun of a film that I truly enjoyed. In the end, it was more of a way to mock the idea that people were bringing up these questions during the release of such a great movie.

      The questions aren’t meant to be answered, they’re just meant to strike up conversation, which makes its potential sharability increase.

  • KleppMelk

    The Shiznit has done a few of these. They’re the best:)


  • http://twitter.com/stevenjtay Ste Taylor

    I love the Les Mis one, but I wish it said, ‘Someone stole some bread…and sh*t went down!’ I’ve seen somewhere on the internet haha!

  • Alex Anderlik

    Whoever made the Dark Knight Rises poster obviously wasn’t paying very close attention…

    • Lucas Mass

      Thank god someone else who’s seen it has a normal sized brain.

  • morgen71

    Oh my god this post made me fall off my chair

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    “I dreamed a dream and then I died” – i smell a most excellent spoof song, if one doesn’t exist already.

    I remember when my mom first showed me the Les Miz concert performance from 1987, she was narrating the story for me so I knew what was going on and after the final battle at the barrier she was like, “…and then basically everyone dies…” and now it’s on your poster! BAH!

  • ravenclaw1991

    The Twilight and Life of Pi ones are my favourites. “Its finally f**king over!” was hilarious, but “Daaaaamn look at that whale” made me laugh so hard.

  • twilightisfinallyover

    The twilight one cracked me up because that’s exactly what I said at the end of that movie when I saw it with my wife.

  • http://twitter.com/acjub CK

    It’s finally OVER!

  • keshi

    lol! Perfect.

  • http://twitter.com/CodeyWhite Codey White

    This is brilliant!

  • Alex

    The Amazing Spiderman one is súper lame. A better one would be “peter parker turns into Spiderman because everything that happens is his fault”

  • Crazy-Eight23

    Hilarious is not a good enough word to describe these posters. And how the hell are we supposed to choose the favorite?!

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer


  • http://twitter.com/STARKIDwheeler Houston S. Pearce

    This was meant to be funny, so don’t criticize the Hypable writers because YOU don’t see their points to be valid (cough, cough lucas mass), which in reality, they are completely valid. Hypables not hating on the fandoms, it’s making a joke about them. So don’t comment about how you don’t think it’s funny of valid, because all that does is piss all of us off.

    • Lucas Mass

      I did think they were all funny except The Dark Knight Rises one because they are NOT valid points, if they were making fun of the stupid people who brought up those points in the first place then that would be fine but this was “Honest Posters”, with supposedly valid points about these films, they were all good (although I haven’t seen Les Misérables) but the one they did about The Dark Knight Rises was really pushing it, I mean these were supposed flaws with the film all the 12 year olds used back when the film was first released which got debunked immediatly after so why try to bring them up again? There is no point

      EDIT: Also if people who have OPINIONS about these posters cannot comment if their OPINION is that it’s not funny or “valid” is the dumbest argument i’ve ever heard, it’s the Twilight fans argument “DON’T WATCH IT IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!” it just doesn’t work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

    Suicide note of Fox executives haha love it :D

    Also I don’t understand the Spiderman one?

    • http://Hypable.com/ James Bean

      I can completely understand the confusion. The idea was that in the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker lets the thief that eventually kills his uncle get away because the wrestling ring owner shorts him thousands of dollars. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man lets the convenience store clerk get robbed at gunpoint because the dude was a prick to him about not having enough money for his milk. :D

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

        Oh ok I get it now, Thank you.

  • Zack

    Not EVERYONE dies in Les Mis! Cosette and Marius live as well as the Thenardiers!

  • Aidan

    a sequel to like 4 goddamned movies and the perks of repressing childhood trauma made me roll on the floor

  • http://www.facebook.com/isak.kohaly Isak Kohaly

    You totally spoiled Les Miserables for me, but whatever.
    Hunger Games wasn’t the most well-made poster but it was certainly the funniest!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Haha, these are great. My fav are Breaking Dawn, Les Miserables, Lincoln

  • http://twitter.com/Tygridia Tygridia

    My main concern about TDKR is that when he visits Lucius Fox, the armoury is in like teh 20th Floor, but then Bane blows the roof of the sewers after his fight with Batman to have acces to the armoury. WTF!?

  • Mimi

    Really funny! has anyone seen Honest Trailers? A lot of the points that were raised here (especially Dark Knight Rises) were points brought up in that YouTube video…. I got cha.

  • Corin Boswell

    Had to vote for the Twiight one… it’s just too darn funny. And I’m a Twilight fan.

  • yoyoyo

    Spiderman should be: The Amazingly Hipster Spiderman! Thick frame glasses! Film SLR Camera! Skateboarding! Parkour! He even knew about the villain when he was still underground!

  • Ceci


    This one, it’s the best honest poster XD
    hahahah :P

  • http://twitter.com/fluflu44 Mandy Brennan

    LOVED this! Esp Twilight.

  • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Liam I exist

    Perk’s title title made me kind of depressed.

  • nina
  • Dinospy

    If this post from Hypable had an honest title;

    ‘There’s No Magic In Our Lives Movie Posters’

    ‘We’re Sad And Cynical Movie Posters’

  • http://twitter.com/LaCoraDora Amanda Cora

    And then these made it to 9GAG http://9gag.com/fast#6291476

    • http://www.hypable.com Richard Reid

      The uploaded removed our watermark..

  • karma

    saw these on funnymana before they were posted here

    • Branden

      No you didn’t. Notice they put their watermarks behind the text? That’s something someone can’t do unless they have access to the vectors of the original image file.

  • native of skaro

    Honestly though. Everyone DOES die.

  • Maria L B

    All hilarious and freakishly true. Especially Les Mis. (Though I might ask, did you really have to use God’s name in vain for the Avengers poster? :P :P A “damn” would suffice.)

  • ZofTheTwiHard

    Me and my sis love:
    -Job Market 2012… Basically
    -Everyone DIes: The Musical – “I dreamed a dream and then I died… Especially the Women and Children”
    -To Hell with Ambiguity… But Daaaaaaaaam Look At That Whale
    -The Dark Knight Raises (A Shit-Ton of Questions)
    But I can’t pick a fav! Damn, this is amazing! I’m not even offended by the one for Twilight (that one makes me sad) :D

  • girlonfire12

    HAHAHAHHA! funny because theyre accurate

  • http://twitter.com/lukassongley lukaseverdeen

    The one for Silver Linings Playbook is hilarious