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A new Once Upon a Time casting announcement might give us a few more clues as to the identity of the new princess Helena.

SpoilerTV reports that for episode 2×13, which is the same episode as the one featuring the fierce warrior princess whose name may or may not be Helena, Once Upon a Time is casting the role of Arlo.

The character is described as, “About 40 years old, tall and fat, and also wise, spiritual, and fatherly.”

As the character of Helena is described as being 30 years old, this probably isn’t supposed to be her father, but we can’t help but think that these two may be related. Could Arlo be her older husband, perhaps?

Do you have any theories as to what fairytale or story these two characters will be from, if they indeed are related to each other?

Once Upon a Time is back Sunday at 8/7c on ABC with the episode “Into the Deep.” We will see Cora trying to get the compass back from Emma, Snow, Aurora and Mulan, while in Storybrooke, Regina and Rumpelstiltskin will be placing David’s life in danger in order to open up a link to the fairytale world and allow him to communicate with Snow White. Will they be successful?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison


  • Dez

    Why can’t they just keep it Disney?? I hope they don’t ruin this for me :[

    • Dez

      *OLD Disney

    • Alice

      Well, it’s not like the entire storyline is based on just Disney characters. The phrase ‘once upon a time’ is tacked on to almost every fairy tale, folktale, myth. So, to me at least, it makes sense to have King Arthur’s lot (including the Lady of the Lake who wasn’t in “Sword and the Stone”) and whoever. It just so happens that so far, every fairy tale character they brought in has a Disney counterpart. Disney has produced at least 175 movies based on stories, songs, and real life people, and about over 300 total.

      You know what I’m actually waiting for? Lion King or Hercules. And is it possible to say that Captain Hook has Sparrow-like tendencies?

      • Sarah

        Exactly. And honestly, I like that they’re not just sticking to Disney. It keeps things interesting; you never know who they’re going to bring in next.

        • Dez

          I totally get that argument, but don’t you think it makes it more believable if you keep the community smaller rather than as broad as it could be? It’ll give more room for growth within the characters they’ve already introduced. We don’t even have an Evil Queen anymore…

          • Sarah

            Believable is not really a word I’d use for this show. I get what you’re saying, but it makes more sense in my mind to use many different kinds of fairytales or stories IF they are going the multiple worlds/universe direction they seem to be heading. I still think they’ll keep the focus on the handful of main characters we already have, but adding other characters in the mix can turn the main characters in new directions and keep up the intrigue. And as for the Evil Queen, evil gets really boring after a while. The show would be doing itself a disservice not to have character growth for Regina (and Rumpelstiltskin). Plus, we do have an Evil Queen waiting to take Regina’s place: Cora.

          • Dez

            The theme of the show is to believe in magic, so I do think that it’s the perfect word. I agree with your points you’ve made though. I didn’t think of it that way; for the main characters to be given new directions. That way, it’ll keep the stories relevant to modern times.
            NOBODY can replace Regina as the Evil Queen though. Especially her mother, who isn’t a queen. Just and evil bitch. Haha love them both though.

          • Sarah

            Yes, they are supposed to believe on the show, but the show itself is not supposed to be believable for the viewer. It’s all a fairy tale. I agree that I don’t want Regina to get TOO good. And no, Cora isn’t a queen…unless she’s the Queen of Hearts, like a lot of people have been speculating.

    • http://twitter.com/rosaliedavid12 Nessa Daae

      Well to begin with they started with Disney charcters and non Disney characters, Rumpelstilskin is not Disney it was over time that they revealed him to have other Disney counterparts and theres also Red and Granny that are not DIsney. I like that it’s broad, doing new variations on fairy tales and famous stories keeps the story interesting, you never know who will show up :)

    • leo

      I agree with you to an extent. I mean, this whole idea is shot dead to begin with being that one of the main people in the town is Red Riding Hood who isn’t a Disney character (at least as far as I know). But if they keep adding people from all over it’s eventually going to start getting gimmicky If they stick to mostly Disney it will make some sense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Froglover16 Lyndsey Salisbury

    I’m guessing the Wizard of Oz?

  • http://twitter.com/writingfreak88 Christine Rogers

    Do we know for sure it’s a princess? It sounds kind of like it might be Maid Marian from Robin Hood or something…

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    From just his description I was getting a male version of Grandmother Willow going on here.

  • 123nibblets

    Could it be Helen of Troy, and might Arlo be in fact King Agamemnon?

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