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One of the lengthiest interviews to date, available now is J.K. Rowling’s full interview with interviewer Charlie Rose about The Casual Vacancy and Harry Potter.

The interview spans Rowling’s entire career and has many familiar things we’ve heard from the author before. However, we do hear a few interesting tidbits about Harry Potter such as the effect the films had on her writing, which character she misses most, and more.

We had told you the other day that Rowling revealed she misses Dumbledore the most. “He was a strange character because I always say I wrote him from somewhere in the back of my brain,” Rowling explained. “He would often say things I didn’t know I believed. But once I saw that Dumbledore had said them, I thought, ‘Oh yeah that’s right, that’s true.’”

Elsewhere in the interview we hear that Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Sirius Black blew away Rowling because he added an edge to the character that she hadn’t put into words in the books. We also learn that Chapter 13 in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was a chapter she really struggled writing. It had to go through several rewrites to properly hide clues.

The Casual Vacancy, Rowling’s first novel for adults, is in stores now. Thanks to Rhiannon for the tip!

  • Gary65

    LOL why is he asking questions he already knows the answer to?

    • BookReader

      Yeah. He’s constantly talking over her when she’s trying to answer. It’s so overbearing. I didn’t watch this interview for Charlie Rose to talk for Jo. Worst interviewer.

      • potterjay

        I completely agree! I hadn’t heard of him before, but read that he was this famous interviewer… I actually found it really annoying- he kept speaking over her!!

      • Kelsey Smith

        Yeah, I definitely agree with that, but I’m willing to put up with it because he asks interesting questions, and it’s not often you get an hour with someone and there’s no band, screaming audience, or constant, obnoxious pressure to be funny all the time.

        And the guests do seem to be more comfortable on Charlie’s show than most others. I’m sure most of it is the format and the more private setting, but I think his technique, while not always terribly polite, does give them something to bounce off of and seems to keep them from feeling nervous, like they have to vomit out uninterrupted wisdom with every question. He’s nothing if not present, and usually when he does interrupt, it’s a statement of clarification or about something specific that they’ve just said that goes somewhere else.

        He can take it too far, though, and sometimes unfortunately kills a really interesting train of thought, but Jo seems to respond well to his interjections, regardless.

    • Becca

      Because he wants her to talk about them…?

  • Gary65

    Evanna is the best :’)

  • alex

    I really hope if anyone EVER complains about Emma as Hermione (besides her looks) they get send to watch this interview and then shut up.

    It’s reassuring that the series CREATOR is happy with what emma brought forth the for the character instead of focusing on the “she’s too pretty”

    the interview was fantastic thought! I really love what she said about gary oldman and evanna lynch

  • ladybirds

    Great interview.

    While I was reading The Casual Vacancy I felt that Rowling experienced some of the things she wrote or witnessed them. It was a great book. I loved it.

  • LAce

    If they released a JKR interview to theaters it would do wonders at the box office.

  • 7Starrchasers

    Evanna is the one of the most perfectly cast people I have ever seen.

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