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Hypable will be having a The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set visit next week and we have a really fun way for fans to participate. We are headed to Toronto with a few other fansites and we want to share your enthusiasm with the cast.

Are you ready Mundies? We would love to have some of your questions to ask the cast. Make them fun and unique and no, we will not be asking Jamie Campbell Bower if he will marry you! Can’t think of a really good question? No worries, we have others things you can do. We will be accepting original fan artwork and custom fan videos to share as well. If that’s not your thing you can send along inspirational comments for the cast. Obviously, we won’t be able to share everything we receive but we will do our best and feature some of our favorites after the set visit.

What you need to send in for the set visit


  • Send your artwork and videos to jen@hypable.com
  • Leave your questions and inspirational messages in the comments section of this post.
  • Please make sure to note who you would like to be asked the question
    All items must be received by September 18 in order to be considered.

    The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones began filming in Toronto on August 20 2012 and is set for release August 23, 2013. The all-star cast includes Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, Kevin Zegers, Robert Sheehan, Jemima West, Aidan Turner, Lena Headey, and Jonathan Rhy Meyers.

    Be sure to check out the 5 Must have Scenes in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones article and tell us your favorite.

    City of Bones is the first book in The Mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The novel introduces us to the shadowhunting world filled with nephilim, vampires, werewolves, and demons. New York City is the perfect setting for this gritty urban fantasy.

    • d3erudite

      Please ask Jamie Campbell bower how it feels to be in Harry potter , twilight , and now mortal instruments.

      • PrincessD

        also if he would be willing to do a cameo or a small role in one of the next Hunger Games films so that he would be in all the four big fandoms!!

        • Cassia

          Uhhh what about Divergent?

    • http://twitter.com/AntaraC Antara Chowdhury

      Have Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell-Bower read the entire series, or just the first book? Also, did they realize what a huge fanbase this book series has before they accepted their roles? Like, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were completely unprepared for the Twilight craze, but Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson knew going in that the Hunger Games fandom is huge. I’m wondering how it was for the TMI cast, and if that affected their decision to accept their role.

    • Steph

      Just let the whole cast know how wonderful they all are! And ask them what they’re most looking forward to about their roles.

    • Sophie

      Will Lena also dye her hair red?

    • Tess

      Can you ask the actors what’s their favorite quote that their character says?

    • Cole Smith

      Please ask Jemima West if she gets to use Isabelle’s bladed whip in this movie and also if she had to go through any fight training for the movie.

    • Magdalena (from Poland)

      which relationship you like more Simon/Clary or Jace/Clary?

    • http://twitter.com/RachelGarner_ Rachel

      Jamie Campbell Bower or Robert Sheehan should voice sat-navs. Then life would be complete.

    • Laura.Sanchez.J

      Can you ask jamie campbell bower haw it feels to work whith johnny depp, helena bonham and tim burton?? must be fantastic! and you can tell them that I love them and I think that it will be a fantastic movie? a kiss from Spain!!! :D

    • Anna

      I think the whole cast is amazing! Jamie, Lily, Aidan! I was so excited when they were chosen especially! And of course robert and godfrey. We love you all!! I could go on and on!

    • Nina R

      For the Cast: What is your favorite thing about your character and is there anything about your character that you can personally relate to?

    • http://twitter.com/SchniekeMona Mona

      Could you ask Jamie about his heart Tattoo on his right breast?! Is there only one Butterfly over the heart or a second Butterfly underneath too?

    • http://twitter.com/CrisiMiceli Cristina Miceli

      Did the cast read any of the books before and think of being in the film if one was made? or did they read the books once they knew they were going to be part of the film? -also- do they listen to what fans of the books say on the internet and does it effect their work? thanks and wish them the best of luck in the film!! :)

    • catrice

      Can you ask lily, how it feels to be a very big part in these awesome books?

    • Leah Stout

      Tell the cast that they A LOT of expectaions to live up to! This is my favorite book series, I absolutely love it more than anything!! A question I have is has the cast actually read thet books?! If so what are there opinions on the books and characters?!

    • Cheyenne Somers

      Jamie what is your favorite thing about playing Jace in the movie so far with filming?

    • Amelia Neo

      For Lily Collins:

      Was it awkward at all to film the birthday scene?

    • Lisa

      (For Lily) What scene were you most nervous to shoot when you were cast as Clary?

    • Whitney R

      To Lily: since so many books I have enjoyed reading are being adapted into movies, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to portray the lead role in one of any of these big franchises. What is that like for you to breathe life into Clary? How do you interpret her and hone in on all of the little nuances that make Lily disappear and Clary step in?

    • Jenny Riley

      Ask Robert Sheehan if he really needed to get into character to play Simon Lewis, the extreme Manga and video game nerd, or if Robert was already a complete nerd to begin with, and therefore Simon will not be a difficult character to portray.

    • http://www.facebook.com/helen.daly.10 Helen Daly

      What is the hardest part of the role so far? Is it getting into the character, the physical aspect or the knowledge that the huge fan base are waiting to see if you mess up on their favourite book? :)

    • Elletnah

      Tell Jamie that no matter what anyone says he IS Jace. All the haters are just going to hate.
      And if you could Tell Robert that we miss him on Misfits that would be great!!!

    • Savannah M

      I feel like one of the only ones to ask Robert a questions but anyways:

      Will Robert be returning to misfits? If not, could he reconsider his decision for his fans? XD

    • http://www.facebook.com/renee.spears.37 Renee Cutlip Spears

      Hi, I would like to say to Aidan Turner, I can not wait to see him awarded his first, of many, oscars!!! You are such a gifted actor, truly amazing!!! My husband still can not get over watching me watch you in your final preformance on Being Human. As I sat there bawling like a baby, he sat there shaking his head and laughing. Lol :) If i might ask one question, what was one of your favorite suppers back home? Silly I know, but I’d love to get my husband back with being able to put it in front of him and letting him know it was your favorite!!! Hehehehe :) Hoping all the best to you!!!!! Thank you also for taking time for comments and questions.. Take care

    • summer

      please ask our Magnus how he likes the character and if he read the book!!!! hugs from South Carolina!!

    • Imogen Serret

      For all the cast: Do you feel under pressure from the huge fanbase these books have generated to get your character just right?

    • Anthony

      For the whole cast: If you could switch roles with any other cast member, who would it be and why?

    • Amy Peters

      Could you ask the cast what’s been the best part of filming so far. Please could you also ask Jamie and Lily what scene from the book they are most excited to film? Wish all the cast luck with filming :)

    • Sonia

      For Jemima West who plays our firey Isabelle Lightwood does she feel pressure having to play Izzy? Does the fact that Isabelle’s character is considered perfect, confident and sexy put any pressure on her?

    • Amy Palmer

      Ask jamie campbell bower what scenes he is most excited about acting out. And let him kno i think hes perfect for the part the accent alone makes him so damn sexy. All of these girls are going to feel very stupud for all the bs they gave over jamie getting the part when as soon as this movie comes out their going to be in love with him.thank u for bringing jase’s character to life the whole book. XoXo

    • Aislinn

      For Rob: Can you get a twitter please?

    • skye lyn nance

      For the cast: do u as the actor/actress ever help out with other stuff on the sets like costume or props or does rehearsing take up alot of your time. Also just my thoughts: i cant wait for the movie, i enjoy watching movies that are based on books, because to read and watch are 2 differnt things and i think watching gives an idea on how differently all our minds work, its really amazing. Oh and this goes out to everyone involved. Keep up the good work ^_^

    • Alya

      Were any of the cast fans of the series before hand?

    • Laney

      Is Jamie hotter in person?

    • Michelle

      How is the cast getting along with each other and how is Jamie reacting to this big role he’s received? GREETINGS FROM PUERTO RICO!!!

    • Josselyn S.

      Hola! A Big Hug From Honduras, Central America We love you Guys! You are Awesome and very talented! Robert: you make me laugh so hard on Misfits! Keep up the good work! We know its going to be a great movie! :D XOXO from Tegucigalpa!

    • http://twitter.com/VikkiKim Vikki

      Questions to entire cast: If you read the entire series, which book is your favorite?

    • http://twitter.com/TMI_TID_fan Celine ♥Herondales

      ASK ANY of them if:
      They will be back in Toronto next year to film City of Ashes!?!?!? PLEASE!!! :DDD

    • Chelsie B

      This question is for the whole cast:
      Did you read the before you auditioned for the movie?

    • http://www.facebook.com/angela.madzirova Angela Madzirova

      You can ask these questions to every actor- Lily, Jemima, Jamie, Kevin, Simon, Lena, Aidan or the others:
      1.How much will the movie be rated?
      2. Was there a scene that had to be reshoot several times because of laughing or something else that was stopping it?
      3.Do the actors sometimes go off script and add something personal to their performance?
      4.Who of the cast is most sarcastic?
      5.How much training did every one of them get?
      6.Are the actors fans of some other actors from the crew with who they are working together on the movie?
      7.Who is on the one hand most likely to laugh out during filming and on the other hand who is most serious?
      8.Was there a bombastic performance on set which blew your mind?
      9.Will the stunt doubles do all the dangerous scenes?

      The producers and director have been working on such great movies like Orphan, Resident evil, Silent hill, Perfume, Wrong turn, Amelie, Karate Kid so i already have great expectations about the movie!

    • Forever&Always

      Can you ask Jamie + Lily what their favorite Clary + Jace scene is? Love them cast! Great choices! Can’t wait.

    • Dee

      Ask Kevin and Godfrey if they have as much feels for eachother as us fans have for their characters? And some supportive comments: Tell Jemima that I am in love with her and she is gorgeous. Tell Robert that I think he is one awesome dude and I love his humor and I would marry him. and tell Godfrey that I love him as Magnus. Yup. I love all of them is the main message. Don’t let the haters get you down, Jaime!

    • Dee

      Ask Lena how she feels about the transition from mean woman in Game of Thrones, to loving supportive mother in City of Bones. I hate her character in GoT (though it wouldn’t be the same without her) but I completely love her when she isn’t playing Cersei.

    • Debbie Wang

      This is a question for lily and jemima. How does it feel to play such strong, female roles and how do you think this will affect girls who see you both as role models?

    • Shraddha(Nepal)

      (Question)To Lily and Jamie: How do you think you are prepared for this
      role and what do you think will be the hardest part/scene? Which is one of your
      favorite scenes in City of Bones?

      Message: I would like to thank Cassandra
      Clare for writing such an amazing book which was not just thrilling but also
      conveyed real life messages. Now that book is being made to a movie, I would
      like to wish best of luck for everyone working on movie. I know it is going to
      be amazing:D Eagerly waiting for it.
      -Shraddha L

    • Chantal

      Have you ever been to Austraila? And lily and Robby are like my prefect clary and simon!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1030215073 Ashley Smith

      What things would they do differently if they were actually living the lives of their characters? What things did their character do that they wouldn’t have?

    • Ellie

      Question to Jamie: How much is his personality similar to Jace’s? :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-TheHippie-Ames/100001484597744 David TheHippie Ames

      my question is to jemima west
      have you read the books because izzy is a really complicated character and probably the hardest character to play
      so if you have read them get to it

    • Tony Butler,Jr.

      This is to the all-star cast. What was it about the Role that you thought would be challenge for you as an actor or actress.

    • Grace

      My question is to Robert Sheehan: If you were a girl for the day, who would you date? And to all the cast and crew: You are all great choices and my friends and I have no doubt that this movie will be the definition of perfection! Also, we love sideburns guy!!!

    • Rachel K

      Can you PLEASE PLEASE ask Jamie:


    • Aislinn

      Ask Rob if he would consider getting a twitter? <3

    • Aislinn

      Ask Rob if he would return to Misfits? We miss him on it? <3

    • Aislinn

      To everyone: What scenes are you most looking forward to film or have you already filmed them? :)

    • Sonia

      For Kevin Zegers how does it feel having to play a really sensitive character when you’re mostly known for your bad boy rep on Gossip Girl? LOVE YOU AS ALEC <3

    • Sonia

      For the whole cast if they had to choose would they rather be a Warlock, Shadowhunter, Faeries, Vampire or Werewolf? Cannot wait for August 2013 xx

    • Aya

      Question for Jemima: I’m an art history graduate and found out that she is as well. As if I couldn’t love her more! Just wanted to know who some of her favorites artists are and what her favorite art period(s) is/are? :)

    • Felicia

      Ask Godfrey what he loves the most with the character Magnus :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/amy.gordon.982 Amy Gordon

      A question for the cast, particularly Jamie, Lily and Kevin: Most fans (including myself) have complete faith in your abilities to convincingly portray your characters, but the negative comments always stand out the most. How does it make you feel when you hear some of the harsh things/personal attacks people have said agasint you just because they imagined your character differently? Does it ever get you down or do you just throw it aside and think about the majority of fans who are supportive of you?

      I think you’ll all do an amazing job and I can’t wait until the movie is out. I just hope you’re all prepared for the popularity and fangirls!

    • elainemargret

      Hello! If you could share my Jamie Campbell Bower / Jace artwork with the cast & crew (especially to Jamie) please, that would be awesome! Please check it out! Link – http://t.co/zgQvkrsD
      Thank you! :D

    • Sue

      Q. For Aidan — first of all you were amazing in Being Human, you are an incredibly talented actor with extraordinary range and I am *such* a great fan of that show! I was wondering what the challenges were playing Luke (as compared to Mitchell who was always wrestling with some inner conflict)? The back story for Mitchell was always very close to the surface I thought, is there a similar back story for Luke? Or is he more like the island of calm in the face of ongoing conflicts for Clary and the others? I would be interested to hear more about the character of Luke.

      • Someone


    • ShylaHolman

      Jamie Bower – Have you studied Jaces’ personality to the point that you feel you will portray him wonderfully?

    • ShylaHolman

      Lily Collins – Have you studied the character of Clary so that you will preform her character well?

    • ShylaHolman

      Jamie Cambell Bower – Are you prepared to play a bad-ass sexy demon killer Jace? I hope so.

    • http://www.facebook.com/leigha.wentz Leigha Wentz

      Can you ask the cast what their favorite scenes were/will be to film? Oh yeah! And please tell Jamie that I think that he will be an awesome Jace, and I can’t wait to see all of them in the movie! (Especially Kevin, but that’s just because I love Alec :P)

    • Alejandra

      This question is for Jamie, Lily (but more for Cassandra is she included as well) . If you could have a Rune. What would it be and why?!

    • http://www.facebook.com/MayanKariz Mariane Clarize Verzosa Norieg

      Robert Sheehan: Give a trait of yours that is similar with your character, Simon. :)

      And I’m such a big fan of the series, especially of Simon, Isabelle and Magnus! I hope you’ll all play it well! :)

    • Jaimie

      Comment for all: You guys will make extremely sexy gifs. See you on Tumblr.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaime.mayor.549 Jaime Mayor

      Question for all: Did any of you guys read the books BEFORE you had anything to do with the casting of the movie?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaime.mayor.549 Jaime Mayor

      Message for Jamie (heehee we have the same name ^_^): You were in Twilight, Harry Potter, and now The Mortal Instruments. I didn’t even know it was possible for someone to be that awesome.

    • Nicole

      Message for Jamie-
      I heard that you’re apparently getting hate from fans, and that is rather astonishing as all of us Shadowhunters should be your biggest supporters. But apparently you’ve received hate, and that disappoints me. I just want to say that you’ll always be the best Jace, and stay strong. You’re going to prove the haters wrong when we see you on the big screen next August.

      Questions for everyone-
      1) What is your favourite rune and why? If you could, would you get it tattooed?
      2) Did all of you read TMI before auditioning for your parts?
      3) Is there a certain scene that you’re looking forward to filming? If so, what is it?
      4) Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

      Hope these get answered!
      Love, Nicole. xoxo

    • Nicole

      Question for all of them-

      1) Do you feel like you can connect with your character personality-wise? Do you feel that you are more SIMILAR or DIFFERENT from your character?

      2) If you could choose, what would you be in real life? A warlock, werewolf, vampire, faerie, or shadowhunter?

      Hope these get answered!
      Love, Nicole. xoxo

    • Tiffany

      Yes my Tiffany are the movies going to sepet up ? Are they are going to do one book a movie cause they should cause I hate when they spent them up like that ?

    • danielle rivers

      i was wondering on how to audition for future films. i have a friend that i just know is perfect for this series!! any information would be awesome thanks. i have a portfolio to send in but not sure were to send it.

    • Saaaa

      Just have a question about how the the transformation of Simon turning into a rat is going to be achieved :D

    • Saaaa

      If your character was in flesh in front of you, what would you say to them and why?

    • Angelise

      for Jamie – are you a neat freak like Jace?
      for Lily – Do you draw like Clary?
      For Jemmima – are you tough like Isabelle, or are you delicate?
      For Robert Sheehan – have you ever been in a band when you were younger?

    • http://www.facebook.com/bhavezl Beverly Ann Billones

      and I hate how MAIA get in between clary and simon! im a big fun and twists is awesome that i stay reading til’ 4 in the morning.

    • asheliantoi

      can you ask Lily Collins if they are only making one movie or an entire serie like the books?

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