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The Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley talks Stefan and Elena’s future and whether he’d say yes to a role in in Fifty Shades of Grey in a new video interview. Ian Somerhalder may have some competition.

Speaking to Sugarscape, the actor admits that while he’s not read Fifty Shades himself, he’d be all for joining the production. Upon hearing that it’s all about sex, he jokes, “Sounds great, I’m in. Can I start petitioning myself? To do a sex film?”

Turning to The Vampire Diaries, he also has some pretty harsh words about the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle:

Actually, I don’t want anyone to end up with Elena – it would be far more interesting and profound if she basically said goodbye to the two brothers, and vanished in to thin air. And then maybe got a nice boyfriend, like Matt Donovan, the human… the only human on the cast.

So what do you think, shall we get that “Paul Wesley for Christian Grey” petition started?

  • Gary65

    Based on what little I know of the role, I think Paul Wesley would make a much better CG than Ian Somerhalder. Ian’s too cuddly.

    • maria

      There is nothing cuddly about Ian when he doesn’t want to be. He is one dangerous looking Man with them piercing blue Eyes, when he portrays danger.He is one Heck of on actor that can play anything.

      • Gary65

        Yeah but who was more dangerous feeling, season 1 Damon or Ripper Stefan?

        • maria

          Damon is always more dangerous feeling ,even more so then ripper Stefan. he didn’t scare me just repulsed me because anybody can just rip people apart, there was nothing else there. Christian grey is not about ripping people apart.anybody can do that. Paul could never pull of the character of Christian, for once he doesn’t have the looks of Christian as prescribe a beautifull Man with piercing Eyes. (not that i dont think Paul is good looking, he just isn’t Christian as prescribed in book. When watching Ian Somerhalder portraying Damon it is like, Yes this is Christian Grey.

  • Tyler24y

    Lol this movie would be very hard to re create 

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    If Paul or Ian were Christian Grey, I’d be more inclined to see the movie. I couldn’t get through the book series.

  • keshi

    NO!  Can I say it again?  NOO!!  to Paul Wesley as Christian Grey.  Second, if Elena was a real person, OF COURSE she should dump the murders and get a regular guy.  However, this is not real, so OF COURSE she should end up with Damon!  lol!  

  • Guest

    So these men want to do a horrible porno…

  • Alexandra Salva

    Ugh! no way! 

  • maria

    He doesn’t have the looks to play Christian, a dangerous beautifull Man with piercing blue Eyes, There is only one Christian Grey IMO and that is Ian Somerhalder, which has the looks and style and acting capabilities it takes to play the character of christian grey.

  • Cerulean

    Personally, although i’v never read Fifty Shades of Grey, I feel Ike Paul would do a better job of portraying Christian’s personality than Ian. But i think either one of them would be good. Also, I totally agree with Paul on the love triangle. I’m so unbelievably tired of it. Elena should just stop bringing Stefan and Damon against each other and end it with them both. In the beginning I was a Delena shipper, and I still like the pairing, but now I’m Team Whoever the Hell Will Get With Elena Already And Stop All The Pointless Drama So The Actual Plot Can Move On.

  • Ann

    Hell yes!!! When the book described Christian as copper hair with grey eyes, I thought of Paul Wesley. Ian Somerhalder is also intense looking, but Paul Wesley fits the description to the letter. Btw, Paul can wear dangerous VERY well. Paul would have to seriously amp up his maturity and masculinity. His intimate scenes in VD often appears like he’s an underage inexperienced lover. But he can certainly rock it if he really wants to.

  • stylish1

    Sure it could be awesome if Paul got the role. He ‘s an amazing actor after all. I like the fact he can play both pure and naughty.

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