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Our last quarter-finals battle puts two strong contenders against each other. Will it be Damon & Elena from The Vampire Daries to move on to the semi-finals or will Castle fans prevail once more and take Castle & Beckett into the slot?

What’s going on?

Over the past month and continuing for another three weeks is Hypable’s BattleShips, a tournament where we pit fandom against fandom to see which relationship on television has the most support. It’s all about the chemistry between two characters and the love you have for them, so rally your friends to help support your One True Pairing (OTP)!

So far, we have seen Supernatural‘s Dean/Castiel, Sherlock‘s Sherlock/Watson and Merlin‘s Merlin/Arthur beat out Bones‘ Booth/Bones, Game of Thrones‘ Arya/Gendry and How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney/Robin respectively for places in the quarter-finals. After that it was determined that Glee‘s Kurt/Blaine would proceed while Once Upon a Time‘s Emma/Regina left the competition.

The fifth round was won by a landslide by Doctor Who‘s Rose and the 10th Doctor, leaving The Big Bang Theory‘s Leonard and Penny in the dust. The sixth battle was a close one! But in the end, it was Avatar who won, winning the spot against Downton Abbey in the finals. And in our last battle, Sterek fans won by a landslide against New Girl‘s Jess & Nick, taking Teen Wolf into the semi-finals to battle the winner of this round.

Now it’s Castle vs The Vampire Diaries on our eighth BattleShips quarter-final! Castle/Beckett and Damon/Elena have been chosen by the readers to represent their respective fandoms, but which couple can gather the most support?! It’s time to find out. So cast your vote below, and be sure you share the link with all your fandom friends – we’re sure they want the chance to support their ship of choice, too!

If you’d like to know more about our BattleShips Tournament then we recommend checking out the announcement post, or posting your questions in the comments below.

The Current Standings

Click for full size.

It’s time to vote!

Which relationship do you prefer?

- Elena/Damon (52%, 3,764 Votes)
- Castle/Beckett (48%, 3,437 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,193

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Who did you vote for?

Don’t forget to visit the Hypable forums where you can join in the discussion about the BattleShips competition, as well as share your thoughts about all the fandoms we cover, our podcasts, the site in general, and much more.

  • SnatcherGirl

    Elena/Damon: the best ship that should never happen.

    • amanda

      Amen!! <3

  • https://twitter.com/#!/HP4eva121995 Ally

    I love TVD but…Caskett all the way!!

  • Sandy

    Damon and Elena! They are meant to be together, not to mention they are hottt together! <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aviane-W/1440991009 Aviane W

    Delena all the way!! Best ship to ever exist XD

    • amanda

      Amen. <3

  • Celia

    I am predicting Sherlock/Watson and Rose/10 in the final round. No clue who would win though.

  • Kristen Kranz

    Come on TVD fans, we can totally do this! Delena all the way!

  • rocio

    castle y beckett desde españa

  • http://www.facebook.com/quinn.kelly.90 Quinn Kelly

    Castle and Beckett. Elena and Damon arent even a couple. Stefan and Elena will end up together in the end.

    • Louise

      You’ll find that when it comes to shipping, how canon a couple is matters little. Sometimes it’s better that way ;)

      • http://twitter.com/sakurablossom94 MT

        Except for this case. Castle and Beckett are even more amazing together than they are apart

  • Alexys

    Caskett all the way.

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    I had to go with Damon/Elena. I mean obviously!

    • http://twitter.com/MrsAriSalvatore Ari Kiara

      I was going to vote for no one but after tonight I am SO DELENA. Stelena finally broke up and she FINALLY admitted her feelings for Damon so DELENA FTW!!

    • BronzeSparks123

      Tonight’s episode was a perfect example of why they will/need to end up together :)

  • CasKett

    CasKett (Always)

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    Caskett – they officially became canon this season!

  • Erin

    Castle and Beckett everyone come on! :D

  • Ninaa


  • Amelia-Jayne

    Come on Caskett fans! xD

  • charlton

    Castle/Beckett,but that’s probably due to Nathon Fillian.He should be the Cap’n of his own ship…..any followers?

    • Musician

      Since I’m pretty sure you mean ship in the punny way and the Captain Reynolds way…

      Bwahahahahahahahahaha! You’re funny.

  • PIPA


  • scottie

    Caskett forever! :)

  • Lucy

    I’m voting Delena (would have preferred Klaroline) However I predict a Destiel/Sterek final

  • trishie

    Castle and Beckett!

  • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

    Thiiiiiiiissss is gunna be interesting! Especially when either one of these ships does battle against Dr. Who

    • http://profiles.google.com/gfludal gfludal

      Confident in your ship I see. The battle against Kataang is non-existent?

      • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

        A lot of peeved Zutara shippers will probably vote for Rose/10 just so Kataang will lose. Kataang isn’t just competing against Dr.Who, it is competing against bunch of angry fangirls. As much as I love Kataang, I don’t think it can win the next round.

  • TVDfan

    how is DELENA not winning this hands down?!?

    • Nina

      because there is a surprising about of support for caskett AND SE shippers will vote for caskett just so DE will lose

    • Meg

      Also, Caskett JUST got together after four years of waiting for it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maria.ferreira.52035 Maria Ferreira

      Eh, because the majority prefers Castle and Beckett?!

      • Katie

        it’s clearly not the majority, it has been 50/50 for like 12 hours

        • Gary65

          Yeah there was a half hour there where they were only separated by 4 votes and DE was winning.

        • http://www.facebook.com/maria.ferreira.52035 Maria Ferreira

          Well, like in any poll, 1 vote makes the difference…

    • austin

      sorry … caskett

  • Jen_Lamoureux

    This by far is the hardest ship for me to chose between!! I love me some Delena but I have been waiting for Caskett to happen FOREVER and now that it has happened I can’t get enough.

  • Delena 4ever

    Damon Elena FTW we can still do this!!!!

  • Phoebe

    VOTE DAMON/ELENA! They are so great together (not to mention super hot) xD

  • Maple Leaf

    Just because you’re a TVD fan doesn’t mean you have to pick Delena. I picked Castle/Beckett because I don’t like Delena, like at all. I barely like Elena as it is.

  • Cláudia

    Caskett OF COURSE !

  • http://twitter.com/StanaticAlwaays Stana’s imaginary bf

    Caskett of course !!

    • http://twitter.com/FailGloriously Katherine Fitzgerald

      Love your name!

  • http://www.facebook.com/frabart Francesca Malausséne Bartoli

    caskett always

  • http://twitter.com/CaskettAlways47 One and Done ;)

    Just had to vote for Castle and Beckett. Who doesn’t love them??

    • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

      Me. lol

      • Teresa B.

        If you don’t like Caskett, you are fucking stupid

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          Woah, settle down, Teresa. Someone is making herself look “stupid” and it’s not me. Recognize a playful joke when it is in front of you. Don’t make it personal.

        • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

          Actually if you don’t like Caskett, you just don’t like casket. Shipping reference does not equal stupidity.

        • http://www.facebook.com/maria.ferreira.52035 Maria Ferreira

          As much as I love Caskett, and I do, a person who doesn´t isn´t stupid…she only has an opinion different from mine:)

        • Gary65

          What are you doing here Ms. Giudice? And why are you off your Xanax?

      • MESSI

        FUCK YOU !

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          Wow. It’s hilarious that my dislike for Caskett elicits such intense emotions in you. Hm…interesting…

          • Tatiana

            OMG !!!! Go Away…don’t u have something better to do?!?!?

          • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

            When someone curses at me and it goes to my email? No. You are the ones replying to my comments. You are as free to do so as I am free of replying back.

      • Rebeka

        When I read this I felt like Beckett when Castle dissed Nebula 9

        • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

          lol Secret: I actually watched Castle up until this current season. :)

      • amanda

        Me too.c;

      • Nina

        hahahahaha I love youu

    • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.speybrouck Ellen Speybrouck


  • Katie

    Caskett has an advantage on Delena in that they don’t have a competing ship on their show. While Caskett does has a ton of it’s own fans, they also get the Stelena shippers voting for them out of spite :p

  • http://twitter.com/BilliamAnderson Bill Anderson


    • roach

      Only 14.1 million + the rest of the world. I know HEAPS of people watch it here in NZ

      • roach

        14.1 million in USA I meant

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Lulu1 Lupita

    WOW Castle/Beckett shippers are intense!!!!!
    My vote is for Elena/Damon :D

  • emily

    TIL: People actually watch Castle

  • Carissa

    Delena <3

  • http://benchpressabear.tumblr.com Joan

    I have always resisted Caskett. Still am.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dlmarvin05 Dominique Marvin

    Damon and Elena!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Liliana.Sa Liliana Sa

    well this obvious isn’t a competition…..poor caskett :(

  • Shelby Walker

    How is Damon and Elena not winning!? Seriously?

  • http://twitter.com/FailGloriously Katherine Fitzgerald

    Caskett all the way! Win win win!

  • Ash

    Caskett! I love Damon/Elena but Castle/Beckett will always get my vote.

  • emgmpg

    Castle/Beckett pull it out!!!

  • kira

    caskett always from chile!

  • Priscilla

    Caskett <3



  • Nina

    Come on Delena, we are so close!!

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Lulu1 Lupita

    Everyone should tweet about this poll :D we need everyone to vote!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    C’mon Delena!! I haven’t shipped anyone as much as them since Veronica Mars was on tv. LoVe <333

  • Phantomfluteplayer

    K, this is going to be a tight race. Come on Caskett fans! We can do this!

  • maeyat

    caskett FTW:-P

  • maeyat

    come on guys,vote for castle and beckett….vote100x:-)

    • roach

      It will only let me vote once for Castle and Beckett :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/my.safe.word.is.apples Amy Quartermaine

    Caskett ftw!! <3

  • Nina

    this is so intense right now it’s literally one vote apart

  • sdfoidfsohfsfjs


  • xoxoKellyLee

    So close! Delena for the win!

  • Mamathaprem

    I vil vote for Damon/Elena, love them :)

  • Dana


  • http://www.facebook.com/lilliempeterson Lillie Marie Peterson


  • http://twitter.com/xhpfanatic Grace Chen


  • http://twitter.com/JenBlaze78 Jen

    Caskett FTW! As much as I enjoy Delena, that ship is frustrating as all get out! Whereas with Caskett there’s no question they’re canon and endgame and to just sit back and enjoy watching this beautiful romance unfold is SUCH a relief compared to the constant ebb & flow of Delena and Elena taking FOREVER to act on her feelings for Damon! Anyways, I love BOTH couples but Caskett is my dream romance and gets bonus points for the stress-free aspect.

    Oh…and to the person who was being catty and asked who watches Castle? Try 14.1 million viewers! The show appeals to a much broader audience whereas TVD appeals to a majority of younger viewers, so your insult is a moot point. Try again.

    • Roach38

      Well said :) I am in New Zealand and know heaps of people who absolutely LOVE Castle. They are the best couple on TV hands down imo

    • Dana

      The audiences to which these shows appeal is anything but a moot point in this situation. This competition is about which fandom has more “shipping support.” and castle’s 14 million doesn’t seem to have much of a lead over TVD’s 2.5/3 million viewers.

      • http://twitter.com/JenBlaze78 Jen

        If you’d read my post, I wasn’t addressing YOU, I was addressing the idiot who asked “who watches Castle?” as if it were an insult. I understand this competition, Dana, & I’m not at all surprised that the majority of the people voting here are of the younger generation and will choose TVD. No skin off my back. And you’ve even proven my point, that Castle has a MUCH larger viewership and crosses generational gaps which is amazing for a procedural. So, thank you for that. :-)

  • Mireilla Castle

    Caskett Forever… ALWAYS!

  • http://twitter.com/RidAsh28 Rida Ashfaq

    No matter who wins, Caskett all the way. They are way more amazing than Delena will ever be.

  • CastleLovers

    come on vote Caskett!

  • Gena

    It’s freaking neck and neck!!! Caskett all the way!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/renee.maurice Renee Maurice


  • http://twitter.com/linab14 Delena 4ever


  • AnnaTveit

    Wow, that’s close! I have no idea who will win this one, but I hope it’s Damon/Elena.

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    Haha, its 50/50 right now. Elena needs to die…. but Damon needs to be happy – so Delena!!

  • Gabrielle

    C’mon, Casketteers! Castle&Beckett are the most epic couple ever! Also, we’re canon!!!

  • Abi

    how the hell did stiles and derek beat nick and jess?! absolute madness!!

  • catina

    Castle and Beckett .. of course ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Nokoto86 HeSaidCaskett

    always caskett <3

  • ane_drew

    Castle and Beckett! Been waiting to vote for them since the Supernatural vs. Bones round. :D

  • yat

    Castle and Beckett fans around the globe.Please show your support and vote now.:-)

  • laceyfandevampirediaries

    delena <3

  • carlene


  • https://www.youtube.com/TheBabarSuhail Babar Suhail

    Castle and Beckett all the way!

  • http://twitter.com/SarahKHansen S.K.Hansen

    I as much as I like Delena, I love Caskett more, so I had to vote for them. Except, I am a little disappointed in the Stelena shippers who voted for Caskett out of spite.

  • Yana

    Delena forever)))))

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    How can TVD be losing by freaking 2% Come one people!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SMueller73 Castle#1

    Castle/Beckett nothing else

  • Lucy

    When Nathan Fillion is involved, he always wins.

  • Maddie

    caskett !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004022285630 Agapi Somerhalder

    Delenaaaaaaaa <3 <3

  • natalia

    this is not even a question. delena all the way

  • lola

    elena et damon

  • Enmc

    Come on everyone vote delena… It has to happen! :)

  • Rob

    Caskett FTW!

  • anam

    Damon and Elena all the way everyday!!<3

  • http://twitter.com/ceeeral amanda

    delena all the way babyyy <3

  • Sher-Locked

    Caskett Forever!

  • Nina

    I cannot believe how close this has been for so long!

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    So I’m thinking the next bracket is going to be Sherlock and Watson vs Klaine and Rose & The 10th Doctor vs ???? dun dun dun…

  • mahdi khamis

    wow this is intense..come on TVD fans lets do this

  • anon

    Why does it keep saying I’ve already voted when I haven’t?

  • Katie

    Caskett, Always <3

  • DelenaLover

    If you watch TVD you can feel the deep passion between Damon and Elena.

  • Mo

    Castle and Beckett!!

  • Melissa


  • Agrant26

    I’m a Stelena shipper but I voted for Delena because I still love the show and Damon as well. C’mon TVD family, let’s do this.

  • mikeiala

    where can i vote?

  • Deana

    Come on CASTLE! ‘You got this!’

  • Kookakicha

    Castle Beckett because Delena is a monstrosity of a ship.

  • delewin


  • http://twitter.com/77rocket Teri Shannon

    Caskett is the very best!

  • http://www.facebook.com/valeria.maduenovonweber Valeria Madueño von Weber

    I don’t stupid!

  • yat

    CasKett guys..Vote for them.

  • yat

    Castle+Beckett=ALWAYS…vote 4 them:-)

  • Emily

    Caskett! :DD

  • yat

    CasKett Shipper………..Once a shipper,always a shipper so I ship them hard.lol

  • Nina

    As of one minute ago we are one step closer to Delena being canon. let’s win this thing

  • cherries + apples = always

    caskett absolutely… im tired about vampires stories DX … im from chile… and really i love that show *3* castle is a “men of my dreams”

  • Kaytorres90

    Delena all the way!! .whats happening is that everybody is so excited about tonights episode that they are forgetting to vote!

  • Sabina

    come on Delena shippers! how can we be loosing?

  • starsdy01

    Isn’t Elena X Stefan the main couple?

  • Gary65


  • Katy

    Even though I ship Stelena, I voted for Delena. I just want TVD to win this. =D

  • Alexis J

    Every single time I’ve tried to vote the past couple weeks it tells me i already voted. So i guess my vote is being mysteriously cast?wtf

    • nina

      try refreshing it a few times. or like 10 times. it will eventually fix itself

  • http://twitter.com/ImLostinaCastle Lost in a Castle

    Caskett. Always.

  • Kibblie

    It is an even 50/50. I think I’m in shock now.

    • Kibblie

      Correction. Castle & Beckett are three votes behind.

  • http://twitter.com/SineTimore__ Lizzie. (42 Days♥)

    umpf making me choose between my two favorite on-screen romance is not fair. But I have to go with Caskett, cuz it has always been clear they loved each other, even if they were with other people, we couldn’t think they didn’t love each other.

  • yat

    whoooa,Caskett fans come on guys.cast your votes now!

  • dani d

    Delena because they just became canon!!!

    • nina

      ALMOST… I think we have to wait a few weeks to say official… but I’m fine with that, we’ve waited long enough

  • Jacqueline

    Love both couples……but my vote goes 4 DE<3



  • amela

    vampire diaries <3

  • cynthia

    *voting from my grave* I’m like Rose! shipping DE even in death!

  • B-Dawg

    Damn, they had to do this?! Put my two favorite couples against each other in the first row! C&B vs. D&E now that’s cruel –_–

    • dana

      VOTE CASKETT!!!!

  • b


  • http://twitter.com/Dockidou I never stopped ∞

    Caskett all the way :D

  • tzina

    delena all the way

  • http://twitter.com/SMueller73 Castle#1


  • http://www.facebook.com/pgreidane Greidane Patricia

    People we need to win Elena and Damon, we all love Caskett, so come on vote for Caskett!!!! ;)

  • amanda

    Delena. <3

  • Galina

    Wow! People come on! :))
    I vote Caskett course, but VD is very cute too.
    Good luck!

  • my delena emotions :’)

    Delena. *W*

  • Delena


  • http://twitter.com/peciitis I ship Daminess

    When does this poll end?

  • http://twitter.com/Rympadalecki Rym bentaleb

    Damon and Elena

  • Delena

    DELENA Damon and Elena always and forever.

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    Come on Delena!! After last night’s episode let’s DO THIS!

  • Lexi

    this is a really hard decision, cause I ship them both hardly… but this time I go for Team Delena

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Go TVD! Can’t believe we won. :D

  • nathalia

    tiene que ganar castle y beckett

  • http://www.facebook.com/PetrovaPierceK Génesis Merlina Salazar Lavign

    Delena rocks! They’re so sweet <3

  • http://twitter.com/kaileerandall Kailee Randall

    Has this closed already? I can’t vote :( :( :(

  • bec

    How do I vote?

  • http://twitter.com/Ideserveyou We Believe In Delena

    Damon and elena no question <3

  • http://twitter.com/priyasamprathi priyanka samprathi

    love castle more than TVD

  • debora

    how can I vote???

  • http://www.facebook.com/eva.kapoor.3 Eva Kapoor

    wow. i’m just stuck in between. two of my favourite couples. i love caskett and i love delena too. WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE? :/

  • http://twitter.com/christyvourcos Christina Vourcos

    I wish I had known about this earlier. I would have voted for Castle/Beckett!

  • DelenaForever

    Damon and Elena !!! :)

  • tt

    Delena <3

  • Nina

    the important thing now is that Delena’s winning yaaaay

  • cecismolder

    I just Vote for Damon and Elena Thery’re an amazing couple!

  • http://twitter.com/Hathor_Sakhmet Hathor_Sakhmet

    Is this poll over with?

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