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Twilight’s Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Cullen in The Twilight Saga films, attended last night’s Los Angeles premiere of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We asked him about the newly-released Breaking Dawn trailer which implies a battle end scene.

“There are implications” of a battle he acknowledges cryptically to Hypable. We pressed further and suggested that the battle may actually be one of Alice’s visions, which has been a fan theory lately. “I want to know what all the fans think,” he told us, then came up with his own idea. “What I think happens, after you watch the movie and the credits roll, it’ll say ‘thank you for watching,’ then you’ll see Billy Burke’s character Charlie Swan waking up and being like ‘Oh thank God, it was all a dream!’”

Would Rathbone be satisfied with that type of ending? “‘All this was a dream?’ I don’t know, it’d be pretty funny. I’m going for that.”

Finally, we checked in on Rathbone’s newborn boy Monroe and confirmed whether or not he’s exhibiting any Renesmee-like qualities.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters November 16, 2012. The final Twilight trailer was released last week and features plenty of great new footage showing some serious action in this fifth film.

Do you think there will be a battle at the end of Breaking Dawn?

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    Jackson is fabulous <3 I adore him! He has an eyebrow that can compete with The Rock :P
    I hope there's a battle at the end of Breaking Dawn, because I was SO disappointed that Stephenie built up half the book for some huge battle and then…nothing. If this ends up being Alice's vision just to satisfy the fact a battle scene was filmed/put in, I'll be upset.

  • KleppMelk

    I really like that theory! Can it please be real!

  • Jael

    Oh Jackson, always the joker!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Obviously theres a battle, what we don’t know if its real or Alices vision of what could happen if it came to a battle.

  • Emalee

    I’m really excited for this movie! And it’s probably due to the fact that they’re changing things… I really didn’t like the Breaking Dawn book at all.

  • alyssavanskyock

    I seem to remember early on that the battle scene in the movie was in fact just Alice’s vision of what would have happened. Because apparently both Edward and Bella die in the battle, as well as Carlisle.

  • Linda moreno

    I had heard that there is a battle at the end and that they all die ? and for who ever go’s to see this movie have better take alot of t- paper for the tears ! that’s what i hear ?

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