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We’re at the Legend of Korra panel at San Diego Comic-Con and live blogging the fun!

The panel includes co-creators and executive producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos (co-executive producer), Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), P.J. Byrne (Bolin), Seychelle Gabriel (Asami) and Andrea Romano (voice director). The panel will include an in-depth discussion of Book 1 and a live performance by the voice actors.

The event begins at 11:15 AM PT/2:15 PM ET.

NOTE: Do NOT refresh the page. The liveblog below will automatically refresh each time we post an entry.

03:13 pm

And that’s the end of the panel!

- Jen Lamoureux

03:10 pm

They are having the audience simulate the crowd at a pro-bending fight. Andrea Romano is leading the crowd

- Jen Lamoureux

03:06 pm

What do the creators do?

The creators of the show work with the writers, come up with stories for book 3, and work with the creative/arts teams.  The amount of design is crazy.

- Jen Lamoureux

03:05 pm

They always imagine Korra’s father is huge even though he is a gentle guy

- Andrew Sims

03:05 pm

Kia is a water bender with a hippie look.  She has a special bond with Senna

- Andrew Sims

03:05 pm

Bumi’s sister will be joining this season.

- Andrew Sims

03:04 pm

Andrea Romano is the voice coach and she describes how she gets the cast to understand the animation.  She organizes the scenes so the actors to react better and work together.

- Jen Lamoureux

03:02 pm

The spirit creature appears to be evil.  The storyboards are really cool.  They just told us that Mako becomes a cop in book 2 and Bolin is looking for his path.

- Jen Lamoureux

03:01 pm

They showed an animatics clip with the Fie Ferrets being beaten and Mako chasing someone on his motorbike.  Asame is determined to put her father’s company back on top.  Tinsin’s family airbends all around the island.  Korra goes into the avatar state to win race.  The spirit creature attacks Korra, it is twice her size.  She goes into the avatar state to fight it.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:57 pm

A very cool spirit creature with glowing eyes, walks on two legs, with a tail, and branch like appendages.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:55 pm

Verick, a Howard Hughes playboy, kind of character.  He and Bolin have a funny relationship. Southern Water tribe member.  Also a shipping magnet who is a more entertaining character.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:54 pm

We get to see more of Korra’s parent and meet her uncle OOdalak who is head of the northern tribe and more in touch with the spirits. He mentors Korra

- Jen Lamoureux

02:50 pm

The costumes are similar with elements to compensate for winter.  Asame has an Amelia Earhart look.  The others have longer selves and winter coats.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:48 pm

There are some paintings of the Southern Air Temple and the base of the mountain with mist around them.  They will be going into the spirit world as well with 2 very special episodes

- Jen Lamoureux

02:46 pm

The look harkens back to the iceberg Aang was frozen in.  The ice has an otherworldly glow to it.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:45 pm

All the designs are from Fred Stewart adn Emily Tetry.  The opening scene is at the Southern Water tribe at a festival.  There is a cool banquet hall made of ice.  They go on a crazy journey through another water tribe and it is a bit dark and scary

- Jen Lamoureux

02:43 pm

Now onto some artwork from book 2.  It will be called Spirits, takes place 6 months after book 1.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:41 pm

David fakes kisses Janet on stage to mimic the scene.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:39 pm

Still doing  a table read now doing “Getting Ready for Our First Patrol” and “Turning the Tides” which is very emotional.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:33 pm

The second scene they read through is “The Voice in the Night” and “The Spirit of Competition.”  David messes up a little and PJ is hysterical with his lines.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:30 pm

Now the cast is doing a table read from book 1.  The voice direct reads the parts the actors need to know in order to understand the movement of the scene.  The actors then read the lines.  It is really cool to see the actors voice the images.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:26 pm

Seychelle says her and her character are most alike because they both overpack

- Jen Lamoureux

02:25 pm

PJ asked to chose any character to be from season 1?

He wants to be himself, Janet says she wants to be the announcer

- Jen Lamoureux

02:24 pm

Janet is asked about voicing Korra.

Janet: The two avatars are so different and she loves Korra’s willingness to fight

- Jen Lamoureux

02:22 pm

There will be 4 books with 52 episodes as announced on EW earlier this week.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:22 pm

There are still 4000 people waiting outside ballroom 20 waiting to get in. In 2004 Korra was in a room with 50 people.

- Jen Lamoureux

02:19 pm

Rich Magallanes from Nickelodeon his the moderator for the Korra panel.

- Jen Lamoureux
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  • Malikmoore1998

    Its working 

  • Guest

    D: where is le liveblog ;~;

  • http://twitter.com/Genchsweet Génesis Mercado


  • Joanne

    Oh wait nvm, I got it ^^

  • Macy504


  • Hayitsmae

    wheres the link to the livestream??

  • Sapph

    Cool :) Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/Speech_Geek Gabby

    For future reference:


  • amonymous

    not sure if they are typing too fast
    or have no idea who’s who in the series

  • Connor

    Asami* Kya* Tenzin*

  • Connor

    Jinora, not Senna.

  • Sapph

    Concept art for enemy spirits! Omg, this is amazing. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m745f2jWcg1rb8q1fo1_500.jpg

  • Sabrina Parseval

    Thank you very much for doing this!

  • http://twitter.com/Genchsweet Génesis Mercado


  • gcw07

    This next book sounds really cool. I can’t wait to see Kya. I still love that they ended up using the name Kya for her daughter. So much avatar history with that name.

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    It is impossible in 2004 Korra was in a room with 50 people … 

    Perhaps they meant TLA? 

  • akacj18

    holy EFF i didn’t even think about the books being anything other than a major element. korra delving into the spirit world is AWESOMESAUCE. 

    and i gotta say, andrea romano, and her job, sound pretty boss. 

  • LoK/A:TLA Fangirl

    Oh yea! Four books! Rock on!!! :D

  • Atla

    6 months!?!?! i cant wait :(

  • Shin_punish

    release date of book 2 pls

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