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Following the shocking news that Merlin’s fifth season would be its last, we have issued a response to the way the BBC handled this announcement.

Dear BBC,

How have you been? We haven’t spoken since last night, and we kind of feel like we left it on a bitter note – but what did you expect? Five years, we devoted to you. Five years of laughter, tears, fights, frustration, and yeah, there were some secrets. But we made it work, didn’t we? We had some good times.

It’s not that you’re leaving us. That is upsetting, yes, but not for the reasons you might think. The fact that Merlin is ending after five great seasons is not at all unexpected, and we totally get that the show is reaching its natural conclusion. As they say, all good things must come to an end, and we all know it’s better to end something wonderful on a high note than to string us along when your heart isn’t really in it anymore.

But after five years, we deserved better than this. Sure, we saw the warning signs, but there was still hope. Hope for a future together with movies and magic, and you shouldn’t have led us on this way if you knew that this was the end.

Getting word that your favorite show is ending for good a mere five episodes before it’s big finale? Well, that’s just kind of like abruptly being dumped by a boyfriend you were completely head over heels in love with – via text message. Or status update, for all your friends to see and pity, but you don’t even notice it’s there until the morning after. It kind of makes you feel like you were always the person who loved them more, especially since they didn’t even have the decency to break it off up front and face to face.

Merlin is a facebook break-up

What saddens us most is not that the end is near, rather that we feel we haven’t had a proper chance to prepare. We as a fandom haven’t had time to process, haven’t had time to accept it. We haven’t had time to TRULY understand and figure out how to say goodbye to a show that we have become so emotionally invested in – to characters who are noble, brave, and loyal – characters we’ve all come to know and love.

Maybe it would have been different if we had been told up front from the very first episode of season 5 that Merlin would see its end for good in this season’s two-part series finale. Sure, when the time came, we still would have been sad to say goodbye to the world of Camelot you’ve created over the past five years, but the point of the matter is, we would have had 13 episodes to get used to the idea – a proper amount of time to accept and understand and figure out how to let go in our own way.

This is what ABC did with Lost. It’s what Fox is doing with Fringe. We don’t mean to compare what we share to the love between other networks and their viewerships, but you need to understand why we feel so jilted. When you build up a relationship with someone, you expect that they communicate with you. Surely the secrets between Arthur and Merlin have shown us all that secrecy is a Bad Thing?

We can’t help but feel like you might have known all along that season 5 would be Merlin’s last. After all, the showrunners have been hinting as much for a while, even while telling us to stay optimistic about a sixth season. But if you knew all along, why keep it a secret for this long? Why wait for season 5 to be well over its midway point to let us know? Truth be told, we feel a bit cheated and strung along.

The shocking news that Merlin is ending automatically brings to mind a series of questions and concerns:

Can the show and all its character arcs be wrapped up in a mere five episodes?

In the interest of full disclosure, we’re having trouble believing that it can at the moment. Right now we’ve got Morgana and Gwen in the middle of another plot against Camelot, which will need at least another episode to resolve. We’ve got Merlin spiraling down a pit of depression and anger, and Arthur still needs to learn about his magic. Then there’s the prophecy with Mordred, and the dragons, and oh yeah, uniting all of Albion!

Will Merlin’s big magic reveal get the attention and credit it deserves?

We sure hope so. Considering the show has always been about Merlin’s secret and Arthur finding out, we hope that this crucial part of the story isn’t rushed, or brushed over via a flashforward or a montage. And don’t forget that Morgana still needs to realise that Merlin is Emrys, too!

Will we see a shift in Arthur’s character? One that makes us believe that he has truly accepted the idea of magic and therefore Merlin?

Again, hard to imagine considering that we have been led to believe that as of where he stands in episode 8, Arthur still seems to have a long way to go before he is at a place where magic can once again reign free in Camelot. But this is what the show has been building towards for five years, isn’t it?

What about destiny?

The series can basically end one of two ways: either Arthur dies, or he doesn’t. It’s not for us to say which way would be best, because (surprise!) we didn’t write the show, but ultimately this will determine whether Merlin ends happily or if we’re going to be left very depressed come Christmas. But before Arthur’s big Mordred confrontation, surely he needs to become the great king everyone’s telling him to be and which for whatever reason he isn’t yet? This brings us back to our first question. Five episodes. How?

Will there be a movie?

We still don’t know! The comments made by the actors make it very evident that they have bowed out already, and aren’t expecting to return to the series. But you did talk about re-boots, and there still needs to be some kind of announcement about that. Surely?

But hey. When all is said and done, we still love you, Merlin. You’ll always have a special place in our hearts. Now though, that place will be tinged with bitterness, and that is such a shame. We feel like this could have been handled with a lot more care for a truly wonderful, devoted fan base who was ready to stand behind you until the very end – if you’d let them. Hopefully the writers were given enough notice about the show’s impending end to wrap it all up satisfactorily, but if they knew, why couldn’t we have known? Why not give us time to prepare? It still doesn’t make sense.

And considering they were beginning to plan out a movie trilogy, we can’t help but worry about the amount of story that will be left to tell. Again, unless the story gets wrapped up with a montage. Please don’t do a montage. Seriously, we’re begging you– it would break our hearts and at this point, that’s really saying something.

Goodbye. It’s been fun, and we’re not gonna lie, we were kind of hoping we could be together forever. Good luck with all of your future endeavors – put your keys under the doormat when you leave, and don’t try to call. There’s this cute guy down the street called the Doctor who has been very reliable through this trying time, and we’ll be needing his shoulder to cry on.

Excuse us while we go put “Someone Like You” on a loop and reflect on whether we’ll ever be able to trust and love again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/krazyratlady Krista Osteen

    I have no idea how they’re going to successfully wrap up the story in time. They completely threw all of Gwen’s character development out the ****ing window, which pissed me off; sure, she’s enchanted, but they could have given that process a little more time before turning a beloved friend into a heartless murderer who suddenly forgets all she’s done in four seasons. Character development at its worst. I was pissed enough when they did this with Morgana- turning her from a likable character with several shades of grey into a fairytale villain with almost no redeeming qualities. People do not change like that, and they do not become sociopaths overnight or even in the course of a year. The writers of Merlin have not succeeded in doing any justice to the story. I have read and watched several adaptations of the legends, and this is shit in comparison. This is all just my opinion, but I am pissed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Walsh/100000260589961 Gavin Walsh

      Why watch it then

      • http://www.facebook.com/krazyratlady Krista Osteen

        I did not say that I hated the show, notice that. I said that the writers didn’t do justice to the story and that it was shit in comparison to other legend adaptations. I enjoyed the show at first and have continued to watch it just to see if the writers could pull themselves up, they have failed imo.

    • Mishima

      I have to agree with you. I like the show, I watch it since its first episode, but it lacks a good plot, most episodes are fillers and predictable and they throw really good character away/kill them/ act as if they’d never existed.
      Honestly, the series’s been able to survive for 5 seasons due to Arthur/Merlin friendship/bromance. The had a LOT of potencial. The arthurian legend is amazing and there are so many versions of it that the possibilities are endless.
      However, most people watch it for the Merthur moments, because Merlin and Arthur are the only character with a good, convincing and reliable development

  • Em

    I just wanted to say that this letter is Brilliant. I also suggest listening to Somebody That I Used to Know and Do You Know ( aka the Ping Pong Song).

  • ravenclaw1991

    I agree completely. Its not the fact that its ending. We’ve known that it was a possibility.. But I think they all knew for a while now this was the end. I mean, Eoin and Tom have started other things I believe. And the others will soon follow. But if they knew, why keep saying there might be a sixth series. The could’ve promoted the hell out of it by saying its the final series. But no, they didn’t.
    My main worries are about the following:
    -We’ll never seen Merlin and Arthur uniting Albion together. There’s no way that will happen in 5 episodes.
    -Merlin’s magic reveal. Will it even happen? I mean, what’s the point if Arthur won’t even get any time to react to it. I can see it now happening at the end of episode 12 and we only have episode 13 where he reacts to it.. Then what? I bet Mordred just kills Arthur and we never know. Hell, Arthur might never even get a chance to react. Merlin could reveal it and then Mordred could kill Arthur like 2 seconds later. That would be terrible.
    -Will Morgana ever find out Merlin is Emrys? She’s been searching for so long trying to find out who he really is. She won’t even have any time to react to it either.

  • Abby

    That just completely sums up my feelings. I love it :)

  • Kat

    Lmao i totally <3 this letter my feelings down to a tee! I'm absolutely gutted Merlin is ending but i do wish all the cast all the best for their future endeavours and look forward to seeing them in future projects. It's just so sad for all the awesome fans :'(

  • Katharine

    This is everything I’m feeling right now. Thank you.

  • CarmelCorn24

    I agree completely! And thing about the movies is that I don’t really want them if they’re not with this cast. At least if it’s continuing the show’s story lines, cause that wouldn’t make sense. If they made movies as a reboot, that’s a bit too soon. The series has barely finished and you’re making a ‘reboot’?!

  • Elopso

    This is an awesome letter, and sums up most of the fandom feelings right now. It’s not that it’s ending (we know all shows have to end), but HOW it’s ending. If the spoilers are right, and we know they are, this is going to be a depressing ending to such a funny and hopeful show. No Albion, no magic free, no one knowing who Merlin is…. Arthur dying… Just great! What was the point of all this destiny/two sides of the same coin talk? Why do we have to end in such a sad sad place with nothing achieved???

    I feel cheated, and yes, we all know how the Arthurian legends end, but there was no need for this show to go that far, at least not before the Golden Age. What happened with “Arthur and Merlin before the legends”?? They could have ended it with the beginning of the Golden Age, and Mordred and Morgana there as an ominous reminder of the future.

    I just feel so so sad…..and frustrated… but mostly very sad.

    And I’m gonna miss Bradley and Colin together, a lot, but that’s just another story…

  • shelly

    I agree – this is a sucker punch to the whole series. There is not enought time to do the story justice!

  • http://twitter.com/arthurmerlinfan mrsmorgan

    I totally agree with everything in this letter!! So sad it has to be this way..

  • frio

    Just one thing the show has not been cancelled, it’s simply over. They always said it was a 5 years plan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/colinmorgan.hd Colinmorgan HD

    Why are you making almost everything about Arthur. This show is about Merlin. It’s his story that we need to see (not Arthur’s) and we need to have a great conclusion to Merlin’s own story which is: will he finally be rewarded for all his actions?

    • http://twitter.com/pamelagocobachi Pamela Gocobachi

      It’s all the way you see it obviously but I don’t think we’ve made it all about Arthur. And if it seems as though we have, it’s probably because in our minds, Arthur and Merlin’s fates are so tangled up, one cannot reach their full potential without the other. To use your example, the conclusion to Merlin’s own story can really only come full circle if Arthur changes as a character as well– Merlin can only be rewarded for his actions if Arthur accepts his magic and accepts the knowledge that Merlin is the one who has gotten him to that point. Thus, before Merlin can be rewarded for his actions/accepted for who he is, Arthur’s character needs to transform into the character we know he should be. Just the two cents of someone who helped put this together. :)

      • angst4colin

        Foremost, I could not thank your team enough for enunciating the despondence I felt realizing that I might not be able to see Colin Morgan anymore (in this context) and reeling as to whether there will ever be other ways to look forward to. Admittedly I’m on same boat as Colinmorgan HD for feeling a bit downcasted that TPBP’s treatment of the titular character somewhat permeated as well to most of reviewers. Personally, Merlin should have been actually way bigger that Arthur. They’re indeed supposedly sides of same coin, but only on the context of Camelot/Albion. Merlin outlived Arthur/Camelot/Albion. He fathered the legend. They’re major part of him indeed but they don’t define his whole being. TPTB’s keeping him stagnant, eternally miserable and undeserving of personal happiness left a bitter taste. Nothing against you and your team, I’m just sad. Again, thanks much for doing this for the fandom and joining us in this rather bleak moment. Hope you won’t quit on the wonderful cast as yet, most specially on Colin Morgan.

        • http://hypable.com Selina

          I think you’re absolutely right that Merlin’s entire existence is reactionary to Arthur’s. It’s something that has bothered me – especially in series 5 because Merlin is obviously so bitter and upset that his whole life is about this great king who a) he believes will hang him if he found out the truth and b) is probably gonna die soon and he can do nothing to prevent it. It SUCKS to be Merlin, and it’s hard to watch. But that said, obviously we had to write this post based on what is actually happening in the show… and this is what’s happening. :/

          • angst4colin

            Thanks for getting on our viewpoint. Hence on this site’s other article
            on spinoffs, my wishy-washy hope is for a rewrite/correction by taking
            most of S4/S5 eps as just flash-forwards of which Merlin actively intervened/altered by switching Callieach as the sacrifice instead of Lancelot. A thankless fan-fiction indeed. Irregardless, the whole show is a fan-fiction in itself anyways.

  • Glaciusx

    another show ruined. W H Y?!

  • sasspants

    lol – brilliantly written :)

  • http://twitter.com/cycl5168 Christine Y

    YES to all of the above. My major complaint has always been that the character arcs have flatlined since Series 3. My 3 biggest gripes:
    - Merlin is the greatest warlock that ever lived, yet he is relegated to throwing bandits around. True, there is no big movie budget for a good piece CG’d sorcery but just a closing line that Morgana is still not as strong as Merlin doesn’t do it for us.
    - Arthur – I can’t see how one can convincingly show us that he will accept magic in 5 episodes if his destiny to bring magic back to Camelot is to hold true
    - Aithusa – how can a dragonlord not know his dragon has been in misery for 2 years?
    The one I have in my pocket is that Arthur would have been king for only 5 years by the time Mordred “fatally wounds” him. Hardly the stuff of legend (and Albion’s greatest king of course). But since the writers have so far taken much liberty with legend, I’m waiting to see how they explain away the teaser. If it doesn’t work out, well, there’s always fanfiction.

  • http://twitter.com/A1vintagepixie Andrea

    Utterly superb, everything I would have loved to have said if I wasn’t so pissed off. I love you all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/megan.ternes.37 Megan Ternes

    Pretty much all of this exactly. Springing the official news on us with only 5 episodes left in the season wasn’t cool at all. And I feel like they’ll have to pull off something really amazing in order to properly wrap up everything.

  • hpboy13

    All I have to say is this: we better get the REACTION to the big magic reveal. I’m beginning to have nightmares of the series ending with Merlin saying, “I’m magic.” and fading to black. Which would be so NOT OKAY, I can’t even fathom how I’d react.

  • Jane.Doe

    Considering the Gwen arc was nothing but filler – did not move the plot along AT ALL – and there’s still another episode left in that arc, and that the finale is a two parter, they basically have two episodes to get us from this stand still we’ve been in almost the entire season to the BIG BATTLE at Camlann at the end. It’s impossible to do that in so short a time. It’s going to feel absolutely rushed, and as the writers have always said they feel a magic reveal is “unnecessary”, so I suggest not holding your breath waiting for Arthur to find out about Merlin. Arthur is no where NEAR the king of legend. Merlin and Arthur are, quite frankly, further away from their “destiny” of uniting Albion than they were in the very first episode. It is absolutely frustrating that instead of giving us an AMAZING final season (because they have known ALL along there would only be 5 seasons), we get a few awesome episodes, and then four or five episodes of pointless filler that is simply a recycling of a previous Morgana storyline. The fans deserved better. The actors deserved better. The characters deserved better. The show deserved better. Unfortunately, better is not what we’ll be getting.

  • Mandy


  • Mordred’sBtch

    One solution: Extend the show for a half season. EXTEND!

  • Zane

    Great summary of everyone’s concerns with how they are going to wrap up the series. Maybe the reason we didn’t know before the start of the season is because then we would have spent the entire season fuming over the pointless filler episodes they spend time on instead of developing the core storylines.
    “But before Arthur’s big Mordred confrontation, surely he needs to become the great king everyone’s telling him to be and which for whatever reason he isn’t yet? This brings us back to our first question. Five episodes. How?”

    That is my main concern. It seems physically impossible for Merlin and Arthur to reach their respective epic roles in the legend. And I know the writers have been talking about the 5 year plan all along but… really? Their five year plan included several episodes of the same rehashed plot (Morgana/Agravaine/Gwen) but NOT a long arc of Arthur learning about Merlin and accepting magic? I say that’s bullshit. And frankly, incredibly disrespectful. We’ve followed Merlin for 5 years, wishing him to succeed with his plans, and everything points to how he ultimately won’t, or it will be rushed and unlogical, unworthy of the incredibly long wait and build up. “The Golden age of Camelot” has not happened and I don’t see how it could anytime before the season ends.

  • GinnyWeasley002

    This. Is. Amazing. The letter, I mean. I love it. It explains all of my feelings perfectly! Thank you SO much!
    Now, excuse me while I go find a corner to cry in…

  • Alohomora

    Hypable staff I love you.

  • Albimeragon

    Interesting but there isn’t really much point sending it after the reveal that the show will end. Well, not in my view i guess. Yes it does reflect honest opinions, the questions are very good and i do like the fact that we’re thanking them for this wonderful series but sending accusations don’t seem very effective to me xD (i may be wrong, just put it down to the emotional wreckage of merlin ending xD )

  • MilitantDelusionalist

    Bless whoever wrote this. I hope the Merlin writers see it. The way they treated their LOYAL fanbase is pretty sad.

  • Sally Anderson

    Yes! Yes! YES! You hit the nail on the head. I would say more, but… *SOBBING*

  • onceandfutureking78

    I’m pretty annoyed by all of this as i feel personally that the producers lied to the public. They mentioned there could be more series’ if people reacted to it, but they knew full well this was the final. Worse still, they had the actors go out and sell the series and the prospect of a sixth series knowing they had done their last. The producers it sounds have gotten big heads over the success of Merlin that they think they can just run off into the sunset and start their own production company and be successful.

    Doesn’t work that way. Another series would have settled things, they haven’t brought in two things that needed to be addressed: Sir Galahad and Arthur’s quest for the holy grail. The only reason i think they have ended this is a third successive series with Arthur winning the battle in the second part wouldn’t go over well. They could have extended it into a sixth series or have Merlin wake up from a dream of the final battle.

    Three things have to happen: Morgana dies, Mordred dies, Arthur dies, possibly all the knights die, Gwen dies, Gaius dies and Merlin takes Arthur to the lake of Avalon where Excalibur is thrown into it and Merlin tries to save Arthur but can’t. What will happen with the Great Dragon and Aithusa? Given the state of Aithusa she doesn’t have a chance against Kilgarrah. Even if Morgana finds out who Emrys is, Merlin will kill her. This is possibly all they have to cram into the final few episodes that are left.

    They had done so well in telling the Arthur legend up till now. Plus they shouldn’t have released that this was the final series, instead giving hints about it and allowing the public to think that this maybe the final or there could be another. The producers have messed up. BBC are complicit in all this and the young members of the cast could suffer as a result of such arrogance on the part of the producers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

    welcome to TV Land.

  • Carolina8977

    Awesome letter and I agree with it. I don’t now how they want end this story in 5 episodes.

  • Lellandra

    I agree!

  • K8_8K

    Hear, hear!

  • Jill Clay

    Sorry but you lot are doing my head in. Merlin was only ever intended for a five year venture, fact. Why the BBC is getting flack, when it is the creators of the show that have pulled the plug, is something that totally bemuses me. The actors were only on five year contracts, maybe to they would now prefer to do something different, perfectly understandable in my opinion. As for the reveal, if anyone actually listened to what the producers said whenever asked about a reveal, they never guaranteed that is would happen. At the end of the day it is their show, they can end it how they want. So can people stop acting love like love sick teenagers, and just be grateful that this show made it to the end of its storyline, a lot of other shows don’t.

  • http://twitter.com/Lory_1985 Lory

    I’ll miss the show so much but I’ll miss especially Merlin and Colin :( My loved Merlin…..he’s such a beautiful person…if would exist persons like him it would be a better world…and Colin is an outstanding talent, such a lovely person.
    That’s so sad…after knowing this bad news I was so sorry and incredulous but after watching Colin’s interview about the end, I’m really upset. I hoped that the creators would give us a fair final but his words seem so unequivocal :( I’m totally speechless and thinking about the probably Arthur’s death (or worse Merlin’s death…omg no, please!!!) or the death of both of them, is too awful. It would be like if all the series were useless… were just a wasted time :(
    I discovered the show only two months ago but I got immediately addicted to it, especially to Merthur so if they will die, I’ll think that it would be better if I wouldn’t ever discovered it. I’ll be just glad to knowing an extraordinary actor as Colin.

    I’ll keep to hope but I’m preparing for the worst.
    This sad news it would have to arrive to the end of the season. Now it will ruin us the last episodes. I’m so sorry but I truly hope the creators won’t disappont us…they thanked us for the support but if they will give us an awful final, I won’t believe to their words about the fans. It would be really cruel and unappreciative. If they want thank us with the deeds and not just with the words, they have to please us not disappoint….. they would ruin all they created in these years….
    Merlin deserves just happiness, freedom, gratitude, importance and peace.
    His life hasn’t been his life but Arthur’s.
    He always lived conditioned by his duty toward the destiny. He suffered and was treated in a way he didn’t deserve all the time. He always gritted his teeth (and we with him) just because he believed one day the things would be changed and finally the moment where he could be himself and where Arthur (and all) would appreciate him, it would arrive.
    I had trust in the writers and I believed they would show us this beautiful moment where Merlin would finally seen the light.
    Now I can’t think it anymore and I’m so sorry about this.
    If Arthur will die Merlin we know won’t ever happy, he will blame himself forever.
    Even, as Colin said, he will understand is impossibile foil the destiny, Merlin we know from the beginning, won’t have peace of mind.
    To the possibility to see him died, I don’t want absolutely think about and I hope it’s the same for the writers!

  • paviles

    We do not want it to end. Not up to the promises of the great destiny of Merlin and Arthur. We have not seen Merlin and Arthur as equals in a big team against evil. What teaching leaves children and youth? No hope, evil always wins, Merlin errors led to the downfall of Arthur, Albion never existed, nor all the magic and power of Merlin could save Camelot. All the joy and hope that the series gave us, we took it away in a moment. We have been betrayed, and nothing worth finally kill Arthur. Long life to Morgana? What was not a family history?

  • paviles

    Totally agree, how can we sue Johnny Capps and Murphy for hurt feelings and broken promises?

  • lilyflower1345

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said in this letter. Thank you for writing this. You’ve put into words exactly what I’ve been feeling but couldn’t quite pin down. It’s not the fact that Merlin is ending that has me so heartbroken. It’s how it’s been handled. It would have been much easier if we’d been told at the start of the season. And there’s the many unresolved plot points that need to be resolved, especially Arthur discovering Merlin’s magic. And many of these plot points may not get resolved in the remaining 5 episodes. We’ve all grown to love and care for these characters and saying goodbye to them this way is heartbreaking. I will always love Merlin and be grateful to the writers for creating this amazing show. But I fear that the way they are ending it will always leave me feeling bitter about it. Are you going to send this letter to BBC and the Merlin show writers? I think this would be good for them to see.

  • Debs

    Merlin should not be scrapped. What on earth are they thinking! Its absolutely brilliant, why cancel it when there is so much they could do with it. We would all love Arthur to find out about Merlin and for them to have adventures together. We would love more adventures with the dragons; the stories are endless and if their writers feel they have writers block then get new writers in or ask the fans for ideas. After all we pay the licence fees, we expect so much more than being let down like this when we have watched every episode for five years, waiting patiently for next week’s episode and then a whole year until the series starts again; feeling flat when the year’s episodes are up. But this, cancelling it is ludicrous. Whats going to happen to all those actors forgoodnesssake. They will probably get bit parts or no parts when they could easily carry on for another five years. What an absolute waste of talent, of opportunities to tell good stories. What one earth are the show’s producers thinking of. It is so so sad that the show is ending and being wrapped up so quickly.

  • KL

    This is so sad….:-(:-(….how can BBC do such a thing? I always had so much respect for BBC, but seems like I am no longer going to have that.

  • Jim

    You have to ask yourself….”why did all the actors abandon
    ship”….all….not just one. They must have been fed up with Capps, Murphy,
    Shine and the BBC. This season has been horrible so far. It used to be fun to
    watch, now it’s painful. As for movies and spin-offs, unless Colin Morgan and
    Bradley James start in it, they can forget it. Yes, I agree; we’ve been lied to
    by Shine and the BBC. I will never again invest myself in any of their

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rita-McGuire/1617999841 Rita McGuire

    I agree, the letter is awesome. Once again I feel cheated! You find a really good show, which is hard to do anymore, then it is suddenly over just in it’s prime! I have been waiting for 4 years now (I’m in the US so season 5 hasn’t started yet) to see Merlin unveil his magic to Arthur and the kingdom, and not just as the series ends. I think THAT would be a natural last season, then everyone, at least most everyone, would live happily ever after, is that what fairy tales are about?

  • Charms-Dealer

    (I only just started watching after Christmas X’D and I finished the last episode minutes ago.)

    Something I feel that could have done with some maturing was the relationship between Morgana and the white dragon. It was intriguing, but it was not fully explored.

    I also felt that there was too much missing with Mordred’s development over the last season. First of all there was the way he betrayed of Morgana. I no longer felt the trace of the spooky-sweet bond between the two. Then Mordred disappeared for a while after being made a knight, and I felt like we missed out on discovering his new personality. The episode in which he reappears and where the other knights teased him on his first (?) patrol hinted at his potential, but I was never able to reconnect with that hint.

    I have to say though that I was impressed with the ending overall, though. The acting was magic.

  • Marie

    “we think the fans will be happy with the way the series ends” WRONG!
    Just take a brief poll of all the comments on any site (including
    this one) and you will see that less than 1% of comments are happy with
    the way it ended.
    Once the pure grief at the way the series ended subsided, the main complaint from people around the world was this: the series did not deliver on any of the promises that kept us watching for 5 years. We feel cheated!
    Merlin’s End was unfulfilled. So too are we. The vast majority of
    Merlin viewers are very unhappy about the ending of Series 5. We are
    not unreasonable, we know that a series must come to an end at some
    point but then please end it in keeping with the spirit with which the
    series ran for 5 years. Revealing Merlin’s magic and the Golden Age
    of Camelot cannot be accomplished in two episodes. So, please,
    re-write the end of Series 5, or do a Series 6 even if it’s in a year’s
    time or a movie WITH THE SAME CAST.

  • mattev

    Seriously, please make a new last episode of Merlin, 5th season. This was bullshit, seriously.

  • Santana_rose_2000

    Merlin is one of my favorite tv series and I absolutely hate that it’s left hanging right in the middle of it. Why couldn’t it at least have an ending? So many tv series do this and I am so tired of looking forward to watching a series like Merlin and then find out it has been cancelled. I, for one, am not getting hooked on anymore tv series and I am sure there are others that feel the same way. It’s just infuriating.

  • Blake2423

    So they kill off the person who was supposed to bring magic back to the land, what a terrible ending, I want more.

  • cv2011

    I think this letter is absolutly perfect. I think we should hae gotten ome heads up nd even though it was the latepisode i was totally prepaed, I thought okay las episode this will be a great one, but i was so so shocked wth all the death In histy Arthur doesn’ die till later onad i d tink all the Merlin fans deserved an ending like that. We deserved an amazing HAPPY ending. I was so ad my favourie show ended this way. I think we deserve a movie to make up for this. I would haveto except that it’s over like everyone else just, this was not the ending we were hoping for all this time since season 1 and at least some sort of heads up. wanted Arthur to at least knw for one more day. so Ihope we get the movie perect ending we all deserve, even if thats the absolute end.

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