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The long-awaited arrival of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Glee is finally here! Check out Kurt meeting one of his idols at Vogue, Isabella ahead of this week’s episode “Makeover.”

Posted on Vogue.com’s website (in real life) there’s not a lot to see to be honest but in the short scene we do learn some things about both Kurt and Isabella. Check out the video:

Well we’re glad to know that the half sweater that most of the fandom complained about last season wasn’t actually his (it turns out it was his dead aunt’s).

Even though the scene is brief we do get to learn a little about Isabella, including that she had gotten food poisoning from Breadstix! What are the odds? We also see her talking about a particular line that she created by which Kurt was inspired, only to call it an “epic fail” herself.

Either way we’re really excited about the potential dynamic of Kurt and Isabella. With Kurt missing a mother in his life, we wonder if this matching will fill an emotional void in some way (for both characters) throughout Glee season 4?

What are your thoughts about Kurt and Isabella based on this scene? Leave your comments below!

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Don’t forget, Glee airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox, directly after The X Factor at 8/7c!

  • http://twitter.com/Dillon_Mays Dillon Mays

    I like their interaction. It seems really genuine.

  • SeanV23

    OMG! SJP! I knew before I saw this clip that I’d love her character. Yes, the creators definitely owed us an explanation for that godawful sweater. I don’t get how people thought this storyline would be unrealistic. Kurt Hummel’s bold and daring fashion choices would certainly attract the bigwigs in NYC. I just hope they make him an UNPAID intern.

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