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The Hermione Granger actress is reportedly in talks to star alongside Russell Crowe in the Black Swan directors biblical epic.

Deadline is reporting that Watson is currently negotiating the role of Ila, a girl who forms a very close bond with Noah’s son, Shem (Douglas Booth). Crowe will play the titular character, and Logan Lerman will star as second son Ham – Noah’s wife and nemesis are yet to be cast.

The film is being financed by a partnership between Paramount and New Regency. No release date has been set.

Emma certainly seems to be keeping herself busy lately! Would you like to see her take on the famous biblical tale?

  • Al


  • Alex


    it looks like an interesting movie and I been dying for a serious take on the noah story after the bruce almighty movies. also nice to see that Hollywood is opening to do religious themed movies again After they got touchy feeling after the Passion in 2004. (under which I hope they stop shunning Jim Caviezel from leading roles-outside of his most excellent one in tv person of interest *THANK YOU! NOLAN) )

  • upper_westsider

    LOL, I’ve hoped that Emma would appear in a period piece.  Just never occurred to me it would be biblical.

  • Wyck

    She just tweeted earlier this month about “Adding Darren Aronofsky” on Twitter, the directer of the film!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000142251658 Rhiannon Carter

    Yes, yes and yes!!!

  • Katie

    hmmm, sounds interesting. Emma has quite the lineup going for her.

  • Genny

    I love Emma, I really do and I think she is an amazing amazing actress and I would go see anything she is ever in for the rest of my like HOWEVER, I see a potential press controversy with this casting. Out of the three brothers, Shem was supposed to have populated the Middle East, East Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Northern Africa, and they have two white actors playing these ancestors? Hollywood gets a lot of bad press for “whitewashing” and I personally don’t want Emma to get bad press ever!
    Its just a thought I had and I wanted to share it with other Emma Watson fans, what do you guys think?

    • soglflo

       Logan Lerman is 100% Jewish. So he would seem perfect to play a Biblical character.

      • Leny

        If they were going to cast by ethnicity, then all the cast should be Jewish, too. That was certainly not the case so I don’t think they cared either way if Logan is 100% Jewish or not. 

        • Leny

          More likely he was cast because he was recommended by Emma, who also worked with Douglas Booth on Burberry. Emma is friends with Darren Aronofsky through her relationship with Harvey Weinstein. Having powerful friends in Hollywood helps with getting jobs.

        • soglflo

          Of course they didn’t care that he is Jewish.

          But it is a plus.

          The cast being all Jewish is a great idea, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, and Andrew Garfield are looking for work. Mila could play Logan’s mom, or his sister. There is some resemblance there!

      • G.M

        Being Jewish doesn’t mean that you look ISRAELI. There’s a world of difference. Logan Lerman looks WHITE. No in the cast looks ISRAELI.

        • bee

          Uh, STFU, yes, Logan Lerman does look Hebrew/Israeli (many of whom are white), and he is a Hebrew. In fact,
          he looks like Iddo Netanyahu, the brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, the
          current prime minister of Israel. They are both Ashkenazi Jews.

    • RavenclawRose

      Yes, Shem populated the Middle-East, Ham populated Africa, and Japheth populated the European areas…but I don’t think Noah had one white son, one black son, and one Middle-Eastern son.  We all look so different now because those traits and features have developed over time…

      • Genny

        That’s what I mean though, I don’t think people would have a problem with Noah’s sons being white, but rather with them choosing Emma….do you see what i mean? like it would be an opportunity too cast a POC actress. I’m just bringing this up because its been a topic of interest in the film community, i personally don’t have a problem with it, but I know some people do..

        • Zik

          Emma’s surname Duerre is Turkish. Emma has never talked about her ancestry but she could be English / Turkish descent.

          • Leny

            Duerre is French, not Turkish. It came from her grandmother’s french side. Anyways, Emma looks no where near black. Disappointed because it would show progressiveness in Hollywood. Dakota and Saoirse Ronan were also considered first so the casting call was for only pale, blond actresses…

          • soglflo

            Duerre is German, not French. Her grandmother Freda Duerre was an Englishwoman who had a Prussian great-grandfather, making Emma Watson 1/32 German (3.125%) and the rest probably English.

            I think Emma believes the name to be French, but she is simply not correct.

    • Alex

      oh. *facepalm*

      didn’t thought of that and now I feel awful.

      • Genny

        Haha no! I got really excited at first too! I’m glad they are being brave about approaching religious themes again so I think the movie will get a lot of press either way and this is just a potential bump :( I hope not though…I hope people just look at it as a quality acting choice!

    • Hsmith07

      Oh, you’re right. I don’t have as much a problem with Logan Lerman (because he’s Jewish and looks Hebrew) but I agree. While the actors are all great (Russell Crowe especially) it is  a little whitewashed. 

      Though I don’t think there will be too much controversy if most of the other cast are of some sort of Hebrew-looking. Was there a lot of flack when Passion of the Christ came out and Mel Gibson played Jesus?

      • uosi

        Mel Gibson never played Jesus! LOL

      • G

        As someone who is person living in the middle-east in the levant area (around Israel) Logan Lerman does not look like a Hebrew/Middle-Eastern/Arab/Semitic person at all.

        • bee

          Uh, STFU, yes, Logan Lerman does look Hebrew/Israeli, and he is a Hebrew. In fact, he looks like Iddo Netanyahu, the brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister of Israel. They are both Ashkenazi Jews.

  • Lord Menon


  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    It is kind of weird out of the three of the big ones from Potter she has been doing movie after movie, would have figure it would have been her who goes off into the sunset and comes back in a few years. Good for her. 

    • Hsmith07

      same! I always figured Dan and Tom would be doing movie after movie, while Emma did schooling and modelling stuff. But good for her. 

      • SH

         Tom is in a lot of things, they just aren’t complete or haven’t been released yet. Dan spent a year on Broadway and went right into a movie and next a miniseries. Rupert has a bunch lined up too (I want to see CBGB) I say good for all of them.

  • Luna97831

    excited for her ! i’m so glad that she seems to be having such a successful career. you’re an inspiration, emma :) i’ll watch anything she’s in. 

  • sarahd15

    Always believe in you’re abilities Emma! I am so excited to see your acting career continue to grow & grow! :D

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