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John Green recently talked with a local news station in Indianapolis about the future of The Fault in Our Stars as a movie.

The Fault in Our Stars was optioned by Fox 2000 shortly after its release earlier this year and is being produced by Wyck Godfrey, known to most as the producer of Twilight. The Fault in Our Stars is a story that is close to Green’s heart. It focuses on Hazel and Augustus, two cancer patients attending the same support group. While cancer is a topic of the book, the book is so much more and received critical acclaim upon its release.

When discussing the possibility of The Fault in Our Stars becoming a movie with WISHTV, Green said, “One of the benefits of having a book sell pretty well is that they suddenly get extremely motivated out there in Hollywood, so hopefully that will continue to develop quickly, but it will at least be another year.”  Writing partners Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber have been working on the screenplay with a first draft complete. You may recognize them as the writing team behind 500 Days of Summer.

While Green isn’t writing novels, he and his brother Hank are busy with with their Vlog Brothers channel on youtube, their DFTBA record label and of course they teach AP Biology and History on the internet. All of these adventures are used to help nerd culture and encourage nerdfighters everywhere to be get involved.

One of Green’s non-profit businesses is working with KIVA, which uses micro-financing to lend money to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Thus far, Green’s community is one of the largest lending banks with 1.3 million dollars.

Be sure to check out all of Green’s adventures and his latest news by following him on Twitter and finding him on his website, John Green Books.

  • Ash

    Honestly, I thought this book was just good. Definitely not the hype that everyone gives it. Similar to Looking For Alaska, I thought it wasn’t that great, it was just good. Can someone please explain why his books are so popular and getting as much love as they do? I seem to be missing something.

    • Sapph

      I agree with you that the story isn’t “the big thing”, but the way he writes is very beautiful and deep, and for me, this is difficult to found in many current writters.

    • caroline.taylor078

      I tend to agree, I had read Looking For Alaska and liked it but not loved so I got The Fault In Our Stars and I think after all the hype and the huge amount of 5 star reviews I was a little disappointed, I did like it and it made me tear up but I was really expecting to be blown away, also very annoyingly I stumbled across a big spoiler before I read it which always bugs me bigtime.

      • Lisa

        I think perhaps, and this may not be true at all, that his books are so praised because of how horrifyingly relatable they are. I think everyone has had or longs for an Alaska in their lives, and it’s impossible to not think of someone while reading TFIOS.

    • skylarjohnson34

      lol this response is extremely late, partly because I’m a huge fan of John Green and i was just looking through the articles. anyway, the reason why these books are so popular is because of how honest they are. many romance novels today are very “perfect,” and aren’t real enough for people to believe that something like that will happen to them. although it is pretty unlikely for something that happened in TFiOS to actually occur in your or someone else’s life, death is also a possibility that breaks a relationship. this is why TFiOS is popular; it’s not a PERFECT romance novel. it’s real. it’s honest. the reader can really understand hazel and sympathize and cry with her. i agree with you, in that looking for alaska was just good. it was extremely predictable. the fault in our stars is very popular with teenage audiences, and that’s because everyone wants someone like augustus in their life.

  • Jenna

    The fault was dear to me as well! I cried loads because of it. Looking fo alaska was good, bur TFIOS was epic.:)

  • Jenna

    Btw, i can’t wait for yhe movie! I wonder who’s going to play Augustus…

  • http://twitter.com/slasher777 Alex

    One of the best books I’ve ever read.
    I have only good things to say about it and I am really looking forward to the movie.

  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    John Green’s style of writing is so unique. It’s so real and palpable. That’s what makes him a great author. Oh, and the literary references he makes too. Love that.

  • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Rebecca Feliciano

    I’m proud of John regardless if one of his books turns into a movie.

    • Hana Memisevic

      Yes that is true for me too and btw I love your icon hunger games and harry potter :) awesome

      • http://twitter.com/BeccaPhoenix16 Liam I exist

        I love you Take Me Home icon! 1D FOR LIFE

        • Hana M

          Lol thanks

  • Jason

    This always struck me as a very literary book. I don’t see one as introspective as this making a big cinematic splash.

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    I’m excited to see this be turned into a movie. My main concern is that it’s going to become cheesy and too focused on the romance. please save it from that.

  • Moonshoes Potter

    Dreamcasts, anyone? who should play who???

    • Lisa

      For every book John Green has ever written, I’ve always pictured Sasha Pieterse has the female lead. Always.

  • Sophia

    The Fault in Our stars is a tragedy that is now a part of me, a part I was missing. John Green, simple words is all I can say. I am only 12 but I have fallen for this book. I have read plenty of books and this is my favorite. Stay great.

    Sophia Grace

  • http://www.facebook.com/crazzylizzy Lindsay Hakes

    yay i can’t wait

  • Britnee

    This is my absolute favorite book and I DO NOT want it to become a movie. There’s so much to be left up to the reader’s imagination, and I don’t think it’s fair that Hollywood feels it has the right to fill in the blanks. I think that would ruin it a little. Contrary to popular belief, not every great book has to become a movie.

  • Liana

    mae whitman for hazel grace!

  • naomi

    This was magnificent. I loved looking for alaska even more though, my dream will come true when they make Alaska a movie. I don’t know why, but i see Tom Felton as Augustus, call me crazy…

  • Cassidy

    I agree that the emotion that comes across with the book will be hard to transfer to a film, but the writers are the writers of (500) Days of Summer and that movie was really well done, it was quite unique. I think the movie could give the story a new light and do it justice. It won’t be the book, but it will still be a great movie.

  • http://twitter.com/Morganement December 24th ❄

    So excited ! (And i have to say : James Gaisford for Augustus. and I don’t know for the rest …)


    I loved TFiOS, don’t get me wrong but there are some books that I know won’t make good movies and this is one of them. It’s a beautiful, amazing book but I think that turning it into a movie would kill it


      I disagree, hopefully the producers and John will work hard to make this movie amazing :D

  • Claire

    If this book becomes a movie, Hollywood will focus on the romance. the sexual part. not the physiological inquires



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