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With only a few days left before the Glee season 4 premiere, we’re getting to feast our eyes on some great new performances from episode 4×01! Check out the cast doing this summer’s hottest song “Call Me Maybe.”

The full performance of “Call Me Maybe” can be seen this Thursday when Glee season 4 debuts on September 13 at 9/8c on Fox!

Are you excited for Glee to cover this song this season?

Just the other day another performance video was released featuring Kate Hudson performing a mashup of Lady Gaga’s “Americano” and Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again,” which you can check out here.

So obviously spoiler alert in that we find out Wade has made his way to McKinley High in some fashion. It seems that the four of them are auditioning…maybe to be the lead or captain of New Directions this year?

Latest ‘Glee’ season 4 news

Need more? In recent weeks Fox has released a lengthy behind-the-scenes look at season 4, a scene from the premiere episode, and additional posters which inspired this Blaine meme. We’ve also posted 27 new stills from the first two episodes of season 4! You can also check out some of the music you can expect from the premiere episode right here!

Glee season 4 premieres Thursday, September 13 at 9 p.m. ET (after The X Factor) on Fox!

  • Expletive13
  • Nancy

    I feel like Wade’s voice doesn’t blend in with the other three. It sticks out, but not in a good way. Slightly discordant.

    • madaking

      YES! He does not belong with New Directions. I kind of still feel that way about Blaine too. Although I love Darren, I like him better with the Warblers.

  • GoodGollyMissMolly

    An awful possibility just crossed my mind: Wade + Blaine. If this is why they break Kurt and Blaine up, I’m gonna be pissed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      Oh god, no! D: I in no way ship “Klaine”, but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t ship “Waine” either! :S

    • kaitlin

      I honestly could not stand that. I could maybe with effort get over wade and kurt, but never blaine and wade

    • madaking

      I don’t see it happening. I think they’re competing too much against each other, and also, if Wade is transgender (something I’m still not 100% clear on), and Blaine is gay, it is unlikely he would be attracted to her. That, and I love Darren Criss way too much to see him paired with the awful, awful Alex.

  • Dillon Mays

    I love Tina’s feistiness. And I was thinking how Blaine and Unique kept looking at each other. What if Blaine cheats?

    Can’t wait. I actually like this song when I see the video.

  • Mark

    I like Tina/Brittany, but I’m not so sure about Blaine/Wade in this. I’m really looking forward to Tina stepping up this season hopefully.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    Hmm, I actually like they way they used this song, with all of them fighting to be the new leads for the New Directions… I’m getting a little more excited for Thursday with every new video clip they release! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack F

    For dressing so fashionable as a female, Wade doesn’t dress that well as male,

    • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

      Good point

      • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack F

        Yea I find that interesting as it probably says something about his character. (I posted this btw, twitter on phone was playing up :( )

  • http://twitter.com/Jakkpf Jack F

    I don’t like Wade’s hand gestures when he sings, it starts to look way too fake. I had that problem in Pinball Wizard as well.

  • Gary65

    The fact that Wade and Brittany honestly think they’re even close to Rachel is just so non-sensical, I want to hack this show to shreds.

  • Bethany

    Just a little side note: The colour scheme of Wade’s shirt is the same (not really but close enough) as the coat Rachel wore to New York season 2!

  • guest

    Good news, Heather still can’t sing and Alex still can’t act. Glee’s just gonna be great this summer…

  • xoxoKellyLee

    In what I assume to be a Rachel-Off, I think Blaine should win…since he already wrote two Harry Potter musicals. Although Tina totally deserves it after that body-swap episode.

    • Gabriella

      Erm … Darren wrote two Harry Potter musicals, not Blaine.

      • xoxoKellyLee

        Hence the joke. I KNOW Blaine didn’t write the musicals. #Starkid

  • Argent

    I’m calling it now: Tina, Wade/Unique, Brittany, and Blaine are all vying for the slot of “New Rachel” and here comes along little new girl Marley Rose who magically out performs all of them and is the new lead of New Directions. *eye roll*

    I’ve been fairly disappointed in the writing of this show during season 3 and only hope things shape up for season 4. Because honestly, how much more can Artie and Tina get the short end of the stick on this show?

  • madaking

    If this is a competition for someone to be the New Rachel (hence the title of the episode), it should definitely be Blaine or Tina, since they’ve got vocal power and/or seniority. Brittany, as much as I love her, is just not that good of a singer, and Wade is annoying. :-(

  • Lee

    Real Voices? Clear voices? I, personally love Brittany’s (real/clear) voice!

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