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It’s time to reflect on the year that was. Vote for your favorite television shows, movies, books, artists, and video games in the 2012 Hypable Awards!

Voting is open from now through Wednesday, December 19. Most questions require an answer in the poll below. You may only vote once per question, and multiple form submissions will be detected and removed. The winners will be announced on Thursday, December 20.

We tried to limit each category to ten contestants, but for some questions we simply could not narrow down the list. Hence some of the longer questions!

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  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Why is Chris Colfer not on favorite author?

    • kea

      More like why isn’t he part of the actors?

    • Grace

      THIS. Also, for best actor. Chris Colfer is the BEST actor on Glee, hands down. Not that the others are bad (I do love Darren) but Chris is just fantastic and the best, hands down.

      • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

        I don’t know, Mike O’Malley is pretty damn good! That scene where he dropped Kurt off at the airport and you could actually see him start to tear up and get all emotional…oh man, it still gets me just thinking about it.

        • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

          Exactly. I want revision.

        • Mike

          Yes Mike O’malley was brilliant in that scene as was Chris Colfer. They are both amazingly talented actors, so as a staff member on Hypable, and you know that they are extremely talented, why are they not on the list of favorite actors? They are both certainly a hundred times better and more consistent in their acting than Darren Criss, So why is Criss on the list, but Colfer and O’Malley are not? Is it because the category is Favorite actor and not Best actor? I hope that that is the reason, but even then Chris Colfer is most definitely a fan favorite as is Cory Monteith and they should be included on this list.

          • Grace

            Probably. They also probably only wanted to include one from Glee too. But when it come to acting alone (I say this because singing-wise, Darren is one of the best on Glee, and though Chris is an amazing singer as well, I do prefer Darren in that area) Chris is much better than Darren. I guess the Hypable staff just went with the overall fan-favorite Darren despite the fact that Chris is better. Oh well, Darren is still awesome overall, and Chris has got the award, so xD

          • Jude

            So it wasn’t Chris who won the Teenage Choice Awards for Favorite Actor this year, or who was selected by the general Audience as a nominee in the Favorite TV comedic Actor category at the Peoples Choice Awards and Darren Criss was not selected?

            Darren is not the overall fan favorite, no matter how much his fans would like him to be and push for him to be. Hypable’s bias towards Darren is really showing in this poll.

          • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

            We simply forgot. It’s human error, and we apologize. We didn’t intentionally leave anyone out.

          • Mike


            OMG, Pull the other one, it has bells on!!!!

          • Nancy

            If it’s an error, is it going to be fixed?

        • Grace

          Very true! They are both amazing :) And Cory Monteith is a pretty good actor now that I think about it too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ike-Bork/100002296128753 Ike Bork

        I think you all are missing the point that it say FAVORITE actor, not BEST actor. Many would say that Criss’ popularity is higher, and taking that into consideration, it makes sense that the staff put him on here.

        • Jude

          Both Darren Criss and Chris Colfer were put up for selection by the General Audience for who would be nominated for the Favorite Comedic TV Actor Award at the People’s Choice Awards. Chris Colfer got nominated, Darren Criss did not. Chris Colfer also won the Teen Choice Award for favorite actor this year. If this is down to popularity, then Chris Colfer should be the name in that category. I think however that this is down to the Hypable site bias toward Darren Criss.

          Darren most certainly is NOT the most popular actor on Glee and most certainly does NOT have the larger fan base.

        • Jess

          LOL NO. The People’s Choice Awards alone show that Darren isn’t more popular. Darren just happens to have a large contingent of loud, obnoxious teen and tween fangirls who froth at the mouth and spam the hell out of anything mentioning his name. Hypable is hoping they’ll do the same with this poll, spamming Twitter, tumblr, and anywhere else they can think of, resulting in more web traffic and more money.

          • Liderc

            They’re both terrible actors, so it doesn’t matter.

        • RumbleroarLuna

          Erm I was looking through the list and I saw Darren, and I immediately looked for Chris too, but obviously he wasn’t. If he was, I would have had a hard time picking between him and Darren. Of course, that’s just me, but I think a lot of Darren’s fans are Chris’s (strictly speaking about Glee, of course, because Darren has the whole StarKid thing going for him). I probably would’ve voted for Darren anyway, since Chris was on the author part, but they’re both probably equal ish in popularity (Plus, Chris has been on Glee longer, so…)

      • Liza

        I agree that I was sad not to see Chris on the list, but Darren is a damn good actor. He’s really stepped it up a notch this year, and has had some amazing moments on Glee. His Teenage Dream performance? The scene on the phone with Kurt? His mini breakdown before, during and after his Grease performance? Although his storyline his been kinds down in the dumps this season, he’s been doing a fantastic job. I really think he deserves this. Not to mention, he does have a People’s Choice award… just sayin ;)

        • Paul

          Darren seems to have improved slightly, but this isn’t a “Most Improved Actor” award. His “dramatic” scenes are painful to watch, they are so forced. And NO, Darren does NOT have a People’s Choice Award, nor has he been nominated for one. You must be thinking of the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award he won in 2011. Just sayin ;)

        • Joanne

          Darren does NOT have a People’s Choice Award. He may have a Nickolodeon Surf Board from the Teen Choice Awards that he was given in 2011 for break out star, but he has no other acting awards, other than perhaps those the Glee cast have won as an ensemble, but I’m not sure that they have won any group/ensemble awards since Darren joined the show, so I don’t think he even has one of those..

          As for Darren’s Acting this season, Darren’s Teenage Dream Performance was good, though a little OT, but the acting from him in the scenes that followed was so forced and unbelievable on Darren’s part of the scene. The scene on the Phone with Kurt was where, for the first time ever, we actually got a believable performance from him in the moment he made the giggle-cry sound. Hoo-bloody-ra, That scene was built up beautifully by Chris Colfer with his emotive performance and all Darren had to do was react. As for the Grease song, I really hope you were not referring to ‘Totally Devoted To You’, because the acting part of this scene was embarrassingly cringeworthy and really should be avoided being mentioned ever again.

    • Hype

      Show some mercy. Darren can’t be on any major poll or awards but a stupid, useless and no-body-care poll like this.

  • Jessica

    Please note that Emma Watson is listed in Favorite Supporting Actress for The Amazing Spider Man instead of Emma Stone. (:

  • jon

    btw you have emma watson twice for supporting actress

  • LunaLovegood

    If I am wrong im sorry but for Favorite Supporting Actress it says Emma Watson (The Amazing Spider0Man) I think you mean Emma Stone.

    • TheHamburglar

      You mean, you’re not aware of Spider0Man? :(

      • lunalovegood

        Sorry , I worded that totally wrong I meant Favorite Supporting Actress should be Emma STONE for The Amazing Spider Man cause right now it says Emma Watson

        • TheHamburglar

          Haha your wording was fine. Was just poking fun at the typo in the ballot :P

          • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

            We fixed it.. thanks

    • LunaLovegood

      Sorry , I meant Favorite Supporting Actress should be Emma STONE for
      The Amazing Spider Man cause right now it says Emma Watson

  • RabbitRabbit

    I am the biggest fan of the Hypable Hippo! We need more of him/her!!

    • jon

      agreed. I like it as the mascot

  • Matthew Goldenberg

    Forgive me Matt Smith, but Neil Patrick Harris is calling me.

  • Stagegirl12

    Favorite Supporting Actress should be Emma STONE for The Amazing Spider Man. I really love this poll, but am having issues choosing what to vote for as I have not seen all of the choices and I hate voting when I haven’t seen everything. But, I am still going to vote. There are also so many great choices!

    • morsmordre79

      I agree. I don’t play video games so I resorted to random guessing. I don’t think voting in each category should be required.

  • Megan

    it’s sam barks, not sam banks from les miz

  • morsmordre79

    Yay for Ezra Miller as Best Supporting Actor. He was FANTASTIC as Patrick. No one could have played it better!

    And go Mumford & Sons! :)

    • sasha

      I agree, he was absolutely perfect :)

  • bethanny23

    I love doing polls, but in this case I don’t particularly like the fact that each question you have to answer. Some of these questions I honestly don’t have an answer. So for at least 6 or so I had to just plain close my eyes and point to an answer.

  • myself

    Please make every field non-required. I haven’t seen all of these movies and I really don’t want to pick randomly!

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      We will adjust but can’t guarantee this for future polls like this.

    • https://www.youtube.com/TheBabarSuhail Babar Suhail


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001034209529 Lauren Dipple

      i agree with this – it only covers tv shown in the US which people outside of the territory (UK) would not have seen

    • Daybreaq

      I agree. Why would they WANT to force people to vote for things they either have no opinion about and/or can’t even make an informed opinion? I don’t even play video games and have no idea about any of these games. Yet I “voted” for one because I had to. It kinda makes any results bogus. Maybe something “wins” because it’s position in the list or it has a title that draws people to pick it. This is really not a fair contest because of this. People should only vote in categories where they are familiar with the choices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Megan-Hamilton/818440111 Megan Hamilton

    Where is Alabama Shakes for Best New Artist?

  • http://twitter.com/_unforgiven Maj Elisabeth

    Favorite Drama was definitely the hardest category.. So many good shows to choose from!

  • Daughter of Eve

    Ed Sheeran for favourite album!

  • Annie

    I hate choosing between Matt smith and Benedict cumberbatch!

  • WillowBlood

    Sorry, isn’t it Amandla Stenberg and not Amanda?

    • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

      We fixed it.. thanks.

  • Thang

    Imagine Dragons’ “Night Visions” is my favorite album of the year by far

    • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

      Agreed. I’ve loved them for a long time.

  • Malea

    disappointed with the music choices….or lack thereof..gah.

  • van

    Where was 30 Rock?!?

  • SnatcherGirl

    Right, so someone has to vote for Defiance, The Selection, and Pushing the Limits for me, because I tortuously gave my vote to Shadow and Bone. And I really hate choosing between all those amazing books >.<

    • BronzeSparks123

      I voted for The Selection. LOVED that book :)

      • SnatcherGirl

        Woot! As did I, so I’m happy that it got someone’s vote ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=567353755 Erica Jane Ostergar

    Why isn’t Pitch Perfect up for favorite movie? It was definitely my favorite movie this year.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

      Haha mine too. It was just so hilarious! :D

  • BronzeSparks123

    How am I supposed to pick between Hunger Games and Perks of Being a Wallflower? I love them both for compleatly diffrent reasons…….

  • JCman7

    It’s hard to choose between some of my favorite shows and actors/actresses. But I must say I am pulling for Sherlock and Benedict, they don’t just as much recognition as they deserve

  • Jason

    Can we get a write-in category next year? :) And why is it before the end of the year? Are Les Miz and The Hobbit going to be eligible for next year?

    • Gary65

      Les Mis is already nominated, as is the Hobbit.

  • alexis

    Should be Samantha Barks for Best Supporting Actress, not Samantha Banks.

  • Madison

    TOO. MANY. CHOICES. Its heartbreaking. Alos the little hippo that has now turned into hypable’s “mascot” is too freaking adorable.

  • R

    I had to make some painful decisions…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

      I feel your pain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

    There should be a break down for the movie section. Like Favorite Movie (Action), Favorite Movie (Comedy) and Favorite Movie (Drama) because it was painful choosing between The Avengers and Lincoln.
    Plus why isn’t Life of Pi up there? It is definitely a strong contender.

  • https://www.youtube.com/TheBabarSuhail Babar Suhail

    How is Grey’s Anatomy not in the “Favorite Drama” category?

    • https://www.youtube.com/TheBabarSuhail Babar Suhail

      And The Amazing Race for “Favorite Reality”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=607519910 Catherine Lai

    This is fun, but there are two major problems: First, why are all the fields required? That’s just dumb – I voted in three categories I knew nothing about. And second, why is this happening before the end of the year, when not all the movies are out yet? I voted for The Hobbit and Les Miserables with the assumption that I’ll like them :/

  • BookLover17

    Had so much trouble with best new show! I love both Smash and Revolution for completely different reasons! *sigh*

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    Well that was slightly awkward because I just had to randomly pick on a few of the categories… and I felt bad because in almost every category where I could vote, I’d only seen one or two of the options so I felt like I was really biased, but you like what you like I guess.

    The TV drama section was horrible because at least of half of the options were some of my favorite shows. The books part was interesting because I’d only read Insurgent. I felt like many of the other books weren’t that prevalent. I’ve noticed there’s a difference between what is popular in the book community versus what is popular in the wider community.

    • Jen_Lamoureux

      For the most part we only cover YA novels so that might be some of the discrepancy you notice. Also this list is about favorite books not critically acclaimed books which tend to be different. Several of the books are NY Times bestsellers

  • sparky

    Why the hell is Chris Colfer not in actors and Darren Criss is ? what is this logic??!

  • ashleyisagoddess

    Darren Criss up for Best Actor for Glee? I’m sorry, that is just so wrong. He’s cute as heck and can sing like a dream but not a strong actor at all. I guess because you had Chris Colfer up in the book section you didn’t want to nominate him twice, but he is by far the best actor on Glee.

    Also, I didn’t like that you had to choose for every category. Video games? Unless a Lego game was up there, I had no clue so had to random vote and that never seems right.

    • KK

      You can quit with the back handed compliments. First, it says favorite actor, not best. Second, I guess you haven’t been watching the latest episodes of Glee, because Darren is proving himself to be a gifted actor. A lot of reviewers and critics are taking note of his moving performances, both musical and not musical.
      And Chris is amazing, but he’s not the best actor on Glee, not when the likes of seasoned pros like Jane Lynch and Mike O’Malley are around. But I don’t see you complaining about them not being nominated.

      • mya

        You’re right, it does say favorite, not best. If it were best I’m sure more people would be complaining his being included. But I agree with Ashley that he’s not a strong actor. Sure, the Thanksgiving episode was a vast improvement, but let’s face it he was mostly reacting there. I hope it’s a sign he’s improving but he’s not the best actor on the show by far. And bringing up Mike O’Malley – who was on for maybe 4 episodes last season and Jane Lynch – who is a woman, therefore not qualified for this category, shows how desperate you are to try and say something to disprove a point. Which you failed.

      • Mike

        OK, Now this is just going too far. LMAO at this one. We have been watching this season of Glee. Darren is great at puppy dog eyes, but there are no layers to his performance at all. In some scenes he was actually laughable in his attempts at crying. He pretend cries. His acting in ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’ was absolutely dreadful. It was so forced and unreal. His emotional acting is all on one level. There is only so much that can be portrayed by using that same puppy dog look. The first and only time he was believable was when he did that giggle cry in the ‘Thanksgiving’ episode and that was due mainly to the emotive performance of Chris Colfer who built the emotion up so much in the scene that all Darren had to do at that point was react to it. For once, Darren actually managed to ‘be in the moment’.

        Darren Criss is a great singer, but he really is not anywhere near the level of Chris Colfer in acting and as for being more popular…? it is only his fans that think that.

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    favorite new tv show? are you kidding me?!!! what an impossible choice!

    go on
    the newsroom
    legend of korra

    the newsroom


    the newsroom

    the newsroom?????


    i have some real soul searching to do in the next 8 days….

    • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

      easy. veep. the newsroom is horrible and pandering.

  • Samantha

    You should check on how to disable people from voting twice because I came back to read the comments, and the Google form shows me as able to vote again if i wanted (maybe it would block me when i tried to submit)? I didn’t try to submit again, but figured id bring your attention to prevent cases of multiple votes. Cute idea!

    • Janey

      Yes, same here. Also, if you delete/clear your ‘history’, you can then come back onto this poll and vote again and again. Hee Hee I know what I’m going to be doing.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    First I had to decide ships with BattleShips, and now you’re making me decide my favorite drama?! THIS IS SO CRUEL. How do I decide between Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Revenge ,Teen Wolf, and Game of Thrones?!

    • Teranel

      I had the same problem, although between Doctor Who, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, and Merlin. And then two questions later expecting me to choose between Matt Smith, Josh Dallas, and Benedict Cumberbatch!

  • RumpelFan

    How is Robert Carlyle not on the Favorite Actors?!

    • Jen

      There are a lot of actors omitted from the lists that should be on there and then there are one or two actors on the lists that really have no place being on there *cough*Darren Criss* Cough*., the same with the Music categories. I don’t know who chose the nominees, but please don’t let them do it again.

  • Jess

    Are you kidding me? You have Darren Criss for his acting on Glee? Sorry, he’s one of the weakest actors on the show. I sense click-seeking from the Klaine fangirls, so why not nominate Chris Colfer? It’s not like he’s a Golden Globe winner or two-time Emmy nominee, right? Since this poll is obviously a joke, I won’t bother with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

    You need to create some sub categories in tv shows. You can’t lump everything into 2 categories comedies and everything else

  • JB

    LMAO! Who the heck picked Darren Criss for favorite actor? He may be a good singer, but his acting is not consistenlty good at all. He is in fact painful (in a bad way) to watch in some of his scenes. He has a few good scenes, but only when he’s with an actor of the calibre of Chris Colfer who is able to make any scene he is in magical. Why is Chris Colfer not on the poll, or Cory Monteith or Mike O’Malley, or Matthew Morrison, heck most of the other actors on Glee are better than Darren Criss.

    Were the nominee selectors on something at the time, or do they have a bias for Criss that the General Audience do not have?

    Is this a bit of butt-hurt because, although Darren Criss was put forward for consideration of a nomination at the People’s Choice Awards alongside Chris Colfer, and other amazingly talented actors and he rightfully did not make the final nomination selection that the General Audience voted for?

    Darren Criss may actually win this, but simply because the real competition in terms of his fellow glee actors has been omitted from the list of nominees and the fans of the other nominated actors who are also well above the calibre of Darren Criss, do not really come on to Hypable.

    • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

      Seriously? You sound more butthurt at this point. Just don’t vote for him and get over it.

    • http://twitter.com/Darrens_Socks Its Blaine Bitch

      Can you just… Go away. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have obviously never seen or heard of AVPM or AVPS or the fact Darren was on Broadway; a place only really good actors get into. He also has won countless awards for his acting, his singing is just a bonus. So can you just, not say things without actually knowing about them? Thanks. Ohh and if you still think Darren can’t act, then just don’t publicly announce it where all his Fans are.

      • mya

        Please enlighten us as to which awards he has won because as you said… ‘So can you just, not say things without actually knowing about them?’

      • Laurel

        @Its Blaine Bitch

        Please Learn to separate fact from fiction. What awards has Darren won for Acting? And you say ‘Countless’ awards at that, Please inform us?!!! As for his Broadway performance, hmmm the less said the better I feel

        I have watched AVPM and AVPS. Darren was OK in it, but he was by no means the best actor even in that. The best overall was Lauren Lopez and the others were a lot better than Darren also. Darren was and is a very average actor, but you’re right, this is a site for Darren fans, so perhaps we should not be surprised that much better actors like Jensen Ackles, Jim Parsons, Chris Colfer, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Matt Morrison, Mike O’Malley and a great many others were not named as nominees on Hypable’s poll.

      • Jess

        “He also has won countless awards for his acting” Really? Please provide a list, as I’m quite curious. I think he might have a surfboard from Nickelodeon and various “sexiest” awards from magazines for taking his shirt off. But countless awards for his acting? Oh and Broadway? That was called stunt casting, honey. Bring in someone to fill the seats for 3 weeks. And it did the job- the seats were filled with fangirls wearing their pink sunglasses and Warbler shirts.. It’s the same thing Hypable is doing- luring in the fangirls to vote for their boy.

  • Amanda

    No Muse for best album? :(

  • Delena

    Oo, choosing between Lincoln and Perks was so hard. In the end, I had to go with Lincoln.

  • Gary65

    ANDREW SIMS!!!! Where is the JK Rowling award?

    • RumbleroarLuna

      Yeah, where? And this year, there’s the Casual Vacancy, so maybe she’ll even win it! :P(I forget who won last year…. who was it? Wasn’t it Ben?)

  • http://twitter.com/azzergal Amy Ribbons

    There are lots of these categories which i have just had to randomly click just to get the votes in for the categories that i actually want to vote on as they are required fields, personally i dont play the sort of games listed and have never read on any of the books so i feel it is unfair to make them required fields

  • http://twitter.com/tirpse_ Nadine

    I don’t think it’s a good idea that someone has to vote in every category because that way the results will be affected by votes which were just random because someone had to vote for something in that category.

    I don’t play video games so why should I be forced to choose which game I prefer? I voted for a game I don’t even know.

  • Addy Amareaux

    Why is Jensen Ackles not on Best Actor??

  • http://twitter.com/ate_Daryl Daryl Q

    i love that the hobbit is on here but it has yet to premiere (at least in north america) =P

  • Dani

    Kind of offended that Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris were snubbed on nominations for Supporting Actor/Actress for Skyfall. Both did absolutely fantastically in the movie and Whishaw was fantastic in Cloud Atlas as well, which is missing entirely. I assume the issues with selections are mostly due to just not having room because of the way the categories are set up.

    I definitely don’t consider RDJ a “lead” in avengers, that would definitely be an ensemble cast to me. I don’t really see Avengers having a “lead” per se. The selections seem kind of odd in that we have Hathaway but no Jackman for Le Mis, Dench and Craig but no other nods for Skyfall, and a random Dicaprio nomination. Arthur Darvill is missing entirely too, as is Jenna Louise Coleman for Who.

    There’s some nice inclusions like Amanda for Hunger Games and Lumineers and Ed in the music sections, but there are also some glaring omissions and some things especially in movies and TV that don’t really seem to make any sense as inclusions.

  • Jill

    I was disappointed that Pretty Little Liars wasn’t on there but I don’t think that show is too huge on this site, oh well. I voted everything Hunger Games and Potter where possible, so that is all that counts to me.

  • mya

    Ack, I don’t know some of these categories so I had to pick random names. Video games especially. You guise should have thought of that. Some of the noms surprised me. Darren Criss for actor for Glee? So many better choices but I guess the HP connection helped him here. And no noms for Grimm? Not even Silas Weir Mitchell? Travesty.

  • Nick

    Why is Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway listed once for each of their movies in their respective categories? The votes should be combined under one and shouldn’t be split amongst each of their movies, because all that does is split up fans votes and gives them less of a chance of winning.

  • http://twitter.com/G30rg13_R Georgie R

    For the categories which I hadn’t seen ANY of them, I just left it blank as I don’t want one to win it’s category because I randomly picked it. Some great choices and a lot on my to read/see.

  • http://twitter.com/noah_ott Noah Otten

    Sam Rockwell in Seven Psychopaths was far and away the best supporting actor role this year, no contest.

  • Marly


  • taichou

    I TRIED to do this, but I couldn’t choose! :(

  • http://twitter.com/explosivepen Jerome Vandal

    Way to completely leave out 30 Rock :(

  • Pali


  • http://twitter.com/TeamEdwardJace Gwen

    i voted for lily, thought i love jennifer and kristen as well! can’t we have multiple winners? lily is among of my favorite actresses

  • http://twitter.com/TeamEdwardJace Gwen

    in the categories?

  • DK

    Darren Criss has done some pretty great work on Glee this season and he’s one of my favorite actors, so he got my vote!

  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen

    So many hard choices to make! especially within the books and music category.

  • Paige Turner

    JFC, I’ll never understood people’s need to tear down the things that they don’t like, rather than just cheer on the things that they do. You don’t like Darren Criss? Okay, cool. Different strokes, man. But like, there are 14 other actors to choose from, so why the rage? Chris is for sure a very talented actor, and as many of you have pointed out, has won many prestigious awards… I’m pretty sure he’s cool with not winning this one (no offense Hypable – you rock!) I find it a little odd that people who claim to be such fans of Chris Colfer are so quick to disparage one of his co-workers/friends (not to mention his fanbase) – pretty sure he wouldn’t be impressed. Anyway, I digress. Darren is a phenomenal singer, a solid actor who is getting better all the time (just read the innumerable glowing reviews about him this season), and from the sounds of it, a pretty decent guy. So maybe, you know, let’s not be such douches about it all, and have a little fun! In the illustrious words of Mr. Criss, “Be nice to people, because nobody likes an a**hole!”

    • Fiona

      LMAO!!! What ‘glowing reviews. I’ve read all the reviews for this season and there have been no ‘glowing reviews.for Darren Please stop the exagerations. It is also amazing how Darren fans pull the , ‘what would Chris think if he saw you criticising Darren’ card. Get over yourselves. You are the first ones to try to bully the Colfer fans and also to put Chris down in favor of Darren.

      Darren is NOT a great actor. Period!!!! Learn that people have the right to voice criticism against Darren.

      • Paige Turner

        We must be reading different articles then – try After Elton, EW.com, Vulture, The New Yorker article about Ryan Murphy which called Darren’s rendition of Teenage Dream the highlight of the episode, or Television Without Pity (who are notoriously critical of both Darren and glee) who just yesterday named him one of TV’s Most Valuable Players. My point was not that you have to like him -I don’t care who you like – but you can let your love for Chris be known without tearing down Darren and his fans – who, by-the-by, are mostly Chris’ fans as well. But you’re right, he’s not a GREAT actor (I don’t think either he or Chris are better than half the people on this list) but he’s good and getting better each day, and he’s got a fantastic voice and is well-liked, and that’s good enough for me.

        • mya

          I don’t know about some of those, but you pointed out yourself that Ryan praised his performance of Teenage Dream. So in other words, his singing. The same with the TWoP thing – they praised his singing performances. In fact, I’ve read most of After Elton’s recaps and again, they are usually praising his performances. I don’t think anyone is denying he’s an excellent singer and if he’d been put in a category for singing, I bet no one would be complaining. But he was put up for his acting which is lacking. The last couple of episodes have been an improvement, yes, but he was mostly playing off of Chris who can act the heck out of anything. Go back to some of his own stuff – the scene after Hopelessly Devoted to You was awful. Sorry, there is no other word for it. Talk about over-acting 101. But if he’s your favorite, then be happy, but others think there are others that should have been up for that category.

          • Paige Turner

            I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree – I think some of his best scenes were in Episodes 7 and 8 (the flashback scene, at the lockers with Sam, the phonecall) and shockingly enough he managed to so those scenes without the benefit of Chris’ acting skills. Anyway. My point was simply that if you’re unhappy with Chris not being on the list (and rightfully so, I thought he should have been on there as well) you can still express your discontent without being rude. There is a world of difference between “Chris Colfer should’ve been nominated, he’s great!” and “Darren Criss is the worst actor ever and there is no way that he should’ve been nominated over Chris.”

          • JByrne

            Are you talking about that scene by the lockers with Sam where, yet again, Darren Pretend cries? That scene was not good. It was very two dimensional. There were no levels to the emotion. Darren has got to learn how to layer his performances to give them depth. At the moment everything is all on one level. The phone call scene gave his first believable bit of performance with that giggle sound he made. I know he was only reacting to Chris, but that was the first ‘real’ thing I have heard from Darren. Darren unfortunately is always very aware of where the camera is and plays to the camera in scenes he is in. Darren needs to forget ‘Darren’ and become ‘Blaine’. He needs more moments like that giggle reaction where he was actually ‘lost in the moment’ as was really ‘Blaine reacting to Kurt’ and not Darren pretending to be Blaine reacting to the situation in any scene.

        • Matt

          Exactly. They have praised his singing. And the Television Without Pity article was also praising his singing. In a singing category,I don’t think anyone would question is being there, but acting? No. The praise he has received has been about his songs. He is not a good actor. Chris Colfer can act rings around Darren. And Yes, Chris is of the same calibre and in some cases better than the others on the list and deserves to be nominated with them. Darren however does not..

          People are justifyably angry about this poll.

  • TheBedroomLight (BTX Member)

    Really Andrew? No Wrecking Ball, or Bruce at all?!

  • Amanda Taylor

    How was Martin Freeman not on here for best actor but an acotr from The Hobbit was in a supporting role? And why was Kristen Cashore up for best author but Bitterblue (The only book she has released this year) wasnot on best book? And where was Richelle Mead?

  • Kristenas

    Having Darren Criss on that list (where he does NOT belong – one of these things is not like the others, and all that), and not Chris Colfer, only reflects poorly on Hypable. I’m pretty sure Chris isn’t crying into his Golden Globe award over not making a Hypable poll though ;) .

    And I agree, where is Martin Freeman?!?

  • Jane

    How about Chris Colfer instead of the “actor” Darren Criss?

  • http://twitter.com/chelsaat Chelsey Saatkamp

    Interesting mix of both fandoms and legitimately good choices. But if Community doesn’t win I’m done with all of you :)

  • katz

    judging the person who put darren criss in this poll and left out people like chris colfer and jim parsons

  • mocoo

    Darren Criss on the best actor list?!!! lmfao Someone needs to inform Colfer. Criss sucks so bad they had to bring in a classically trained actor to work off of Chris.
    I guess this proves theres always a chance I can get on the list.

  • nartarshar

    Moonrise Kingdom for best film!

  • Kay

    This is a bit random and I don’t really know where to post this, but would you guys ever consider covering Dexter on Hypable?

  • morgen71

    Oh, dear… I loved the poll but as they say it, “let the internet fistfights begin.”

  • http://twitter.com/Dragon_316_ca Dave

    Christian Bale isn’t nominated for “Best Actor” in a leading role for “The Dark Knight Rises”? Da fuq is wrong with Hypable?

  • PotterFan1029

    I think Haley Reinhart should have been a choice for new artist and for her album…

  • http://twitter.com/janine_jks janine JK’S ϟ

    crying w/ PERKS ;_;

  • hpatdh33

    Happy Endings deserves a comedy spot. Funniest show on tv and it struggles for viewers.

  • cassie

    Favoutire Drama and Song was too hard to pick :(

  • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Liam I exist

    best movie was one of the hardest questions I have ever answered in my life

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