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After an intense fourth round, the fifth begins with pitting scientists against aliens. Which pair is going to go on to the semi-finals? Will it be Penny & Leonard or Rose & the 10th Doctor?

What’s going on?

Over the past month and continuing for another three weeks is Hypable’s BattleShips, a tournament where we pit fandom against fandom to see which relationship on television has the most support. It’s all about the chemistry between two characters and the love you have for them, so rally your friends to help support your One True Pairing (OTP)!

So far, we have seen Supernatural‘s Dean/Castiel, Sherlock‘s Sherlock/Watson and Merlin‘s Merlin/Arthur beat out Bones‘ Booth/Bones, Game of Thrones‘ Arya/Gendry and How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney/Robin respectively for places in the quarter-finals. Yesterday it was determined that Glee‘s Kurt/Blaine would proceed while Once Upon a Time‘s Emma/Regina left the competition.

Next up it’s The Big Bang Theory vs Doctor Who! Leonard/Penny and 10th Doctor/Rose have been chosen by the readers to represent their respective fandoms, but which couple can gather the most support?! It’s time to find out. So cast your vote below, and be sure you share the link with all your fandom friends – we’re sure they want the chance to support their ship of choice, too!

If you’d like to know more about our BattleShips Tournament then we recommend checking out the announcement post, or posting your questions in the comments below.

The Current Standings

It’s time to vote!

Which relationship do you prefer?

- Rose & The 10th Doctor (85%, 3,986 Votes)
- Penny & Leonard (15%, 729 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,714

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Who did you vote for?

Don’t forget to visit the Hypable forums where you can join in the discussion about the BattleShips competition, as well as share your thoughts about all the fandoms we cover, our podcasts and the site in general, and much more.

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    Rose and The 10th all the way.

  • http://www.hypable.com/ Louie Schuth

    This will probably be the most lopsided matchup this round.

  • Jill

    Well, I fear for Big Bang Theory. I’ve never watched Dr Who

    • LitMer8

      The reason I started watching Doctor Who is because of Hypable and the Big Bang Theory. If you like the scifi stuff this show is perfect. Plus its funny to go back and hear them make mentions of Doctor Who in TBBT

  • http://twitter.com/AsiaAAhmed Asia A Ahmed

    I love Big Bang, but Leonard & Penny arent my fav ship :/ Looks like Dr Who got this anyway! :)

  • Becca

    Is this even a competition?
    (Don’t get me wrong I love me some BBT)

    • musicalfrenchfry

      If they had Shamy, the results would be different; but not Lenny.

      • Becca

        Oh no I highly doubt it would have gone any differently.

  • charlton

    I voted Penny/Leonard.Every ship I voted on so far did not make it.

  • http://twitter.com/bsbrock Janeth Gutierrez

    Considering the fact that this has one of my top ships ever, I’m definitely going with Doctor/Rose!

  • Anna

    Doctor Who versus The Big Bang Theory and it’s not even Sheldon/Penny? This one’s gonna be a landslide.

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    Rose & 10 <3

  • Elphaba Thropp

    Rose and Tenny, my favorite ship ever!!!

  • http://www.hypable.com/ Joshua Nealey

    As much as I love TBBT, Penny kind of treats Leonard like a joke lol – feel bad for him most episodes. I have a feeling the Doctor will pull away with this one.

  • Shelby Walker

    Ten and Rose is my ultimate otp, so it goes to them without a second thought.

  • RussellTurner

    Let’s go Whovians!!!!!

    • LilyLuna

      In other words, allons-y! :D

  • ravenclaw1991

    I love The Big Bang Theory, but I love Doctor Who more so Rose and Ten.. I don’t even ship Rose and Ten. I don’t ship the Doctor with anyone.. except maybe the TARDIS.

  • Wilma

    Rose & Ten ♥
    Is there any other way to go daddy-o!

  • Roryduck

    Considering how much I hate Rose, even though I love DW I just can’t bring myself to vote for them. I know they’re going to win anyways unfortunately. -.-

    • http://quixotically.webs.com/ Rabeea Syed

      Can I know why you hate Rose so much?

      • Roryduck

        She’s just rather dumb. I feel like the Doctor has to dumb himself down, and constantly explain things to her. Even when I first started watching the show I was just frustrated that he had to explicitly tell her things.

        She’s a damsel in distress and someone has to save her all the time (The second episode, The one where Jack’s introduced).

        She treated Mickey horribly.

        She felt ‘entitled’ to the Doctor and couldn’t believe he had ever loved (although that’s debatable but I digress) anyone else.

        Frankly, a lot of it has to do with her returning. She was in a freaking alternate universe. She couldn’t come back. That was well established, and yet the writers brought her back. That isn’t her fault I know, but still.

        And then of course there’s the whole I just don’t ship them. I think it’s kind of forced and not good. I only ship the Doctor with Tardis/Idris. Maybe River if she wasn’t so Mary Sue.

        • NargleHunter

          I respect your opinion to dislike whatever character you choose, but I have to say:

          -Jack wasn’t in the second episode. He didn’t show up until epsiode 9, ‘The Empty Child’. And beyond that Rose was cast as a damsel in distress no more than the other campanions. And the roles were reversed quite a few times. She saved the crew in ‘The impossible Planet’, rescued the Doctor from Chloe’s drawings in ‘Fear Her’, completely pwned a Dalek with a gun in ‘The Stolen Earth’, and helped Donna during “Turn Left”. Not to mention, looking into the heart of the TARDIS in “The Parting of the ways” and using it’s power to defeat the Daleks.

          -And on her return, Rose was able to come back because of an inter-universal rift that was caused by the Daleks. They already had the technology seen in “Army of Ghosts” and “Doomsday”, it was just a matter of getting it to work again. It was totally justified by the plot.
          -I’m not a River fan either, but what’s Mary Sue-ish about her?

          • http://quixotically.webs.com/ Rabeea Syed

            Not to mention she was actually pretty smart. In ‘The Idiot’s Lantern’ she was the first one to figure out that there was something up with all those TVs and in ‘Fear Her’, she was the one to tell the girl and her mum to start singing to get rid of the demon dad thing. And she was so caring, like in ‘Love and Monster’ even when she was yelling at the guy for hurting her mum, she still comforted him when the girl he loved sorta died. I say sorta because she was already in the absorber guy and she did sorta come back.
            I really liked Rose and I was pretty sad when she had to go.

          • Taichou

            Well since I’ve watched classic, I don’t even think you should say she was a damsel in distress… It always annoys me when people do because DW was insanely sexist (in my opinion) the first 20-ish years of existance. If you thought Rose was over emotional and had to be saved like every 5 miniutes then you should see Susan (I HATED her, sorry). She was captured by Daleks around 3 times IN THE SAME EPISODE.

          • Roryduck

            Yeah I’ve seen some Susan episodes. Not a fan. I absolutely love Sarah Jane though, and the few episodes I saw with Leela she seemed alright.

          • Roryduck

            No, I know. I was talking about two different episoes. The second one where she and 9 watch Earth burn and the one with Jack. I was just to tired to look up the names of the episodes and couldn’t remember them.
            I’ll give you the first three, but Looking into the Heart of the TARDIS is just a major no. That should have killed her, but god forbid the writers should have have killed off precious Rose.

            But tI am 99% certain that the Doctor said they would not be able to do that again. That it was a mistake they had been able to do it in the first place, and they were to never do it again.

            Maybe Mary Sue isn’t the wright word for River. I guess it’s just her story is like a bad fanfic, where she always has a witty line ready, being able to regenerate, Amy and Rory’s daughter. It’s just…meh.

          • NargleHunter

            True, Rose spent the majority of “The End Of The World” locked in a room waiting for the Doctor to come save her, she did tell off Lady Cassandra rather epically. And she did save the Doctor from the Nestene Consciousness in the episode prior. Also, while Jack rescued Rose when she was stranded in the middle of the bombing, Rose returned the favor and was the one who convinced the Doctor to save him from the bomb when he took it up in his ship at the conclusion of “The Doctor Dances”. As for the heart of the TARDIS thing, the Doctor had sent Rose back to London for her own safety, a damsel in distress may have remained there, but she returned, stared into the heart of the TARDIS, saved the Doctor, and re-incarnated Jack Harkness.

            He said the same thing at the end of “The Age of Steel” when they left Mickey there, but we all know what happened in “Army of Ghosts” and “Doomsday”. Rule 1, the Doctor lies. And more importantly, he makes mistakes. And judging from the look on his face when he saw Rose at the other end of the street in “The Stolen Earth”, he was pretty freaking happy to have been wrong about that.
            And I agree. I guess she seems too convenient to me. It’s like “oh, the Doctor can’t get out of this one himself so let’s have River save him because River conveniently knows everything about anything ever because she’s seen his future.” Meh, indeed.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

          I pretty much agreed with every point you made until I watched all the episodes a second time. After the first watch, I couldn’t staaand her. Whenever she was stressed her voice annoyed me to no end. However, after letting it sit a while and then going back to it and watching again, I like her much more now, and I even like her and 10 together. Still, definitely not my favorite ship in Doctor Who! I wish Amy and Rory would have won. =(

          • Roryduck

            I refrained from mentioning her voice, cause that’s the actress not Rose but yeah her voice is annoying. I’ve rewatched the episodes and still, jsut really don’t like her. Oh I totally wished Amy and Rory would have won too!

        • anon

          I think the best part about Rose was that she was an underachiever. She
          dropped out of school, made wrong choices and what not. But she was
          brave, and trust worthy. She was courageous and pretty much faced a lot
          of things, and you cant call that being a Damsel in Distress. She isn’t
          amy or donna who can save their own self all the time, she is 19 …
          give her a freaking break. She has done as much as amy or donna had.
          she treated Mickey horribly, but put yourself in her place and then
          think. If the doctor came up to you, would you have treated anyone
          otherwise? Also she never ever treated him badly on a complete level,
          she just had more important things than that.

          But the best part
          about Rose is, she wouldn’t have take your crap and probably told you
          off like its nobodys damn business. You dont need to be an a+ student,
          or have the perfect job or the amazing brain.

          • Roryduck

            Except that I can call that a damsel in distress. A damsel in distress just means that she needs someone to get her out of the situations she gets in. I won’t argue that didn’t face a lot of stuff, of course she did. But it felt like every other episode the Doctor had to save her. And frankly I’m not a fan of Donna, and Amy’s iffy in my book so using them as examples doesn’t really help in my case.

            Honestly, yes. The Doctor terrifies me. I had so much more respect for Donna when she decided not to travel with him at first. To me, it’s the leading him on that’s the worst. She never says he doesn’t have a chance, she just takes him for granted.

            I know you don’t have to be absolutely amazing. I’m just saying that for a Doctor’s companion, she’s lacking.

          • Janie

            Amy & Rory? C’mon guys! As much as I like Rory now, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him for the majority of his first 2 series. Amy treated him like crap and would’ve rather not have him along if the Doctor hadn’t made travel with them. He was always Amy’s second best after the Doctor, and I honestly think she only married him because that’s what the Doctor told her to do. And if anyone was a damsel in distress, Amy wins that title by a landslide!! “I’m easily worth two men” yeah in 2-3 episodes tops, the rest of the time she lives up to her other title the girl who waited, not to mention in the previous episode (of that quote) she couldn’t even keep a damn bracelet around her wrist.

            Now as for Donna leading the Doctor on, I never saw that. They were the best of mates. This was a relief, after having Martha chase after him, to have someone who wasn’t trying to get into the Doctor’s pants and just wanted to go on adventures and have fun

          • Roryduck

            The first season, yes. But several times after that, Amy proved she chose him over the Doctor. Anytime she gets flirty or whatever with the Doctor, I just see it as best friends/crappy writing.

            And so sorry, the leading on comment was about Rose leading on Mickey. Something wonky happened with that. Must’ve fogotten to press enter or something.

            I would’ve appreciated Donna so much more if she wasn’t so annoying and bossy. I love Martha, and I just refuse to believe the nonsense of her liking the doctor. That felt completely forced to me and I just ignore it. She was a strong, independent woman. She wouldn’t be falling all over the Doctor in my opinion.

  • Agnes

    If this were Ten/Rose vs. Sheldon/Penny, I’d have a little more trouble picking between the two, but really, it’s Ten/Rose, no contest.

  • blah

    rose and 10 vs. fake blackface nerds…

    • Lucas Mass

      Don’t you mean: Fake 2D forced relationship vs Fake one sided nerd relationship

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001034209529 Lauren Dipple

    i am a MASSIVE whovian but i think Penny and Leonards relationship is better:D

    • Lucas Mass

      I don’t blame you, The Doctor and Rose’s relationship is one of the most forced and fake “relationship” ever in Doctor Who, also it doesn’t help the fact that Rose herself is the worst companion in Doctor Who history

  • Akherousia

    Please, it’s not even a competition. I love the Big Bang Theory, but Leonard and Penny’s ‘relationship’ (both romantically, symbolically, or just purely platonic) is everything a relationship -shouldn’t- be. Penny is manipulative, condescending, closed-minded, and proud of her ignorance whereas Leonard is the stereotypical ‘groveling at the feet of a pretty woman’ despite being a far better man than a girl like her deserves.

    Pretty clear cut.

  • Matt

    Unless Johnlock can pull an upset, then I’m going to go ahead and call a Destiel/Sterek re-match.

    • Lostie

      John Locke?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

        John Watson/Sherlock Holmes

  • MortimerBooks

    What is this? some kind of joke? take your canned laughter, unfunny, exploitative show bbt fans and come back when you develop an actual, human sense of humour.

    You know, the kind where you don’t just laugh when Chuck Lorre wants you to but when something’s actually funny.

    Rose and 10 4 LYFE

    • Carilyn

      Actually, Big Bang Theory has a live studio audience, so that isn’t canned laughter at all.

      • Lunabuna

        To be fair, it’s really not canned laughter. I caught a taping. It’s genuine. I’m still all about the Ten/Rose though because for a Sci-Fi drama, it’s got some damn good comedy, too. Plus, yeah–what other people said. He sent her back in time to save her life. She pried open the friggin’ TARDIS to get back to him, became a god, destroyed a genocidal invasion, and sent herself messages through time and space so she’d be with him one way or another. Plus, spoilers. THAT’S love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tess.heald.5 Tess Jo Ann Heald

    WOO lets win this!

  • Thedalekshavetheimpala

    Oh god though, how will I be able to choose between desteiel vs johnlock oh god

  • http://twitter.com/LaPauliDice Pauli

    Not a real contest here. It’s like putting major leagues vs a bunch of schoolkids who are still learning how to play (whatever sport). Leonard and Penny never stood a chance.

  • Boots

    The doctor who fandom will triumph over all!

  • Gabrielle Brunner

    DUH-O. Tenth&Rose.

  • http://twitter.com/LaPauliDice Pauli

    I’m curious, though: if the contest includes pairings that are not romantically involved on screen (Sherlock&Watson, Arya &Gendry), why not putting Penny & Sheldon instead? That would have made a slightly better option, IMO.

    • Yo

      But the staff weren’t the ones who chose the pairs. There was a poll for that, as well.

  • dee


  • http://twitter.com/BadWolf_Jackie Jackie Holmes

    Vote for… Does it need saying?

  • Jenny

    I love BBT but seriously, they don`t stand a chance. Its kind of unfair to pit Doctor who against such weak competition. All the previous couples had such a tight race.

  • http://www.facebook.com/erikd1 Erik Davison

    Rose and 10 is the only ship i voted for that made it to the next round. So you better believe I’m voting for them!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.mullis.1 Christian Mullis

    Doctor Who and Rose!!!

  • Gary65

    HOLY SHIT!!!! Talk about decimation. Sterek and Dr. Who are gonna be the only real competition here. Sorry VD, as much as I love you, if Sterek doesn’t beat you, Who def will.

  • Vera

    After voting, look at the two bars: DW is so much longer than BBT! Seriously, I love whovians!

    Also, it really should’ve been some other couple up there, who honestly thinks Leonard and Penny are good for each other?

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    This isn’t even a competition. Even some BBT fans aren’t voting for it. ROSE+10!

  • http://twitter.com/FailGloriously Katherine Treeman

    Doctor Who’s smashing it!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but it has to be 10/Rose. She looked into the heart of the Tardis and crossed universes for him; he burned up a sun to say goodbye to her and her name kept him fighting. Also, I love BBT, but Leonard/Penny? That’s not a healthy relationship at all, people. Like both characters, hate them together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mercedes-Olivas/824809682 Mercedes Olivas

    Nothing I’ve voted for has won :(

  • Samantha

    A really unfair pairing. I voted Penny/Leonard because I don’t watch Doctor Who (although I badly want to and would appreciate some tips on where to start since theres so much of it!). In retrospect, Im shocked Penny/Leonard won and think Sheldon/Penny or even Sheldon/Amy would have had a MUCH better chance in this pairing or overall in the competition. I know not everyone is a fan of sitcoms, but you can’t beat Jim Parsons. And while I voted BBT because I love the show, I do think that Leonard isn’t even really a likable guy.

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      Just to answer you the best place to start is the 2005 Season 1 Series, with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, you won’t need the background of Classic Who to understand it. Once you’ve caught up with the modern series of Who maybe you’ll want to go back and watch Classic Who, but yeah Season 1 2005 is the best place to start. If you want a episode to give you a taste for it I suggest the Season 3 Episode ‘Blink’ or Season 5 Episode 1 ‘The Eleventh Hour’.

  • daff

    lmfao, can anyone else say rigged? I adore the big bang theory but your putting doctor who against it, it has no hope!! Especially the way your yanks gobble up British culture and TV because your own is terrible (mostly lol)

  • http://hunyumstan.tumblr.com/ hunyum

    I think this is a pretty unfair match up. I feel bad for Leonard and Penny!

  • singlis

    Ugh, I get that the Whovians probably outnumber BBT shippers 10 to 1, but I love Leonard and Penny together, both as friends and as a couple. They’re my second-favorite TV couple (only beaten by Elena + Damon, cause they beat out everythinggg, and I can’t wait to see how that round turns out). Leonard and Penny compliment each so well, challenge each other so much, and particularly in the newer episodes you can see that Penny is really falling in love with him and they’re on more even ground.

    Schrodinger’s Cat FTW.

  • Lucas Mass

    It’s a big F-U to true love that Amy and Rory is not here.

    • nina

      well that f-u was delivered by whovians themselves since they’re the ones who chose 10/rose

    • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

      What nina said. This was all chosen by our readers a little over two weeks ago!

  • robv

    im sorry but these brackets are totally unfair….

    • nina

      yeah there’s no logic to it, it’s totally random

  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    Who would vote for Penny and Leonard?

  • Harold Potter

    I wish that they hadn’t chose Rose and Ten because I kind of think she ruined Ten. Unfortunately I have to vote for Penny and Leonard which is only an okay relationship, but better than the cluster@$!# that is Rose/Ten

  • SiriusPotter92

    Am I the only one who actually shipped Rose with the Ninth Doctor more?

    I also wish this was Amy/Rory.

  • Benjamin Stocker

    Problem us, TBBT doesn’t have a fandom. It’s just a show that people like. Shows like DW and Sherlock have actually proper fandoms.

  • http://twitter.com/meli0_0 ☽Cant think of name☾

    rose and the doctor

  • Rose

    You can’t not love 10/Rose. You just can’t

  • http://twitter.com/JustLoreto Loreto O

    Dean/Castiel vs Sherlock/John is gonna be the end of the world

  • Petrichoria

    Well that escalated quickly :)

  • Anyone but Rose pls

    I absolutely hate Rose

  • Owen S

    Why are they going the whole Cannon ATLA ship, should’ve gone Zutara instead of Anntara

  • Musician

    David Tennant versus the other guy? Pshaw. What other guy? Ten all the way.

  • Wiredwizard

    One of the few times I just can’t vote Whovian… Never liked Rose.

  • ballisticalParadox

    Why do I think the last two are going to be 10th/Rose and Dean/Cas or Sherlock/Watson?

  • EarthGirl

    Rose and 10, fo sho.

  • http://twitter.com/JaanikaLehtsalu Jaanika Lehtsalu

    Rose and the 10th Doctor ofcourse.

  • Piper London Avery Smith

    They should totally have gone with Shamy for TBBT. Even though I have pretty much memorised every TBBT episode (don’t judge me!) doctor who obviously wins by a bazillion miles.

  • Piper London Avery Smith

    Rose looked into the heart of the Tardis and was prepared to die for the doctor. The doctor burned up a sun just to say goodbye to her. Then you have Penny and Leonard. Erm… O.O

  • Cassidy Vavasour

    Why is it always Ten and Rose? Not Doctor and Rose or Nine and Rose? I actually shipped Nine and Rose more… just me?

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