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America’s Got Talent just finished airing, and four more acts were sent on to the semifinals.

Last night was one of the most talent-filled nights of the season, but America could only send four acts on. There were talented acts that were forced to go home.

Advancing: Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” (p), Andrew De Leon (p), Todd Oliver, and All That!*

Eliminated: Ben Blaque (p), Bandbaz Brothers, Horse, Jake Wesley Rogers, Spencer Horsman (p), Cristin Sandu, Jarrett and Raja, and Lindsey Norton*.

(p) = our picks to advance, * = involved in judges’ choice

Next week is the first of two semifinals, which both promise to be stuffed with talent.

Do you think America and the judges got it right? Who got sent home that you think deserved to go on?

  • Danielle

    America Sucks. Todd Oliver and All That? What? Are you kidding me?

    • SpencerD

      It really is a shame about the results. I am AMAZED that somehow Spencer Horseman did not move on, and didn’t even make it in the top five acts. The kid escaped from CEMENT.  Todd Oliver is the least of our worries, his material is meh and he wont be winning the competition.

      Andrew de Leon is who I’m worried about. He is not as great as they seem to think he is. So great he dresses gothic and can sing in a high voice, yay? He is all kinds of pitchy (Not nearly as much as the Sebastian kind, that vote blows my mind because he looked more like an untrained kid than ever before).  Real classical singers must be so pissed.

      All that…. is not all that. You’re decent cloggers boys but a clogging act for me quickly becomes boring. And sure they tried to change it up with the back screen but that interaction only made the routine clunky.  I do not know what the heck America is thinking, and why these judges seem to be so impressed with mediocre and/or bad acts?

      Howard can’t get all high and mighty demanding apologies when he wont send acts like Sebastian home.

    • KatnissFan

      Yes, I agree. Andrew de Leon is pitchy and not great, Todd Oliver is just alright, All That gets boring, and Sebastian is cute, but not that talented. In my opinion Jared and Rajah and Lindsey Norton should have advanced instead of Todd Oliver and All That. America – and Sharon, in the judge’s choice – got it WRONG!

  • Firebolt2398

    I’m incredibly happy that Andrew De Leon is advancing. He is so full of talent and why so upset when he choked in Vegas. I’m really glad he got that second opportunity and siezed it. Though I was hoping a non-singer would win this year, I can easily see Andrew winning, as well as me being totally fine with it. People like him are what makes me watch the show.

    • Xenialartz

      As a vocal student at a university, I can tell you that while Andrew De Leon has some base skill, he is what folks in the music world would call a ‘novelty act’. In fact, 90% of the music students at my school can outdo him easily. All real talented and skilled musician in the music industry don’t waste time with America’s Got Talent. They’re out making real music.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Berkowicz/100001206459875 Adam Berkowicz

        And making so little money ;)

        • SpencerD

          Yeah, why train for a decade to get paid pennies when you can win a million dollars being mediocre and dressing like it’s always Halloween?

  • Iamyourmother

    NO! That is not right. For Spencer to be kicked off is a shame. Truly. I will no longer be watching. 

    • KatnissFan

      The thing is, we’ve seen it before. He’s exciting, but not as much as some of the other acts.

  • Lucas Iddings

    Sebastion sings out of tune. And i have a problem with some others up here. America got it wrong

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