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If you’re a part of the Teen Wolf fandom in any way, I can guarantee that you’re familiar with the Stiles and Derek ship. Or as the cool kids call it: Sterek.

When you look at the Teen Wolf fan-fiction, art, Tumblrs, discussion posts, you’ll see that the proportions are obviously skewed, by large margins, towards the pairing.

I consider myself to be a Sterek shipper. Probably even one of the “avid” supporters. There’s a lot to be said about this pairing, and I could go on for days about why I’m a fan. I’m going to save you from the majority of my blathering though, and talk about something few have brought up.

*One pairing does not a show make.*

Remember how I said I’m a die-hard Sterek shipper? Hold on to that because it’s true. What is also true is that while I may passionately support this pairing, it doesn’t mean I disconnect from reality or my sanity to do so.

I think most of us can agree that Teen Wolf is quite a good television show. But that quality doesn’t come from a singular character or epic relationship. Having a central couple and making everything revolve around them is not how you build a rich television experience.

Now don’t mistake me, I have nothing against shipping OR favoritism. We’re all allowed to have a favorite character [Stiles] and we’re also allowed to have a pairing that we would fight to the death for [Sterek-Duh]. But what I want to warn you against is letting that passion narrow your focus enough that you lose track of the bigger picture.

I’ve been a little concerned about the level of pressure Jeff has been getting over the Sterek thing. The fandom message seems to be “STEREK OR DIE.” But I’m sorry; I just can’t casually roll with that. So this is me trying to talk about what exactly it is we’re looking for in season 3 and how to best go about getting it.

*What Sterek actually is.*

Most of us have been conditioned to think that when a ship forms, romantic attachment should be front and center. But for the most part, I don’t buy that. Apart from the fact that relationships need more than romance to produce a happy, healthy and dynamic couple, let’s remember that ships in general don’t have to have a sexual connotation.

For me, Sterek is about more than romance. So at the end of the day I will be fine if Jeff decides not to go there. Would I be a little disappointed? Yes, of course. But my enjoyment of the show does not hinge on romantic development alone. I could be equally fulfilled if the relationship between them got increasingly stronger, but stayed platonic.

I have a LOT of reasons for why I would like to see Sterek move into a romantic pairing. Not only do I think it would be interesting, fun, and dramatic, but that it would fit in perfectly with the tolerant nature of the show.

It’s been remarked on many occasions how much of a non-issue sexual orientation is in Teen Wolf. And watching Jeff spin the Sterek relationship in a similar fashion would please me to no end. Done correctly, TV shows can have a powerful and positive impact on the real world. I feel strongly that Jeff could make his own impact with this show, so seeing this pairing in a romantic context is something I believe in for more than just superficial reasons. That being said…

*We’re viewers, not participants.*

This is Jeff Davis’ show and he calls the shots.

We’re in a fortunate position here, though. The producer of our favorite show is engaged enough to listen to and think about his viewers. There are the Twitter Q&As, panel discussions, and a general sense of inclusiveness and sharing that a LOT of showrunners don’t even bother with. He’s making an effort and staying connected even when he has to endure the parts of fandom that can be cruel or unfair.

Because he’s so willing to do that, while also giving us an amazing show, the least we could do is give him the freedom to create and develop his world as he sees fit. I’ve seen some pretty popular Sterek campaigns pop up recently; boldly and sometimes aggressively pushing their pairing forward. But at this point – I think Jeff gets it. He realizes just how many people support Sterek. Which means we’ve done our job: we’ve made him aware. Now? I think the polite thing to do is to let him take the reins and do his thing.

Trust in him to write a show you want to watch – even if it isn’t the thing you’ve been hoping for.

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • ravenclaw1991

    Excellent points. I, myself, ship Sterek, but I’m not obsessive over it. Its not my favourite ship. My favourites are Scisaac and Stallison. The amount of fanfiction written for Sterek is unbelievable. I swear like 85% of all Teen Wolf fanfiction is Sterek. Compared to it, there’s hardly any about the other ships I like better.
    I’ll just browse through the pages on fanfiction.net or AO3 trying to find something to read and this is what I find.. Sterek, Sterek, Sterek, Sterek, oh look Scisaac but I’ve already read it, Sterek x10, Stisaac but already read it, even more Sterek..
    I have no problem with Sterek, because like I said, I ship it, just not as hard as anything else. It does get rather annoying that so many fanfics are Sterek though. I

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Yeah, it can be frustrating in personal way as well. Other ships, interests, and characters can be overshadowed by the supermajority of the Sterek ship. Everyone should feel free to flail, squee, and celebrate their ship as much as they like, that’s what fandom is for. But Jeff isn’t a part of fandom he’s a showrunner, and I wrote this to help remind people of that.

      Thanks for reading and leaving the comment :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    I’m a huge fan of the show regardless


    If Sterek actually happens, I’ll join a cult that worships them as their gods.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Oh totally, I’ll be right there next to you helping to build the shrine! I just hope people remain respectful and tactful when they ask for something from a writer.

  • StilesFan

    Well said :)

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Thanks!! :D

  • Karen Rought

    This article is flawless. You bring up so many good points, the best of which, I think, is “we’re viewers, not participants.” A lot of people forget this and it’s so sad to see “fans” bashing Jeff. This show is his baby, not ours. We’re just lucky enough that it exists in the first place, and we should be happy for that fact alone.

    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

      Well, sure, but if we don’t watch his show, his baby is taken away.

      It’s a Slippery slope.

      • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

        The audience has a role to play of course. But we aren’t, and should not be, active participants in the creation of the show.

        If we feel the need to create or add to the world we love so much, fan-fiction and similar fan activities are how we should express those desires. Much healthier for the fandom.

        • dimensionallyt

          “healthier for the fandom”? Really, that is a wee bit full of hyperbole. Fandoms have always influenced creators to varying degrees. Sherlock Holmes (the original) being a classic case in point.

      • Rashida

        Yes, but being viewers doesn’t give us the right to over step boundaries. THe author is trying to say that it’s okay to voice your opinion, but in the end there’s a good way to do it and a bad way.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Means a lot coming from you Karen <3

  • Carilyn

    I actually don’t watch Teen Wolf, but I feel like your argument could apply to any fandom, which proves the strength of your argument.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      That’s actually a really big complement. Thanks so much for reading and leaving the comment!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

    I agree with this article, the show runner should do what he thinks best and not bend to the will of the people out of fear or just for ratings. But I think there is a unique opportunity here. Ships between two seemingly straight characters in other shows like Dean and Castiell or Rizzoli and Dr. Isles are fun but they should never be made canon because it would be so disruptive to the makeup of the show it would fail. I think it is entirely plausible that Stiles and Derek could actually be a couple, although probably a dysfunctional one, if it were to come about the right way. There relationship could exist without dramatically changing the show in a negative and unbelievable way.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      I agree with everything you said. And that plausibility is part of the reason why I believe in Sterek so much (and why I think others do as well). I just want fans to remain respectful in their desires and try and remember what their role in fandom is.

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    As a young adult who also happens to be gay I realize my opinion comes with a pretty heavy bias but I feel I can still speak it. I love when shows write characters who just happen to be gay as opposed to gay characters who just happen to be on the show – maybe that isn’t the best way of explaining it but there is a clear cut difference.

    Shameless on Showtime comes to mind for the former where as Glee comes to mind for the latter, and part of me was hoping Teen Wolf would hit that note like Shameless did for me. Stiles is easily my favorite Character, plus I think Dylan is incredibly attractive so *naturally* I’d want him to be at the very least bisexual (a demographic not often focused on in TV, and if and when it is – they are always sluts)

    ALL that said, I don’t see Sterek ever actually happening and I’m pretty okay with that. While Sterek provides great inspiration for fan fiction and fan art it doesn’t HAVE to become canon. I trust Jeff, I hope we get a bisexual character this season (Isaac maybe?) – and maybe (hopefully) Danny will become much more than just the random token gay. I agree with your article though, fans aren’t the ones who should craft the show – shows ALWAYS go down hill when you write to please the fans more than trying to tell a great story.

  • Lea

    I definitely agree with what you said, but I have to admit that a popular pairing on a show can definitely help the show in general in many aspects. Sterek has brought Teen Wolf a lot of attention recently and I think it’s wondeful that TW is getting more praise. This is seen a lot and not just on TW. The same thing can be said about Faberry and Klaine who are the two most popular pairings on Glee. There are some really passionate fans in those fandoms who tweet and probably demand things from Ryan Murphy but it’s just because they love their pairings so much. They set up trends, polls, charity events and so forth just for their beloved couple. Klaine fans raised money for a charity just to get a never before seen script that contained an extra Klaine scene that never aired and Faberry fans actually set up an actual Faberry con just for the fans in Atlanta later this month in Georgia where many fans are flying in just to meet up with other Faberry fans. I find it incredible that fans set up an actual con for themselves. However, I agree that the show runner of the show is the show runner for a reason and viewers should just go with what he/she wants to do with their show. Passionate fans are amazing though and I do believe that they contribute a lot to a show’s popularity.

  • Amy

    I completely agree with every single thing about this article. The best point is that JEFF GETS IT. He knows, and there is really no need to get obnoxious about it anymore. We’ve done our job, we’ve written our essays, and creates campaigns and won polls and blah blah. We were loud and we were clear and the message was received. Now, we should all sit back and just see where Jeff takes it. :)

  • Silver

    I watch Teen Wolf for two reasons: it’s the first show that’s come close to making me feel the genre-type things that Buffy did, and secondly because of Sterek. I like that shippers are being vocal about what they want– yeah, sometimes it comes across as rude, but nobody’s fighting this hard for any other TW ship. Nobody cares enough to. There’s something about Sterek that’s tapping into our hearts and driving us crazy and that’s a GOOD thing for a show.

    Personally, I don’t want them to be friends, I want them to be more than that. I wish it wasn’t considered such an unreasonable expectation. I wish Sterek wasn’t some giant favor Jeff would be doing for us. I wish it was just another romance being played out just as organically as any other on the show. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the other relationships, but I’ve seen them happen a million times in a million other shows. Sterek is what makes Teen Wolf unique to me. It’s the reason why I’m not just a fan, but an -obsessed- fan. I mean I’m 24 years old, no way in hell would I be tuning into a show called ‘Teen Anything’ without a good reason.

    • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

      I think I’m in love with you.

      Well said!

      • melph paj

        I stop watching it after the first season. it bored me a lot. but for the past weeks, I’ve learned about sterek so that’s a game change for me.

        I just hate it when other homophobic fans of tw is pissed about it. i mean they are great actors with a very unique chemistry on the screen. aren’t they tired of hetero relationship? i mean how many hetero couples did i watch in countless series. i enjoyed a lot of it and i’m a fan. but this sterek fandom, it’s phenomenal. 2 straight and completely opposite with each other find themselves in love through the ups and downs of their adventures.

        For the homophobics: It’s the new age. they should stop living in the past traditions and shit. and instead be more open and accept that change should really happen. entertainment should be diversified. not like a tight-closed fist of inequality. you are not the only ones who has a television, mind you.

        they should make the same sex-relationship story of two different nature. one clumsy yet witty human guy paired with a hot, temperamental wolfman. <3 for me that is so fucking awesome. :) so interesting rather than just a human girl with a wolfboy or human girl with a musically-inclined vamp. LOL

        • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

          Well, this article has 8 months (thanks for email me, notification system). lol

          Anyway, you should give TW another shot. S2 was so much better than S1 and S3 is being even better than S2.

          Also, in season 3 we have a new gay couple (human + werewolf) and they’re super cute.

    • Guest

      I stop watching it after the first season. it bored me a lot. but for the past weeks, I’ve learned about sterek so that’s a game change for me.

      I just hate it when other homophobic fans of tw is pissed about it. i mean they are great actors with a very unique chemistry on the screen. aren’t they tired of hetero relationship? i mean how many hetero couples did i watch in countless series. i enjoy and i’m a fan. but this sterek fandom, it’s phenomenal. 2 straight and completely opposite with each other find themselves in love through the ups and downs of their adventures.

      For the homophobics: It’s the new age. they should stop living in the past traditions and shit. and instead be more open and accept that change should really happen. entertainment should be diversified. not like a tight-closed fist of inequality. you are not the only ones who has a television, mind you.

      they should make the same sex-relationship story of two different nature. one clumsy yet witty human guy paired with a hot, temperamental wolfman. <3 for me that is so fucking awesome. :) so interesting rather than just a human girl with a wolfboy or human girl with a musically-inclined vamp. LOL

  • Neoqpa

    Totally agree. Bullies, haters, and trolls will always be out there. What the writers and cast should remember is that apart from the mass that is on the Twitter and Tumblr there is A LOT of people who choose to not express their opinion there, and simply support the show by watching it and buying DVDs. I really don’t care what happens to the relationships on the show. As much as I love sterek (oh god I do), I have fanfiction for it atm, and as much as I would love to see it in the show, I would also love to know how the writers see the plot. So with all the new ‘Derek’s love interest’ hate, I really hope the Teen Wolf team will remember about everyone else’s opinion. =)

  • Sarah

    Please, no Sterek… stiles is too likable…and derek is… not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chelseamorganjohnson Chelsea Jay

    I’m a Sterek shipper and i agree with you fully.

  • Mark SV

    Growing up with genre shows, so often, the shows main themes are all about everyone being valued and treated by what they bring to the table, not by what they are. Men, women, young, old, different races, it never mattered. But, long after viewers could
    expect it, the lack of quality gay/lesbian characters has gone beyond
    obvious, to the point it just sticks out as a problem. I certainly don’t mean to suggest a show must include any category just to do it, but continuous absence doesn’t feel right today. Star Trek, for example, has never had an actual gay or lesbian character, even as background, in any series or movie for 46 years. That has to be shocking to people. On occasion, in a very special episode, you might have something suggestive, but when we don’t actually exist in that universe, as we are. It does weigh on you over time. Worse, the producers of the last few series kept making promises and never followed through. Other recent shows have had the same issue as well. While Buffy came through with Tara and Willow, I can’t think of any significant male couples. Sure, there is True Blood, but that is HBO and the show and characters are pretty out there. Never having seen a couple of main cast male characters get together, ever, has been that constant background disappointment.

    Discovering the Sterek fandom and all the supportive words of the cast and crew of Teen Wolf was like seeing a hint of light at the end of an ages long tunnel. Actually, it blew my mind. I do see why the fandom has created the ship and with it, is that potential and hope of equal treatment, at least in my eyes, for once.

    I absolutely love Teen Wolf, it is a fun, exciting, well written show. The show is unique in that characters’ race, sex, sexual orientation are not their ‘purpose’, they can just be their character freely and no other character cares. It is Jeff Davis’ vision that made it happen and I respect that greatly. As a sometimes creative person, I absolutely
    believe that a creative work should and must belong and stay true to the creator of that work. No one likes it when networks or other backers interfere with creative works.

    If Sterek was a case where the network didn’t want it to happen, then the intense campaign would be perfect. Alas, there is no such evidence of that. While the campaign, I am sure, has enlightened many eyes as to what viewers are actually willing to support, which is awesome, I agree with you that some have been passionate in a way that is not helpful. Too much attention could cause resentment and eventual ship sinking. Right now, eyes are open, and you never know.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.curtis.526 Ryan Curtis

      I think you have to take into account when the shows were made as well. I mean, Star Trek was one of the first shows to have an interracial kiss on screen. At the time that was a big deal. The 90s weren’t great for the lgbqt community either, even though the cause was out there. People are more comfortable with the idea of someone being of a different sexual orientation now so creators of show are more comfortable putting it out there.

      I personally think Xena made it aware to producers and tv execs that having a same sex ‘couple’ can make for an amazing tv show.
      I think if Sterek were to happen, I wouldn’t want it to happen magically or right away. I’d want their relationship to grow through friendship and then to more. I’ve watched every episode of Xena, Castle, and White Collar (a potential lesbian couple, a canon couple, and a platonic friendship couple) just to see the build up. I’ve also enjoyed the other relationships they’ve had because it makes the people as individuals grow.

  • Arubi

    Yes, I agree completely with what you have said. Very strong argument with valid and solid points :)
    .. But if STEREK does happen.. you will join me in the madness that would ensue right?

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Thanks so much. And yeah, if it ever does happen I can promise you I’ll be in the streets leading a Sterek victory parade! :D

  • dimensionallyt

    The only reason I started watching TW was because Sterek beat Dean/Castiel in the After Elton poll and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I enjoyed it from the first episode, but I LOVED it from the first Sterek scene. I think in TW’s case, the show could well be made by the ship. I don’t know many other shows where people have tuned in just because they have heard so much about a particularly pairing. Perhaps Xena back in the day…
    I agree with you about not overdoing it with showrunners, they get so much shit. On the other hand, not letting them get away with crap is important too. Very difficult balance to keep.
    For me, the main thing is that shows need to develop organically. Jeff has already said that if anything does happen it wouldn’t be until at least S4, fans should go easy for him at least next season. It would make total sense for Derek and Stiles to slowly drift into friendship and watch/share/experience each other’s other relationships in the meantime. Especially, if as it looks like might be the case, **************VAGUE MAYBE SPOILER******** Stiles has a male partner in S3 (nothing definitive so not actual spoiler in that).

  • terrible-wolf

    All excellent points and very glad you wrote this. I am a “die-hard” sterek shipper as well but I also enjoy every other character on the show and I see a lot of that sometimes gets lost on people who want to bash sterek shippers and lump everyone in the same pile.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Thanks for the nice words. :)

      I’m glad I wrote it too and I hope fandom continues to think complexly about the show they love.

  • Damian

    I think this is based on a false premise – that Davis and company have been getting deluged with Sterek calls while everything else is ignored. Look up his twitter feed. Watch the Q&A’s. Sterek is only a small percentage of what he’s asked about. Yes, it’s certainly out there in the zeitgeist and he’s very aware of it, but not to the extent that the premise of this article makes. I think if you hang out in the Sterek tag on tumblr too much, it creates a false impression of what Davis is seeing – Sterek is a small part of it. I agree that it’s his show and he has the right do with it as he pleases – absolutely. But I think asking people to stop pressuring him is a false premise, and one that isn’t being asked for any other ship for the show (and people tweet him about Stydia and Sterica too), so it smacks to me of slash shaming. Sorry, just my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001007199689 Richeli Gonçalves

    I ship sterek and i agree with your words

  • KMN

    I have to admit, I started watching Teen Wolf because I came across the Sterek fandom when it exploded all over my tumblr dashboard. Between the TW and Sherlock fandoms I’ve been more than a little creeped out by how easy it is for fans to just mob the creators with what they want. If I like what has been created by them without any input from the fans so far, then I’d want them to have full control of the reigns the whole time! I think it’s great that they’re aware and even that they acknowledge the fanbase…but they wouldn’t be the shows I love if they were making decisions based on fan pressure and not the creative process that got us this far.

  • Kitten

    Yes, we are pushing too hard. But this really applies as said down in the comments below, to a lot of pairings. The fandoms I am part of really could push your buttons some times. The amount of people who ship it is amazing all right, of course we can’t push that out of the main light. But really we all need to take a chill pill and maybe calm down. Yes we could ask for more scenes and maybe a strengthening in their platonic friendship (if you can call it a friendship) and of course for it to become canon. But we all need to sit back and enjoy what we have already done, made Jeff aware of us. Which we have. And just hope that we get what we want, or otherwise just still have an amazing show to watch.

  • ar

    This is a severely backwards way of thinking about media.
    “We’re viewers, not participants.”

    We are participants. This culture, this internet culture, the interconnectedness that it provides, makes media more participatory than ever. We have become less of a “just sit down and take it” culture, and more of a “if you don’t like it, say something about, speak about it, try and change it” culture. So Jeff Davis loses control of his own show, so what? Centuries of totalitarian culture is being rewritten in the process, when a community, of mostly marginalized individuals, women and queer men, can speak out and change what they see despite having been told, time and time again, that what they see is what they must accept. What this article expunges, and maybe its author does not realize that it does this, is history being rejected by a sentiment shared by impassioned people. What I read here is: you have no right, you must do things the way they are done, you must sit down and stay in your place.

    So what if this is a slash ship? So what if this is a single show? In the particular moves the universal. We can only change the culture in bits and pieces.

    If we stop thinking about culture, about television, as “view-only”, then everything becomes participatory. Culture is at the center of human existence. Government is participatory, the economy is participatory, religion is participatory. We are not viewers. We are participants. The idea that people are only “viewers” is a way of depriving them of their power: this is what this article attempts to do, but this article should and will fail. Every viewer who realizes their ability to participate is a danger to the pre-existing “view-only” culture.

    So let him take the reins? No. At this point, he feels pressured, and whether he acts on that pressure is up to him. The pressure should continue. Jeff Davis is just one of the first of a new generation of show-runners who have to directly answer to their audience, because their audience cares about what they are seeing on screen. What we are seeing here, which the author of the article probably skipped over, is the birth of a new mode of television. This is a “New Television”, which rises from the conversation between audience and writer, rather than writer and…other writers.

    Reject this argument, reject the idea that we can only “view”, and reject the idea that an article like this can slow us down.

    • http://twitter.com/BrookWentz Brook Wentz

      Hey ar, I wanted to take a little time to think over the things you said before I sat down and replied to your comment. Hope you don’t mind a delayed rebuttal.

      First, I agree with you in the fact that the internet culture has empowered individuals to make their voices heard in a unique and powerful way. I’m using that very power when I post articles like the one above. I am grateful for the platform and I appreciate its ability to equalize the social environment around us.

      Though what I think you’re forgetting to mention is one of the fundamental aspects of storytelling. When a person creates something, they are responsible for the product of that creation. It’s theirs to play with, manipulate, and build as they see fit.

      OUR role as viewers is to give feedback. To tell those people if we like what they are offering. We can tune in week after week, like videos, post comments on discussion boards, share the show with our friends etc… This is where we have the opportunity to make social change. To tell the world if this is something we are/are not ok with. And I believe strongly in that power.

      What I also believe, is that as our power increases, we can’t diminish the power of the creator. Jeff Davis is not your personal writing machine. You can not (but more importantly should not – that’s what I’m getting at here) expect him to produce or create something just because you want to see it. An artist doesn’t exist to make art that you want to see. That’s not genuine creation. They simply make art and society collectively decides if that art has value or what that value is.

      I also want a more diversified television experience. That’s why I’ve tuned into shows like this one. I agree, the ‘New Television’ that you speak of is on the horizon. But it’s shaping up to be one of bullying and entitlement. If you’d like to see more marginalized individuals on TV then I encourage you to make it happen. Write these shows. Produce them. Work for the industry and get your hands in there. Like you said, the audience is craving it. But what we need to do is support those who instill these positive values into their shows. Not try to change or drive the shows that already exist. If you want the reigns then take them and create.

  • Ohlala

    *One pairing does not a show make.* <<< THIS is simply wrong. Mind you this is seen from my perspective & experience.

    In short [I am sorry if I might offend someone here...this is just MY PERSONAL opinion]:
    Take away the possibility of Sterek. This show is good average for me.
    Take away Stiles. I would watch something else.

    I am simply not invested in the other characters as much.
    And I can find better action scenes/CGI etc. from any action movie that had more funding.

    What makes a show special are the characters and their relationships. Or sometimes even just one relationship or one character.

    • Eloise

      I only watch because of Stiles / Sterek. I just don’t like anyone else all that much, some of them grate on me, and I find the plot only mildly interesting. I realize I’m definitely not a majority but ‘fans’ like me are out there.

  • faith

    I like to watch teen wolf and is good

  • Courtney

    There is a good pressure and a bad pressure. I agree that social media is a wonderful thing and the fact that these writers are able to get so much immediate feedback can be great. There’s a connection there between them and the fans. And there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice and suggestions, and taking all of that into consideration.

    But at the end of the day, this television show wasn’t created to be a “Pick-Your-Own-Adventure” type of thing. And feeling like it’s okay to harass and bully the creator into going in a certain direction shouldn’t be acceptable. Ultimately, I think that’s what the author is trying to convey.

    There is giving your thoughts and ideas, and then thinking you have the right to make flat-out demands. And suggesting that she’s “slash-shaming” or trying to take power away from the people is way off. It’s no better than assuming you know a fictional character better than their creator does.

    And that’s MY opinion.

  • Joan

    Without Stiles, the show wouldn’t work at all. He’s the funny, relatable figure on the show. Even the title character could be replaced by, say, Isaac, and the show could go on. The show needs Stiles. He’s irreplaceable.

    Since Stiles is basically the heart and soul of the show, the audience is rooting for him. In season 1, Stiles was holding down the fort almost alone. In Buffy terms, he was Scott’s comedic sidekick Xander, his bookish research friend Willow, and his mentor Giles all in one character. Sterek started because there was no other realistic love interest for Stiles – at all.

    And the tropes are all there – older/younger, stronger/weaker, werewolf/human, dominant/submissive, grumpy/cheerful, etc. At this point I don’t see how the writers tone down Sterek. Those two are central to the show, and everything else plays like supporting characters at best.

    • Rashida

      Personally I also love Stiles with Lydia. So while I love Sterek, I do not agree that Derek is the ONLY person for Stiles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kate.sullivan.102 Kate Sullivan

    I really think it is funny how much people are obsessed with this idea but it does kind of become like people are trying to make an issue over a subject matter that the show very nicely makes a non issue. I would be more than happy if they would just both recognize one of the core things they have in common is their respective frustration with Scott and if they could get past that and so when they are both working on something where Scott is the moving piece, they would work together. I bet that happens a few times this season (since Scott will have Issac to try and cover for him this season) and they actually develop a relationship not dissimilar to Finch and Reese on Person of Interest.

  • Rashida

    I completey and totally agree. Love this

    • Rashida


  • Paris

    You are absolutely and I agree with every word

    I love the show nd I would rather see sterek as an awkward accidental developing relationship then some played out stereotypical relationship that comes out of no where so if he does the whole sterek thing great but if not that’s fine too

  • http://twitter.com/xRomix3 Romina Korte

    Like Silver said perfectly, I’ve seen all kind of relationships in all kind of shows, but never something like Sterek. That’s what it is, it’s unique! I’m so tired of seeing the same things happening in every show. I watch Teen Wolf cause it is amazing, but also for Sterek and I don’t think without them being together I could enjoy watching the show so much anymore. Then it would be just like any other TV-show. Maybe with a better story and better characters, but the structure would be the same. And we all know massive about the usual couples in TV don’t we? Nothing can surprise us anymore about that kind of relationships. And isn’t it the feeling of not knowing what could happen next, that makes us enjoy watching something? I love that Teen Wolf isn’t making a big deal about sexuality and I am so proud of the fandom for being so passionate and eager to make Sterek happen, but I so blame the people for threaten Jeff because of it. First of all it could have a negative impact on the decision about Sterek and it won’t help anyway! I mean Jeff is such a lovely and fan concerned guy, and he’s involving the fans so much, he doesn’t deserve any kind of being attacked! Keep fighting for Sterek passionately in a good way! <3

  • Teenwolflover

    I think this would hurt the show especially in the direction it was going. Not all shows need to show a pairing of the same sex all the time. Why can’t they just become best friends in a non romantic way. I still love the show but the two hot guys errrr written in straight. Theres already Danny. Thee creators can just write in a bigger role for home to address the changing world and LEAVE STILES AND DEREK OUT OF IT!!!

  • Mcdizzle

    This really isn’t my kind of show =( But It’s the first time I’ve ever understood the term a ‘guilty pleasure’.. sadly I must say that I’ve stuck to it only for Sterek and Stiles scenes (nothing to do with the fact that their both guys, either one or both of them could be a girl and I know I’d still love them together. It’s just impossible for me to attach to any other couple dynamics in the show). I’m incredibly surprised and ashamed that I’m even watching a show purely to see two characters interact. This is the only reason I stay tuned and updated and i feel like it’s super disrespectful to the other actors putting effort into the show. I also agree that it’s totally up to the creator and I can understand how Sterek might alter his predetermined story line… and sadly….. I know I would stop watching if it didn’t happen or progress anywhere x( I realllllly wish I could stick to it and support it for other purposes, I’m trying so hard.. but there’s nothing else there for me. But eh, who cares, If people have a dream or vision of how they want their creation/baby to look, I agree that they shouldn’t feel pressured to reshape it for that extra bit of fame and popularity. He’s already won a lot of hearts, If he does it and it works with the show, great… If it doesn’t, oh wellzzz.. it’s his show and he deserves devoted fans. I’m just a part timer (bows my head in shame).

  • Courtney :P

    Wow, this was a very nicely put opinion and I feel quite the same! Infinite thumbs up to you! ^~^

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