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Earlier today, Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss revealed three words essential to the plot of series 3′s adventures – they were rat, wedding, and bow. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the words’ significance, and the stories we expect to see when the show returns.

Last year gave us woman, hound, fall – three keywords which were clear references to the Arthur Conan Doyle stories “A Scandal In Bohemia” (“A Scandal in Belgravia”), The Hound of the Baskervilles (“The Hounds of Baskerville”) and “The Final Problem” (“The Reichenbach Fall”). Since the writers picked the three most iconic adventures for Sherlock’s sophomore series, these words pretty much spoke for themselves. This year however, they’ve gone down a more ominous route. Rat, wedding, and bow could all refer to several stories from the Sherlock Holmes canon – so we’re exploring the many adventures of the super sleuth to try and predict what’s ahead for our favorite characters.


Rat – “The Boscombe Valley Mystery”

Probably the easiest of the three words to decipher, there are very few things that “rat” could be referring to. Sure, Lestrade is often described as “rat-faced,” but it’s unlikely that a full 90 minute episode could be constructed from a facial description of a character who’s been with the show since it began – though we’re not putting anything past the writers of Sherlock. Instead, this is most likely to be a reference to “The Boscombe Valley Mystery” from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The story sees Holmes and Watson travel to Herefordshire, where they’ve been commissioned to investigate the seemingly unsolvable murder of Charles McArthy. While trying to prove the innocence of McArthy’s son, Sherlock untangles a web of blackmail, gangs and robbery with the “rat” in question being a dying reference to the murderer.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about “The Boscombe Valley Mystery” is Patience Moran, a girl who witnesses part of the crime being investigated. While in the original story she’s an incidental character, she shares a surname with Colonel Sebastian Moran – Moriarty’s right hand man and the person widely believed to be taking up the villain mantle from Sherlock’s arch-nemesis. Mark Gatiss has confirmed that “The Empty House” will be the starting point of series 3, a story in which Moran tries to exact revenge on the great detective. Given the writer’s reputation for mashing-up stories and characters, we wouldn’t be surprised if the similarity in surnames was utilized for a shocking plot twist…


Wedding – The Sign of Four

This is where things become a little bit harder to pinpoint. We’re fairly certain that “wedding” refers to the marriage of John Watson and the love of his life – but the trouble here is: which one? Canon enthusiasts everywhere are quick to make jokes about Arthur Conan Doyle’s ambiguity when it comes to John’s spouses – and that’s because the good doctor marries six women throughout the course of his life, none of which are ever mentioned by name. Of course, Moffat and Gatiss have joined in on the jesting and set up Martin Freeman’s take on the character with a string of girlfriends throughout the first two series. Now though, it looks like we’ll finally see him tie the knot for the first (and hopefully last) time.

The Sign of Four is the only time throughout the 60 stories where a potential spouse is mentioned by name, and her accompanying mystery is diverse and thrilling. After her father’s unexplained disappearance several years previous, Mary Morstan approaches the duo with a mystery concerning inheritance, assassination and a gun fight on the River Thames. As the complex plot unravels and a pact made between four convicts and two security guards is revealed, John falls in love with Morstan and the two become engaged.

As only the second Sherlock Holmes story in a long list, The Sign of Four could change the dynamic of BBC’s Sherlock. After marrying Mary, John moves out of 221B Baker Street to live with his wife. He returns for many more mysteries, and eventually moves back in after Mrs. Watson’s death, but for the vast majority of the canon, Holmes lives in the apartment by himself. Since Steven Moffat has made several comments about being “interested” in the effect marriage would have on Sherlock and John’s friendship, it’s only a matter of time until we hear wedding bells ring – and The Sign of Four presents the perfect opportunity.


Bow – “His Last Bow”

Here’s where things get a little worrying. There are very few things that this final word could point to, and only one story that justifies such an overt reference. “His Last Bow” tells the story of the last case Sherlock Holmes takes before retiring from “the game” and keeping bees until his eventual death. Could this mean our favorite high functioning sociopath will be arrogantly flipping up his collar for the last time?

Although Doyle went on to write 12 more stories (set before this final adventure), “His Last Bow” shows the super sleuth turn his hand to espionage for a final game of wits with German spy Von Bork. Largely believed to be a piece of propaganda ahead of World War I due to its patriotic nature and third person narrative (breaking from the usual tradition of John Watson “writing” Sherlock’s adventures). As Holmes takes on an undercover alias – “Altamont” – he finds himself tracking, capturing, and interrogating Von Bork in order to try and prevent a bomb from detonating.

“His Last Bow” lends itself to the grander scale and political implications that were introduced in series 2, and would certainly make for a great series finale. However, we’re not convinced it will actually bring the end of Sherlock. Moffat, Gatiss and Thompson are known for messing with the canon’s chronology to fit their narrative – and the former has promised that the series 3 finale will bring a bigger cliffhanger than “The Reichenbach Fall.” While we certainly wouldn’t put it past the writers to end the show on a cliffhanger, the modern adaptation is faring far too well commercially and critically to end before its prime.

What do you think of our predictions? How do you think the writers will bring these three stories into the modern day?

  • liz_anne_b

    I think these are great ideas to what Moffat and Gatiss are giving us. A simple google search will lead you right back to each of these stories. I am exxcited to see what they have come up with and I am sure it will be more thrilling than the past two series’. 

  • http://mrsreidstartedposting.tumblr.com/ Loony

    and the former has promised that the series 3 finale will bring a bigger cliffhanger than “The Reichenbach Fall.” What I think is that we’re all fu****.

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      pretty much

  • Game afoot

    Well, I’ll just take your word for it! I can NOT wait for this show to return!!

  • Musician

    Watson did not get married six times. That’s a load of bosh. The lengths to which that article goes to prove that Watson was as…well-traveled…as Henry VIII were certainly amusing, though.
    Given the characterization, Watson would be highly unlikely to take that many official mistresses–he even chastises Holmes for entering into an engagement of convenience with a maid on a case. Moreover, Sherlock would have teased Watson for marrying or taking up with six different women, if for no other reason than because he wouldn’t be able to understand anyone trusting that many strange and alien creatures.
    There is another wedding that is notable in the ACD canon; Holmes and Watson break up a wedding-by-duress that was cooked up to force an heiress into a marriage with a man who needed cash. There was a crooked cleric and a shooting in that story, so it seems it would be an exciting plot to play with.

    • Johnscar

      You are referring to “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist” which includes an attempt at a forced marriage (or wedding I guess), and that would be a terrific story for the Sherlock writers to adapt. 

    • joseph

      I agree, I think the whole “six wives” assumption is too farfetched for ACD and John Watson’s character in the whole. I think the confusion has mostly got something to do with Doyle’s lack of continuity in general (I mean, at some point Mary actually calls John James, that should be saying something) and that is why at first Mary is an orphan and then goes to visit her mother. I think he mostly saw his work as individual stories that happen to have the same protagonists, instead of one story that follows one main storyline. I highly doubt that he would have thought up all these important things going on in John’s life without bringing any into the story.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

        YES, absolutely!!!!

  • MyrtleMartha

    I don’t really understand the idea that the second story will include John’s getting married to Mary. 

    The second word is “wedding,” not “marriage,” and no ACD story includes a wedding for Watson. In “Sign of the Four,” Watson proposes, but doesn’t marry. Later he’s referred to as being already married, but the wife isn’t named: she may or may not be Mary Morstan. She is already dead by the time Sherlock returns from his own “death.” Several later stories refer to Watson’s being married, presumably to one (or more) other women.

    Also, practically every major element of “Sign of the Four” has already been done in “The Blind Banker.” Given how few episodes are made, is it likely that Moffat and Gatiss will do a second episode involving stolen treasure from the east being re-stolen by one of the crooks who is then killed by one of the original criminals who has a sort of pipe that shoots a deadly projectile and who has small feet and hands and who is a sort of acrobat climbing walls and running across rooftops in search of the treasure, part of which is a small gem that has been given to a woman who doesn’t know what it is? Why, “The Blind Banker” even includes a pair of feuding siblings, and a scene in which John and his new girlfriend cling to each other in a moment of dangerous excitement – again, all right out of “Sign of the Four.”

    “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor,” “A Case of Identity,” “The Speckled Band,” “The Solitary Cyclist,” “The Illustrious Client,” and “Lady Frances Carfax” all contain plots that focus in some way on a wedding (just past or planned). Any or all of them seem more likely for the “wedding” clue than “Sign of the Four.”

    • Musician

      Agreed. (Also, you’re right, it seems Watson had to have remarried at least once.) In context, especially because the writers like playing with Johnlock shippers, it seems extremely unlikely that the series will feature Watson’s wedding.
      What I’d love to see is Holmes having to be the groom at a wedding for a case. That could be the pinnacle of comedy, and given the character’s mythic penchant for playing roles and disguising himself, it could work. 

      • MyrtleMartha

        Oh, good idea about a wedding for Sherlock! In “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton,” Holmes does indeed, in the process of investigating an interesting blackmail case, propose to, and get accepted by, a woman. Wouldn’t it be fun to see that carried on to the point of the actual wedding! I’d love to see elements of several of the stories that include weddings pulled together with Milverton as the central villain, and Sherlock’s own threatened wedding as the chaotic and comedic scene where the mystery is solved.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

        That does sound funny indeed!

    • https://twitter.com/#!/HarriSargeant Harri Sargeant

      It’s all open to interpretation, and this is just mine. If you disagree, that’s absolutely fine. In my opinion, The Blind Banker takes just as much from The Valley of Fear, and Dancing Men as it does The Sign of Four. Although I will say, can we really take it as a dead cert that Moffat and Gatiss will take those elements of SoF so literally? Reichenbach wasn’t set in Switzerland, the killer in SiP wasn’t an american come over to get revenge on the people who had hunted the woman he loved etc. I fully expect we’ll be seeing a few of the stories you mentioned (especially The Speckle Band) thrown into the mix to create a different plot entirely.

      As I said in the article, John’s wives are never actually mentioned by name, but The Sign of Four is the closest we get as we see his future fiancee and the woman we can pretty much assume will become his wife. Based on on Moffat’s recent comments, I think that’s the route we’ll be going down. I could be completely wrong. That’s the beauty of speculation. You don’t have to be right.

      • MyrtleMartha

        How very nice of you to take time to reply! I suppose the central reason that I have a speculation different from yours is that I wasn’t remembering any Moffat comment about a desire to explore a marriage for John. I do remember him saying that we should expect John at some point to live somewhere other than 221B Baker, and of course John told Mrs. Hudson at the graveyard that he wouldn’t be going back to the apartment. So I am expecting that Series 3 will open with John living elsewhere, perhaps with a girlfriend. 

        (If so, I suppose I should admit that I can’t help but hope that the girlfriend is then immediately eaten by a monstrous Sumatran rat, which turns out to be the innocent loving pet of Patience Moran but brutally starved into violence by her evil sharp-shooting father.  As the episode is to be written by the horror-devotee Gatiss, it’s not entirely impossible, is it?)

        • https://twitter.com/#!/HarriSargeant Harri Sargeant

          I would pay good money to see that!

          • _eclectic

            Perhaps it means Irene Adler will return: wedding.

  • John Green

    I guess BBC Sherlock will only get more painful. (gross sobbing)

    • Amber

      John Green? Is this really you?

  • potionsmaster

    If BBC took a huge leap from the novels and the wedding was John and Sherlock, it would be the best day of my life.

    • Jpcougar

      You and me both. As well as about a million or so other fans. :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alyssa-Karounos/1248275691 Alyssa Karounos

      They wouldn’t have any more fans left. We would have all exploded. 

    • mrs. owlcroft

      Oh, please.

    • Argentum477

      I’d not like that, actually.

      Their current, platonic, relationship is brilliant.

      • Rubedo

        It’s not as platonic as some would like to believe though…. so many homo-erotic innuendos…

        • http://www.facebook.com/NicoleLouise126 Nicole Louise Kline

          Which are mostly in the episodes that Mark Gatiss has written. I read an interview and saw an interview where Benedict said he was flattered by how fanfic depicted his body, but “doing things I would never do with my body.” From what I’ve read I don’t think Benedict or Martin are comfortable with that, and I’m hoping they don’t kill the bromance. I’m sorry, but no matter how much I love this show, turning them gay might turn me off to it entirely. (btw, I am not homophobic or have anything against gays, I just don’t like that anyone would make Sherlock and Watson romantic) Please keep it platonic.

        • Sarah Lemarte

          It’s as platonic as it ever is. They use the homoerotic innuendos as a joke, but they’re never going to actually make the relationship romantic. The boys may be “okay” with and “flattered” by the fanfic and fanart out there, but I don’t think anyone on that production, or amongst the audience, would be all that comfortable taking the show in a direction that is so obviously unrelated to the source material. I’m an avid fanfictioner and my OTP is Sherlock/John, but I would never want to see in the show.

          • Emory

            Exactly! I doubt that, as well. It always brightens up the episode when characters think Sherlock and John are dating, and adds a lot of humor. It would ruin it if it weren’t, even though I do ship it. Some things just have to not be kept canon for a show to leave readers with their imaginations.

    • Moonshoes Potter


  • Char

    Bow Bells

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

      MAYBE! Or the bow of a ship?

  • Morgen71

    If we don’t get series 3 soon the fandom will explode.

  • jet

    the wedding has to be between John and Mary, it has to be.

    it might finally shut up the jonlock fandom

    • Were the sun does not shine

      oh I wouldn’t believe that.
      we always get our way, eventually. Since, in fact, Mary dies a few years later :)
      You should know better than to think that ANY ship of any sort of any fandom could EVER be silenced by such a puny thing as marriage >D

    • http://twitter.com/KythingToWrite Kything To Write

      Have you even SEEN the Wolfstar fandom? Or Drarry, which is larger and not as likely? Not even marriage, children and an epilogue could stop THOSE shippers… I doubt Johnlock’s going anywhere!

    • Tam

      “Johnlock” has been around since ACD wrote the stories, when people — even back then — speculated on the nature of Holmes and Watson’s relationship. I read them as an innocent child of 10 (back in 1977) and even then I thought they were boyfriends.

    • jawn

      How anyone cannot see how canon johnlock is, is beyond me. There are just too many clues on the show that lead to that direction, how can anyone miss them?

  • http://www.youtube.com/mapthestars Mapthestars

    Just thought of something. So I was going to bed and decided to read a Sherlock Holmes story. as I was reading my mind drifted to other stories and suddenly this one in particular came to mind and it can fit our ‘Wedding’ clue.

    Everyone seems so focused that Wedding refers to John getting married, but who said that it was? Moffat certainly didn’t. Therefore I think it could reference the story “A Case of Identity”!!!! What do you guys think? The story has a wedding it! sort of. lol. And although the story it self to me feels tame to take up, or be the focus of a 90 min drama, the writers have always expanded upon this stories in marvelous ways so I think this definitely has potential. Especially considering the Moral dilemma Sherlock faces in the end of the story that results in him not telling the client the truth! That can make for a real juicy drama. So thoughts?

    • Cari

       There are several weddings in the Canon.  The Noble Bachelor revolves around a wedding reception, and The Illustrious Client revolves around preventing a wedding, to name a few.  While I do think that the use of the term “wedding” rather than “marriage” is significant (think of the difference between “hound” and “dog” for example!), I think that John’s marriage is too significant an event in his and Sherlock’s relationship to ignore.    

      • MyrtleMartha

        Just a comment on the significance of Watson’s marriage: The marvelous Jeremy Brett TV series did indeed ignore Watson’s marriage(s), and Moffat and Gatiss have included the Brett series in what they consider as canon. Also, “Sherlock” is a modern version of the canon, and a modern version might well replace a series of wives with a series of girlfriends, as we’ve already seen John have. The ACD stories didn’t show Watson having a number of girlfriends because a Victorian exclusive and/or intimate relationship was usually expected to proceed very quickly to a proposal of marriage. Not so today. In other words, while “Sherlock” could of course go the route of a marriage for John, I don’t see it as any sort of significant requirement of the canon.

      • Isabella Fiske McFarlin

        You are correct! Simply because ACDoyle didn’t show John’s wedding to Mary Morstan, this doesn’t mean they didn’t have a wedding. I am pretty sure he intended Watson to marry ONE woman, not six, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alyssa-Karounos/1248275691 Alyssa Karounos

    This post is beautiful. 
    I think it would be really funny if they kept playing up the Johnlock but I guess they’re trying to be canon. -.-
    If they make this the last season, I would be happy it ended on a high note but that doesn’t make it okay! This can NOT be the last season, Moffat. YOU HEAR ME?

  • GuestSays:


  • Cari

    If you hear the interview with Gatiss and Moffat when they announce the 3 words, they make it clear that they want to continue doing Sherlock for a long time (160 years, they said at one point).  In The Last Bow, Sherlock impersonates a “bitter Irish American” who is described as having declared war on the King’s English.  It should be a hoot to see Cumberbatch play with that. 

  • Philjc

    matilda briggs. The giant rat of Sumatra

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.aldridge.710 Ryan Aldridge

    Why do people want John and Sherlock to get married? I (don’t entirely) get that there are Homosexual character fans out there, but John is clearly straight in this series as Sherlock is ominously undecidedly determined.

  • alicestrangeway

    Is it possible that the cyclist we see at the end of the Reichenbach Fall is a reference to “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”? There’s a wedding in that, after all…

  • Antony

    Interesting article, Though for the wedding one I can see them doing a mashup of a couple of the short stories involving weddings. Maybe as Holmes taking on wedding related cases in order to try and dissuade Watson from marrying.

    There was one point though, regarding ‘His last Bow’:

    “As Holmes takes on an undercover alias – “Altamont” – he finds himself tracking, capturing, and interrogating Von Bork in order to try and prevent a bomb from detonating.”

    Umm… are you sure that is the story? I don’t remember anything about a bomb, nor the tracking or interrogating bit. It was all to do with Holmes feeding him false information (so that the German’s preparations for war would be scuppered) whilst picking off his ring of real spies, wasn’t it?

  • Moonshoes Potter

    but…but…. i dont want john to get married… i like this relationship they have… i like hoping johnlock is real… :(

    • jjjjjj

      same…:( ps: love the username haha

  • Moonshoes Potter

    wait wait wait i just thought of this. WHAT IF JOHN WAS ABOUT TO GET MARRIED AND STARTED TO MOVE ON AFTER SHERLOCK’S “DEATH” AND THEN SHERLOCK CRASHES HIS WEDDING OUT OF JEALOUSY. the writers said that john wouldnt be happy to see sherlock initially

    • ckarla

      Whooa, is it bad that I can totally see that one becoming true. It would be so much fun :))

  • Sarah Ra

    Oh, Season 3 better not be the end or I’m just going to sit in my room and brood for days.

  • Jack

    rat could also refer to the giant rat of sumatra, an adventure mentioned sideways in the canon, however the boscombe valley mystery is more likely,

    it isn’t certain that the words indeed refer to a real holmes story, it could be something like
    the great game, but i’m sure that the wedding will be watson’s

  • johanna

    the wedding wll be verry interesting. it is gonna be so much fun to watch ;)
    love to see the season finale. what will it bring….. who knows??

  • Matty

    I believe “Bow” – is a misleading guise in how it is spelled. I would assume that after last season, we would not go an entire season without a popular story. Therefore I believe “Bow” may be a clue to “boa constrictor” – aka The Speckled Band

    • Scarlett-Raven

      Actually…you might be onto something…I dont think that they would end the series now that it finally has a proper fan base. Maybe we are all thinking to hard on the word BOW? In words of Jim Moriarty “No, don’t be obvious”.

      Maybe we are too worried on the word BOW, and connecting it to the only Sherlock title “His Last Bow” Bow can mean bowing (after a performance), a bow for a violin, cello, etc, bow and arrow, bow tie.

      Maybe they threw that word in, because they knew we would think of the obvious answer?

    • http://www.facebook.com/NicoleLouise126 Nicole Louise Kline

      But wasn’t them alluding the Speckled Blonde as part of that story?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

      That’s a possibility…

  • Adam

    Love this show. Hope the third season’s not the last

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

      Me too. All of us too!

  • DoyleHolmesFan

    To play the Devil’s Advocate, despite the fact that I agree with the stories chosen, what if “Bow” is not “a bow” (as in take a bow after a performance) but in fact “bow” (as in bow tie). As for “Rat,” since someone lease already threw out the difference between “Wedding” and “Marriage”, could it be possible that “Rat” is in fact a rat (as in, we have a rat in the mob) rather than the description of a person, which is how I first understood the explanation. If Moffat and Gatiss really want to work on Sherlock for years to come, I think it will be difficult to create an episode for “His Last Bow,” but not impossible. Especially since Sherlock is in retirement and comes out to battle the German spy.

    Personally, if we are talking an actual rat, after the Bascombe Valley story, I like The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire, which, as mentioned before, contains reference to the Giant Rat of Sumatra. I particularly like this story since it can be used in a similar way as 2×02 The Hounds of Baskerville, that is, as a horror episode.

  • marina

    Rat can also refer to ‘The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire’, when Holmes tells Watson about a the Giant Rat of Sumatra

  • Lillian

    Well. I’ll be in the corner, sobbing.

  • bluebell

    really we already have to wait so long what am I going to do!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.leahy.56 Jim Leahy

    i dont know why everyone keeps making the accusation that watson and sherlock are gay? I never got that watching the series

    • Emory

      Well, most of it is because they are always seen together- hardly ever one without the other. Of course, it makes sense because they’re partners, but also think about how John doesn’t need his cane after meeting Sherlock. Mycroft, as well as most others, believe that working with Sherlock has ‘cured’ John. Why can’t it be? It’s quite amusing and adds a lot of humor when other characters infer it, though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isabella-Fiske-McFarlin/1120885829 Isabella Fiske McFarlin

    I know Sherlockians love to split hairs or whatever, but I’m almost certain that Doyle meant all those wives to be Mary Morstan. It’s like the leg and the shoulder wound JW gets in Afghanistan (the never ending war…). He just got mixed up. Though I suppose he could have married once more after MM died. I really do think it’s she!

  • Kat Kim

    Guys. As much as the idea of John and Sherlock getting married pleases me, it’s not going to actually happen in the show, and I think we know that. I’m a Johnlock shipper, but I’m happy seeing little comments aimed towards the ship, and nothing major. Also: People who say that John is sraight because he has girlfriends…You know, there’s this thing called being bisexual. Yeah. It exists.

    Anyways. I wouldn’t mind if Mary shows up and becomes a part of the show; but only as another character. I don’t want her married to John, because that would make Johnlock go down in flames (and I can’t even fathom this idea), but if she’s just there, then the only thing that’d happen is anther group of John/Mary shippers forming. I’m okay with that. We already have to fight Sherlolly; why not another? So long as Johnlock can still at least exist, I’m okay.

    But I won’t lie. I’ll probably cry if John ends up marrying Mary.

  • dsdfhgh

    hope john dont get married tbh

  • Tate

    I don’t like the one for ‘bow’. I’ve heard from constant poking and searching that there is supposed to be a season four of Sherlock. He can’t stop now!

  • Sarah Lemarte

    I had originally thought that “rat” could be the giant rat of Sumatra, but with the article pointing out that the main plot of the first episode will in fact be The Empty House, I think the Boscombe Valley Mystery sounds much more plausible, considering the use of the name Moran in it.

    As for “wedding”, I’m a bit torn. Others have already mentioned the manifold other stories that also feature weddings, and that the bulk of the story of the Sign of Four has already been done, but if the plot of EMPT is serving for the episode labelled ‘rat’ (i.e. labelled in reference to a different story) can’t it then be assumed that a different plot line could be used in an episode whose label stands for SIGN? Even though I would be sad to see the dynamic of the two boys disrupted by John’s romantic domesticity elsewhere, it seems to make a bit of sense. My objection to it is: unless they open series 3 with John in an established relationship with some woman who then reappears in the second episode for “wedding,” I can’t imagine how they would have a female character in a significant enough role for John to marry that we’d care about. Unless A). he reconciles with and marries Sarah, B). he marries Molly, or C). the whole of the wedding is a sham and the plot is actually going to be Charles Augustus Milverton. Which I think would be awesome, to be frank.

  • Tibo Smolders

    The only thing wrong with your analysis is calling Sherlock a Sociopath. Two attributes relating to a sociopath is the incapability to display true emotion
    On a number of occasions Sherlock does provide us with an ample amount of emotion
    The second attribute is that sociopaths care for nothing but their own desires.
    Sherlock jumped not for Dr Watson to believe he was dead but for moriarty’s men. If he truly was a sociopath than he wouldn’t have jumped but just walked away

  • Chris

    NO, why is Sherlock retiring!!!

  • Isabella Fiske McFarlin

    RAT is the only clue that made no sense– to me, at least.

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