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The Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce responded to fan questions on Twitter, where she confirmed she will not return to the show in season 4.

When a fan asked if “there is a chance” that Lindsay would appear in season 4, she had a very clear answer:


Although it was made very clear in her final moment on the show that her character Harmony was only a sophomore (leaving fans wondering if it meant she’d be back), it looks like it was the end of the road with her character.

Just last week we got another mention from Glee Project co-runner-up Alex Newell when his character Wade/Unique says that he may just have to transfer to McKinley High School.

What are your thoughts on Lindsay not returning to Glee? Would you have liked to see more Harmony in season 4?

Thanks to Dillon for the tip!

  • Connor BB

    Oh no! I am so disappointed! While I’m not a huge fan of Lindsay herself, I really liked Harmony! And I feel like it would have been a perfect way to add to the new cast :( Don’t know WHAT Ryan and the crew were thinking. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    Correction: Wade/Unique said that he/she might need to transfer schools next year… McKinley was not specified as that school, however… Sunshine Corazon left Vocal Adrenaline without going back to McKinley… It’s unlikely Alex Newell’s character will be coming back next year…

  • Jnthn44

    bummer! i was looking forward to seeing more of her

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Kinkead/759877420 Andrew Kinkead

    Just another reason why next season I will not be watching. Its gonna be the Darren show with some Tina randomly thrown in there….

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.landeen Kevin Landeen


  • galadriel

    She was the best character to come out of the Glee Project winners :(

  • rgehsyu

    So Lindsay’s not coming back and Alex is are you kidding me.

  • http://veatherwanes.tumblr.com/ audrey

    she was the one who should have come in first place! most talented and fits the “glee” world the most. wtf~

  • Guest

    If Alex comes back I will scream. Sad that Lindsey won’t be, that girl can really sing and Jenna’s voice just isn’t comparable to Lea’s in terms of power. If New Directions win Nationals next year it’ll be a total joke.

    • Raffc

      I agree. Does this mean that in season 4 the leads of the New Directions will be Blaine and Tina?!?!?!

      • Phlossy

         That’s what it’s looking like. I mean, I love Blaine and Tina… but while Blaine can hold a lead position…. I don’t think Tina can. And I’m not just talking voice wise. Tina tends to bore me after awhile. :(

      • Leigh

        I wish they would let Artie be the male lead over Blaine.  He’s one of the original 5!  And personally, I like his voice and his character better.

  • Xphrnzrjh

    sad… i just hope brittana would stay…

  • Mike

    ATTN Gleeks: Let’s not make any rash judgements until season 4 actually begins! Remember how up in arms we were last summer & most of it was for naught. Let’s just sit back & watch what happens & make our judgements AFTER the facts.

    • gleeky-potterhead

      this is true.  
      she might not even know if she will be back, so for now she’s saying no.

    • hanji-eun

      It’s a sad thing to think or much better ASSUME that the reason why she’s not returning to the show is because Glee creator/s does not like her because she is perceive to be annoying and arrogant. And this PERCEPTIONS were all rooted from what she was portrayed in TGP1. But what we forgot is REALITY SHOWS tend to bend rules in so called “REAL.” This is because audience wouldn’t care to watch a show wherein the casts are portrayed as SAINTS. Would you? That’s Boring! What I know though is that it takes a lifetime to know a PERSON and not a PERSON IN  FRONT OF A CAMERA. 
      Although I wouldn’t care less if she doesn’t return in Glee (because her talent is far beyond that show), among the winners of TGP1 she was and is hands down the best talent there!

  • http://twitter.com/LiamFloyd Liam Floyd

    Sadface. :’(

  • Vivi

    days ago.. i loved her :) sooo i hope she’ll return..

  • Gilly Moore


  • Millo

    Well, they said Chord Overstreet wasn’t going to return for Season 3…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      That was initially Chord’s decision, though… He asked to come back in, too.

      • Mj1231

        my dear, they didn’t ask him to come back. I think his rep and Glee’s management reached an agreement wherein if he could not be considered a regular cast of Glee they would at least give him more exposure on the show. because the reason his character was somehow surprisingly cut-off in the middle of season 2 is because he kind of annoyed the Glee creators because he was lobbying to be a regular cast of the show.

  • http://twitter.com/missxdelaney Jemma

    I’m glad. I watched her on the Glee Project and she was foul. I didn’t like her character either. No doubt that she’s very talented but I don’t really like her attitude. 

  • judith

    Good. These Glee project kids are decent singers but they cannot act. The show needs to drop these Glee Project characters and start recruiting some real actors. They just invent characters for them to play that fit their actual personalities instead of advancing story lines, their characters have one very distant character trait and nothing else. This season has been a real dissapointment and its time to change it up. I think they really made a mistake by not introducing a younger batch of students earlier in the series and giving them ample screen time and story lines so audiences could connect to them and have a reason to still be interested in Mckinley High once the other students graduate.

    • Katiekins

      I think Lindsay is actually a very good actress. There’s a video on youtube of her as Lady Macbeth, and she’s fantastic. I do agree with you that they base  Glee project winners’ characters after their actual personalities instead of challenging them to– GASP–  act.

    • thatgleegirl

      They base all of their characters on the actual person to some extent.  Joe has Samuel’s core belief system and aversion to shoes, but not any of his other personality traits (Samuel is intense, focused, driven, but also very cool and poised, but Joe is kind of a dweeb from a sheltered background).  I think Samuel is good at showing what his character is thinking with his facial expressions.  He’s doing a good job, but his character needs some development (e.g. he should turn a little bad).  You can see that he can act and Damian cannot when they’re challenged to look like someone else.  Samuel does a good Mike and Damian (who has more costuming help with that blond wig) doesn’t do much of a Sam.  Lindsay and Alex are both decent actors, but for the stage.  They need to be a bit more subtle on camera, but that’s something several of the regular cast members had to learn.  

      • Dany

        How can you call someone a good actor when he is basically playing himself?! Samuel wasn’t given a role…He just came on set as himself!…No acting was involved! Alex also came on set as himself… just like Samuel. He spit out his lines with no emotion at all. As for Lindsay, she wasn’t onscreen long enough for you to tell if she could really act….had only about four lines of dialogue. Damian on the other hand was given an untenable role, lousy costuming, incredibly hard songs to pull off (which he did beautifully, I might add!…Neither Samuel, Alex or Lindsay could have done justice to the songs/ballads that Damian had to sing),etc….As for the role switch in the episode “Props”, I think Murphy and his sadistic colleagues went out of their way to make Damian look as bad as he did…The kid is incredibly good looking when Murphy isn’t dressing him up like a clown and shooting him in unfavorable angles/light. Every actor has their list of camera angles that they wouldn’t wish to be photographed at. (i.e. Samuel is pretty darned unattractive when shot straight on, conversely Leah looks her best when shot straight on, Tina’s cheek bones make her face look chubby when not shot at a certain angle, and on and on and on for each and every actor!) Murphy was deliberately manipulating the audience by placing the actor (Damian) in unflattering clothing and situations. It was maddening. Every time the kid did an incredible job Murphy counter-acted it by either dressing him worse or rendered him mute. By the end of the season, Murphy had morphed Rory’s hair almost into Blaine 2.0, minus the hair gel. Beginning to think Murphy might resent Darren and Damian’s good looks and uglying them up is how he gets his jollies. In short, when Murphy gives Samuel a pompadour and dresses him in floods, dresses Alex up as a leprechaun and Lindsay as Shrek’s ugly step-sister and actually makes them ACT!! all of your talking points are here-by proven invalid.

        • Anthony

          Well, actually, Lindsay can act. She has been in theatre a few times and has even starred in one(if not a few). Lindsay was the best actress in season one. She played each of her parts masterfully and sang (arguably) beautifully. Damian isn’t such a good actor but he is the most improved out of both seasons(Nellie being the second). Ryan Murphy really messed up Damian’s role but I agree that he has done his difficult and usually dry songs wonderfully and has acted the best that he can and that we could hope for from a new actor with a bad role. I also agree that Alex is a bit too dramatic for television. He would be fine in theatre but not so much television. I’m sure he will adjust soon enough. Samuel’s role isn’t really that good either. It has no substance or depth to make him even the slightest bit interesting. They could have done so much more with him like the homophobia in the bible. If he was home-schooled in an all christian environment, there will be homophobia more often than not. All in all, they all could be pretty good if Ryan would play more on the bible and Joe Hart’s devotion to it, allow Harmony to be a full time cast member and play more on Lindsay’s childhood of being adopted and her craving for perfection because of it, stop being so stereotypical with Rory (he got DEPORTED for christ sake! Wtf) and advise Alex to take some classes in television acting.

    • Hp-Glee-Hunger-Games-Fan

      Exactly! These kids are very talented, and I wouldn’t have a problem if they wrote the scripts before hand, and then cast them as characters that were already needed in the show and advanced storylines, such as Chandler. None of the characters with the possible exception of Alex and Lindsay (the runners-up!) were needed or add anything to the plot. And it may be the writers fault, but they’re acting capabilities seem limited. From what I’ve heard, the Glee Project was based off of singing. They’re all fantastic singers, and good dancers (from what we’ve seen), but they just can’t act. That why the original auditions for Glee four years ago required a song AND a monologue. Also, adding four people to a show because of a competition makes Glee seem like a big game show, and takes away even more of its already extremely limited credibility

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    I can hear John’s heart breaking from here

  • Marie

    That’s kind of disappointing, but not that unexpected. I do have to say, although I like Damien as a person more than Lindsay, I think she was way better on the show than the official “winner”.

  • http://twitter.com/Annanass777 Anna Di

    noo – she was so much better than Damian and Samuel….:(

    • Guest

      I have to disagree with that.

  • ray

    From the glee project it looked like Lindsay would be a terrible person to have around a very positive and supportive cast. She had a very mean attitude and is not someone I would enjoy working with. 

    • Hp-Glee-Hunger-Games-Fan

      I didn’t see the Glee Project, but if she had that kind of attitude, that could be a factor in not asking her back. There have been many comments about the postitive and supportice energy that flows between the cast and crew of Glee, and many have joked about how they could tell who had irritated the writers and producers by reading a script. Also, based on comments about attitudes of other guest stars whose characters were short-lived, it seems that the people behind Glee don’t seem to be willing to put up with those kinds of attitudes.

      • Lucia

        I’m friends with a television writer in Australia (where I’m from) and she point blank says that if actors piss her off then she does everything she can to write them out/gives them as few on-screen minutes as possible, and the higher-ups don’t care if she does it because generally the actors deserve the treatment! If any actor gets into television they legit need to become the writers best friend – that’s one of the few ways to get storylines in television! Sad but ultimately true!

    • Ms Oraclepaul

      I don’t think she would be getting lot of castings for theater if she has mean attitude and so I think it’s kinda far fetch to make that kind of assumption especially if these were merely based on what was she was “PORTRAYED” in TGP1. I think we should be smart enough to even think that what we see on TV portrays exactly what they are in real life even if they say it is REALITY TV because Reality TV or not Studio Management and Producers are always after one thing: Sell the idea that it is “REAL” so the audience would buy it. Just remember that they invested money and effort for this so “internal manipulation” normally happens to keep the audience watching as they need RATING because the show must generate profit. Otherwise, I don’t think we would care to watch REALITY Shows where all the casts are portrayed as ANGELS fallen from Heaven.

  • thatgleegirl

    I wouldn’t take that tweet as definitive proof.  She would be a good addition to New Directions, or maybe a good addition to Vocal Adrenaline, with Wade/Unique moving to New Directions.  Maybe she should go to Dalton and challenge their all boys policies.  She loves the Warblers and tweets with a couple of them all the time!

  • Kathleen

    I’m glad she isn’t sticking around. She has a great voice but she annoyed me on the Glee project

  • Alyssamz

    She was horrible on the Glee Project, so Im not sad about this at all. 
    Alex was kind of stuck up too, but not nearly as bad, and probably the best singer in the competition.

    Samuel and Damian (along with Cameron, but lets not even go there..) WON because they were the best, as chosen by Ryan Murphy and everyone else. Why they arent UTILIZED, I cannot imagine, but that’s on the writers, not them.

  • Kelishas

    I loved her first performance on Glee, but I’m not really sad to see the last of the character. I don’t know that she added much.

    I like Samuel/Damien’s characters and I hope that they stick around. I’m okay either way with Alex’s, though I did enjoy watching Unique’s performance at Nationals.

  • http://twitter.com/Ndemsko10 Neil Demsko

    Harmony and Unique would be really annoying if they were moved to New Directions.  They already did it with Darren, and Sam returned.  If they did join ND, they’d just be Rachel replacements.

  • Ananas

    im sad, :( i loved lindsay and her character. 
    i dont like alex he was so much worst as a person in the glee project making me not like him even though he has a amazing voice. 

    • Johnny

       I actually met him in Nashville at TGP2 auditions and felt that TGP accurately portrayed him. He was nice with all of the attention and cameras, but at the same time he was a huge diva. I loved him on Glee though (as Unique) and wouldn’t be upset to see him again. I wouldn’t want Alex to overpower anyone else though bc I’m more interested in the other characters.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/MaireadNguyen Mairead Nguyen

    eh… are we really surprised?  I mean, she was a GUEST star for her two-episode deal. 

  • Bobby.

    Of course she wasn’t going to return, look at the comments she’s made about Lea. “Lea is my inspiration” what a joke. Anything to get her 5 minutes of fame, since her appearance on TGP and on Glee, she’s got her role on Broadway or whatever she does. She’s set for life now. Good for her.

  • stark<3

    Hmm It’d be nice to have her as a sort of a recurring character..yaknow that one talented girl from the rival school. 

  • Leigh

    I REALLY hope they do not have Alex join the New Directions.  His acting is terrible, and his character is annoying.  I think they should get rid of Rory too.  All of his story lines and performances have been very boring.  They don’t add anything to the show.  I wouldn’t mind if they kept Teen Jesus though.

    • Mia

      I really like Joe as well. Rory is always just there with no plot! 

    • Anon8

      I, too, was shocked at how lack-luster Alex’s acting was. He’s an incredible singer/dancer, but his line delivery was…

  • Rosie

    I’m sad to see her go. It’s not fair to judge her by what we saw of her on TGP, as it was pretty obvious that the show was edited in such a way that she was made out to be up herself; whether she is or not, I don’t know, but TGP is not proof of her character and, at least, over Twitter, she seems really sweet to me. She’s also incredibly talented and I wish we could have seen more of her.

    With the other winners, I could take or leave Damian and Samuel. I have no problems with them staying, but wouldn’t be too sad to see them leave either. Alex, while an amazing performer, is someone I could only deal with in short doses and not as a regular. I don’t even know what Glee wants for his character. Is he actually trans*, or just a crossdresser? 

    Otherwise, if Glee wanted to cast someone from TGP S1 as part of season 4, I’d really like to see Marissa or Hannah back. 

    • jane mantilla

      Couldn’t agree more! New faces for Glee Season 4 is badly needed and good stories PLS! The rating is getting worse and worst! i would love to see some of the TGP1 faces as occasional guests. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cameron, lindsay, marissa, hannah or even Mckinley pls!

  • Samantha

    It’s very clear none of the Glee Project kids can measure up to the regular cast members, especially in the acting department.  I love Damien and all, and he sings fine, but he hasn’t been getting storylines because he’s not a very good actor. Maybe just too inexperienced.  Surprisingly, I think the Joe character is actually the best one. They needed a character in Quinn’s corner, so he makes sense.  The other Glee Project people just seem so forced in. 

  • Andy

    Lindsay was the ONLY person from the Glee Project who’s character fit perfectly into the plot of the show, was never forced or completely unnecessary, and she is the only one who can actually act. Of all of them, I am very disappointed that she isn’t going to be back.

  • Anon8

         We’ll probably never know, but at this point I’m just wondering why. I didn’t feel particularly strongly one way or the other about her character, but I wonder if she didn’t garner enough popularity for FOX to keep her or if other doors opened up for her and she chose not to return (which would be ironic considering RM makes them all cry about how much they want to be on the show).

  • meigui

    yes affcourse…. she is a great singer, and her acting was really great….

    i hope that she will come back in glee season 4…… and i wish damian and lindsay can become a couple in glee like rachel and finn.. :) 

  • Tsaxjr

    I have to say that I wouldn’t be too disappointed. The fasted way to kill the intrigue of a glee character is to make them a series regular. I love Harmony (the only person to bring Rachel to tears with her talent)! But what they did to Damian, who I was actually rooting for in the show, is a shame. It’s so bad. 

  • Kingdom-deaths

    then for what was the glee proyect?

    • mj1231

      couldn’t agree more with you. why don’t give the 12 contenders from TGP1 and from the current TGP season slot on the show and let the audience judge. I really don’t understand the purpose of glee project if the creators just intend to bring back the original casts to season 4.

  • ColumbiaPhoenix

    What I don’t get is that The Glee Project was set up to bring in new blood since cast members will be graduating. Well if you are only going to choose one or two winners a year picking from 12 talented people, you are still going to have to hire other actors to fill in other roles. So why wouldn’t they fill more roles with Glee Project contenders? I mean they narrowed down thousands to 12 but can only find a place for one or two as a new collective freshman/sophmore class.

    • Not Ready for Prime Time

      I believe the Glee Project is meant to give one chance to once actor who is not ready yet as a professional to become part of an established scripted show. The people they will hire to be replacement/new cast members will be young preformers that I assume can rise to the level they need without furthe mentoring, a “boot camp” or other time consuming direction to help them get caught up.  Just because  you have mad talent doesn’t mean you are ready to be cast on a show – esp if there isn’t a specific part for you to fill.  Not casting unseasoned artists on Glee from Glee Project does not take away from the opportunity, training and exposure Glee Project is giving the contenders.  I can’t imagine any of them (except maybe one or two) being anywhere ready to actually be on Glee – talent nonwithstanding

  • Nimeshsinghacs

    I want Harmony back! I also think she deserved to win the glee project 

  • Tess Steckles

    God no, couldn’t stand her as an actress and the character was even more obnoxious. So relieved that she’s not coming back. 

  • gleek girl

    she’s even better than lea michelle, she should be back 

  • nolan

    She’s amazing. I don’t understand why ryan won’t write her in. It’s infuriating

  • Mariadeleon_1

    I would have loved to see her again, she was amazing!

  • Peregrine

    Her character (Harmony) was pretty decent,  whereas “Unique” was just annoying! So what? Kurt and Mercedes are out, so they’re trying to replace them with yet another gay Diva? And all in one character, so they only have to pay one actor? That’s cheap! And Alex Newell does NOT have a “great” voice, and can’t even act. The season 4 teaser was simply infuriating! Give sensible lines to Rory, bring Harmony back, and leave Unique where he/she is (that is: NOT in New Directions)!

  • Zoe_charod

    era increible quiero mas lindsay en glee pliss

  • yhana

    i want her back :))) ilike her with damian/Rory :))

  • yhana

    i think lindsay is better than alex. right? alex is great but i really want lindsay :)

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