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In a recent interview, Glee creator Ryan Murphy has said that he may see a finish line for the show in the near future.

But don’t start the heavy breathing just yet, Gleeks; you aren’t going to hear the last of Rachel Berry any time soon.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Murphy said that the new characters on the show have given a new life and energy to it:

“I’ve really wanted it to go on, and I wanted to populate it with new people. We did that this season, and thankfully those kids have popped. It’s re-energized the show, and I think the actors are all much happier because nobody is having to work eight days a week and kill themselves.”

There had long been rumors that several cast members were unhappy when the scheduling of the show matched with the summer tour giving the principle cast basically no time off.

Murphy even went as far as to say that the set of Glee was “very tumultuous” at times, but noting that the new balance of characters has improved the dynamic.

“So I feel like we finally figured out how to make it work, and I think we could get another four years from this show.”

This is the first time that Ryan Murphy has hinted at a potential series wrap for Glee. With ratings dipping every year and dramatic hiatuses where fans sometimes forget that the show is airing, we wonder if Glee could push through for four more seasons.

Do you think that Glee can last another four years?

  • http://twitter.com/germanAkice Lisa Mandel

    as much as I used to love Glee and still do in a way there is in my opinion no chance in hell Fox will give them another four seasons! If this current season doesn’t have a drastic rating jump up I’d say we’re already in the last season of Glee

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      I disagree. Glee’s ratings are down but not bad. People forget that season 2 was enormous and not typical. The press about “dipping ratings” doesn’t mean it’s doing badly, it’s just normalizing. Also it’s more than ratings. Glee makes tons of money from record sales and the tour and international markets.

      • DP

        Same–networks would much rather deal with a dip in ratings but still be able to count on some audience than cancel and bother trying out a whole new show. Hence why shows are getting increasingly longer runs–I mean come on look at Season 9 or whatever of Grey’s Anatomy–you think that show hasn’t had a huge ratings dip? And I’d say if anything Glee will have an overall ratings boost this season…maybe not back up to where it was but still an increase.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

    Ehh I see 2 more max

    • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

      and by 2 more max I’m also saying that there shouldn’t be more than 2.

  • Jimmy Rose

    Fox has a history of keeping good shows until they find an audience or recover from a setback (e.g. Party of Five). So, I think it is definitely possible, but in my mind it is unlikely. Eight seasons of Glee would be awesome as I love the show no matter what. But Murphy will have to evolve it, and I mean REALLY evolve the show. I know you’ll agree, John, that there has been very little about this season’s 4 episodes that are “revolutionary.” If he’s going to keep it fresh and vital, he has to do more than just add to the cast.
    Budget and revenue are a big concern here as well. They have to be raking in the bucks from iTunes and CD sales. Fox may just push it until it deflates into agonizing death throes. Like American Idol. (Sorry, different rant.)

  • http://twitter.com/hp_otaku Veronica

    I agree with the comments here, I really don’t see this show going for another 4 years. With this season I had forgotten it was on hiatus (surprise surprise, another one…) since I have all my other shows still going right now, and I don’t particularly like some of the new characters either. Unless they somehow manage to see a rise in ratings (and stop throwing in a long hiatus every 4 episodes or so), I also see this show maybe finishing out this season and possibly one more.

  • jamie

    OMG kurts ass I LOVE IT ♥

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I think it’s possible for another two years until the current sophomores graduate.

  • http://twitter.com/arnoldcam ArnoldSantos

    Imagine the horror of having to work year ’round.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      Going on a world tour after shooting Glee (acting, dancing, rehearsing, recording) for the other 3/4 of the year is a lot to ask from an entertainer.

      • DP

        Agreed–the schedules for entertainers are not your normal 9-5 days, more like 4 am to past midnight. Especially for a cast that also has to rehearse, record, learn choreography, etc. And to go from that straight to touring–being away from home plus long days and nights.

        • Bruce

          I agree too, DP. Again, knee-jerk cynicism proves hollow. I covered show business for 20-plus years for major daily newspapers, and the Glee cast, from what I can tell, has been worked harder than any cast on television.

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        and then Chris was writing a novel AND shooting a movie between all that and Darren had Starkid stuff – I don’t know how they did it that year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Helen-Barnett/666923296 Jennifer Helen Barnett

    I think Glee can last another Year at least and Maybe after that they can have a Spin off series about Kurt,Blaine and Rachel

  • Mo

    I’m not sure if I can handle four more years of Glee…

  • PotionWillow207

    Four more years?!? Please no. I used to love Glee; then I liked it; now it’s just okay. Too much more and it’ll become, “MAKE IT STOP!” LOL!

  • Bruce

    So few understand the business of show biz, including many of those commenting. Consider this: Glee has made 40 million download sales–and counting. (For perspective, alleged superstar Justin Bieber has 8 million total download sales.) And consider this: Glee in broadcasts is huge in international market sales. And this: In the States, Glee is strong in the coveted 18-49 audience demographic. Need I go on? If Glee makes money, and Murphy wants it to continue, Glee continues. When he cites four more seasons, he’s acknowledging the business realities that few fans do. The easy thing is to rant about how horrible Glee is when all you need to do is change the channel. The smart thing is to realize Murphy is probably right on target, and Glee can continue–and continue making money–for four more seasons. It’s just smart business.

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      EXACTLY. You put this brilliantly. Some people either need to relax and enjoy the show without taking every single little thing to heart or else switch the channel and let those of us who still enjoy the show be. You are spot on in saying the 4 more years could easily be a reality – it might not be if it didn’t have other venues of profit other shows don’t have but it does. Multiple sources of profit = success and non-cancellation

  • Allie

    I just know that once Chris and Darren are off the show, I’m done watching.

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    I think that’s going to depend on how this season of Glee will go, which it’s still too early to tell. The episodes are so stop-and-go in air time and they should stop that. Either way, I don’t see Glee lasting another four seasons. I think two more seasons is pushing it, myself, if Glee doesn’t get any better.

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    id rather watch three seasons like season 1 and be sad it’s over so soon than watch 8 seasons like 2 & 3. its kind of bittersweet for me that glee became so big so fast. it became such a money machine that it lost it’s dark quirkiness that drew me in in the first place. i predict that before these 4 prospective seasons are done, ryan murphy will have, for all intents and purposes, handed responsibility of its running to someone else so he can work on other things.

    • Grace

      That’s a good point; I think Murphy’s should be about done with this show. If another writer took over, I think the show would (assuming the writer isn’t even worse) recover from, well, the last 2-3 seasons (I think S2 was ok, but not as good as S1).

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.r.bailey Richard Bailey

    I would actually be happy if they ended Glee after this season, but create a spinoff called “NYADA” based on Rachel, Kurt, and Brody’s adventures there.

  • Kim

    I think Glee will get another season and possibly one more so that would be 6 seasons total. But definitely no more than that. Glee will get to do at least 100 episodes but its not good enough to go on for 7+ seasons.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    I think the show will last for the rest of this year for sure. Now next season, different story…

  • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

    I don’t agree that the new people “have popped” and “re-energized the show.” I really love what we’ve seen of Marley so far, but as for the other characters, I haven’t seen anything that makes me care for them. Jake is Puck 2.0 and Unique doesn’t really have a storyline. In season 1, all of the characters were new and they had storylines that I was invested in. But the new characters we’ve seen this season don’t have that.

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      But if you “really love” what you’ve seen of Marley then she’s popped!

  • http://twitter.com/RyanHBP Ryan Floyd

    I’ll be very surprised if it lasts longer than this season.

  • http://twitter.com/mardie186 Mardie Baldo

    Glee is actually doing very well in the ratings when compared to other FOX shows. It is one of the most popular shows on the network. Add to that the revenue generated by FOX Shop sales, foreign distribution, music downloads, merchandising, tours, etcetera and you have a veritable cash cow. That being said, if the storylines aren’t interesting enough to keep the core audience and draw new people in to replace those who have stopped watching; it will wither and die. I don’t find the new cast members to be that interesting. I feel like they are “imitations” of Puck, Quinn, and Rachel. There are some differences, but not enough to make me invested in those characters. Unique is being used as a “punchline” or commentary and not being given any real storyline. Tina has once again faded into the background. The only characters that hold my interest and keep me watching every week (when it’s not on hiatus) are Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Brody, and Santana. I would love a spinoff next year based in New York with those characters and the heck with McKinley High. You can only have so many scenes in the choir room with Schuester being clueless about what they should sing. At least a New York show would give it new life and new possibilities for stories as Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Brody, and Santana try to support themselves while waiting to be discovered by a record label or a casting agent on Broadway. Occasional guest star visits by Burt and Carole Hummel, Finn, Rachel’s dad’s, Brittany, and Cooper Anderson would be enough to keep it interesting. Even Sue Sylvester or Will and Emma could show up to see their opening night on Broadway. The cast of Glee is incredibly talented and hard-working. I am excited about the possibility of another tour; but they also deserve to have some time off to pursue other projects as well. Chris and Darren, in particular, have so many other projects in the pipeline that I have no concerns for their future success. My only concern is that they will be so exhausted by the end of Glee’s run that they will need to leave the country and go somewhere to hide and sleep for a year just to recover. Ryan Murphy had said prior to the start of season 4 that they were going to streamline the cast and have less guest stars so the remaining cast would get more storylines and have more things to do. If anything, we have way more cast members this year than we have ever had. And we appear to be having way more guest stars as well. So many cast members are just window dressing and we tend to forget they are even there. Like Sugar, Tina, Artie, and Sam. Coach Beiste. Sue Sylvester. Figgins. And I’m sure I’m forgetting others as well. And so is everyone else! I still love the music and dancing and some of the characters. I will stick with Glee “Come What May” (which needs to be a Klaine duet!). But I doubt it will go beyond 5 seasons unless it becomes “Glee New York”. And that’s how Mardie….sees it!

  • Samantha

    I think ideally I’d want 5 seasons and then a spinoff. They will keep the machine going as long as possible since they make so much money from music sales and merchandising. So unfortunately they’ll probably drag it to 8 and then a spinoff. My guess is the show will end around the time of Rachel’s NYADA graduation, so we can see her full development.

  • LilyLuna

    I still love Glee, but it’s very much not the same show I started watching two years ago. I know that if it ran another four years I’d probably still be watching, but I honestly don’t see it happening. What’s going to happen next year when *none* of the original cast is back at McKinley? That means even more graduates to follow around the country and even less interest back at the school. How are they going to balance that? I’m not against the new format this season, but sometimes I can’t help but wish they’d decide, is this a show about those particular characters we’ve grown to know over the past three seasons? Or is it a show about that choir room? Right now it’s both, but I don’t see the balancing act going on forever because eventually it’s just going to be too much.

  • Nerdfighter007


  • crbarra

    I love Glee unconditionally, but I personally would be perfectly okay with a simple spin-off with Rachel, Kurt, and Santana w/ their designated couplings (Finn, Blaine and Brittany). I don’t really care about McKinley now that everyone I really liked is gone and Ryan somehow keeps managing to stick Jenna U/Tina in the back despite what an ENTIRE EPISODE last season implied. Oh, wait! That would mean continuity on Ryan’s part… silly me.

  • Boobris

    4 years are impossible

    2 years top glee will be finished, although i loved glee

  • guestie guestface

    That poor cast.

  • http://twitter.com/janine_jks janine JK’S ϟ


  • IsItMeOrYou

    I think that Glee has the potential to last longer, I don’t know about another four years but it’s possible. To me the show has gotten inconsistent so I don’t really watch it as much as I used to, but there are a ton of people who still do so, like I said the potential is there for it to last for a while.

  • s

    no, besides he’ll have lost all interest by then. esp since he lost interest in nip/tuck after season 3. glee has already gone down enough as it is. it went lame after season 1.

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