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One Hypable staff member shares their thoughts on the Merlin finale, examining the emotional conclusion of the Merlin and Arthur relationship and why BBC got it exactly right.

I feel like Merlin should have been prefaced with, “This is not a love story. This is a story about love,” 500 Days of Summer-style.

I never shipped Merthur. I fell for the Arthur/Gwen pairing the first time Arthur said “Guine-vere” in that way that he did, and I was happy to see them finally overcome the obstacles and get married. But romance was never really what Merlin was about, and I was always more keen on the medieval world, the complicated family ties, the camaraderie of the knights, and the downfall of Morgana. Merlin and Arthur’s friendship was great, but I never saw it as more than just another aspect of the show.

But then the finale happened, and I realised that I had been wrong. Because what the show’s send-off ended up being was not the epic, fast-paced battle I had anticipated, but rather a quietly personal, intimate string of scenes between the two main characters, with everyone else mainly sidelined or dispatched of without much fanfare (with the exception of Guinevere, who got a beautiful sendoff as she took the throne of Camelot) – and that was exactly how this story had to end.

Merlin The Diamond of the Day, Part 2 finale Colin MorganMerlin was never about Arthur and Gwen, or Morgana, or the knights. It wasn’t even about Arthur. All of that was important to the story, yes, and to the legend it was based on, but as enjoyable as those elements were, they were not the core of the show. BBC’s Merlin was, above all else, a story about Merlin’s feelings for Arthur: the friendship, the loyalty, the devotion – and yes, the love.

I am not going to psychoanalyse a fictional character and speculate about what Merlin may or may not have been feeling for Arthur at any given time – and anyway, I bet there are probably a lot of fans better suited to that particular task than I am. Let’s just all agree that he was feeling for Arthur in whatever capacity, and that this, ultimately, was what shaped his path and the direction of the show.

Merlin came to Camelot, met Arthur, and despised him. Merlin met the Great Dragon and thought, damn, I have to protect the idiot who hates me. And Merlin came to slowly realise that Arthur not only didn’t hate him, but needed him in his life. He needed his magic, yes, but Arthur never knew about that. From Arthur’s point of view, he just needed Merlin. Their destiny may have been written in stone, but their tentative friendship and grudging affection for each other had to come from themselves – and we watched them build that up for five frustrating seasons.

Merlin Arthur dies the diamond of the day finale bbcAlexander Vlahos described the finale as a “platonic love story” between Merlin and Arthur. And that is exactly what it was. The entire show was like a classic “will-they-won’t-they,” except rather than building towards some predictable final scene with loud, swelling music and a formulaic kiss in the rain, Merlin was building towards a far more complex conclusion; one which involved both men accepting the other for nothing less or more than what they were, and acknowledging that there was no one they would rather be with, at the end of all things.

And the final episode saw the culmination of that love story, and it was everything it needed to be and more. If this truly had been a romance, it would have been like the end of Casablanca, The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice all rolled into one – but it wasn’t a romance, it was something far more permanent and all-encompassing than that.

When all else had been stripped away, we were left with Merlin and Arthur. With Arthur dying in Merlin’s arms, looking into Merlin’s eyes, telling him to, “Just hold me.” And instead of goodbye, it was “thank you.” While there was a lot left unsaid between them, and a lot of things Arthur never got to do, he died peacefully in the arms of someone who loved him.

It was Merlin who would be left alone, just as he had always been, and therein lay the true tragedy. But the dragon brought him that small, tiny speck of hope which proved once and for all that Arthur was the only thing which ever truly mattered to Merlin: “This is not the end. Arthur will rise again.”

And so, thousands of years later, Merlin is still at Avalon. He is still waiting for Arthur. “I was born to serve you,” he had told him once, and so it would always be. “Stay with me,” he had begged, but Arthur hadn’t been able to. Instead, Merlin had stayed with Arthur.

Merlin Arthur The Diamond of the Day, Part 2 finale

This isn’t about shipping. It isn’t about romance and whether or not you see it. And if anyone is rolling their eyes thinking, “god, get over the Merthur already,” you’ve been watching the wrong show. There’s nothing to read into here, there’s no “head canon” or other fandom conjecture. There was only the raw, honest story which the Merlin writers were brave enough to tell exactly as it should be told, and which the actors handled with commendable grace and integrity.

The legend of King Arthur is one of the greatest stories ever told. And Merlin took that story and told it in an even better way. Because it was not just a story of Merlin and Arthur’s friendship, nor of knighthood and chivalry and magic and that romanticised, longed-for golden age of Britain.

This was a story of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship coming full circle. It was a story of their joint destiny, of the fact that even death could not separate them, and of the fact that they would always find each other. And there can be no greater story than that, nor one more worth telling.

Forget Romeo and Juliet. Forget Jack and Rose. Forget Frodo and Sam. Forget Buffy and Angel. Nothing, nothing will ever be as tragically, beautifully heartbreaking as Merlin and Arthur.

“You’re not going to say goodbye,” Merlin told him. “No, no,” Arthur replied. And neither of them ever did.

  • SH

    I am rewatching everything. Even in the first season it was a bromance. When they returned to Merlins village and encounter his old friend that is jealous of his loyalty to Arthur it seemed like a big metaphor for coming out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/emily.cox.12327 Emily Cox

      Now since Merlin is finished I’m going to buy the whole collection and watch it without stopping, just to see how their bond has been created. All I can say is thank you to everybody who helped making Merlin for giving us an epic show and Saturday Nights will never be the same without Merlin.

  • thegoodshipdestiel

    Jesus Selina you are going to make me cry again with this thing.

  • GirlWhoCriedWhenSiriusDied

    Haha Selina, how Arthur says ‘Guinevere’ is what I added to the best 50 things of Merlin. I simply cannot get enough of it.

  • Alexia

    Excellent review! It´s true … This is a story about love. I cried a lot when Arthur died in Merlin’s arms. And … It’s very sad, thousands of years later, Merlin is still waiting por Arthur.

    • Adina

      Which means right now, in our time. That ending was very clever. Listen to “King and Lionheart” – the ships are indeed in the sky right now. Also listen to Keane, “On the Road”. The soulmates are returning to their “docking stations”. But they are just people, normal people, that is why many won’t see them (because they expect everything to be like in the Medieval times, all over again – and Consciousness just doesn’t work like that).

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    You had me up until you said “forget Rory and Amy.” That’s where you lost me.
    But otherwise I agree. Love doesn’t have to be romantic to be powerful. I see them as frodo and sam type characters

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      I just meant in the “the girl who waited” kind of way. :) Not in an “they’re an epic romance” kind of way. :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

        Got it. :) I’m just watching Dr Who for the first time so I’m really into that dynamic right now. :)

  • ravenclaw1991

    The finale was just beautiful and sad and I swear I was half expecting Arthur and Merlin to kiss several times and I was waiting when Arthur said “I’m going to saw something I’ve never said before” and then he said “thank you” I was waiting for him to tell Merlin “I love you.” I knew that wouldn’t happen, but the dynamic between them for the whole episode, it seemed to be seconds away for the entire episode. Guinevere, I just felt terrible for her. She lost her bother and her husband this series. Now she’s left to rule Camelot alone.. But she won’t be alone because I know Leon and Percival will help her out a lot. It’ll probably be almost like an oligarchy probably.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.rice.5011 Jessica Rice

      Same brain here, I swear i felt he was going to say he loves him! But honestly, I wished he had told Merlin he hopes he finds some happiness to move onto now… u know?? poor guy

      And yes, I thought … those sneaky people on this show… they wanted us to think there was going to be some kind of smooch I swear! Those camera movements… lol they are shippers, awww…

      • http://twitter.com/themeels Amelia Brown

        You know it. Alice Troughton even tweeted about it. Oh, the UST.

      • Adina

        Oh so you hoped Arthur would pull a Frodo and tell Merlin “You have so much to enjoy and to do!”. lol. ‘I want you to always be you’ is the most ultimate message there can ever be. I am positive of the shipping qualities of the cameramen and directors, because to always be you DOES mean “I love you”. And that message was Transpersonal, by being fully personal first. Like Tolkien says, the attention from the Light to the mote is a Person, who is a guardian angel. That guardian angel is actually one’s soulmate, true love, etc. Watching this episode i was transported all the way back to my childhood and teenage years, my quirks and the way I was judged, how it hurt and how I kept on believing, watching and shipping until I got a sign; and later on, how I became involved with people teaching me ideals until I realized that True Love (that “merciless beauty”) was underlying everything, that those ideals were nothing without it. I was Merlin as he revealed “I have magic” tears rolling down his face, I was Arthur as he was caught off guard and slowly came to acceptance – and I KNOW that the reason people feel Arthur is unlike anyone else is because of Merlin (I first read this suggestion somewhere in a fic, where Merlin was sitting on the lakeshore crying for his king, BEFORE the last episode — but I also experienced it in reality as a spiritual occurrence in the Queen fandom).

    • Ryan

      “It was a story of their joint destiny, of the fact that even death could not separate them, and of the fact that they would always find each other. And there can be no greater story than that, nor one more worth telling.” But it’s not about fanservice and read nothing into it!!!! LMAO! If really this was the greatest story of all, why they felt the need to diminish other relationships with other characters to draw attention to it. If this was really the great relationship they harped on, there should be no fear for other connections to throw a shadow on it! Yet they went as far as scaling down a man’s last moments and reducing his whole life with all its richness to a single connection! Do you really believe that the last words of a dying man
      to his “beloved” wife would be:”Take charge” and nothing more! Do you really believe that the last thoughts of a dying man can be exclusively turned to a single connection! I deeply love many people in many ways, none of those connections can exclusively define me as an individual, but all together they do. They went as far as denying her humanity to a loving wife! She wasn’t allowed in the few seconds she was given in this final to express her worry or her grief as a realistic writing commands. They pushed the fan service as far as making her smile and being “pleased” while her husband was dying! Let alone the other characters! This is not great, this is not brave, this is not telling a story “exactly as it should be told”,
      The need to create an emotional vacuity around the relationship that was favored in this episode by alienating the feelings of the other characters, that need to
      suppress their affects as the only way to draw attention to a single connection,
      this very cowardly trick not only demonstrates the weakness of the writing, but
      also reveals the emptiness and the bareness of the relationship privileged by
      the writers in the deliberately equivocal way they chose to develop it. The worst
      is that YES, this could have been a great story and a good final, but sadly it’s not.

      • Adina

        Ryan, when two people are soulmates, two sides of the same coin, then their connection is the only one there will ever be, and yes it encompasses all your other connections. And the writers never ever downplayed all the other connections. The other people in the story slowly understood who Merlin really was, Arthur’s true soulmate. There is nothing holier than that. Arthur’s role was to allow the Goddess consciousness to take charge (represented by Gwen, but also by Merlin). If you are homophobic then just say so. The writers were VERY brave and it is not about fan service. “Just as the Love of the Father and Son, who are equal and infinite, is a person, so the attention of the Light to the mote IS A PERSON” (JRR Tolkien).

      • Adina

        And by the way Ryan, strangely enough, the only person who seems to suppress the importance of other connections is… you! Yours is the cowardly trick of projecting your own fear of Love onto a story which was told exactly as it should be told. Ryan, as my experience of constantly being a dying woman shows, I KNOW for a fact that my thoughts are turned to my soulmate connection. Always have been, always will be so. Connection is something that goes both ways. And if Arthur’s life is rich and complex and defined by many things, then by the same token, his everlasting bond with Merlin will never take away any of that. As I said, these are just the thoughts of a guy afraid to truly love someone, who believes that no person can embody a spiritual reality. However, this is wrong as each person IS a spiritual creation in themselves. The soulmate is an alchemical connection between heaven and earth. And you’d do better not to hurt yours for much longer…

        • Will

          well said

    • Ryan

      “It was a story of their joint destiny, of the fact that even death could not separate them, and of the fact that they would always find each other. And there can be no greater story than that, nor one more worth telling.” But it’s not about fanservice and read nothing intoit!!!!
      LMAO! If really this was the greatest story of all, why they felt the
      need to diminish other relationships with other characters to draw attention to
      it. If this was really the great relationship they harped on, there should be
      no fear for other connections to throw a shadow on it! Yet they went as far as scaling down a man’s last moments and reducing his whole life with all its richness to a single connection! Do you really believe that the last words of a dying man
      to his “beloved” wife would be:”Take charge” and nothing more!

      Do you really believe that the last thoughts of a dying man can be
      exclusively turned to a single connection! I deeply love many people in many
      ways, none of those connections can exclusively define me as an individual, but
      all together they do. They went as far as denying her humanity to a loving
      wife! She wasn’t allowed in the few seconds she was given in this final to
      express her worry or her grief as a realistic writing commands. They pushed the
      fan service as far as making her smile and being “pleased” while her
      husband was dying! Let alone the other characters! This is not great, this is not brave, this is not telling a story “exactly as it should be told” .The need to create an emotional vacuity around the relationship that was favored in this episode by alienating the feelings of the other characters, that need to suppress their affects as the only way to draw attention to a single connection, this very cowardly trick not only demonstrates the weakness of the writing, but also reveals the emptiness and the bareness of the relationship privileged by the writers in the deliberately equivocal way they chose to develop it. The worst is that YES, this could have been a great story and a good final, but it’s sadly not.

      • tennis13

        Ryan take a valium and calm down, you’re just not getting it

  • JWoo

    With Arthur dying, magic will never be allowed in Camelot. It would have taken Arthur to bring this about.Everything Merlin has worked for for 5 years was for naught, and the dream of being able to live as one was born, openly and freely, died with Arthur.

    • Alan Grey

      Not so…Gwen knew Merlin had magic and that he saved Camelot…with the baggage from uther, she will be most likely to allow magic

      • araven

        I totally agree – Gaius told her it was Merlin who was the Sorcerer who saved them all and she has the power to rule as she sees fit. She will be the fulfillmet of all of Merlin’s tireless effort. She will create Albion.

        • JWoo

          It was Arthur’s’ destiny to create Albion not Gwen. Merlin would not serve Gwen as he did Arthur. Gwen may have the power, but it takes more than having power to rule Camelot..

      • JWoo

        Gwen did know that Merlin had magic.. but it would have taken Arthur’s’ wisdom to let magic back into Camelot.

        • OleDum

          What wisdom? All she would need to so is to strike the ban from the law books.

          • JWoo

            It takes more than striking a law from the books to make the kingdom solvent.. Arthurs integrity and knowledge of his people and their ways isa integral to make it all work.

          • http://www.facebook.com/jim.heckman.7 Jim Heckman

            Even though I think the whole ending was bogus, contrived at the last minute by producers who were rushing to end the series after the actors refused to come back for Season 6, I am inclined to think that Camelot would continue to survive as long as Merlin returned to defend it against its enemies. I have no reason to think that he wouldn’t return; he just couldn’t sit by the lake shore for the next 1500 years and count blades of grass. The knights were loyal to Gwen, so I think that she would have been able to rule as she saw fit. In many ways, she might have been a better ruler than Arthur, lacking the Pendragon short comings like fiery temperament, arrogance, stubbornness and inability to see friends from foes. So, yes, I think Gwen could have ruled quite well.


          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1154333614 Diana Gordon

            I completely agree. The dragon says that Arthur and Merlin had created the new world. Like Moses, Arthur just doesn’t get to see the promised land. Arthur vows to defend the United Kingdoms and with Morgana gone and with Merlin’s return and Gwen’s leadership there is no existential threat. Albion is upon them; Gwen will ease the magic laws (not that there are many sorcerers left). There is clearly a continuity error with Percival. We last saw him in the woods tracking. I’d really like to see the unused footage to see what the real intent was here.

          • Kitty

            There was a deleted scene where Percival saw Merlin sending Arthur out onto the lake. Percival left and returned to Camelot to announce that Arthur had died.

    • Adina

      That’s so wrong! :) Gwen knows who Merlin is, she will allow Magic. But there are no more magical people per se, because they were of the Ancient Human Tribe, who sailed away at the end of the last Ages. Merlin will look after the descendants of the Knights, but not get overly attached (as it hurts). I know this because I corroborated various bits of info and because I’m Psychic myself. Listen to “Who Wants To Live Forever” by Queen.

  • http://twitter.com/jwlynch Jim Lynch

    What a fantastically beautiful column, Selina. As I said on Twitter, you summed it up so very well. Thanks so much for writing it.

    I am more than a bit emotional right now. Wow. What an amazing ending to a great show. Television just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Like many others, part of me longs for a sequel or a film. I have no idea how they would do it or if the actors would even want to be part of it. But the same writers could probably come through with a viable way.

    Or perhaps it’s better if it just ends here? Why take a chance on something that would tarnish what has already been made so well? I’m conflicted, as I’m sure other viewers are as well.


  • hpboy13

    Selina, this is beatiful. And you’re making me tear up again! I think there’s a reason that I was crying during the finale, not during Gwaine’s or Mordred’s deaths, but during every single scene with Merlin and Arthur. Because as you say, at the end of the day this was a show about the enduring and unlikely friendship between two wonderful characters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/emily.cox.12327 Emily Cox

      I think that is what the producers wanted us to do, realise it’s about the merthur bond that’s what the show is about, Merlin’s journey to where he is now and how Arthur and Merlin came to be more than best friends. Both of them made Camelot a peaceful place, nothing to be feared.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Forget Buffy and Angel?! Holy crap you’re in love with this show.

    Buffy aside, I think this was an absolutely amazing article. One of the my favorite ones on here by far.

  • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

    Really Selina? “The end of all things” ? You had to go there didn’t you.

    Very well put. I have been holding a bit of resentment since you bashed Hufflepuffs on that episode of Mugglecast but this is a beautiful thing so im taking my resentment back :P

    The whole episode just broke my heart and I had to hold back tears when Arthur told Merlin to “just hold me” It was prefect and beautiful.

    Although the fast forward just felt weird to me and I didn’t catch that he was still waiting for Arthur to to rise again cause he seemed to be traveling past. I would have liked to see some sort of back woods dwelling that merlin had stayed in so he could be close to arthur until he would rise again.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Oh no – I do like to joke about Hufflepuff but I love it really!! I waver between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor myself. So please don’t resent me :)

      • http://twitter.com/7Lia7 Lia Cavasotto

        Haha. You have been unresented I promise! :)

  • Mitchel Clow

    I’ve never properly watched the show, but I still had feels while reading this. You are a powerful writer, Ms. Selina =]

  • Sharon

    That was so beautifully written and a fitting tribute to the finale, and to the series as a whole. Thank you.

  • Gmariam

    Well said, Selina! The finale really did emphasize their relationship more than anything, and I was blown away by how raw it was, particularly at the end. It was truly about love, in its purest form. Great article honoring that!

    • snowcat60

      I agree with your wording — it was raw, almost too exposed and painful to watch. So emotional. This is something you don’t normally see on TV. And the future scene was a shock to me, and oh so sad to think of Merlin waiting a thousand years and more for Arthur. The whole episode was so heartbreaking.

      • Adina

        Listen to Keane, “Sea Fog” and then follow it up with “On The Road”. That is why I don’t want to forget Frodo and Sam. Tolkien said they were an “Arthurian Ending”. Now I finally understand what he meant. And this show happened, so that we take charge as well, like Gwen did in Camelot. Because those of us who see this connection, we have experienced it since early childhood. It’s our own soulmate and the feelings we have for him/her. So basically, Merlin the show says “You were right, it’s real, what you see and feel”.

  • DoctorMerlinPotter

    Oh god this made me cry all over again…Finally someone’s said it right!! It was all about the love story, but not the romance. <3

  • Ofwgkta

    Wait….are they gay? Thats what the article makes it sound like. Btw….i have nothing against gay people…i just thought merlin and arthur were straight. Or is it more like brothers?

    • Omar

      Why does every one have to be gay? Can’t a man truly and deeply love his friend without homosexual feelings coming into it? I lost a dear friend some years ago, and I understood the helplessness and deep sadness that Merlin felt. If you had a close friend or a brother, you would understand.

    • http://twitter.com/SignalFire90 Kat

      Merlin and Arthur are both straight. The article was trying to say that this is not the point. Because whatever love is shared between Merlin and Arthur, it is love nonetheless. And it is the most powerful love that two human beings can share, even if it’s not romantic. Platonic love can be something so beautiful and this show displayed that in every way possible.

  • Felix Au

    Great review. After watching the ending sequences a few times I’m convinced that the writers had originally wanted to end on a more hopeful note. I believe they had actually wanted to end with the scene where Merlin casts Excalibur into the lake and with Arthur catching it. If you look closely, the arm looks too masculine to be Freya’s. Also Merlin’s expression is also more composed; sad but with acceptance and his eyes light up with a spark of hope when they see Arthur catching Excalibur. Merlin is not in the throne room because he is at the lake.
    However the producers later decided to change the sequence to give the story a more tragic but still beautiful end. The 21st century scene might have been added later after. I also suspect they deleted the part where Percival meets Merlin and they carry the sad news of Arthur and Gwaine’s demise to Camelot.

    • http://twitter.com/SpiritOfMerlin Spirit of Merlin

      I agree on that one! The arm is too masculine for Freya. Thank you for bringing it to the attention. It would have given a somewhat more hopeful end – with hope in Merlin’e eyes instead of deep sorrow. Merlin and Excalibur as the ending scene – would have loved it :)

  • Mary

    Just a small correction – Alexander Vlahos didn’t say it was a ‘platonic love story’ – it was ‘a brolliant love story in a sort of more a platonic way’. Come on, Arthur didn’t even remember his wife while he was dying. The only true love in this show was between Arthur and Merlin.

    • ClaraOswin

      Ha, you’re right. I didn’t even catch that Arthur didn’t say to Merlin “Tell Gwen I love her.”

      • Adina

        He sent her the ring to be able to rule Camelot as Arthur’s recognized heir. He loved her but he was never truly free with her. He’s in bed with her and when Merlin calls, Arthur is like “MERLIN…”. Their bond was the strongest of all. I guess it was Gwen’s destiny to become Queen, that is why she learned at Arthur’s side. But she was not his true soulmate. Arthur always imagines Merlin there with him, in some capacity or another, even if Arthur were just a simple farmer.

  • mpamies

    Great… Now I’m crying again.

  • http://twitter.com/FyMerlinxArthur Fy-MerlinXArthur

    As soon as I started reading I couldn’t believe the direction this article would take; I’m touched by your beautiful words for this pair.

  • Ellie

    -round of applause- beautiful. just beautiful.

  • D-Chan

    I absolutely adored the finale and your review is just beautiful and this is so true !

  • Uyen Cao

    I haven’t even watched the finale because I live in Australia, but by God. The season finale of Merlin is saddening and especially heartbreaking – but done well, for sure.

    • lauraryno

      I live in Australia too, and I’ve already seen the finale! I feel a bit guilty but I just couldn’t wait. I watched it on Christmas Day and that was a BIG mistake. I felt like crying the whole day :(

  • Abby

    What a beautifully written article! I am an Arthur and Gwen fan but, like you I cannot deny that there is true and unbreakble ‘platonic love’ or really, just love, between Merlin and Arthur. Thank you for writing this lovely thoughtful piece.

  • http://twitter.com/McKeeKatharine Katharine McKee

    Couldn’t have put it better myself. Although, that last bit made me tear up! :(

  • Elopso

    When will the tears stop, when?

  • marvelpku

    Selina. I am from China and I am a big fan of Merlin ever since 2009. Words can’t describe how much gratitute I should give you for this review. It is beautifully, poeticly, musically done.
    I watch this show for Merlin and Arthur and I understand from the beginning that this show is NEVER about anything else but fundamentally it is a story about Merlin and Arthur’s relationship. I can’t help but say ever since S3, I find the producers are targetting for too much which they can’t actually handle, given this is a kid show. But the finale (with all it flaws) tells the story as it should be. I love Bradley and Colin dearly. They two and their chemistry drive this show to a level which can’t possibly be achieved.

    • Adina

      It might be a kid show, but it was when we were kids that we knew the truth – and then forgot. And a family show also encompasses ALL family, not just the kids. Many families have special kids who have a different consciousness, with this show they (like me), might feel validated and encouraged to go on with what they know to be true.

  • mtlss

    Selina – wow. This is beautifully written and summarises all my feelings (and I’m sure lots of other people’s feelings) perfectly. I loved Gwen and Arthur too but there is something about Merthur that just transcends that and it doesn’t matter if it’s bromance or romance because it is just MORE. And I think they were right to wait so long for the reveal because in my opinion, that just shows how much Arthur loved Merlin as a person, not for what he could DO but for who he WAS. And God – here come the waterworks.

  • Omar

    Having read the Arthurian legend, I knew Arthur would die and dreaded the finale. I summed up the courage to watch it 2 days after it aired and was devastated. I wish (in a silly and selfish way) that it could have been rewritten to save Arthur and return him to rule Camelot happily ever after. But it was very well done, the emotions moved me to tears (and I never cry).

  • Omar

    In the legendary song “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong, a line goes thus….”I see friends shaking hands, saying “how do you do?”, they’re really saying “I love you”……… Most men wont say it, but they love their friends just as deeply as they love their families. The finale showed exactly that.

  • archaeologist_d

    Thank you so much for putting into words what I’d been feeling all along. A perfect way of describing it. A story about love.

  • allons-y bluebox

    “You’re not going to say goodbye,” Merlin told him. “No, no,” Arthur replied. And neither of them ever did.

    ^This line was absolutely heartbreaking and made me break down all over again.

    I want to thank the writers for doing an amazing job writing Merlin and of course the actors who receive ALL THE AWARDS for their brilliant acting skills and portraying their characters so convincingly.

    I wish Merlin could’ve lasted longer and came out with a few more seasons but everything has to end at some point and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending!

  • http://twitter.com/SignalFire90 Kat

    crying mess right now

  • Jane.Doe

    While I can’t even agree a little bit in regards to your comments on Arthur/Gwen (it was the most unrealistic and chemistryless canon couple I’ve ever seen), the rest brilliantly sums up the finale. It was beautiful and tragic, and anyone that says Merlin and Arthur did not love each other (however someone may choose to interpret that) then they are completely blind. The ending was as it should have been, Arthur and Merlin together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexandra.artunduaga.94 Alexandra Artunduaga

    I agree with your vision of the love between Merlin and Arthur, but oh did I HATE this ending! I expected so much more to happen and be concluded. 1. Why did Merlin´s dad tell him his powers are beyond his knowledge if he never really got to use them to save Arthur? 2. What ever happened to the promised kingdom? It never came! Was this just Merlin´s failure to bring it about? 3. So Arthur and Gwen discovered Merlin had magic, but where did this take him? It seems he did not even go back to Camelot after Arthur died! Seriously, I am a huge fan and I could tell you every single episode of the series almost by heart, so I was very disappointed to see it end like this… The last bond between them was pretty touching, I agree, but the ending was frustrating and did not follow the flow of any of the previous episodes at all!

    • Adina

      Dear Alexandra, by hating that they did not tell you everything, you are foregoing your OWN powers! That’s why this show happened in the first place, for you, me, they, us, to take charge of our own lives, and make a wonderful creation of our feelings for our own individual soulmate. This pair did their job. The Golden Age is when each person reaches Balance – and as for a collective Golden Age, well, it is happening as we speak. Just look outside your window.

      • Ravensdawn

        Sorry to put it so bluntly, but this is a load of crap. Are you one of the writers or something? Quit rationalizing for them.

    • marina

      I agree with you, Alexandra, -this finale did bring the story to a dead end.And with such cruelty to Merlin! What is he left to live for now? And where does he belong after Arthur’s gone? He should be the one to die, either along with Arthur, or being able to save his king at the last moment. Morgana should have killed him -she was so keen on finding Emrys all the time, and now had kind of forgot that he’s her doom? What do you think?

  • Leanna

    This is so beautifully written, Selina. <3 I hope one day to be able to write things like this.

  • http://twitter.com/peciitis Arthur 4ever in my ❤

    OMG, this killed me. OMG, I thought I was better. No, this article pulled my chest open and ripped my heart out, crushed it and left bleeding all over again! MERTHUR FOR LIFE!!!

  • boo

    Well, you made me cry again.. that’s for sure

  • http://twitter.com/A1vintagepixie Andrea

    A beautiful article written with true understanding of the characters. Thank you

  • http://twitter.com/ophelia_kills Kirra

    I’ve never really cared all that much to the Arthur/Merlin relationship because it was based on lies, abusive most of the times and Merlin is always ready to throw everyone else under the bus just so he can fulfill his destiny.
    But yes it was emotional nonetheless because losing your bestfriend that is like a brother to you is pretty devastating

    • Judgingyou

      of course this comment has to come from a Gwen stan…

      • marvelpku

        Good catch and well said.

  • http://twitter.com/VanessLobO vanessa lobo

    You Ms. Selena have written in this beautiful article exactly what I feel.I keep watching the scenes between Merlin and Arthur and it amazes me.Few dialogues but those scenes are full of emotions.Colin Morgan is brilliant! There is nothing more to say.

  • Insanityisgood25

    Thank you for writing this-I’ve watched merlin from the beginning, every saturady night and have watched and re watched the final to get oer the whole thing. Your review is trueful and amazing. I’m tearing up again!

  • Ryuutsu

    I don’t have an account, but I felt like I needed to comment. This article is just… everything I ever felt about the Arthur and Merlin relationship, and more. If one could ever try and put what they had into words, this would be it. You are absolutely right, it’s not even about romance or shipping. It’s about the bond they shared, and truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what you want to call it, but it’s there, and it’s so real and strong it hurts.

    You are amazing for writing this it sort of feels like the perfect addition, almost like a closure of sorts, to the finale, and I’m unintentionally quoting Arthur’s last words here when I say ‘thank you’. I needed this.

  • of_nightingales

    This is so wonderfully written. It completely sums up my feelings towards Merlin and Arthur’s relationship.

    “Platonically in love” has been a thing for me for awhile now. There are so many times when I adore two characters’ relationship (*cough* Dean and Castiel *cough*), but can’t get behind the idea of them as a romantic couple. However, I still can’t deny the fact that they’re so much more than just friends. “Platonically in love” seems to be the most accurate way to describe it.

  • lina

    oh gawd reading this made me cry *sniff* and unfortunately, i’m at work so it’s kinda embarassing..u seriously couldn’t have put this any better..there’s a reason why there are so many merthur shippers..because that’s what the show was about all along…

  • safsoof

    I cried. again.

  • Chimo

    Thank you for so eloquently expressing that this series was about the journey and the finale captured Arthur and Merlin’s journey from boys to great men who distrusted, trusted, rejected and accepted each other for exactly who they had been, were and were meant to become. I will miss this series.

  • stefania

    This is so perfect and so true, my heart is aching just with the thought. I will always say that Merlin and Arthur were the best love story that has ever been told.

  • Adeladaine

    This was beautiful and utterly gorgeous and I can’t stop crying.
    The finale was a perfect way to end the series.

  • USMerlinFans

    My daughters and I have watched every episode of Merlin since its beginning. In the U.S., however, we would have had to wait until this coming Friday to begin Season 5, and that we could not do. So, every Saturday night, after Merlin had aired in the UK, we gathered in front of the computer to watch S5 episodes, broken into scenes, on YouTube. We are forever grateful to mirainsweden2! We are heartbroken at the tragic ending we witnessed on Christmas Day. We are reading the comments of Merlin fans who commiserate with us. Your review, Selina, is beautifully written. It not only put into prospective what many of us have felt in our hearts for such a long while; it’s comforting words for many of us who feel like we’ve lost a loved one. Now, when we re-watch old episodes of Merlin, we’ll do so with a new appreciation of their story. Thank you.

  • Amy F

    beautifully said. :)
    i do love my merthur fanfiction, but i really ship them more in the fanfiction universe than “in reality” :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/maureen.jackson.5492 Maureen Jackson

    marvelous series , left me absolutely gutted,loved them both !!!!!!!

  • Cookiesfly

    There are no words to describe how amazing this is <3

  • Colleen

    Thank you for this amazing article about the series finale of Merlin. I’m not great with words and haven’t been able to express myself to my fellow Merlin fans about what I thought of the finale and you did it. This wonderful article is exactly what I think when I watch the finale. My only word for the finale is ‘perfect.’

  • ForTheLoveOfCamelot

    You got it spot on. Beautiful description of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship. Wonderful article.

  • Nancy

    I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR HOW I CAME TO THIS BUT I AM ON THE VERGE OF TEARS………………………this is truly the most tragic tragedy of all time

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.rice.5011 Jessica Rice

    Oh GOD! *had to prevent self from emitting strange twinges of sad emotions from being vocalized at least three times/including tearing up while reading this*

    on the other hand, I was grateful for reading something that captured my sentiments on the story they portrayed here … hold on, having emotions again.. lol, Colin and Bradley are really something on screen, I was actually more surprised by BRADLEY this time! wow…. kind of wished they made Colin break down a little more… I would have, if I lost a friend… in my own arms mind you. Oy… the heartbreak. sigh

  • Reverie Indigo

    I agree with what you wrote, but the problem was it was way too abrupt. The Merlin-Arthur relationship stopped progressing in the first half of S4 and was very inconsistently written after that, and largely less close than it was at the begging of S5. I don’t have a problem with Gwen/Arthur, but they were terribly written after Uther’s death and became a strange Disney couple with the most boring relationship, ever (real couples fight and work through disagreement; they don’t wear chainmail in the bedroom and treat each other like formally distant siblings), and this wasn’t what the show was about.

    We needed a steady progression of their relationship, but the failure to have a reveal in S4 meant that there was nowhere for them to go, especially as Arthur stopped being a noble prince and took on Uther’s role as Mr. Anti-magic, and Arthur was reduced to a brutish idiot, with a few flashes of affection and a total inability to think of the good of the kingdom over his personal honor.

    So while the reveal & death were perfectly done, they were done in isolation. I’m sad, but I would have been in a fetal position for 2 weeks if there had been a long progression to the moment.

    Also, I think the overall problem was that Merlin was always light-hearted, campy fun. S5 tried to take itself too seriously with it’s “dark” tone, and being stripped of humor and charm, the unbelievably bad writing came to fore and kind of ruined it, and the show floated on the acting (and stunning beauty) of A/M. The finale has so many plot holes that what could have been perfect was marred. (You need a power as ancient as the dragons themselves? HOW ABOUT YOUR DRAGON? Need to get to Avalon quickly? HOW ABOUT YOUR DRAGON? Etc.)

    • Adina

      And that’s exactly why Arthur and Gwen are not a real couple to me, because he wore chainmail in the bedroom. What more appropriate metaphor could I want? And he touches her with the warmth of a dead fish. But why would I complain about it? Arthur and the others are acting according to the level of their knowledge within their universe. We know that Merlin has magic, Arthur doesn’t, but he feels the lack of something. That picture released by the BBC, with both of them looking extremely sad and lonely hits the nail on the head. With Gwen, Arthur enacts an ideal of chivalry and respect for women. But his sacred connection with nature and the land is not represented by her. That connection is Merlin – who is also oblivious that he will be that person whose “hands” bring Arthur’s death (i.e. by finally “holding him”, Arthur finally dies = is reconnected with nature and himself).

    • Amalah

      I agree but I just want totell you that it say “a power as ANCIENT AS the dragons not the atcual dragons

  • DaphneSonier

    That is the most beautiful review I’ve ever read in my entire life, thank you so much for what you just wrote, I’m crying right now haha.. But, it describes it all, and it surely made me realise how much I will miss this amazing tv show..

  • http://twitter.com/MatenakangBabi Jerome Manansala

    This is a great review… So moving.

  • JWoo

    Doesn’t anyone want to know what happened to the White Dragon?

  • SnatcherGirl

    “One tiny Hobbit against all the evil the world could muster. A sane being would have given up, but Samwise burned with a magnificent madness, a glowing obsession to surmount every obstacle, to find Frodo, destroy the Ring, and cleanse Middle Earth of its festering malignancy. He knew he would try again. Fail, perhaps. And try once more. A thousand, thousand times if need be, but he would not give up the quest.”
    -The Return of the King

  • reve

    thanks so much for writing this! it’s the 3rd time i read it and i still cry like there’s no tomorrow. it’s extremely accurate and fantastic, the way you managed to put the fandom feelings into such precise words. i’m thinking about translating it into spanish, which is my native language, so that more people can read your perfect article! i can’t think of more words to tell you just what an amazing job you did with this review, except for thank you. <3

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Feel free to translate it (linking back to the original article of course). I am so honoured that people seem to be taking something away from what I’ve written, because I know that it took me a lot of time to sort out my own feelings about it all. If this is actually helping others make sense of the episode too, that is all I could ask for. :)

  • Marina

    That was beautiful, thank you! I thought I could not cry anymore, but here I am having my face washed by tears…

  • Molly

    Crying AGAIN! This article summed it up so well for me… I have just watched it and didn’t know how to feel, but you’ve helped me digest and realise that this was how it should be. However dissatisfied I was with how the series went, the finale was perfect. Long Live Merlin!

  • ClaraOswin

    Good analysis! Having just re-watched seasons 1-4 right before the finale. I know that is the reason why I took the ending very hard. I had just watched their relationship from the beginning. When I re-watched season one, I kept thinking what a jerk Arthur is. How did I end up caring about this character? He was pretty abusive towards Merlin. Then I watched the relationship progress between Arthur and Merlin. Merlin would give as good as he got back to Arthur. It was heartbreaking to see where they ended up in the finale.
    Your point that you didn’t realize the show was mainly about Merlin and Arthur’s relationship is a failure of the writers to make that message clear to the audience. That this friendship is the main theme of the show or this is what they were going to singularly focus on to end the show. Hence why so many people were confused and/or disappointed at how the show ended.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauren.cacopardo Lauren Cacopardo

    I absolutely love this article. Thank you for writing it. I sort of needed it. The ending was incredible beautiful but I needed some one to put down what I was thinking so I could get my feelings out (if that makes sense). I am just wondering, if this story had been written in Hollywood, would the ending have been the same? I think not. I am grateful that it was written by people that took this story line serious. …Now I need to watch it again!

  • annabellerowan

    This is something most beautiful I ever read on Merlin and Arthur’s relationship (and this is from hardcore Merthur fan), thank you, I’m crying and sobbing and I’ll never be over this.

  • http://twitter.com/SFXDaveB Dave Bradley

    Well said, Selina!

  • http://twitter.com/MaireadNguyen Mairead Nguyen

    You made me cry again. Sob actually, with the screenshots from the episode! WHY, SELINA?!?

  • caramiarules

    I never comment on these things but now I must. Your article is perfect and right on the money. It is exactly how I felt and, I think, how we are meant to feel by the writers and brilliant actors. They did a beautiful, sensitive job and I could not ask for more. Your article does them honor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G

    yep. you got it all. a marvelous retelling of the classic tale! it ended not only beautifully but fittingly, aptly, succinct as succinct as any series ending has ever been (with the possible exception of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s “All Good Things” which, in a way was a similar approach to saying ‘goodbye’ in both the summing up while reducing matters and relationships to their essence.

    But I have a few complaints, not about BBC’s ‘Merlin’, but about the whole Arthurian romance ‘traditions’: in a word, they are all WRONG. The events which gave rise to the legends in the first place were not at all what they have become in the “traditional” versions. ‘Merlin’ so named was a companion of Arthur’s, a trusted friend, a second pair of eyes, quite possibly far-seeing eyes, in other words a man with a singular gift of intuition, one who “sees” by subtle indirection, by contemplation, meditation. Merlin was probably a holy man, whether Christian or not is not directly important. Arthur had a dream, a particular kind of vision we call visionary extravert, and Merlin his companion, guide and counselor was the illuminato, one who saw inwardly. It was a powerful combination, one giant step towards the concepts of justice and equity drawn from Roman law, embodied in Anglo-Saxon common law, hallowed in the law of Christ, the conqueror, the redeemer, the sanctifier.

    Mordred may also have been a friend of Arthur and Merlin’s and he may have been a Saxon. One thing is sure, though, he did not betray Arthur, not intentionally anyway, he may have been born a Druid but what does that really mean if anything. Something unforeseen happened &/or something went dreadfully wrong at “Camlann” wherever that might have been? What exactly we may never know. But what we do know is that, as the popular retellings and chançons of Arthur Merlin Guinevere Lancelot grew, their popularity to the people was misconstrued (or deliberately misdirected) by the chiefs of the Roman Catholic Church many many many years-centuries really- after the events which gave initial rise of and inspiration to the legends. Witchcraft, which wasn’t bad at all, but merely an adept practice of healing and reconciliation of the popular (OLD) religion, natural religion embedded in the lands. There were bad practitioners, bad doctors, bad healers, hucksters, quacks and the like which we all know today. A few were really nasty, bad people, but the natural religion wasn’t the reason. Except, to the established Church the Old Religion WAS THE ENEMY, because it was afraid of its popularity and power, and also it’s effectiveness and efficaciousness to heal and repair and mend the rift human beings had with one another and with the land and its spirit.

    Mordred in another words, was and remains a scapegoat figure, a cause mal, a bad penny, whatever term you might want to use. He was inserted as such to take the rap for whatever went wrong, tragically, at Camlann, in which both Arthur and Merlin’s relationship was sundered and where both probably died.

    Only a good deal later did different events give rise to a later Merlin/Arthur type legend, different characters but similar themes. The version we have seen in BBC’s Merlin has been a brilliant combination of both legends, which naturally fit together in that naturally both followed a similar path of the conflict of justice and equity against power, politics, and the Church in all likelihood. About that relationship of Merlin and Arthur we know not nearly enough, but what we do know as I said was brilliantly folded into the “traditional” version, where Merlin and Arthur were young. The later version’s was a much older, archetypically Wise Man figure and counselor of sorts to a later King or political leader. Together they too contributed to the stream of law an justice which much later still was played out by King John and the Dukes and Earls. Justice and freedom for all, and unity born of common cause.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.gossard Tom G

    …sorry, I got so carried away with the male part of the legend (I’m a gay man, so in part I’m one-sighted and one-sided in my western thinking. In fact I support a feminist view of the Arthurian legends in principle if perhaps not in fact. There is no reason to suppose that the roles of Arthur and Merlin and Mordred and Morgana (Morgan Le Fay) could not have been gender reversed, with women the protagonists and a man the antagonist (though here again, against what ‘traditional’ versions would have us believe, Morgana was probably also a ‘good witch’ perhaps Arthur’s sister of ‘half-sister’ which would have been common in those days as even in these, our present days). Perhaps Merlin, in a gender exchanged version, might have been the ‘evil’ sorcerer, always meddling and plotting and scheming (he was that way anyway, a very clever individual and probably as inclined to weight the coin in Arthur’s favor, not always to good effect. Anyway, Morgana was a good figure too. Mostly the heroes and villains that populate legends are something quite different in the flesh. What matters most, however, in the re-tellings, the legend better be good better be spectacular, special effects and all, or the teller will have been discredited for telling an unpopular version, a show that went bust for lack of that special something which differentiates the successful run and the doomed close before the curtain opens. I’m way interested to know more about Avalon, and how it became idealized and legendized “Albion”. Enough for today, though, you probably stopped reading long ago. (;

  • Lala

    I loved the season finale but i wish they had ended it on a happy not were Merlin saves arthur at all costs and they both return to Camelot and Merlin stands by Arthurs side ready to protect him just as he always has done, or at least do a film were arthur returns and merlin isnt left wandering alone for thousands of years waiting for him :(

  • Susan L. Robinson

    The producers were true to their promise that they would give the audience a fantasy retelling of the Arthurian legend built upon the premise that Arthur and Merlin were around the same age, and that we would see their friendship mature through the five years it was slated to run. As Selena has so beautifully stated, what we saw was a truly remarkable story of a friendship built upon trust, loyalty, and love. Beyond that, we were privileged to see two young actors, Colin Morgan and Bradley James , present the story through youthful banter, maturing insights, and an endearing respect for each other. Their remarkable skills at drawing this complex series to such a personal and fitting close tells me that they are “destined” for brilliant acting careers. I, in the words of Arthur Pendragon, just want to say, “Thank-you”.

  • Jo

    I’m crying again. And I’ll never stop.

  • snowcat60

    Thank you for your thoughtful review. You have beautifully stated what I have been posting on other sites since episode 11 — that the Merlin “story” is really about the relationship between Merlin and Arthur. You have described it much more eloquently than I. While I have always been an Arwen shipper, the biggest reason I watched the show was for the banter between Merlin and Arthur, that was evident from the very first episode.

    When Arthur kissed Gwen for the very first time, I think I held my breath for the entire kiss. When Arthur said “just hold me, please” I know my breathing stopped. For everything else TPTB messed up, and while I DID NOT want Arthur to die, and while I am devastated that Gwen is ruling Camelot alone and Merlin is wandering around for 1000 years waiting for Arthur to reappear, the final scenes with our boys was so wonderful, sad and heartbreaking, there is nothing I have ever watched to compare it to (and I’m not a young viewer)

    Kudos to Colin and Bradley for their incredible chemistry and acting — and to Shine, Fremantle and the J’s for their creativity and love in imagining and crafting this brilliant show.

  • Kat

    I thought the ending was perfect and for me the two of them developed a strong brotherly love of affection and mutual care and respect. I never saw it as anything more than that.

  • Turquoise

    I’ve cried enough in the finale and your words are the exact I was thinking about . I knew from the beginning it was about Merlin & Arthur , but never wanted it to end that way . A lot left unsaid and the feelings were overwhelming

  • mera

    i missed merlin the whole family missed it..

  • Vexill

    I am an Arab fan of Merlin , your articl brings the tears to my eyes again, it’s beautiful and simple and abvious articl. Thank you. I Got what Merlin was about. But Still gonna cry over and over again when i hear the name of Merlin.

  • Kat

    Selina, this is beautifully written, and summed up my feelings exactly and you’ve got me crying all over again goddamit!! Just as i’m starting to come to terms with no more Merlin, i read something brilliant like this and i’m an emotional wreck all over again! I can only hope it may be picked up again one day in the future (with Colin and Bradley of course) till then i will have to make do with rewatching all the boxsets.
    By the way, i noticed Felix Au, down the bottom there talking about Arthur catching Excalibur. It was actually Freya who caught the sword not Arthur. You are right in saying that it was a male arm, they used a male diver for the scene but it was supposed to be Freya.

    • fsakw2k

      I think the point was that originally, it was meant to be Arthur catching Excalibur – and therefore giving a “happier” ending. But later, the producers decided to change the sequences in order to pull harder on viewers’ heartstrings. In doing this, they also reverted to the legends whereby the Lady of the Lake (Freya) continues to be the guardian of Excalibur. So the theory goes: originally – Arthur’s arm. Later – Make it Freya and make people cry harder – but they didn’t re-shoot the scene (either they didn’t think many fans would notice it or they were constrained by budget/time).

  • http://twitter.com/kaardode kaardode

    Very beautiful the way you put it ! I fully agree ! Really enjoyed your vision, it’s the way many of us experienced Merlin, I just never quite understood what it was that kept me so attached to this story. But you put it down in clear words. Thank you for that.

  • http://twitter.com/upandawaystudio Jenay Carriere

    Very beautifully written and mimics my feelings on their relationship perfectly.I have always known the show focuses on Merlin/Arthur as two young boys growing up and teaching each other about life.In the end they were together as brothers,best friends and loved each other as two straight men can.Merlin and Arthur have always been devoted to each other and although Arthur could be rude,he never meant it and Merlin knew this.Arthur respected Merlin and listened to his advice and their devotion to each other is what made their relationship work so well.

    I will miss this show and knowing how it ended has made it hard for me to watch previous seasons for now.For me this show has raised the bar on how to do any other Merlin show that may come again at a later date.I will never see another Merlin/Arthur pairing the same again.Colin Morgan and Bradley James are Merlin/Arthur and they did it brilliantly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.heckman.7 Jim Heckman

    The ending was quite sad and should have never been aired on Christmas Eve. The producers thought there was going to be a Season 6 until August nearly 6 months after they started to film, so the last five episodes were thrown together to force the story line to get to Camlann. Why the producers couldn’t have taken show to a more positive ending with Arthur living and a victory over the Saxons (Mt. Badon) is a question that all people should ask. Why were so many things unexplained or forgotten from episode to episode? In many ways, the scripts were weak and reptitive in Merlin, but Colin Morgan and Bradley James overcame that weakness. Merlin was about their characters and their joint struggle against adversity. The chemistry between Arthur and Merlin drove the show and brought millions of viewers to watch it on Saturday nights. Yes, it was a love affair between too men; there is nothing wrong with that. History is full of such examples; some platonic, others more. I always said that Merlin was Arthur’s enabler; the man who made it possible for Arthur to do what he needed to do. That bond not only existed when they lived, but continued in death. However, I do think that Merlin has done many things over the last 1500 years, not simply pine along the Lake of Avalon. His old man image is just that; an image. He’s not some hobo-looking old man just walking along the roadway.

  • Nour

    I love the finally so much that I will miss Merlin and Arture a lot :( :( Thy should have showed us if Arture will truly come up and how merlin is living his lifee. They didn’t show a lot in the future which I hoped they did. I would be happy if they just do one preview later on how Arture will rise again.

  • Maira

    This has to be the most hyped about article on the finale on tumblr. Well done. We’re all crying and gushing over here. <3

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Honestly I am just so stunned and honoured by the reaction it’s gotten. THANK YOU everyone for reading and sharing!

  • Lauren

    WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! so sad!

  • snowcat60

    After that ending, I think we will all be watching our dvds of previous series….and the Merlin/Arthur moments will be especially poignant. I think on the series one dvd extras, the J’s (at least one of them) said the story was about Merlin and Arthur growing up together. It really was about Merlin and Arthur’s relationship, and all those people that demanded the show be Merlin-centric will have to reassess their stand now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=618838447 Annette Diane Robertson

    I haven’t seen the final season yet, and I don’t care how beautifully it was written and all that. I just don’t want it to end at all. And, I think I’m a more than a little angry. It just hasn’t been enough.

  • senay

    I am from turkey, the finale episode of merlin was very sad. I cried a lot. from the beginning I always love merlin and arthur’s friendship and never thought that arthur was gonna die in merlin’s arms someday. also very sorry merlin has ended..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1152473699 Laura Gilbert

    Are you sorry Merlin has ended? We are, we are a growing group on Facebook and we have an online petition going so if you have Facebook please come and join us,the link is https://www.facebook.com/MerlinNeedsToCarryOn But most importantly please sign our petition, it only takes a moment.The link for the petition is http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-want-more-merlinmore-seasons/ Thankyou for any support shown.Have a happy new year

  • Charlotte_Mitchell

    ok I did not just cry over an article… nope… not crying..

  • Merlin: Man VS Magic

    True. But I can’t help but feel that “Merther” was a sidelines plot. Man VS Magic was the main plot established in Season 1. Was magic ever truly accepted? Morgana, who fought for magic, enlisted Saxons and they became the prevalent force behind the Battle of Camlann–so was it even a fight for freedom to be magical in the end? Further more, Arthur never truly announced his acceptance of magic. He accepted Merlin–in the quiet of the wilderness–and so we cannot know what would happen afterwards. Guinevere would have perhaps accepted magic, but this wasn’t made clear for us as she never once expressed an interest in freeing magic. The main plotline seemed to be about magic and it being accepted in Camelot (for me) and this was ignored over something that had always been more of a sidelines focus–”Merther”.

  • Catalyst

    This is exactly what the show was about. Perfect explanation.

  • Arubi

    Now i’m crying again.

  • Anonymous

    I almost cried reading this, i was so upset last night when arthur died and was miserable with the ending they chose, but now i know that they were true to the legend and now reading this i absolutely agree that the writers and the characters got it perfect, the emotion shown in the finale was astounding and it has made me feel much better reading this article, knowing that they will always find each other and of the love and respect between them, thank you .

  • merlinfan

    wh-a-a-t?! The last scene was Merlin still waiting for Arthur’s return? I didn’t clock that and now I’m even more distraught…Beautiful piece

  • Kanes
  • Ric-D

    Selina’s reaction to the ending is one of the most interesting I’ve read. I’d add that the Merlin/Arthur relationship pulls all the others together in its wake. For instance, Arthur could not have died in peace unless he knew Gwen could bring Albion forward, and he could not die in peace until he saw Morgana dead. Merlin helped in both cases, particularly since it was he who first recognized Gwen’s suitability for Arthur, and it was Arthur who this season discovered her competence as queen. Arthur’s other love interest — is her name Princess Mithia? — was brought up as a princess and might not have had what it took to realize Arthur’s dream for the United Kingdoms.

    About Merlin’s relationship with Arthur: “platonic” isn’t the exact word for it. We know (now) they loved each other and we know it wasn’t romance. It started as a bromance, but by the end of season 3 that had changed to a friendship, and by season 5 it was love. When Alex Vlahos used the word “platonic,” he backed away from it in his next remark because he realized it was Merlin and Arthur he was talking about. He settled on “love story.”

    It was a good thing he did. A platonic relationship is not the opposite of a romantic one. It is the opposite of a sensual one. We agree there was nothing romantic about this love, but it remains possible that at some point the relationship became sensual or sexual. All Merlin fans know how carefully edited the episodes are, so that you can either see or not see what you like. Still, sex was hinted at as late as Drawing of the Dark, and Merlin’s startling identification of himself as Arthur’s servant can be taken for everything that might imply — or not.

    I’ve noticed on the Internet a tendency to hang on the word “platonic” a little too tightly, as if a sexual turn in the relationship would have been unacceptable. But so what if there had been sex? Even today, male relationships are a mystery. Merlin takes place in the past to allow us to look at this mystery a little closer, without modern labels, and we would do well not to peremptorily rule anything out. Merlin is a story of people, including Arthur and Merlin, who decided for themselves what kinds of relationships they wanted. Based on Selina’s excellent interpretation, I think she would agree with this.

    The dragon in series 1 described love as an ineffable mystery. This last episode showed why: Love, however it manifested between Merlin and Arthur, was the one thing that had the power to make a mockery of fate.

    • http://hypable.com Selina

      Definitely a very interesting analysis of the word platonic. While I don’t think the writers or actors ever intended for the audience to interpret any scenes between Arthur and Merlin as implying their relationship as sexual (if for no other reason then because they knew what a shitstorm the media would (sadly) make of that fact), all fiction ultimately has to be left up to the interpretation of the reader/viewer. The authors can do everything in their power to maintain control of the text (and some do this more viciously than others), but once something is out there, whatever “canon” material has been created takes on an individual life of its own in the minds of each of its consumers. So where I see platonic, you might see sexual, and someone else might see romantic. There is nothing wrong about any of those interpretations, in my opinion, and we can only thank the Merlin writers, directors and actors for making such a beautiful backdrop of story for us each to enjoy and take away from what we want/need.

      • Ric-D

        The way several of the scenes were shot and edited makes me to think they intended a sexual interpretation for those who were alert to it; yet these same scenes, never more than two or three seconds, they also intended to pass unnoticed by everyone else. But this is the strength of the series. Any given scene stands up to several reasonable, yet differing interpretations.

        Even so, I think you’re right that Merlin cannot be taken as a romance the way we normally think of one. There was a bromance the first two seasons, but a bromance is as much comedy as anything, and in any case it was overtaken by friendship and finally love. Merlin and Arthur’s abiding bond of love turned out to be the weapon they needed to escape the Disir’s judgement. The particulars of this love aren’t as important as the big picture, and your article makes that point better than anyone else’s.

        I also like your observation about who interprets the “art” (and Merlin is a work of art) because it underscores the crucial role of the viewer. It is interesting that a finished aesthetic work is never simply the property of its creator, but belongs also to those who come in contact with it. Merlin is an extraordinary example of that.

        • http://hypable.com Selina

          I absolutely agree with what you say about the role of the viewer – it is one of the things I am most often trying to highlight when writing about how pop culture impacts our lives in a more profound way than most people realise. Thank you for sharing your very thoughtful comments!

    • Merthur forever

      What did you mean by “sex was hinted at as late as Drawing of the Dark”? How was it hinted at?

  • http://twitter.com/GlorinaSay Glon Fernando

    Wow Selina! Good writing. I haven’t seen the final season yet (in Canada, this coming Saturday is its premier) but I don’t mind spoilers. If this article already made tear up, and when the time comes for me to actually see the end of it, I must be balling my eyes out.

    and yes of course, Merlin possesses the most powerful magic of all…. love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/victor.mandel.7 Victor Mandel

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    • http://Hypable.com/ James Bean

      Spells really aren’t the best way to bind yourself to a loved one. We recommend a love potion, but only if you and your ex wife plan on not having children for a while. Don’t want another He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named situation do we?

  • catherine

    no n o no no nop e
    (((((thank you for writing this im crying so hard now)))))

  • Guest

    Hope not cause we would like to see more episode of Merlin this 2013

  • http://www.facebook.com/mariaalexandia.ormeo Maria Alexandia Ormeo

    Cool! that means we well see more Episode Of Merlin this 2013 then cause no one of them say Goodbye.ohhh Dear Directors,and Producers please do make more Episodes. I know Colin could think of more exciting part to were the last part of the episode showing Merlin Looking at the island where he supposed to bring Arthur to save him ….and he did not burn the Burial boat of Arthur….so from there think some more and more exciting episode… :)

  • http://twitter.com/sandralaser sandra waicman

    estoy de acuerdo

  • http://www.facebook.com/IngraSalvatore Ingra Iribarne Aldrin

    Oh god. You made me cry again. So perfect. So damn perfect.

  • http://twitter.com/EmilyMellark13 Emily

    Holy moly, the ending made me cry..it was so beautiful and tragic about how Arthur died and Merlin is still waiting even after 1000 years for Arthur to rise again. D,: I think the producers really made the finale something, it showed how they became like brothers..Oh great…I feel the tears coming out…

  • Morgan

    Honestly that part where Merlin is about to throw Excalibur into the lake, I thought he was going to stab himself. There was a look on his face that made me think it. Props to Colin Morgan for being able to portray that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fairy.goatmother Jessica Chisamore

    This review is perfect. It’s exactly what I thought (once I stopped crying) but written much better then I think I could have managed.

  • Mashael.ksa

    This is just the best review I ever read,

    I think it’s the only one that describe the show in his full journey in this incredible unique way, leaving the comparison with the others like the traditional reviews and standard evaluation. Because simply, this show isn’t like the other stories to expect familiar ending. Here it just justify its greatness with this simple straight facts that all fans should understand in order to feel the depth of the story, and enjoys it.

    I couldn’t help it in stopping my tears from showing again.

    Just, just .. Thank you.I

  • http://inwonderunderground.blogspot.com/ Camille

    this was beautiful. everything was so tragic and heartbreaking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dorris.geddes Dorris Geddes

    No show has ever made me cry, I am not easily moved …but the ending to Merlin really..really upset me! I wish there was just one more episode to see what becomes of Merlin as he waits for Arthur to return…

  • Ryan

    “It was a story of their joint destiny, of
    the fact that even death could not separate them, and of the fact that they
    would always find each other. And there can be no greater story than that, nor
    one more worth telling.” But it’s not about fanservice and read nothing into
    it!!!! LMAO! If really this was the greatest story of all, why they felt the
    need to diminish other relationships with other characters to draw attention to
    it. If this was really the great relationship they harped on, there should be
    no fear for other connections to throw a shadow on it! Yet they went as far as scaling
    down a man’s last moments and reducing his whole life with all its richness to
    a single connection! Do you really believe that the last words of a dying man
    to his “beloved” wife would be:”Take charge” and nothing
    more! Do you really believe that the last thoughts of a dying man can be
    exclusively turned to a single connection! I deeply love many people in many
    ways, none of those connections can exclusively define me as an individual, but
    all together they do. They went as far as denying her humanity to a loving
    wife! She wasn’t allowed in the few seconds she was given in this final to
    express her worry or her grief as a realistic writing commands. They pushed the
    fan service as far as making her smile and being “pleased” while her
    husband was dying! Let alone the other characters! This is not great, this is not brave, this is not telling a story “exactly as it should be told”, the need to create an emotional vacuity around the relationship that was favored in this episode by alienating the feelings of the other characters, that need to suppress their affects as the only way to draw attention to a single connection, this very cowardly trick not only demonstrates the weakness of the writing, but also reveals the emptiness and the bareness of the relationship privileged by the writers in the deliberately equivocal way they chose to develop it. The worst is that YES, this could have been a great story with a good final, but it’s not.

  • Ryan

    “It was a story of their joint destiny, of
    the fact that even death could not separate them, and of the fact that they
    would always find each other. And there can be no greater story than that, nor
    one more worth telling.” But it’s not about fanservice and read nothing into
    it!!!! LMAO! If really this was the greatest story of all, why they felt the
    need to diminish other relationships with other characters to draw attention to
    it. If this was really the great relationship they harped on, there should be
    no fear for other connections to throw a shadow on it! Yet they went as far as scaling
    down a man’s last moments and reducing his whole life with all its richness to
    a single connection! Do you really believe that the last words of a dying man
    to his “beloved” wife would be:”Take charge” and nothing more!
    Do you really believe that the last thoughts of a dying man can be
    exclusively turned to a single connection! I deeply love many people in many
    ways, none of those connections can exclusively define me as an individual, but
    all together they do. They went as far as denying her humanity to a loving
    wife! She wasn’t allowed in the few seconds she was given in this final to
    express her worry or her grief as a realistic writing commands. They pushed the
    fan service as far as making her smile and being “pleased” while her
    husband was dying! Let alone the other characters! This is not great, this is not brave, this is not telling a story “exactly as it should be told” .The need to create an emotional vacuity around the relationship that was favored in this episode by alienating the feelings of the other characters, that need to suppress their affects as the only way to draw attention to a single connection, this very cowardly trick not only demonstrates the weakness of the writing, but also reveals the emptiness and the bareness of the relationship privileged by the writers in the deliberately equivocal way they chose to develop it. The worst is that YES, this could have been a great story and a good final, but it’s not.

  • Anonymous

    If you watch The Lady of the Lake, Merlin and Arthur at the end of that episode made you feel Merlin’s pain over the loss of Freya, but yes. What a finale!

  • XenaForever

    Reading this and just recently watching it, you have me in tears again. My sadness for Arthur dieing and the showing having to end..NOOOO!!! But what hurts the most is Merlin’s alone now in the world without his bestfriend, that’s the saddest part of how the show had ended. If you think about it everyone that matter to Merlin has end up of dieing. We know in the legend Arthur dies but really, couldn’t they just give us an happy ending, and leave it at that. But I have to admit the ending is what it is, and the last scene still emotionally beautiful to watch. (me crying in the background again). After watching the ending the first time around I was left confused, mad and last of all sad. Then I watch it again just to say good-bye to Merlin/Arthur (Colin/Bradley). Their on-screen chemistry is what got me hook from the beginning beside the story/plot. (Sorry Arthur/Gwen’s fans)

  • http://twitter.com/HunteriHeroici5 Princess Pendragon

    This was so beautiful…

  • DarkSlayer

    I’m not crying. It’s just raining on my face in the middle of winter, indoors.

  • http://twitter.com/gateaudujour Kat

    Epic platonic love story? Nothing will ever beat Yoshida Akimi’s Banana Fish in that respect!

  • SteveXS

    Just catching up with “Merlin” news since we’re way behind here in the States. Beautifully written retrospective, but in truth the only reason the relationship between Merlin and Arthur can be called “platonic” is simply because they didn’t consummate it physically. Otherwise, it has a great deal in common with so many bro-bro/buddy-buddy pairings where one is basically straight and the other is devoted only to him. And over time they discover that the friendship, the loyalty, and the devotion are, in fact, love. Maybe the movie (there has to be one, right?!) will show more.

  • Houstongirl

    Beautiful article! I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Melody

    I cried and cried and cried. This was torture and completely heartbreaking. It was also beautiful and powerful. I’m torn between my elation over the majesty of the moments to the pain that those moments have exacted in me.

  • #he-manmovierater

    The finale would have somehow been less gay if merlin and arthur made out for two whole minutes. i give it two thumbs up…..two butts.

    • #he-manmovierater

      what was with posidon stealing excalibur at the end?

  • Amanda

    The finale was so breathtakingly beautiful and tragic at the same time. I had a sense that something so heartbreaking as Arthur’s death was going to come up, but I just didn’t want to think that these past five years have been in vain. However, after reading your article, it gave me a completely different view on the integrity and message of the show. What you said perfectly describes the outtake of the series. This indeed was a story of Merlin and Arthur’s relationship of their join destiny; the story was never about protecting Camelot from evil, Arthur and Gwen, the chivalry of knighthood… it was truly only about the friendship that these two characters shared. I have never, in my entire life, come upon such a compelling story that portrays the true meaning of love as ‘Merlin’ did. Love isn’t just a boy and girl in a relationship, proving that their love is true and real. Love is a much more complex emotion. It means never leaving somebody’s side at their worst, it means accepting someone as a whole, no matter what sides of them you have seen, love is remembering someone for how they made you feel, rather than what the person said or did. Love is passionate, thrilling, encompassing, and can cause the gravest pain, but is always worth the while. The story of ‘Merlin’ will always find a place in my heart. I congratulate the cast and film-makers in making the most beautiful love story of all time.

  • mili


  • Nubs

    So many feels!!!! I read this then Heather Dale’s Tarnished Silver came on :,(

  • Adina

    OK, after the replies I made to others, I would just like to say: thank you for the amazing review, I agree with what you say. Except Frodo and Sam, and all the others, all work for the same awareness so I won’t “forget them” either. I was in despair at the end of LotR and only now do I finally understand what Tolkien meant by an “Arthurian Ending” to his tale. It is just like in the song “No One But You” from Queen, “never saying goodbye”. Being Psychic, I see these things quite differently from most people due to what I know, but this series was like a medicine for my broken heart. So with that in mind, I will ask readers not to be so hung up on the fact that these appear to be “fictional characters”. First of all, the ancient history of the Novel (fiction) is an intriguing one, all to do with Female Consciousness and Incarnated Experience all being conceptualized as a Woman (Psyche). Secondly, fictions and musics have all worked, during the past 2000 years, for the consciousness of what Mary Magdalene’s role in Jesus’ life was, remember? Merlin is to Arthur exactly like Mary Magdalene is to Jesus: something you cannot ever pin down, but which underlies their joint destinies. So fictional characters are more Real than history, seen this way, since they come from someone’s Imagination (5th dimensional thought, where soulmates are as one, not separated into duality). People have an energy blockage which doesn’t allow them to believe in fantasy worlds; by learning to be less judgmental about these things, I was able to allow myself my own happiness.

    • Adina

      And by the way, Plato was talking about *soulmates” with his “Platonic Love” (meaning, his own ideal relationship or bond).

  • snowcat60

    Selina, I re-read your article and am crying again….I think I remember from one of the first Making of Merlin videos, the producers or director saying, this was a story of Merlin and Arthur growing up together. So it wasn’t just a story about Merlin, or just Arthur, or of Camelot, or of Arthur and Gwen (as much as I loved that couple). It was the story of Merlin and Arthur meeting, growing up, and being the best friend to each other, despite their differences. You are right, it was always about Merlin and Arthur. And we the audience were so privileged to watch Merlin and Arthur develop that friendship, through Colin and Bradley in real life..I miss this show so much.

  • dirane

    i love the story

  • joanzyh

    I love the article and the writer! You have shown me the real feelings I hold towards Merlin, thank you so much!

  • http://www.facebook.com/miguel.arrifano Miguel Arrifano

    merlin must call kilgaharra to help arthur with more time :ss and when arthur death if merlin can use neocramancy ( he use to talk with lancelot) why he don t use i dont understand nothing about that last episode :ss

  • copay

    Arthur dies and Merlin gets to hang around thousands of years waiting for the future King? I am very disappointed in this ending. Merlin gets an eternal sentence of waiting. There is no closure. If they wanted Arthur dead it should have just ended with his death.

  • Mina Ran

    I’m very sad for the ending. I LOVE COLIN SO MUCH!! You are the best actor in my heart!

  • Jen

    I’ve just seen the finale here in the U.S. When I first watched it, I was a little disappointed but then like an hour later I was crying over it. It was Merlin’s fate that really got me. And how he tried so hard and no matter what he did, Arthur would die. It took a while for it to sink in I think. I have become so attached to these characters. Especially Merlin. I have cried over a few of the episodes when he cries. I’m actually really sad about the end of the series. But bravo to the creators because it was excellent. Including the finale.

  • Slyther

    You’re right. That’s a bromance story, across the time. And thanks, because I didn’t really realised what the last images of Merlin in the present time meant

  • Slyther

    Forget Sherlock Holmes and John Watson too ? Because it’s kinda the case too ^^
    At least in the actual serie with Martin Freeman. :)

  • Grace

    I’m actually crying, this was extremely beautifully put and described how I feel finale exactly, thank you for putting this to words

  • Ravensdawn

    The ending was ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the Merlin/Arthur scenes and everything in them needed to be said, but the story just doesn’t hold water. For five seasons they’ve been talking about Arthur being king over a kingdom where magic was allowed. Didn’t happen. Arthur was king of Camelot and his remains weren’t returned to Camelot for people to mourn. What about Guinevere, she loved Arthur as much as Merlin, she doesn’t get a chance to say good-bye? The supposedly all-powerful, forged in a dragon’s breath sword that killed Arthur chipped in the middle? They were at the mystical lake of Avalon, they had Merlin who they’ve described as Magic itself, born of the earth, and the very dragon that forged the lethal sword, and NONE of that could save Arthur. Nope, doesn’t make sense. People excuse all of this apparently because the legends say Arthur dies at Mordred hand at Camlann. They hadn’t followed the legends, other than names of characters and places, yet, it is hypocrisy to claim it now.

    The writing in this series has always been something the actors have risen above, and they certainly do in the last few episodes. The scenes were beautiful and emotional, but I dare say that if Colin and Bradley weren’t as close as they are in real life, it would have fallen flat. The most frustrating movies and TV shows are those in which greatness is almost achieved. I though at first the show was cancelled and they had to quickly throw something together, but the cast in interviews say they planned five seasons. Just makes the ending all the worse. I can’t even watch the show anymore, the end is so spectacularly bad. In future, I will be leery of any new show the creators of Merlin are involved in.

  • Andrea

    Finally, someone who really got the ending. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course, but I’m sick of all the negative comments.This episode was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever watched. As a Merlin/Arthur relationship fan, I couldn’t ask for more. And the acting?? OMG, I still have goosebumps. OK, it was almost unbearably sad but at the same time I’m so glad they chose to remain true to the legend rather than some hollywoodian happy ending. I’m very, very sad, but Im pleased.

    As for the magic? Of course Queen Gwen would allow it in her reign, after everything Merlin did for her husband. Why else would they bother to show her figure out who Emrys really is?

  • Goose

    Yes. This. Yes. I watched the season finale a week ago an I am still mourning. Beautiful summation that left me craving more still.

  • Destiel

    I don’t watch this show and reading this….. //BLOWN AWAY ;U;

  • Jeis

    Well said and very true.

  • Forever is the Whole Point

    Asking me to forget Buffy and Angel is almost too much. But Merlin and Arthur are just so epically tragic in the fact that Merlin was alone and waiting for Arthur to come back for almost 2000 years.

  • Pamela Sue Duperron-Patterson

    nicely written …. I felt as though I lost my best friend during the finale seen … I so wish that they would bring on season 6 and more!!

  • BennyD

    This review saved me. I was devastated after watching the finale. All of my own personal expectations of the show were not realized. I wanted to see Albion rise, I wanted to see Arthur bring back magic. I wanted him to LIVE! and if he had to die, I wanted some resolution on how the kingdom turned out.
    As you said, the show was not about all of that. It was about the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, from Merlin’s perspective. As inconclusive as the finale once seemed to me, I now can see it was exactly as it was supposed to be.
    I always loved the relationship between Merlin and Arthur. At times, yes, it was a tad homoerotic, but it was a true bromance. They were brothers. They cared about each other more than anyone else and they always stood by each other.

    I consider the last twenty minutes of the show as my time in limbo. I had hope that Arthur could be saved. I wanted the gratification of knowing that Arthur would rule his kingdom with Merlin by his side, openly accepting sorcery.I knew what Arthur’s destiny was, but there had to be a way to overcome it. They was ALWAYS a way to overcome it….

    Arthur’s death scene gives the audience everything it REALLY needs in the conclusion of this show: Merlin and Arthur, as kindred souls, loving each other for who they are.
    Even on the edge of the water, with the image of the tower as Arthur’s salvation in the bakcground (they were so close!), we can still gain peace knowing the series ended exactly as it should. and that Merlin and Arthur will be together once more, someday.

  • Lovelace

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  • Anonymous

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