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We learned earlier today that American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis is no longer in the running to write the screenplay for Fifty Shades of Grey, and now reports have surfaced about which four writers are still in the running.

The Hollywood Reporter learned exclusively today that Karen Croner, Dan Fogelman, Veena Sud and Kelly Marcel are being considered by Universal and the film’s producers — The Social Network‘s Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti — to helm the adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic bestseller.

Fogelman is the most experienced of the four, having written Cars, Bolt, Tangled, Fred Claus and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Sud, meanwhile, may be a better fit for Fifty‘s dark nature, as she previously wrote for both Cold Case and The Killing. Marcel was a writer of Fox’s Terra Nova and Croner is currently working on Admission, which stars Paul Rudd and Tina Fey.

Which of the four writers do you think would be best for Fifty Shades? Do you have another writer in mind?

  • http://geekgirl101.tumblr.com/ GeekGirl101

    I still don’t understand how there can be a movie made out of this? Wouldn’t it just be a porno?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003217053155 Liliana Baptista

      have you read the book?

      • Reilly

        Yes, and it has a much of a plot as soft core porn about pizza men.

        • Bikkun

          It wouldn’t be porn. It could be very artistic with beautifull shots. Just sensual and erotic. I even think the movie could work out much better than the book. Because in films the plot doesn’t always needs to be that good – nice looking actors, good music, nice shots, little bit of humor etc.

          • VoldyBored

             Next joke please.

          • Bikkun

             I said it could be. I’m just trying to see it in a positive way. I’m also not a fan of fifty shades

  • iTuneUOut

    I like Fogelman so Marcel and Sud can battle it out. 

  • notenoughpuff

    Heh heh heh. I knew there was subliminal bondage in Tangled.

    (Joking. Don’t freak out, ya’ll.)

  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    Whoever signs on to this, it will end their career.

  • Lotte

    I am so amused that the writer of Cars, Bolt and Tangled is considered to write the screenplay for FSoG. Oh, the oxymoron. I am so entertained by all those updates from the last two days. 

    • http://twitter.com/smaloy Sarah Maloy

      He did also write Crazy, Stupid, Love… so maybe it makes a little more sense now?

      Nah, it’s totally still weird.

    • http://twitter.com/Super_Lulu1 Lupita

      I can already see the poster lol “From the writer of Tangled comes Fifty Shades Of Gray” lol!

  • daisyduck

    They will need a good scriptwriter to completely re-write this from scratch (which if I remember rightly, is the studio’s intention- they know it’s not good). They can then perhaps make something decent out of it, if they get the right actors. It won’t be like the book though, except for the main themes and I think the people who inexplicably love the book will not be happy. It’s the right thing though. You really can’t make a good film by sticking to that poorly written, repetitive, source material.

  • Jashaw56

    Why don’t they just get a script writer from porn movies because that’s what fifty shades is.poorly written perverted smut. God help the teenage and young women who read this and think that Christian grey is the kind of man they want and mistake that type of relationship for love. I’m a teacher and it worries me that young women are eating this up. I would never want to be associated with crap like this if my career depended on it. It will hurt the career of any Hollywood person who gets involved. This of course is just my opinion you are of course entitled to your own opinion!

  • lostfringie

    I think the only way this can be successful, is if they make one movie for all three books.  The books drag on and there is no need for more than one movie.  Does anyone know if they are going to do this?

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