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It’s not a Pixar film without classic Easter eggs that the studio has included in nearly all of its 13 films.

But fans were unsure, for example, how Brave would include the legendary Pizza Planet truck (which originated in Toy Story and has been in every Pixar film since) in a story set in ancient Scotland.

I consulted my Twitter followers after I saw the film myself and disappointingly missed ‘em all.

Here’s what we collectively found:

The Pizza Planet truck: In the wood shop in front of the The Witch played by Julie Walters when she yells, “Wood carver!”

A113: To be determined (sound off in the comments)

John Ratzenberger: Gordon the Guard

The Luxo Ball: To be determined (sound off in the comments)

After credits: Possibly a first for Pixar, after the credits you’ll find an additional scene related to Merida’s ordering of all the wooden carvings from The Witch.

A character from the next Pixar film: To be determined. Presumably this would be a character from 2013′s Monsters University. However, @WisdomofPixar believes they saw Newt, who was the lead character in a now-canceled Pixar film of the same name. “Look for Newt during a scene where ingredients are being mixed. He’s only on screen for a second or so & no close up,” they write.

Brave director Mark Andrews confirmed several months ago that “everything” would be included. At this point, it’s just a matter of finding them all!

Did you spot any Easter eggs in the film that we didn’t list here?

And for extra fun, check out this Brave Easter egg found in Cars 2 last year:

  • http://www.korracast.com/ Fravit

    Hahah I saw the Pizza Planet truck in the wood show scene and yelled it out to my friends, but no one else saw it! I thought I was going crazy and seeing things. Didn’t spot anything else though. Bummer if there isn’t a Monsters U egg in there somewhere. I’m also still bummed that Newt was cancelled. Meh. Oh well.

  • Setsuna Piitown

    I saw Newt! I thought I was Crazy As well haha! A113 could have been at the Ruins.

  • Broadwaybound721

    I just saw Brave for the second time and I totally saw all of them except for A113 and the Pixar ball. 

    • Austin

      Did you see a Monsters University hint in it? 

      • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

        I thought I saw Mike in the rocks of that Rock circle Merida was in. Up on the top left corner

        • Austin

          I don’t see him (I see an eye but I don’t think that was him) Did you see another thing? The hint might be during the games…. But I don’t know.

  • Broadwaybound721

    Wouldn’t there be an easter egg for the good dinosaur since monsters u was in toy story 3?

    • jghike

      Cars 2 was in toy story 3. There was a poster of the car voiced by Michael cane in Andy’s room.

      • Caitlyn

        Monsters Inc was also in Toy Story 3 though. In the Butterfly room, there is a slightly older Boo playing with a doll that looks like Sulley.

        • http://twitter.com/CatKoski Cat Koski

          But it’s never been confirmed that the girl was Boo, and she isn’t in Monster University.

          • atababa

            Well the little girl was playing with two toys: a stuffed kitten and a girl in a flower costume. She made the cat scare the girl, the girl got scared, and the cat comforted her. I think that’s good enough to be Boo, it’s very convincing she remembers Sully.

          • Cindaddy

            Lee Unkrich said that it wasn’t intended to be Boo on twitter shortly after the release of the movie.  I found that surprising, but that’s pretty official.

        • P.J.

          Look at the garbage mans shirt in toy story 3 could that be Sid? From toy story 1

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508087481 Jed Joseph Anderson

    I really love these little things that give us reasons to re-watch movies, I mean analyzing the story and character development can be fun but these Easter eggs keep me going, for instance, did anybody else catch that Pinocchio is spotted in the snugly duckling on Tangled right about Flynn where he hangs?

  • Kirbyjin

    What drives me even more crazy is no one is coming together to help each other find them.

    It almost seems impossible to find in this movie!

    I’ve seen Brave now twice and saw the Pizza Planet truck on my first run through.

    But I am stumped on the A113, Luxo Ball, and Anything relating to any future projects!

    However on my second viewing I noticed that on Merida’s table are two wooden dolls that kind of look like Woody and Jesse.

    Also whenever you see the Twins there are these funny smiley faces somewhere in the shot.
    To specify when the whole family is eating at the table. One of the triplets makes his Haggis into like a Potato head smiley face.

    Later on in the film when the Triplets are in the Trophy room with all the heads. There’s another smiley potato head like face made with like a few animals or what not.

    I think I need more viewings but other than this I was just itching searching every inch of what was happening to find anything but I am just flat out stumped.

    Anyone else???

    Oh and is anyone else a fan of Craig Ferguson?
    I totally thought he was the haggard old man from the three tribes but it turns out he was Macintosh!

    Which of course is in remembrance of Steve Jobs!

    I thought the A113 was when she was Carving her Bow but its just some Celtic design.

    Anyways that’s it for me!

    • Adfgdas

      put the lotion in the basket 

  • Gabolous

    Clan Macintosh = Apple

  • A_Undomiel

    Well, to be honest I was too fixated on he awesomeness that is Merida’s hair to look for easter eggs…..

  • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

    I love Pixar and their easter eggs. (: I haven’t had a chance to see Brave yet, but now I know what to look for. Thanks! :D

  • bethanny23

    There was an after credit scene?! Damn, I usually look it up before hand but I forgot this time and didn’t think this film would have one.

  • Kennedy

    Could the luxo ball be that brown ball when she comes back to the cottage and sets off the answering machine cauldron? There was definitely a ball.

  • cdkruk

    one of the Production Babies is named Siri

  • Johanna

    pixar hides easter eggs in their stuff?! why was i never told this! this is so cool!

  • Gameguy94

    Apple reference: Lord Macintosh.

  • http://twitter.com/eiVega eiVega

    I didn’t realize the other easter eggs but I always stay to the end of the credits out of respect for the crew and also incase they have a stinger.  I was very happy to see Brave included a stinger and I told as many people as I could to stay for it.

  • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

    I think I see the A113 on the stone in the doorway of the witches cottage. Keep in mind it’s a bad picture but it defiantly looks like something

  • Jazz

    Dammit! I was totally going to stay for the credits (I feel like I’ve been trained by Marvel at this point) but my friend was feeling depressed and she just got up and left so I had to go with her. Bah! I wish I had told her to stay.

    • Booker

      Cool story bro.

  • Juj

    The Luxo ball is on a shield in the ruins

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

    I’ve seen it twice and didn’t see any Easter eggs, though I’m pretty sure I saw the pizza planet truck but I didn’t get a great look at it. I’ve been able to see Easter eggs in other films but this was harder. I did stay for the credits, but mainly because I went to the midnight showing and I am also a major geek and love seeing the Pixar logo at the end when the light stays on. I’m kind of suprise this article isn’t filled out more though, lol.

  • Dani

    In the credits, the different sections are divided by larger font and two matching Celtic symbols on each side of the words. One of the symbols is made of three rats chasing each other. Ratatouille reference?

    • Allison Shannon

      Are you sure that wasn’t three bears, the little bears the brothers were turned into?

  • Glaciusx

    There was an AFTER CREDITS scene?! UGH. :’(

    • Dinosaur_robert

      THATS WHAT I SAID!!! :(((

  • Red

    I saw what looked exactly like Mike Wazowski’s doll in the scene when Merida was a little girl playing with her dad near the fireplace. It was one of her toys on the floor and it had two horns and the body was square like his doll :)

  • ohhaime

    I could of sworn I saw a wood carved Mike and Sully in the shop….

  • P.J.

    The Luxor ball is on various shields throught the castle.

  • wenmac

    In the wood carver scene, there is a picture carved in a log of Sully. I saw a still of it on another website.

  • Green

    A113 is in roman numerals in the film. That’s how they fit it in. I remember seeing it but i don’t remember when in the film it is. Hope this helps.

  • Joe

    You realized that ever she eat an apple, she just take one bite?

  • Kris_hollywood

    In the quick shot of the witch’s wood carvings, we do see Sully carved in the stump.  DIRECTLY TO THE LEFT OF THAT CARVING…is the head of Wall-E!  And the broom…Harry Potter anyone?

  • Greenrobot

    There is a car on the table in the wood carvers cabin/shop. Saw it for split second. It may have been Tow Mater?

    • Gray Catbird

      The car in question is the Pizza Planet truck.

  • plugcd

    I think the luxo ball was on a shield in Mor’du’s castle. It was definitely a round shield with a star on it but by the time i noticed it the camera cut away xD

  • Jenn

    the character from the next movie is Sully from Monsters Inc. He is carved into wood near an unfinished bear that slightly resembles Winnie the Pooh in the witches hut.

  • RyanN31296

    ITS SULLEY!!!!

  • ElyseKnight

    A113 appears on the door as ACXIII

  • ElyseKnight

    And I think the Luxo ball is the design on one of the shields?

  • Strikeflight206

    I think the biggest Easter egg is that it basically refrences skyrim throughout the entire movie!

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