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While Nov. 1 represents a lot of different things to the general population (candy-induced comas, candy corn themed alcohol hangovers), it generally indicates the same thing to film studios — the start of Oscar season.

In the past months, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the likes of The Master, Flight, and other independently playing films, but the real discussion doesn’t start until now, when the major movie studios unleash the Oscar campaigns featuring not only the November and December releases they plan on unleashing upon Academy members, but also the big summer releases they feel deserve Oscar attention.

Warner Bros. hasn’t had a lot of luck when it came to wooing the Academy in recent years. Last year, their offerings included the last Harry Potter film, Contagion, Happy Feet Two, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – none of which received major gold with the exception of the last, which had the involvement of Academy favorites Scott Rudin and Stephen Daldry to thank despite its lukewarm critical response.

Even dating back to 2008, when Warner Bros. had The Dark Knight and Gran Torino to offer, Academy members still were unmoved (although the Best Picture expansion from five to ten looked like a sign of remorse from the Academy governors). Warner Bros. just lacks the power of The Weinstein Company or Fox Searchlight when it comes to campaigning — the last win it had by itself for Best Picture was in 2007 for The Departed.

This year, Warner Bros. offers up The Dark Knight Rises, Magic Mike, Argo, Cloud Atlas, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for consideration. They’re probably hoping for some love for Rises, considering the snub back in 2008 was well criticized, although the Academy may have already felt they paid their dues to Nolan in 2010 for Inception. Rises also lacks the strength of its predecessor, which could hurt it.

Cloud Atlas, despite a lot of anticipation, is receiving mixed reviews and doesn’t have the pedigree to save it — The Wachowski Brothers never received much love for The Matrix, so their power doesn’t seem enough to pull what Extremely Loud did last year with Daldry and Rudin.

The Hobbit may seem like a good bet to you, but you have to remember that the final Lord of the Rings movie did already receive 11 Academy Awards back in 2005 — the Academy may show some recognition in the technical categories, but I don’t see much happening besides that.

Magic Mike. Really? It surpassed commercial and critical expectations back in July, but I don’t see much happening for it except maybe a supporting actor nomination for Matthew McConaughey. Mostly, though, this just seems like Warner Bros. is scraping at the bottom of the barrel.

Argo, however, is the studio’s only serious contender. Out of all the movies released this year, it’s definitely the frontrunner, but like The Master before it, it might run out of steam by the time we get to, say, Lincoln or Les Miserables.

As far as the website goes, Warner Bros. isn’t exactly making the big push they made with Harry Potter last year — of course, we’ve seen studios do crazier things — say, the guitar shaped gift baskets members received on their doorsteps last year for The Descendants. In this, I can’t say I exactly agree with the methodology. Why should a film be nominated just because of who campaigns better? That’s the Academy for you — wait, no. That’s Hollywood for you.

Fox Searchlight and Columbia Pictures also have their For Your Consideration websites up, albeit incomplete and lacking major films or ones that incorporate mainstream fandoms. You can view the Warner Bros. one here.

Do any of the Warner Bros. films look like contenders to you?

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  • d3erudite

    Why the fuck would they give Happy feet or Harry Potter an oscar? Both of those films were terrible when you compare them to Hugo or Girl with the dragon tattoo.

    • Harry Potter

      Hugo was an overrated P.O.S. Sorry.

      • Liderc

        Agreed. Hugo was an awful movie, looked great, but god awful.

    • let them all say

      im a potter fan and the only thing i can say to you, is that deathly hallows part 2 was the only one who deserved and oscar. But the academy would never give such recognition to a movie made completely of english people. At least it deserved a cinematography, art direction or soundtrack award.

      Hugo was a really good movie but it was overrated just because of its director.

      The dragon tatto? please are you kidding me… was a really good movie, i liked it, but the original was way better.

  • hpatdh33

    The only two things that I think deserve an Oscar for the DKR are the cinematography and the score. The score was the best in the series and probably the most original score I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Harry Potter

      Agree completely.

  • Harry Potter

    Dark Knight Rises has little no chance at the Awards, and for good reason: It was an average film at best, not even close to its overwhelmingly exceptional predecessor. Hans Zimmer’s score, however, is a different story and is by far the best music I’ve heard against a film in many, many years. He definitely deserves recognition.

    My vote this year would have to go to Argo, it was just a brilliant piece of filmmaking. So much suspense without guns or blood. I know Lincoln is still to release and I’m looking forward to seeing it, but it needs to be a supremely incredible picture to deal with Argo.

    But we needn’t worry about all this now. February is still a couple months away…

  • Cora

    I’m personally hoping for Argo for Best Picture. I know there’s still things like Lincoln and Les Mis to come, but War Horse received mixed reviews and only just slid in to the Best Picture nomination, and who knows what we’ll get with Lincoln. Les Mis will be love or hate, but will definitely thrive in the artistic categories.

    While I would love to see The Dark Knight Rises up for a ton of things, including picture, I don’t see it happening. However, Hans Zimmer is totally owed an Oscar for Score. His last win was for the Lion King way back when, and his score for TDKR was really incredible.

  • GeekGirl101

    Argo deserves an Oscar, it was a powerful film based off and well played into true events. They did a great job. The others….maybe Cloud Atlas…Dark Knight, not so much. Just because it makes a lot of money doesn’t mean it deserves an Oscar

  • isenhobbitz

    This is kind of off topic, but what I’m most excited about is what movies are going to get the nod for best song. Am I crazy or have there have been more than usual this year? Snow White and the Huntsman with Florence and the Machine, The Avengers with Soundgarden, Skyfall with Adele, and probably The Hobbit with Neil Finn, plus the new Les Mis song (as the classics cannot be nominated), etc. i wonder if the movie companies decided to take advantage of the fact that only two were good enough to be nominated last year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

    Argo should definitely be nominated for Best Picture. Making a true story into ‘thriller’ was definitely a risking move but boy did it pay off in the end, the execution of it was just brilliant. Ben Afleck should get a Best Director nomination for his work.
    Argo F Yourself! (Sorry, just had to say it )

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