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Deadline surprised the Divergent fandom earlier this week by stating in a recent article that the adaptation is to begin filming in a few months.

Divergent, written by Veronica Roth, tops the Children’s Paperback books list this week. Lionsgate-Summit’s feature adaptation of the dystopian teen tale, with screenplay by Evan Daugherty, is in pre-production now with plans to start filming later this year.”

I have emailed Veronica Roth asking if this is true or not.

Divergent and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be filming at the same time, which may suggest the films will be released within months of each other.

(Editor’s note: Though filming may begin this year, Summit may hold its release for a couple years until they think the time is right.)

Our friends at Fangirlish confirmed this news with their sources.

Leave your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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  • http://twitter.com/ameywakeford Amey Wakeford


  • Samuel

    Oh wow. I think it was originally said that the Divergent film would not be until 2014 or 2015, I thought they might push it forward a bit. Wow, this is exciting. 

  • nicole

    Ahh, I need to push this book up my list then :) I will read it next

  • Cray

    I hope they’ll wait until the last book is out to prevent possible plot holes. But anyway, it’s good to hear an update regarding the filming!

  • Glaciusx


  • Rachel

    a book that really deserves the attention. i can only hope that the movie is a great representation of the book. if lionsgate is making it, hopefully that means they will be as faithful to the material as they were to The Hunger Games. It also seems like they are a company willing to pus YA novels forward. Smart move. So many great books out there I would love to see on the big screen.

  • d3erudite

    Omfg yes! My sister and I love this series and its exciting to know the film’s not in “development hell.”

  • GinnyWeasley002

    Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! I LOVE Divergent! Even more than Hunger Games!

  • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

    ..has it even been cast yet?

  • Jamielynn2511

    yay!!! lets not screw this one up!

  • ren23687

    they better do the book justice or i will not be happy

  • Enelya

    I’m a bit bothered by this “(Editor’s note: Though filming may begin this year, Summit may hold
    its release for a couple years until they think the time is right.)”

    Shouldnt the right time be when the series is ‘hot’ and young adult fiction is ‘hot’??  IF they were to wait on it the craze could be over and they won’t make as much money on it.

    • http://twitter.com/ElainaCG Elaina Ciara Glynn

      Well, take for instance, The Hunger Games. By the time Divergent is finished filming, if it WERE to start this year, it might be fit for a summer/autumn/winter release next year, but the big thing at that point in time will be The Hunger Games, which has already established a MASSIVE worldwide fanbase. If they ARE to make the movie this year, they’d probably hold it off until the entire Hunger Games series has completed it’s run in cinemas, because otherwise they risk the chance of being overlooked by something that’s already set itself into hearts of viewers all over…it would probably be held off so that it could become the franchise that people call ‘The next Hunger Games’, as opposed to ‘The series trying to rip off The Hunger Games’.
      Neither of these are related, of course, except for some obvious similarities – bitter teen female lead, dystopian, messages about war – but the fact is this would suffer in the way, perhaps, the first Percy Jackson suffered. Everyone was about Harry Potter, and bot those stories similarly have a lot in common on the surface of things. Divergent would become less of a big, new thing. Peoplw would overlook it.
      This is my guess, of course. But that seems to be how studios work – they (sometimes) make it about timing, and possiblg no timing would be right until after THG has packed its bags and left the screens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=676745410 Bethany Sangl


  • Dani

    omg!!! i loved this book! even though it could still be years away, i am super excited! 

  • Zion

    My article!! Thanks Hypable for posting this! 

  • http://twitter.com/THG4all Rae N

    WOW…that was quite fast! Totally makes sense if they hold off until Hunger Games series completes because overlapping of two dystopian series with strong female leads might not be the best way to advertise. So excited still!

  • Mad

    That would be fantastic! Probably should be released near THG to use the hype surrounding dystopias atm. 

  • Guest

    IMDb said that it won’t come out until 2015. I don’t think I could wait that long.

  • http://www.jossarden.com/ Joss Arden

    Can someone explain to me why the hurry to film this now if they’re not going to release it until after the Hunger Games movies are done? I just read Divergent and I’m really looking forward to a movie. It’s just that with all the discussion about Catching Fire’s rushed filming schedule, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to take their time with Divergent if they feel they have it.

  • Violetschermer

    omg i need josh hutch should tots play tobias my 2 fav people in the world josh and tobias if josh played tobias i might fall over dead

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